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Questions from newbie / coming back from 15 year hiatus catchup  discussions

2018/07/04 03:59, Vainamarin: 
Hi all, I used to play a small bit here (mostly on another Tolkien MUD, but its pbase has seemed to dwindle to 1 on at any time), and was going to head back after not playing since like 2003.

What's a good whitie to start to learn things again with? Cleric or something? Just curious for any tips on stats/etc for someone to explore and learn the ropes again.

Thanks much!

2018/07/04 05:00, Fieldy:   
Welcome back!
I would start with a scout. You can explore a lot, level up fast, don't need too fancy eq. First go for a good pierce lvls 1-7, then shoot/flee lvls 8-16, then backstab lvls 17+. All the time find new mobs, move to new areas, then you will gain xp a lot faster and levels also. That is because you get more xp on new mobs, rather than circling one area in particular.

Also, check out pFaine's website (whois Faine).

2018/07/04 10:15, Svarten:   
Play a strong warrior!

2018/07/04 10:19, Rashnak: 
I recommend thief also, and specifically elf thief rather than hobbit.

If you start in Lorien, you can collect items and plants to sell for money and equipment without too much difficulty, and also there is plenty to kill for low level xp.

For exploring and acquiring travel points, you can then venture either west and south-west to Fangorn (excellent xp for well prepared thief around level 10 or even sooner) and further to Rohan, or north along Anduin Vale to town of Ingrove.

Most importantly, in your position, don't let dying and level loss turn you down.

2018/07/04 14:23, Barret:   
Lorien is certainly a great place for newbie elves, especially scouts. But it can be a little lonely. If you spend your mid levels in Bree/Fornost there should be plenty of new xp, more potential group mates, and mercs to really speed up your shooting game.

2018/07/04 15:16, Elestir:   
If you are planning to play solo, play scout (hobbit/elf/human) or mage (elf). If you are planning to play in group, play warrior (human/dwarf) or cleric (half-elf). Ideal group is 2 warriors and a cleric.

2018/07/04 19:05, Odoinn:   
'potential group mates'
Hello? What decade are you living it?!

2018/07/04 19:22, Andróg:   
Don't listen to any of this thief-talk. Thieves get easy once backstabbing really starts to work. Until then they are not really that easy for a newcomer. On low levels dwarven warriors are by far the easiest to play for newcomers in MUME. You have enough power to kill stuff, you have hps to survive and you won't go moveless that easily either. Plus, you don't have to level up for your main skills to actually function properly. You can start slicing mobs up with an axe right away.

2018/07/04 20:23, Odoinn:   
> Thieves get easy once backstabbing really starts to work. Until then they are
> not really that easy for a newcomer.

Bollocks. The bow is the easiest way to level up, period. Max bow, then shoot/flee; the more sneak, the better of course. But a cleric can do good even without sneak: just blind and then shoot/flee.

2018/07/04 21:23, Arcanum:   
I would play some character with high defence or max hps for start. Dwarven axe-warrior is an excellent choice since shops are bursting with mighty dwarven axes and fine metals. You can also mine ore in blue mountains :P

Once you have your mapper/client/mume-reactions all set up, pick a class you fancy. If it is a caster, plan to use 'charm' spell while stating/pracing. Then it is not too lonely when no-one wants to group.

I started to learn the game as a cleric as the very first char long long time ago. It is hard if you do not know what you are doing, I can guarantee.

2018/07/04 21:24, Ghanic: 
*agree Androg*
Go for warrior. Get some good absorb and a few mercs and you're set. Wield an ob weapon but buff on wimpy. You'll have enough hps to survive a spell/hit or 2 from a darkie and enough moves to make it to a safe place. Grab a mapper to help you so you don't get lost. And if you are fortunate enough to find groupmates you'll have the easiest job of the bunch as a buffer/basher until you get the hang of things and can take on a more complicated role.

2018/07/04 23:19, Vainamarin: 
Thanks for all the advice everyone!

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at the notion of going for charmies so I don't feel lonely.... =)

2018/07/04 23:38, Elizalde:   
Play bn thief, with bow. Darkies will help supply you with endless arrows too. No better way to jump back into it than under the Dark Lords ranks.

2018/07/04 23:53, Vainamarin: 
Funny enough I feel like I played a little BN long ago and your name sounds extremely familiar ;)

2018/07/05 15:53, Rashnak: 
On the note of shops bursting with might dwarven axes and fine metal, I'd add that shops these days are also bursting with iron rings and fine grey cloaks if you are a dodging thief. Not so much with ruby rings for offensive warrior, or BRDs for backstabbing thieves.

If you look to complete a 'full' set of eq without necesarily killing a single smob, then a shooting pewk scout is by far easiest.

For new or returning player who wants to explore, elf (or half of) is superior already because easy Lorien citizenship. For other races the safety of that haven takes much more effort.

2018/07/05 19:27, Andróg:   
To Odoinn and other defenders of the bow & shoot-flee combination:

You're not taking into account that you were asked about the easiest way to start AS A NEWBIE. This shoot-flee stuff as a scout takes a lot more skill than simply getting full metal, mda and a decent shield and hacking the shit out of all those foxes, wolves, boars and bears out there. As a newbie, dwarven axemaster is the way to go because it's just so ridiculously easy to do. There can be faster options, but they're also only faster if you know what you're doing. Newbies don't.

2018/07/05 21:00, Eldaril: 
'its pbase has seemed to dwindle to 1 on at any time'

I'm not entirely convinced MUME is different these days...

2018/07/05 21:18, Fieldy:   
I got my first legend as a scout. Way quicker than with a warrior.

2018/07/06 07:33, Rashnak: 
Androg: not a complete newbie, but a returning player who also wants to explore. Thief skills like sneak, search and pick helps with that a lot.

Even for a complete newbie, getting that full metal set and MDA in the first place is much more troublesome than having decent defense with plain clothes. Not to mention re-acquiring it after losing it.

Good dodger with piercing can do quick work of wolves, boars and bears too, especially with mercs.

2018/07/06 15:42, Andróg:   
Well, I mean, it really depends on how much he actually rememebers. I doubt it's much if he last played in 2003. Thus I don't really expect him to have the skills to pull off all that shoot & flee stuff. Exploring... well, depends how thoroughly you intend to do it. Most of Arda these days can be explored just fine as a warrior as well.

I don't have the time right now to log in just to check shops, but I'm going to guess that a proper scout setup (a good bow+shield+stuff) is not really that much cheaper than mda+shield+metals. Perhaps a bit, but not significantly. Besides, battle axe works just fine at very low levels, until you have money to buy that mda. And bashing & cleaving is a way faster way to kill those wolves, boars and bears than dodging and piercing.

2018/07/06 20:53, Elizalde:   
I think Bn is easiest to explore, especially if you make fodder for this very purpose. Sure, it is harder to xp/level, but it forces you to learn and be strong, which in my opinion makes a better player for TEAM SAURON later. Thing is not to waste time trying to get from point A to B as lowbie bn, as most likely you will die trying. To explore where you pray, xping along way, is great way to learn or relearn, and less time wasting. Darkies(most) are most gracious to help lower levels when needed for eq and even other adventures, especially when there are no vomits to hunt. To each their own though, and there are a lot of good players to express their opinions as to what worked for them as you see. Now you take all of their opinions and advice in, and figure out what works for you and where your own will lead you. Good luck!

2018/07/07 14:22, Vaelrin: 
Get an account from a friend, then use a high level cleric to blind exp for you.

Or just roll one whitie and one darkie (from another IP) to keep an eye on narrates to make sure that noone is after you.

2018/07/07 21:13, Muff:   
Ahha Snakr say'd it all:)

2018/09/05 07:18, Carl: 
Help me bring in new people! Lot's of people are looking for a new mud but haven't heard of MUME yet.

[submitted link]

2018/09/13 01:26, Dagoth:   
A few newb questions if you guys don't mind.

I have a level 18 Dwarf concussion warrior. Gaining exp a lot faster recently because I finally moved further from Fnst/Bree area.

Should I put any pracs into dodge?

How many pracs should I put into pick?

Im running into a lot of locked doors while exp and I want to see whats behind them.

Also, what is in Dark Tower? I always hear people talking about it but no idea what it is. Couldn't find anything online about it other than just it being mentioned by name.

2018/09/13 18:13, Roadkill: 
I'm probably not the best one to answer these questions, since I haven't played whitie warrior for over a decade, and generally suck as a player.

But I'd say putting 2-3 pracs into dodge is well worth it.

I normally put 3-4 pracs into pick, but I know some people say you should max it. Note that you can boost your pick chances by wearing a lockpick, which is upgradeable.

DT is a darkie safe space of sorts, a tower. It contains just some mobs, and no eq of note. Doing it as whitie is good exp (hard, though), and if you clean it, and wait inside until pop, it pops white.

2018/09/14 16:08, Elestir:   
@Dagoth Regarding dodge, it depends on your DEX. If you are high DEX warrior, get lot of dodge, if you are low DEX warrior, get somewhat less.

I like to have 53-54% pick on my warriors, but for general purposes you can do with bit less.

DT (Dark Tower) is a tower north-east of Rivendell. It can be darkie/whitie/zaugurz depending on who conquered it last time. The darkie variant is the toughest, Zaugurz one is the weakest.

2018/09/14 17:17, Variant:   
That's right, you heard the man.

2018/09/14 18:20, Dethklok: 
^ lol this guy

2018/09/20 00:02, Dagoth:   
I have another one. I accidentally killed a merc, maybe 2. It's been about 2 real life days and they still wont work for me. How long does it typically take before I can hire them again? And does it make it quicker if I'm logged into MUME?

Thanks in advance and may the force be with you all.

2018/09/26 14:07, Järv:   
I'm not sure exactly how long they stay mad at you but I think it was changed a while back so that they aren't mad as long as they used to be. So maybe a couple of days, a week?

2018/09/26 15:37, Rashnak: 
They are indeed more forgiving now, and instead start charging a little bit more every time you regain their trust. I believe after first failure the price goes from 10 silver to 12 silver per day.

2018/10/17 00:14, Dagoth:   
So after getting Dagoth to 21 and realizing its gonna be quite time consuming soloing as a warrior I made a hobbit scout, Sour. Currently level 19 and enjoying it quite a lot. But I have some questions.

I have max sneak and pierce and still find myself missing stabs. The first one is pretty easy to land, then I escape, sneak back and try to stab again. What can I use to increase the chance of back to back stabs? covering ruby? removing boots?

What is, in your opinions, the best way to exp? I've heard going from special mob (red xs) to special mob is the best. I've also heard killing everything that moves in an area, even if it gives very little xp, is the best. Perhaps a combination of the two is the best?

Thanks in advance everyone.

2018/10/17 11:25, Elestir:   
@Dagoth The first backstab is easier because the mobs aren't alert yet. If you want to fail less, you have to give them time to cool down some. So it is often good idea to switch targets if there are more targets in the area.

As for best xp targets, high level mobs that are somewhat unique are best source of xp. That's because your trophy of given mob will rise each time you gain xp from hurting/killing him, so the mobs will give less and less xp (because of trophy) and this process is faster for non-rare mobs. So general idea is, try not to waste too much time xping on mobs that you already have high % in your trophy, if there are better options.

2018/10/17 14:49, Cohen:   
When you think about effectiveness of exping - it is about how many exps you get per hour. So it is not optimal to kill unique mob, run 20 mins to other corner of Arda and kill another one. In the same logic it is useless to kill mob for which you get 30 exp and you need 1 min to kill it. So usually the best approach is to find area (areas) where you can run in circles and kill plenty of mobs -> they are enough easy to kill (no 20 mins hps sleeping) and you still get exps for them. Once the area is harvested - you get too low exps for local mobs -> due trophy logic (too many killed) or your level is too high, found new area where you can find new mobs who match your power.

2018/10/17 23:06, Dagoth:   
@Elestir and @Cohen thanks for the tips. I have to find a better balance of mixing stronger mobs with the weaker ones. I explored South of Rivendell then West to Tbad last night but I found myself HP sleeping too much.

2018/10/18 14:11, Edvard: 
Yeah i lean towards Cohens advice for scouts if you want to level fast. Choose an area and then stab pretty much everything that moves except for grasshoppers/rabbits and such. That way you move around slowly getting xp constantly, never having to reg hps or moves. If you want optimal xp/hour - be sure you know where you're going once stab lands. Also I find escape useful because then you can prespam [escape east;west;stab spirit] etc and go make coffee :)

2018/10/18 14:18, Elestir:   
Escape is also useful to prevent getting affected by panic (which can happen if you flee). Panic reduces your effective level and thus even your chances for successful backstab.

2018/12/20 19:03, Merarl: 
[submitted link]

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