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2003/07/11 00:24, Sardotjen:   
Heh, that was an interesting post Nagoroth!

2003/07/11 00:27, Dűnir:   

2003/07/11 00:32, Sardotjen:   
No I change my mind! Its extremly dumb!
I mean if you're tracking someone who is gonna rest why do you need fast track? And since when does scouts have better track then mages?
If you complain about 130 track you must be pretty sucky at tracking, I have 81% track and i manage.

About your bottom line its like uuuh mr. Obvious...!

2003/07/11 00:39, Nagoroth:   
Im an interesting person Sardotjen, when your done overkilling log your god and talk to me =)

2003/07/11 00:45, Sardotjen:   
Interesting? You seem to be as interesting as a flat rock. Even if I had a god which I dont, I wouldnt waste my time talking to an inbreed like yourself.

2003/07/11 00:50, Nagoroth:   
Actually FYI flat rocks can be very interesting sometimes if you look REAL close you can see little fosils, you can also skip them across water if you wish, but the only water you ever see sardotjen is that of your potty since u never go outside, never bathe or wash your grubby hands.

2003/07/11 01:04, Sardotjen:   
Yawn, can you try to be more funny please.

2003/07/11 02:12, Tec: 
Eh scout track blows compared to mage, mage can get like 130+% track and its pretty much instant (when it works with changes...) Besides, if you slowtrack someone you'll never catch them (exception: lost newbies/scouts with bad moves) Just use where <target> and take a guess where they goin, spam there and see if they passed, if not head back along and try and find em... I mean if you stab/nuke someone at ford and they flee and you just track, of coz they get in rd before you track em down, but if you just spam moors then whacka whacka...

2003/07/11 02:49, Nagoroth:   
hmnmm i can try

2003/07/11 04:07, Drakmar:   
So I guess when I slowtrack (89% or so) with my bear and find some darkie who's low moves and kill him it's not as useful as other times nagoroth?

You, a jersey kid, have no room to call other people dirty. (no offense aerie)

2003/07/11 10:28, Gray: 
Having high track percentage (and thus fast track) is not a panacea. What point to track with insane speed for 15 rooms, and fall exhausted? That's why mages have more powerful track than thieves - it might be just 110-120%, but at least it's unlimited by distance.

2003/07/12 03:06, Dristian: 
My track works just fine at 90%

2003/07/12 13:35, Kaool:   
I was regening with my bn last night when the message 'It starts to rain' appeared -- It gave me a smile that my insta-notrax (tm) boots might be activated ;)

2003/07/12 14:36, Aschit: 
Nod Kaool, it might be enough to get me to start playing OM in the winter again!

2003/07/12 14:42, Ôstu:   
More thieves should play when water is frozen...

2003/07/12 14:52, Aschit: 
Then again, maybe it isn't enough.

2003/07/12 15:41, Rashnak: 
I think that it's good to have weather affect tracking, at least to some degree. Also control weather is one of the more Tolkienish spells we have, and until now it has almost exclusive been used by mages with call lightning. Basicly it would be nice to see it used more often by other characters as well.

Perhaps track could be tweaked a little to balance this out. As the characters more likely to use control weather are casters, they already have high int and because of that also get high track skill.

Maybe reducing the int requirement for track skill would at least boost track speed of other classes. The speed difference between 90% and 110% track is not necessarily that much, but it can give the tracker more time to catch up with the victim before he gets a chance to alter weather.

Many people have also presented the idea that a wounded, bleeding victim should be easier to track, so perhaps track could be modified so that weather changes don't affect tracking so much if the victim is bleeding.

Then again this would hurt mostly those classes who are not necessarily good at healing their wounds, namely warriors and thieves, and not so much casters, who have both cure crit and bob to spam away anyway.

But there is always the cure crit ring, which from what I have seen is not used all that much. With the exception of body and foot crits, nobody really cares much if they bleed for a few hours. Being easier to track would give another reason to get rid of wounds, which imho is a good thing.

Back to the topic, weather changes, both natural and magical, go very well together with the Tolkien theme, and I wouldn't mind if the concept of weather was introduced to a wider variety of game features.

2021/07/31 01:36, Elízalde:   
Interesting to use the 'search' option from below the RR section from the discussion page on the keyword 'Track'. You end up with 9 threads on several changes to track dating back to 2002.

Seems like track got way too complicated again and it went backwards - like back to this 2003 thread hihi. Anyone have logs with track issues, mishaps or bugs? Trying to feel out other opinions. Lets keep 'pursue' feedback/discussions separate please.

2021/08/17 19:29, Nazgum: 
Yes, despite having 101% track, way too often I will do 'where rohirrim' and it will say 'tracks lead east', only for me to run east and find out this wasn't true, they actually lead west.

I go back to this room and type 'track rohirrim', and then pursue takes me east, then back west, then continues west.

This feels sooo broken. Its particularly bad when u spam to some choke point to type 'where mount' and it gives you the wrong information.

2021/08/18 12:16, Zintilden:  edited 2x   
I'm not sure where to start with this, but yes, something is seriously off or become way too complicated. At one point Frostwolf and I spoke to Waba years back and he said please provide logs of potential bugs. I can't narrow it down to being only track, I believe pursue plays a part in it, and weather probably makes it harder to narrow even more.

Why I haven't sent logs too is because I wondered if it was spam mode. I only play in that mode so perhaps it leaves out things I may be complaining about missing lol. The problem is I don't remember to test it and clip the log until each time I waste critical time on a low enemy's tracks and I feel they get safe due to this time spent in round about track loop as you said.

Also noticed (and again it may be due to spam mode but last time I tested briefly it was the same on/off): when you track a room generally, using only 'track' command for example, do you find often you see only a track leading somewhere and nothing on which way it came from? Seems petty to complain about this when I'm not in need of it often and it would produce 'spam', but its for a purpose of where did enemy come from, where did my pal die at so I can gac, where is the backtrap at, etc. I have to find where they came from before the tracks decay or weather deletes them and in those cases time is critical.

EDIT: Factor in also the possibility it could be awareness, as all my chars have that. Yes, way too complicated, too many factors involved to test where it comes from for me, and beyond my knowledge imo. I was curious what others had experienced if there were issues in case it helped narrow it some.

2021/08/22 01:06, Elestir:   
Afaik the issue is caused by MUME having 2 different algorithms for:
1. finding tracks while already tracking and following the tracks
2. finding tracks when initiating a new track command

One probably from Ilie and the other from Dain. The logic is slightly different. But I can be wrong of course, don't even remember who told me.

As for backtracking, I suggested that idea many years ago.

2021/08/23 20:04, Neamir: 
The following seems like a very plausible hypothesis which would explain the issues reported above by Elizalde and Nazgum:

- A given room, R, in MUME might have many 'instances' of tracks left, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, ..., with T1 more recently left than T2, etc.

- When you enter the room and type 'track' or 'where' command, basically the code iterates through all those tracks T1, T2, T3, T4, and there is a diceroll to see if you 'detect' each instance. Obviously the better your track skill (and other factors) determines the odds of the diceroll succeeding. This (sequence of dicerolls models) seems to be the case to me, because when you have a character with low track like 75% or 80%, it feels like you get a random subselection of all the tracks in the room, and even re-tracking in the room can show different results. So there is some dynamic chance for each track instance Tx. Of course, more recent tracks are more easy to detect as well.

- So let's say you enter a room and that there are rohirrim tracks T3, T4, T5 going back and forth. You type 'track', and maybe you lose the dice roll on T3, but you see T4 and T5. Then you pursue the direction of T4, missing out on the more recent track T3. So you think the most direct is west, but really it was east which you missed.

- As Elestir suspects, probably when you are pursuing a certain track into the room you are more likely to find T3 (most recent track in this case) successfully, for continuity. But when walking into a new room with no pursuit in progress, it's just the dice roll effect.

This seems reasonable to me?

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