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2001/10/01 09:16, Niya: 

I just heard about someone leaving MUME and promoting another online game. It made me think a bit.

As usual, this promoted 'wonderful new and much better' game than MUME is something you have to PAY for. And I'm sure that it is true that it's much less bugged and has quick implementation (so you can buy a new version). And then it's graphical too, compared to the text-based MUME.

MUME is based on non-profit volountarily work, which makes it free for us to play - which of course gives it a more slow implementation than the pay sites. There are no graphics and frequently, bugs are discovered.

I thought: 'Why do we keep playing MUME then?' if this game (and others I've heard about before) is so much better?

First of all, there's three reasons I can think of (which aren't game-related, but more 'technical')

1). It's free
2). It's quick (text-based) and doesn't require a fast machine
3). Some can't play graphic games from work (risk of being caught by the boss)

These are pretty good reasons. But the same could apply to many other text-based MUDS (although some of them also requires payment of some sort now). So it's not only the technical stuff that makes people continue to play MUME. What is it then?

I can think of this:

1). You can influence on the game, zones, rules, implementing and much more yourself (by becoming god or simply write idea/bug reports). This is seldom seen, especially in pay-games. And in my experience, it works!

2). It's pretty easy to communicate with Ainur and even Muddlers/Implementors (unless you start with flaming and complaining about them or their work). It doesn't take much - just respect that they actually use a lot of their sparetime on making the game better, so that YOU can have a great time playing. And that for free.

3). All of Arda is a wonder to me. The detailness, the descriptions, the building of the zones, the mobs and Smobs, possibilities of such things as creating focus, building legend homes, the combat system, etc... Have you ever thought of HOW long it must have taken to build up all this and how many people have put hours and hours of work in each zone? It is impressive and marvelous - and what's better is that WE as users have the chance to improve and add to this.

4). I keep getting astonished of how true to Tolkien everything is - the descriptions, the events, mobs, equipment, etc. There's an increadible amount of reasearch behind this.

5). The actual combat system and the way you chose stats/class, etc. It's more detailed than what I have seen in most other MUDs and graphic MUDs.

Then there's the atmosphere and roleplaying...

1). You decide yourself how much you want to roleplay and how much you want to just xp/pkill, etc. If you don't roleplay - don't complain about it! As I have stated before, then in my experience if you roleplay, others will either ignore you or enjoy it and play along to some extend (as most do). MUME gives every opportunity to roleplay in the whole setup and it is encouraged by the management too. But it's the players who decides whether they want to or not. Personally, I find it much more fun and find that it gives a much better interactiveness in MUME when roleplaying.

My whole point with writing this is that in stead of only complaining about the Gods (who aren't perfect as we all know) and complaining about lack of roleplay, bugs, overkills, bad changes to combat systems, etc. then do something about it *yourself*! All of MUME is based on help from players. If you must, then complain about it - but at least try to do something about it too. It might be difficult and even impossible - but stop complaining if you don't intend to try to improve too.

I'm not saying that everything is perfect - far from it. But it is actually ourselves who can change the things we think are bad in MUME. It takes some effort - almost as much effort as complaining about it :p While things get improved and better, think about all the good things and changes there is/has been made already :)

Think about it. It's increadible what just a little change of view can do.

2001/10/01 13:20, Vaire: 
Very well said. I'm still amazed at many of the minute details that Mume's coders have managed....sunrise/sunsets changing according to season, the size of clothes....

2001/10/01 14:00, Niya: 
Exactly what I think too and what amazes me - all those details makes playing FUN! And for me, that's what matters when spending time on MUME :)

2001/10/02 12:12, Dunder: 
I remember starting out on MUME six years ago. I was so amazed that there were weather, and seasons and fog and the butchering of corpses for food and everything. And in reality, that's what got me started. Not to mention being rescued from the Old Forest by Tom Bombadillo. :)

2001/10/02 14:29, Niya: 
First thing that amazed me was practise points hehe... I had never played a MUD before and at lvl 6 with my first char (a Dwarf), I was told by a kind Legend that I ought to practise something *grin*.

2001/10/09 04:26, Johannes: 
Reasons why we keep playing MUME:
3). Some can't play graphic games from work (risk of being caught by the boss)


*Hug* :-D

2001/10/09 11:24, Niya: 
Hehe. I've never actually had that prob myself, as I never play from work - but I don't think it's any secret that some do play from work and have probs 'when the boss walks in' ;) At least that's what many use as excuse for dying afk :p

And *hugs* back ;)

2017/09/15 18:57, Merarl: 
/agree with Niya

2017/09/18 19:57, Ugurz:   
LOL - guess you needed 16 years to think-over that reply? :) Classic!

2017/09/18 20:41, Fieldy:   
Sometimes you REALLY need to think for a moment.

2017/09/19 16:06, Belog: 

2017/09/19 16:51, Aranaeth: 
Powerful necromancy indeed, how fitting for such a game dont you think?

Now to adress the actual points in OP.

1)I would totally pay to play mume if that were what it takes to get it back into decent condition. I have no problem whatsoever paying for my entertainment.(quick answer, i believe it would take more than that)
2) Objectively, mume is actually a good game indeed, however...
there are tons of things that need fixing/reconsidering. And immos listening us(wich is somewhat debatable, but lets go with yes here) doesent resolve shortage in staff.

2017/09/22 18:36, Merarl: 
There and Back Again
What J.R.R. Tolkienís classic The Hobbit still has to offer, 80 years after its publication

[submitted link]

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