de Player of: Atastor, Belog, Gabillak, Singleton, Whity
Real Life Name: Michael
Age: 22.4.62
Started Playing: Somewhen in 1992
Favourite Adventure
Killing huorns with Huor
Least favourite thing about MUME
Myself pouting after ripping
In real life ...
If you *EVER* wondered about my previous statement in this section ('- People doing stuff because 'everybody does it'')...well...*COUGH*...after several years I finally understood, that the authors are not referring to the former section. So you must *NOT* read these two sections as: 'Describe your least favorite thing...' 1. '...about MUME.' and 2. ' real life' but as probably everybody besides me always has...*BLUSH* So, the correct answer here would be: - Husband - Father of a boy (born 1986) and a girl (born 1989) - Computer Scientist - Athletics Coach - Soccer Coach - MUME Nerd
Famous words ...
Last words ...
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