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2002/01/14 01:32, Juston: 
Playing zorc renews my hatred for whiny newbie-bn die logs. At least you get bread!

2002/01/14 01:53, Zygmud: 
I'm just sick of getting slaughtered by some orc or troll at the entrance

2002/01/14 01:57, Prist: 
Yep, i've never actually thought how lucky bns are... they got tons of safespots, they have a good chance to pray to relatively safe area (eregion or lorien or whatever), they always get some fucking food at least...die newbie bns, die die fucking die!

2002/01/14 08:27, Fergus: 
I must agree with those who have basically said: if you dont like it you dont have to be one. I think the concept is great. The war doesnt have to be even. This harder to play orc race will provide experienced players with a challenge and give a twist to mume. Scouts that can stab all they come across will appeal to some, and the added bonus of new people playing Beorning will shift the centre of mume action from weathertop to the misties. Which is a good thing. The mountains should be dangerous after all. And now you can come across bears and rival orcs to spice it all up. Well done Vala!! This is getting very interesting!

2002/01/14 09:07, Alantir: 
In lack of hunting knives or even butchable things around, drain corpse works very well in the hunt of food... *nod self*

2002/01/14 10:15, Kosh:   
Hmm... pk moving from Weathertop to Misties? Great... Misties... where all the level 1 Zorcs are. And if pk gets any hotter, looks like they'll be level 1 forever. Maybe Mount Gundabad will be added or something, and Zorcs will have a major stronghold.

2002/01/14 12:54, Fredde: 
hey fergus. since when was weather top the centre of mume action? id say lb-ford

2002/01/14 18:30, Dispater: 
where are zorcs renting? and why would fighting with an unenchanted fang be so bad? only brds i ever get are from pk or if someone gives me one

2002/01/14 20:19, Grimble:   
Ah there is plenty of food in the Zaugurz caves - all you need is a fishing rod!

2002/01/14 20:21, Nighthawk: 
Has anyone checked to see if ologs (like the 1 at steep) yell if a zorc is seen? Perhaps raiding warrens will be real fun as a stabber with no real hope of safety within 15 zones

2002/01/14 22:49, Khazgren:   
dunno about olog but stone troll se of zoc yells when he sees you.

2002/01/14 23:10, Crackle:   
All darkie mobs (except zaugurz) react as if you're a puke when they see you. All puke mobs react as if you're a darkie when they see you.

2002/01/15 04:40, Schnikey:   
I hope that gate becomes nobreak eventually, or boulders noblock. Would suck if you play zorc legend and every time you log on a spamgroup enters and kills you because you have nowhere to run and no mobs to protect you (since a group of 2-3 people can waste the defense.) Not that our lives should be easy, but to be in a situation where you die 100% of the time isn't too fun :P And I'm wondering if that bash effect after cart ride might be changed. Or maybe someone gets demoted for standing there spamkilling people? I remember some news long ago about it was illegal to stand at rent mobs during raids.

2002/01/15 10:46, Morwinyon:   
Let me tell you a little story.

I went down south yesterday, to check arachnia lore load. I find this Zaugurz orc warrior there, level 14 but in decent eq. So I hunt him down and stick a hole in him. Looted metal and valuables because I was re-equpping myself. Some other orc kills warhorse and recovers the metals, so I regen some and go look for him. Find instead this L14 zorc again, this time in newbie set, and remember what Gandalf said about pity. So I take the lesson he is giving me on tracking over water, but not really try to kill him. After a while he stops running. If he chose to fight me there I could've left. Instead, he starts whining (can't understand orkish very well though).
And my dagger had greater mercy on him.

Zaugurz. Eventually, you have the strength it takes to win battles. But first you need strenght of will - and learn to be silent.

2002/01/15 13:43, Nightchill:   
He was probably pissed that he was about to die again after running out of moves. Dieing over and over again can do that to some people :P. As for choosing to fight you, to paraphrase from Aliens 'So what're we going to use? Harsh language?' :).

2002/01/15 15:33, Cen: 
Argh! You fools! Be silent and listen!

We will never win this war if this inner battle continues.
The big boss Bulgotha, the Captain of the Zaugurz outpost
is too busy to deal with you snagas and gave me orders
to make something straight!

IF You want to MEND something and there is someone before you,
You will ask if he is FINISHED, otherwise you have been WARNED!

IF You want to go kill and need some weapons from the northern
outposts, be PATIENT and wait before the fellow zaugurz has
LOOTED his equipment from the cart, otherwise you have been WARNED!

IF an alarm bell rings in our Caves, YOU BETTER GET TO ARMS!

IF you want some equipment, then the first thing to do
is get all the worthy equipment from ground(caves)
(bladders, skins, food, shields, weapons, armour)
lying around and throw the armour/shields to CRACK !
All the weapons to Weaponsmaster's RACK !
Otherwise when you are naked, you know WHY YOU ARE NAKED !

IF some powerful zaugurz tells you to piss off,
gain strength, be silent and RETALIATE!

IF you want mobility! All the boots and forest green cloaks
you find outside or steal/loot from others.
Put it inside CRACK !, WHEN and IF you reach the caves again.

In cunning and treachery we rely! Otherwise we are already dead!

IF you see a fishing pole by the underground river,
near the Scout Master, use it and DROP IT!
If I see someone taking that with him, next thing you
will see is His CORPSE stabbed by a spear,
the spear starting from his arse
and coming out from his mouth holding the fishpole !

Show NO WEAKNESS(es) to our enemies, no bitching! no whining!
Pierce their eyes, slash their balls, pound their arse!

These were the words told to me by Bulgotha,
the Captain of the Zaugurz outpost. OBEY or RETALIATE!

Lack of information/commands is not an EXCUSE !

Cen the Ambassador of Bulgotha,
the Captain of the Zaugurz outpost.

2002/01/15 16:22, Steele: 
Don't discriminate that all the ZORCS will bitch and whine when you kill them. There are obviously different players behind each z orc and to base your new actions off of one experience is insane. Don't use that as an excuse to overkill 'em. Overkill them if you want, but don't try and make excuses about it. This is war. I know that if you keep killing them, the elite will survive (Darwinism) and it will only make them stringer and grow more hatred. I actually kind of like it. From a rp perspective, I have actually grown hatred towards some of the neighboring tribe and some whiteskins that I will always mark above the rest since they insisted on over-slaying me when I was a pup. I'm still a pup but now I'm just a pup that can take a few pounds ;-)

2002/01/15 20:12, Adebizi:   
*rofl* Cen said it!

2002/01/25 13:56, Devastator: 
Grin Cen

2002/01/25 19:53, Sardaukar: 
It will be a pleasure cutting off Your testicles and feeding my hunger with them Morwinyon. Your capture will be swift, and death slow and painful. Death is coming puny whitepuke!

2002/01/27 22:31, Morwinyon:   
Better watch your back, Sardaukar. Elrond has put a handsome price on your skin. And what comes to cutting off trophies - seems to me you've grown some balls, I heard Dwarven caravaners hang pairs of fluffy dice in their wagons...I think I'll try something similar. Until we meet again...

2002/01/31 13:20, Sardaukar: 
I don't know about fluffy dice or dwarven caravaners, but Your scalp will be on my belt when we meet, Morwinyon.

2002/01/31 15:09, Fragir: 
Laugh@Cen&Sardaukar :)

2021/07/30 23:03, Elízalde:   
Nazgum - what happened? 8) (see your first comment here lolplz)

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