us Player of: Alazor, Arric, Beeftank, Elemir, Eli, Fáin, Galurin, Uriond
Real Life Name: Eric
Age: March 29, 1984
Started Playing: Around December 99
Favourite Adventure
When Uriond (Used to be Jin) was level 13 or so, I was leading a lowlevel exp group at Barbaras, and I saw throne open and thought it was orcs, but it was Scrape and co who did Necro. They thought we were darkies too, and all of a sudden Lookhu walked in and died to all of us.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Narrate channel.
In real life ...
Firefighter, paramedic, husband, father.
Famous words ...
Last words ...
(Rotho)  Just a fight.  
(Trobo)  Hilarious