us Player of: Apalonia, Gunk, Kikio, Phae
Real Life Name: Meg(an)
Age: 1991
Started Playing: 2006-Jun-03 02:33:24 (age:15)
Favourite Adventure
You are dead. R.I.P.! That is how most my adventures end. I'm always learning and willing to helping. On a side note, I do not gac people nor do I like to rekill. I try my best not to rekill... however, I can't help stupidity if you come into the close-able as soon as the block wears off and I'm still inside.
Least favourite thing about MUME
Time consuming. Soul sucking.
In real life ...
I just started playing again in Oct 2015 after a three year break. Graduated HS in '09. Joined Army. Went to sandbox. Got out. Moved to Hawaii. Joined the HI NG. I love animals, the ocean, Jeeps, and riding motorcycles. That's pretty much it, if you see me on hit me up, I love to chat ask anyone that I group with I'll talk your ear off.
Famous words ...
Hooker? I tend to call people hooker.
Last words ...
Oh! and my dad, P(windwalker), taught me mume!
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