idus Player of: Balak, Boaz, Endaril, Ichabod, Mene, Mizraim, Oron, Penuel, Ramandu, Ruen, Tekel
Real Life Name: Aaron
Age: 1987
Started Playing: 2012???
Favourite Adventure
Barely surviving almost certain death. Just right before you charge. Not knowing if you will win. And the triumph of coming out on top in any kind of even or odds against you fight.
Least favourite thing about MUME
how long it takes to get to legend level -year long retirement before partial reroll -the severe consequences of mobdeath makes you not want to explore the world without a too powerful group.
In real life ...
I teach highschool science at an internation school on Java. I also work with biogas production through anaerobic digestion plants and have a developing tourism business in Indonesia.
Famous words ...
there is always a bigger fish
Last words ...
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