dk Player of: Akhorahil, Bambi, Chógâll, Danath, Eldarion, Féagwath, Grom, Haldan, Harowen, Ithilagos, Johannes, Kessdûr, Kurdran, Légion, Lûsk, Merimac, Nénar, Ogyf, Pomfrit, Quin, Rugorn, Shathûr, Terendul, Uralyon, Vincenzo, Wilwarin, Ymer, Zuljin
Real Life Name: Johannes Madsen
Age: May 6th, 1974
Started Playing: September '97 - MUME VI
Favourite Adventure
1st darkie encounter (Stud)... 1st puke kill (Shatter)... Fooling around as Eluchil with Level & Phishhead... PKing as an utterly clueless Chógâll with Igrof (also clueless) or (old) Stud/Sharon (totally rocking, USA link tho :-p)... Wiping out Moria with the *.dk gang... The Legions of the Shire as Pomfrit with Zim, Ida & Kareem... Frolicking around all alone in the Blue Mountains as Bambi... Spamming emotes at everyone, preferably assisted by p(Déor)... Those long night sessions, playing till I drop...
Least favourite thing about MUME
Being sameside-pk'ed as Eluchil by Rito & Filbert... Mobdying due to linkfreezes... Most Pestonians... Getting insulted / flamed / threatened by p(Ginlon / Drokk / etc.)... The way many MUME players whine about anything in general... The insane amount of time I've spent on it...
In real life ...
Used to be a good student until MUME, now barely hanging on... Enjoys sports, mostly football / biking / badminton / swimming / archery... Tries to take time to read more books... Goes out with friends... Is clueless with computers, suffers from winphobia... Knows a lot of more or less useless stuff about lots of things... Recently (Nov2002) aquired internet access after a 7½ months disconnection...
Famous words ...
Last words ...
I wish people would have more fun, and not necessarily on behalf of eachother!
(Shathûr)  The greater escape  
(Ymer)  Huge spammy snagafight in Goblin Town  
(Wilwarin)  Just a silly log - I almost made it!