usie Player of: Arkine, Chudwicki, Dliador, Glendale, Lochdale
Real Life Name: Donal
Age: October 30, 1973
Started Playing: Early 2000
Favourite Adventure
My first PK with Slidar and Kurn at SK. Three BN's entered (Bootyho, Graendal & Lazarus). We whacked Lazarus. Great fun all round.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Those who seem to confuse link with skill. Labs and linkless killing. Those players who seem to take it all too seriously.
In real life ...
I am a corporate attorney for a law firm in Chicago. It is a good life.
Famous words ...
Well I tend to spam Elvenrunes with my insightful comments....would be hard pressed to say they any of my comments are that memorable though!
Last words ...
I was born and raised in Ireland though I currently reside in the United States.
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