nl Player of: Amargwath, Caei, Desalniettemin, Dyslexys, Elnar, Flip, Freight, Gibbs, Gurrl, Himrth, Jrg, Kk, Lin, Mas, Melan, Natash, Noway, Phaal, Pril, Rippin, Samantha, Sans, Sic, Tik, Tunka, Ugoga, Wam, Xox, Ytinas, Zolane
Real Life Name: Tobias
Age: jan 1980
Started Playing: About the time my grades started dropping (97?)
Favourite Adventure
Logging on with ~2000mslink and still whacking *heropuke* with solo lvl 10 bn :-)
Least favourite thing about MUME
Those few people that do not realise Mume is a (great!) game.
In real life ...
Hmm, that the one with the Orcies and Wobbitses right? Also doing some engineering and general blow-upping.
Famous words ...
don't worry, it's safe
Last words ...
(Gibbs)  Lucky bastard...