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2020/12/23 01:00, Zintilden:  edited 8x   
I'm looking for suggestions/preferences/fresh ideas concerning player interviews going foward from the MUME community. The purposes behind doing these for me personally is because: it is fun, newer players can learn something from each interview depending what the person being interviewed is willing to provide, understand a player or their style better(maybe less hate? maybe more understanding of the 'why', 'with who', etc.), and there is some banter of old times that even vet/ancient players could get a healthy giggle or memory from, mmmkay?

How could we do them to make it more fun or get the community here involved? Keep in mind they are much longer, more detailed and exclusive based off characters of that player, compared to previous ER Interviews or even BSC's complete RP style interview on BN's (we have those too btw!)

I thought of a 'tag - you're next' type of thing, with the person at the end of the interview to tag the next suggestion that should be interviewed (if they are willing), but I am concerned this would keep the interviews within the same inner circle until someone declines to participate. Another thought was having a player name mailed to me if someone has a suggestion, with specific questions perhaps, and then I could incorporate the standard questions in myself, and the person who submitted can chose to be revealed or not - it is up to them. I would rather it be driven from what YOU ALL want if possible, as you are the people reading it and hopefully will enjoy doing so.

So, admission time then! I've done several interviews and they are all 'elite pkers' in my book. I chose them for many reasons, each one of them, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't being extremely greedy and selfish when I did. Wee bit lil sorry? Maybe not... 8)

Please give me some feedback, fresh ideas, suggestions if you have any. I don't want anyone to feel left out either. For example: it doesn't have to be a pker, it could be a smobber, leader of the best group xp, the best of his class/race, the kindest in the game, the most helpful, an Ainu, etc. We all have our opinions and thoughts as to what makes someone fabulous in one way or another, am I right? 8) If you don't want to post here, feel free to email me, Discord PM, or MUME mail me.

I am also leaning toward having someone team up with me for these, depending on feedback and discussion here. That team mate should meet this criteria: Someone that has played MUME for 2 years or less, willing to help with a few interviews, have a much better attitude and tone than myself, and willing to work with me, whew......that last one is the tough one, I know, because I am not easy to work with at all FYI. Please contact me via the email or in-game mail from my whois if interested.

Also - I will be removing any comments from this thread that are not related to this topic, or seem to be leading down a negative path. If you do not like the interviews or the discussion in this thread, then simply do not read it, got it? 8) This is for some fun within our community, which as we get more players could be really inspiring for them, keep in mind. Mmmkaythxbye!

2020/12/23 05:03, Zintilden:   
I removed a good comment/idea about podcast styled interviews, mainly because I want to focus on what exists on ER and not everyone is going to be willing to do a podcast. The comment and other ones in another thread that were discussed I've added to my 'Phase 2 To-Do' list, and pretty sure I have someone to do it and 1-2 helpers for it and its on the top of my list to discuss with the boss, after we revise/update/fix what exists (Phase 1). Basically so we are not pulled all over the place, or nothing would get finished in full I think. 8) We can start another discussion like this one when that time comes exclusively for those discussions so we stay focused, but just know we haven't dismissed that idea. 8)

2020/12/23 14:27, Alweon: 
I'll come back with more extensive ideas when I get some time, but are you able to share a couple recent interviews you did so we have an idea of the direction you were aiming for?

2020/12/23 16:22, Draz:   
I'd be extremely interested in Jahara / Rogon interviews. My perception is that they are the most engaged / influential on the direction, game and knowledgeable about the 'executive' decision making.

I haven't spoken much with them directly but the tidbits on game mechanics, management thinking, etc. I've heard have been fascinating. (I realize Rogon has done one that I can remember but it was PK focused).

2020/12/23 16:22, Narsel: 
This seems like a great idea! Here are a couple players who I'd love to hear the thought processes on how they approach the game.

Dhagr - Bashing shaman scout orc player who knows how to squeeze every last drop usefulness out of stats/practices.

Reich - One of the most aggressive/active high level players and dominating the warlord lists on several characters.

Iuldaer - Probably the best thief player around atm.

2020/12/23 17:04, Zintilden:   
I prefer not to name them atm, and asked them not to say, sorry. A few were chosen because I wanted to give newer players a chance to see that these guys are each fabulous, could learn from them, and see them from another POV besides nasty narrates/spew on forums. Another was because - fabulous pker with skill(for 20+ years & on any type of char), and unlike most in the pk community he doesn't flaunt the typical pk ego. He doesn't have to - known by his actions and not words, he remains classy regardless of win/loss. (Hi, fangurl here?)

There are probably some newer players that think highly of some mediocre hero-barely-legend because he helped many Or that guy that always is fun for leading groups, smobs, etc. It doesn't have to be about PK. We all appreciate and look up to someone here, so who are they? Want to know how someone does something in particular but you don't want to ask them yourself? I just want people to have their chance to participate & have fun with it, instead of being cliche, always about pk/elitism, or because I thought it would be a good interview. Some don't like pk and some prefer the underdogs. Who are those people? Speak up? 8)

I have more interviews lined up. One will be a player that recently came back that I respect greatly, because I want others to hear what he has to say about MUME back then and the MUME he found when he returned. Another fangurl moment here too, but also I think the interview will be a positive impact on getting some players back that we lost in the past.

I've gotten requests for a few people I have personally grouped with a lot over the past 3 years, and I feel they deserve those interviews too, actually I asked them before some of you asked me - but I decided after that it would be best to have someone else do those. Not going to lie, its just fucking weird otherwise, mmmkay? So yes I'm aware and yes I'm working on finding someone to do those. 8) (Besides for the famous Dwarf that several of you asked me to interview has declined, sorry. I said it would be a firm 'No' and guess what - it was. 8)

Not interested in the slightest to interview anyone that is not actively playing though fyi and I think that is fair.

2020/12/23 17:22, Zintilden:   
hehehe, just noticed the posts between Alweon and mine, yes - this is what I want to hear. 8)

Thx, keep them coming plz.

2020/12/23 19:54, Uroth:   
This seems right up my alley, I like to read interviews and would like to read more. I read all of the old ones and I like to read about mume history and dig up old dead sites/photos etc from the past.

Like what Zintilden said above 'There are probably some newer players that think highly of some mediocre hero-barely-legend because he helped many'

I have a file I kept in notepad for years with names of players and what they've done to help me each time I came back to mume to play for a while. There are new ones being added every day!

These people are my true heroes.

2020/12/23 21:27, Zintilden:   
Draz - You would enjoy an interview with them, even though I would exclude any conversation or questions regarding anything to do with MMapper? (If they were willing to participate, which I haven't asked yet.) Possibly other topics too, just saying. 8)

2020/12/23 22:29, Draz:   
@Zint oh yeah. Obviously depends on what they can say but I find the game design and direction things they are thinking about extremely interesting.

Ask about sneak, how they get things implemented, ask them about what things are fundamental to MUME (unbalanced design) vs. changeable in the future, thoughts on DG's impact. So many great topics.

2020/12/23 23:35, Narsel: 
I'm also interested in a Rogon/Jahara interview. Find out who's to blame for the travesty of a spell that is Energy Drain! Jk jk, it'd be seriously cool to see their thoughts on the direction of the game. :)

2020/12/27 08:51, Ignacio: 
Any update on this? ETA?


2020/12/28 03:26, Narsel: 

2020/12/28 22:36, IminyŽ: 
looking for interview with pZin...

2021/08/13 13:13, Zintilden:  edited 2x   
Dragging this back to a thread instead of consuming RR since its a 'BFD' -again-.

1st thing I want to say is thx for the feedback - I appreciate hearing it all - the good, the bad, the ugly, even the followers of those who have the biggest voices of all and make sure they are heard. I'm going to be open and forward about this, how I typically am unless I am not posting at all.

The problem is that I hear mostly the bad and it becomes a shit storm here, in the game, and what bothered me the most was also on various chat platforms where two pompous enemies (sometimes even FRENAMIES WTF? ARE YOU FRIENDS OR ENEMIES?? DECIDE??) would msg me about the other and try to stir drama. Then you come here tag teaming about certain things, which is your right to do so..sure. When one person posts, I wonder who it will be next to do a pal-follow up post for support, who will speak up against the first, then I place little bets in my head which person from TEAM1 is going to insult TEAM2 speaker - hehhhhh sometimes I win and sometimes I lose damnit! But the teams are always the same. Why do I mention this? Figure it out as a team maybe? *yawn*.

I'll note that one thing I didn't care much for concerning older interviews: it was only the elite being interviewed IMO. That IS NOT what these interviews here and now are about for me or the time I chose to invest. Instead they are more geared toward the current player base and current activity on MUME(at least they were at the time interviewed since they were all started last year).

I'm not well liked and I'm giving zero there about it these days clearly. Often I put myself in the fire all by myself though to re-route the dickbags from attacking one player and lead them to me. Some of you are so predictable you jump right in and lose complete focus who you were just abusing the minute before I opened my mouth, heh. So I feel I still win in the end and that other person gets some lil bit of peace. One thing I will mention though is I've constantly tried to get information out to you guys through various means because I believe/agree from a mortal stand point that the 'how' 'why' 'why not' 'when' should come out somehow more to mortals (and ask anyone who really has to deal with me in Valinor, I think you would hear my focus is always concerning pk - that's why I am here on MUME, so that is what I focus on there too). I tend to ask the same standard set of questions to start, and I know from experience they will steer in a direction unknown, and questions branch off from those responses. I usually have a few personal questions or if someone has put someone on the pedestal to be interviewed (which is the next one for example), I have asked if there was anything specific I should ask and I think I would always do that if it was an interview being requested for someone else, because it helps if I don't know the person for that branch to lead one way or another from the main tree, ok?

Then I look at situations like this on RR and have found myself excited to get that light shining on whoever I interviewed, but noticed this time with Ert's that I found myself feeling down for whatever may come - yeah, surprise? I have feelings sometimes! I've seen enough of particular comments on logs and at first I thought it was playful. In the back of my head I think I expected a few individuals to try to tear the whole thing apart in front of me and it would lead to the same group arguing. My problem is I try to diffuse it. I'm no longer putting myself into the fire or getting between you. I lost my voice maybe with all the 'break it up, break it up ladies - you're all beautiful'.

I look at why I didn't jump to secure an interview with Rogon/Jahara (and I really wanted an A+ there to be honest like Dain or Waba) and the reason is simple I guess - I don't want people tearing them apart, raising the mob against them, etc. I threw J under the bus many times on Discord (although accidentally and never meant it that way) and some of those times I can't explain the regret, remorse and just sadness that filled me because people felt questions were being ignored, so 'I maybe did something' like put my foot out and push J forward to answer them 'officially'. I spent an hour a few different days apologising to him because he was attacked in such a nasty manner each time I tripped him, heh! We had a great lil idea still - cause J is like a rock, tough and wasn't upset about it. We were pondering getting approval to do some mini interviews every so often if we got approval to do so on a particular change/topic. My thoughts drifted back to J being attacked several times, and another concern is some specifics can't, shouldn't, and wont be stated. That should be obvious why that is, but it would upset people none the less and cause issues yet again. I disregarded that idea but I really felt it was needed when the shaman and bn scout changes came. Rogon deserves a solo re-interview (and yes some of those reasons I'd like to do that are selfish and biased, sure!) As does Axel for that matter. I feel both of the previous ones for Rogon and Axel were not long enough by far. Not going to lie..was going to be sneaky if I did a 3x-Valinor one to ask Rogon questions...hehhehehe!

I'll throw some more out there of the 'behind the scene' stuff - Asmodean, Carl, Elestir, Fain, and Torkild all were people that I got NUMEROUS requests for interviewing. I spoke to most of them about the both ideas of doing it myself (even though its awkward) and perhaps finding someone to do it on my behalf. YES - I would like to see them interviewed. YES - I would like someone else to do it as I grouped with all for a long time IMO and think I found someone to do them (if he is still willing). Those interviews would not get the best results by me being the interviewer.

I got two requests for Lewis, and I see Facelift mentioned he would like to see a player interviewed with vision impairment. I would enjoy doing that interview too, if he is willing. A 'special group interview' will take place and go up randomly too in lieu of the Valinor group one I wanted to do as the first group interview.

heh!!! I even mailed that dude Manwe for an interview because the requests for that one were AS MUCH as Rogon's re-interview request. Guess what? No response - I'm sure none of us expected differently but I'm also sure he's super busy these days - but the pompous mob will say he just doesnt care and boofuckinghoo, am I right?

Since I'm throwing some behind the scene stuff out there, I'll go right on ahead with some more, mmmkay? Dong was the topic on many narrates almost any time of the day when I did his interview on all three sides. People on puke side feared him or wanted to bring him down, darkies depended on him and looked up to him with lots of respect - called on him often for help, the Zaugurz should of been knocking him around like a fly but instead it was the opposite, and ofc there would have been no one else I would want to interview first other than him - so yup - guilty for being biased too, oh well? Facelift made a quick comeback and had almost the whole community in an uproar within days, either in his defense about anything and everything or against him in every way - either way it was another huge impact upon the players on all sides. Ert deserved an interview back in the day and a 2nd interview all these years later - I don't need to justify it either - he's a fucking legend - EOD. Don't like it? Don't read it!

I'll mention now that my first comment was to Torkild (obv) and my second one was to Brundeor (I think there was confusion who it was directed to). My panties were in a bunch because of his comment regarding me leading with the questions and how I should be more personal - which I think I have been as much as I can based off their responses and where I can go from there. I will also mention I give everyone an opportunity when it comes to editing/review before I put it up, and I allow them to remove anything they have 2nd thoughts about or maybe it is too personal etc. That is up to them and I won't disrespect them and not give them that chance.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think you all are little gems, each a different cut/shape/sparkle, ok? Best way I can state it. Those that are constantly displeased with the interviews and starting a mob of followers in tow voicing the same thing almost in the same tone/manner, well just know this - no one said you HAVE TO read them.

In response to all the posts on RR currently with requests: I would be happy to do them all, we just will have to post them more frequently: maybe every two weeks? What do you all think of that?

So let us do it this way: if Asmodean, Carl, Torkild, Elestir, Khazdul, Lewis, Breaux, Nazgum are around still and interested in doing an interview, please email me: I don't think Razoor plays, but him also if so and willing. Let me know if I missed anyone! I'm also interested greatly in interviewing Dracol, One, Zud and Iminye (mmhmm, that's right and yes he is still banned) - so if this group too could email me if interested, that would be so lovely.

Once I know they have accepted (or re-accepted for those I asked late last year), I will post back here so the community knows and open a time period you can email me questions for that player (DOES THAT WORK FOR YOU BRUDENOR, SIR?). That way they don't seem biased and some I do not know enough to ask 'the good stuff'. The source/player behind the questions asked remain anonymous - if you chose to tell them it was your question later feel free.

PS - Torkild: the fact that you think I didn't already ask Telessar for an interview shocks me to my very core. The problem is he isn't playing? Let it be known I even dangled the interview in front of him in a lil cute attempt to get him to play.

Hopefully this clears up the bickering going on or any miscommunication - and more importantly you all feel great and apart of the ER community. Have a FABULOUS weekend!

2021/08/13 15:07, Rik: 
I feel left out....

2021/08/13 15:14, Torkild: 
I just don't filter much. However I would just like to say that I think you are amazing for doing the work you do here. The idea about sacrificing your time for the community is noble, and I appreciate it. I don't always think much before i respond my thoughts, but I don't think it's a bad idea to interview anyone really. I live in the past and yeah maybe interviews with players who quit wouldn't mean as much for most. I respect many people that it may sound like I don't respect. I would say Ert in particular. So I know I should be nicer in the way i just spew out my subjective opinion. Note to self: Never too late to improve though.
Have a good weekend!

2021/08/13 15:55, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
I'm not well liked and I'm giving zero there about it these days clearly.
I remember we once talked in game and you thought I hated you, what was a big surprise for me, because well, I don't. What I just want to mention - please do not overthink that people hate you. I don't know anyone who hates you.

In response to all the posts on RR currently with requests: I would be happy to do them all, we just will have to post them more frequently: maybe every two weeks? What do you all think of that?
I'm in no rush. Do as you have time imho. Any new content is up for grabs here.
Really liked Facelift's idea he brought up in RR. Totally different perspective.

Edit: and thanks!

2021/08/13 19:12, Ryalnos:   
I like content that reveals history and personalities behind the game 8)

Keep it going (if you enjoy it)!

2021/08/13 19:56, Nazgum: 
just want to add feedback that elizalde did a really great job on all the interviews, they have all been excellent and excited to read more =)

also really like facelift's suggestion of interviewing a blind player, would be very interesting to read abouth their experience with mume.

2021/08/13 22:28, Relim:   
Elz, I don't know anyone who actively dislikes you. In fact, I don't know many people on here who actively dislike anyone. Maybe I don't pay enough attention.

One thing that is quite clear is that the interviews are popular, and a great addition to the site. It's stirred up a lot of conversation, and most of what I've seen is positive.

Naz would be a great interview.

And yes, the Facelift idea is spot on, I personally cannot fathom how it works for someone who's vision impaired and would find that utterly intriguing.

All of the interviews to date have shown a deeper insight into each and everyone of the interviewees - and clearly is a lot of work. I don't think anyone isn't appreciative. Personally, I'd look out for a new interview over a new log... :)

2021/08/14 18:58, Diamonium: 
Yeah! What about me???

2021/08/15 05:34, Zintilden:  edited 1x   
Thanks for the feedback - especially the part where it's clear that some enjoy them too and that they are worth my time, and time of the person being interviewd of course!

Torkild - that was impressive and I'm proud of you, seriously. Thx for making yourself clear. 8)

An update: Nazgum and Telessar agreed they will both do an interview! If you could please email me at any questions you would liked asked over the next week, that would be great!

2021/08/17 04:14, Vegas: 
Thanks for all your work Zin. The interviews are really interesting and I appreciate the time you and the interviewees invest.

2021/08/17 05:26, Brundeor:  edited 1x   
I normally dont read the topics on the forums let alone write here, but I felt a bit guilty after so many people throwing punches in your direction after I threw one of the first rocks. Make no mistake, most of us are a bunch of misfits, forced into the same powder keg, and if its not exploding we are doing something wrong. We just have to face the fact that we are never going to agree on everything or even get along. But even the biggest fool has some wisdom to share for us to learn from if we are open to listening (I'm particulary bad at this if I dislike someone strongly enough).

I still mean what I said. In regard that when I read an article. I want to read about the subject at hand, and I dont care about the relationship of the interviewer and the interviewee as it loses some of its credibility. Its not that I dont think what you have done on mume either as player or god lack any interest for the community, quite the opposite. I think, nay, I demand that there should be a separate interview featuring only YOU. Done by someone that wont hold anything back but still be fair. Same as I expect you to do your subjects. If you are too close to someone, it could be hard to give a fair trial. And I see you have already come to that conclusion aswell, and I think it is a great idea having someone else do those interview, but that should not stop you being able to bounce some ideas with that person.

Who you choose to interview and for what reason, I really dont think you should need to justify just because people cannot look past their own bias. It will always be interesting for someone. But listening to suggestions, after sifting out all the stupid shit people come up, you ocasionally reveal some hidden gems. Like the suggestion about interviewing blind players, which is truly mind-blowing. How they can not only manage to play the game at all, but to outplay people that has perfect eye-sight is just insane. And to give us a glimpse of their reality would be very inspiring. Other suggestions as interviewing some great players that has left us due responsibilities in life or whatever reason is probably not a good idea because its quite simply not relevant any longer, same as its not relevant what kind of person Snakr was as a kid which I can relate to as I played the same role on my old mud in my teens, I'd like to believe that despite our faults; present or past, that we have still grown as individuals.

I would never in a million years taken on the responsibilities you have on ER and you deserve credit and admiration for taking this responsibility.. And Im sorry that some people dont treat you fairly. I dont think its true you dont care about not being liked, I think perhaps you care too much and get sucked into the drama just as badly as some of the rest of us.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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