usis Player of: Achilles, Ajax, Brynhilde, Buliwyf, Everhate, Kesslik, Tempest, Torment
Real Life Name: Jeff Vieregg
Age: 2/23/70
Started Playing: 1992
Favourite Adventure

Least favourite thing about MUME
Sacrificing gameplay for roleplay, and yet not improving roleplay either. The game becomes more and more sissified every year, allowing even the most unskilled players great chances to live outside of traps, forcing those who play for pkill to result in often times 'lame' ways to kill.
In real life ...
Human Juggernaut.
Famous words ...

Last words ...
That picture was taken this Halloween, the other guy is my brother-in-law Bo. That warhammer rules, I call it my Vala-Be-Good stick :)'
(Ajax)  The Daemonette Pt2  
(Achilles)  WT Charges Golden Cave
(Ajax)  DT Fight - Lots die!
(Ajax)  Everhate dies