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2021/04/07 06:09, Ytinas: 
@Telessar: a human?

@Fieldy: I donít know specifically about Pythagoras, most likely he was using public infrastructure: defense, roads, agora, writing, libraries, etc., which all used public effort. Even the cases that are Ďcompletelyí tax free are the slavery ones, and thatís a public institution too.

Yeah, math comes closest in this ridiculous thought experiment, but even those developments most likely do not occur in vacuum. My point with this, is that the libertarian view of Ďprivateí achievement tends to be heavily biased and in my view arbitrary. (This says nothing against individual achievement, or about governments being good or bad by nature. Just about utility.)

2021/04/07 07:31, Fieldy:   
Ahh, yes, then overall everything is connected to public financing.

2021/04/13 14:22, IminyŽ: 
i didn't know that estonia had more than 1 goverment(s)

2021/04/13 17:55, Savu:   
If you've come across such information then you should question your sources more.

2021/04/13 23:17, IminyŽ: 
at the same time as follows from title and post no. 1

2021/07/28 15:15, Arcanum:   
I am sure you guys have had lots of fun here, but i manage to resist the urge to read it. If the animation is a doublepost, sorry.

[submitted link]

2021/07/28 18:18, Ytinas: 
Animation is new to me, but itís basic project fear stuff to keep people angry. Main thing I learned is I now also need to fear table salt (the feared chemical sodium chloride for the lazy middle school dropouts). So scared I couldnít force myself to keep watching to see if they discovered dihydrogen monoxide in the vaccines too.

Why single this one out over all the other noise? Animation quality? Sound of the voice? Length?

2021/07/28 18:48, Grimble:   
Scary stuff! Here is another one that is even worse. This guy is no joke either. Of course they are slandering the crap out of him now though.

[submitted link]

2021/07/28 19:22, Ytinas: 
Sweet, like watching an M. Night Shyamalan movie! The harmless virus is now killing the unvaccinated! Such discrimination! Wonder what the next plot twist is only he saw coming!

What bothers me is that the elites do go to the effort of time traveling back to the 80ís (why is it always the eighties? Ďmember Ewoks?) to slander, and not something big? Why not go back another 40-50 years and take out Hitler or something? Must be part of their Agenda? Or did they slander him too? Wouldnít that also fit their agenda like we all know? Is it all connected? Just asking questions?

2021/07/28 19:44, Arcanum:   
To poke for reaction. To see if this is simple enough material for the challenged ones in our dear community. I must conclude there is need for even more simple materials to reach everyone. Thank you Ytinas.

Let me tell you a covid 19 joke instead, so we can all be friends.

Q: what is the difference of a conspiracy theory and a fact?
A: a year.

2021/07/28 20:39, Grimble:   
Ytinas what are you even talking about? I'm sure you didn't actually watch the video so why even comment?

Going back to the 80's? Strange.

2021/07/28 22:02, Ytinas: 
Both videos start with 5 mins of unbacked assertions, appeals to authority and nonsense a middle schooler would be embarrassed to fall for. If thereís something after that worth watching just provide the time and point youíre trying to make?

They got you scared of fucking table salt! And youíre proud of it? Iíd give you a hug for comfort but your doctor thinks you might not survive.

2021/07/29 00:05, Arcanum:   
9 min. majority of peeps get blood-clots from 'table-salt', doctors are worried:
[submitted link]

2021/07/29 05:20, Ytinas: 
6 people is majority? How many patients with long COVID does he have? Interesting hypothesis, but the fact that he used the same words doctors used to describe COVID damage, Iíd really like to know he distinguishes between infections and (which?) the vaccine. 9:00 says nothing about majority of people getting blood clots.

Hereís a study (data), not an anecdote (story). Tl;dr: abstract-results paragraph and figure 1, should take about a minute.
59 people out of 281k people that received the killer vaccine (AZ) developed venous thrombosis. This is double the expected rate (30 people) if they wouldnít have gotten the vaccine. (See Fig 1: other forms of blood clots appear to be reduced). However, immediate deaths were 15 observed vs 44 expected (3x reduction if youíre counting).
[submitted link]
Note that 281k people isnít enough to know for certain. Itís also a biased dataset: itís nordics, mostly nurses and old people <65. But without further evidence it is unreasonable to assume the sample set of the doctor in your video is better.

2021/07/29 07:51, Savu:   
You really should be as critical of your alternative sources as you are of the mainstream. All other hard to comprehend things aside, if the information provided in a fearmonger video has so huge disconnect with empirical data it should at least ring a few bullshit-alarms.

2021/07/29 12:45, Arcanum:   
hundreds of billions of federal reserve notes in profit can explain the massive censoring, forgeries, slandering, murders, but more and more it seems that the main theme is ripping people of their rights using mass hysteria. fear, sense of urgency, slogans, ridiculing and punishing people who have remained their critical thinking or are just exercising common sense.

in case you are interested in empirical data, start from VAERS thousands of dead from 'vaccinations' in united states of america and consider the whistleblower (Jane Doe in court) who assessed the real numbers are at least 5 times more. thats tens of thousands dead. hundreds of thousands official serious side effect cases in usa. eu has ema database with horrid results and the results are most probably underreported (even if there were no foul play). i suspect your mainstream has not reported the empirical data, which should at least ring a few bullshit-alarms. money is lousy substitute for life and health, but those damages can not be even sued.

2021/07/29 13:32, Ytinas: 
Arcanum, that data is accessible. Browse through it yourself. Look up what the words mean. Some things are underreported, some overreported (the paper I linked didnít eliminate duplicates (so 1 person with headache + muscle ache + fatigue = 3 cases of adverse side effects). On average we learn. Donít just trust the words of some idiot on the internet (not just the links you sent, also applies to me).

Just because a story can fit doesnít make it true. Itís possible a mouse stole your cookie, but we both know I ate it. Some profit from the disease, others from stopping it. Biggest money is in keeping people upset about it.

Take a breath, step into the sunshine (it only kills you in mume). Relax.

2021/07/29 14:09, Prist: 
Interesting video. I used to do those animations, they can be expensive as hell. Who created and financed it?

2021/07/29 15:49, Grimble:   
So there are 7.674 billion people on Earth. So far there have been 196 million COVID infections recorded. That is an infection rate of 2.6%. If you take that infection rate x the 281,000 people in your quoted study, that is 7306 of those people would have ended up with COVID had they not had the 'vaccine'. The COVID death rate is .1% for that age group in your study. That means 7 people would die out of the 281,000 from COVID. You just said that 15 people died from the vaccine. That would make the vaccine more than 2x as deadly as COVID. That is assuming that there are zero long term effects from the vaccine that will kill people in the future. Interesting!

2021/07/29 18:24, Ytinas:edited 1x   
Wait what? Did you do that on purpose? 281k x 0.1% is 281. No vaccine is no immunity. Or would you want us to keep masking and distancing for decades to come?

45 wouldíve died of natural causes. During the test fewer died than typical (maybe some disease had been killing at-risk people off just prior to this study?). Hard to say why what really is the cause, but the data in no way sugggest the vaccine killed anyone in this dataset. Just the opposite. (Edit: Clarification: I didnít check the individual cases, Iím talking about the aggregate here.)

2021/07/29 19:56, Grimble:  edited 1x   
You have to take that times the infection rate. Not all 281k people would be infected by COVID. Only 2.6% of the world's population has been infected and its been around almost 2 years. Why do you assume that 100% of the people on Earth will be infected?

Edit: Oh yea and apparently you still have to wear a mask now even if you do have the 'vaccine'. Right now 30% of the people in the hospital for COVID in my town have been vaccinated. Real effective!

2021/07/29 20:21, Ytinas: 
2.6% was with lockdowns and all that shit. US is at 10% and rising. So no, I donít have to assume the virus magically goes away. And even then: If we follow your argument that 7 out of every 45 deaths (15%!) is caused by COVID, the vaccine still saved lives.

The vaccine protects against the disease, it doesnít eliminate the risky of spreading of the virus, so even with 50% inoculation eventually you hit 50% infection. At herd immunity levels it just takes infinitely long. So wear masks to reduce the risk of infecting the vulnerable people (which is now the unvaccinated ones more than the elderly).

On the vaccinated people getting COVID: it happened here too: minister says grab a shot and go dancing. People get a jab, and immediately go clubbing. We were at peak level within days. Never mind that the vaccines take time to kick in! Cases quickly started dropping when common sense kicked in and vaccinations continued.

Itís like jumping off a plane the second someone throws you a parachute. Youíre supposed to buckle in first.

2021/08/05 08:52, Arcanum:   
Pfizer did a little jabbing for test b4 it was allowed to infect the masses. 29 people died. of them 15 had had Pfizer's 'miracle drug', 14 had had placebo. conclusion: 'miracle drug' actually does not prevent death from covid 19. we also know that it does not prevent people from getting the virus and spreading it, also getting sick themselves.
nevertheless: [submitted link]

2021/08/05 09:50, Fieldy:   

2021/08/05 09:54, Tapio:   
Covid has by all accounts a below 1% mortality. And for this the governments install the worst police state in the history of USA and Britain and Australia? Why? It is insane.

2021/08/06 16:00, Arcanum:   
that is an amusing way to concede.

2021/08/07 19:11, Enforcer: 
Covid panic is and engineered power and money grab. As usual with corporations, governments and media. If you weren't online or watching news, you wouldn't even know it existed. Just some crazy people walking around with masks for some reason. Shrug it off and move on.

2021/08/09 07:43, Arcanum:   
let me show you another anime on that point

[submitted link]

getting together to live a normal life in a 'parallel structure' might be challenging in some places (police brutality in germany, france come to mind and down under is extensively nuts)

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