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2018/05/28 16:18, Cohen:   
The issue with this idea and the plenty of others - what is really 'us to be heard'. When you read the whole thread you will find at least 3 positions - 1) yes we needed track 12+, 2) no please no track over 12 ticks, 3) it doesn't matter - it will be neutral and not bring any new players.
Will you decide to spent resources - proly yes in case you think it will brings new players otherwise not. Should you allow some players (or in corner case one player) who will spent money for game development to takeover ownership of game - probably not. The problem is not so simple - we do not have coders, the issue is what to do to get stream of new players and keep them active for a few years.

2018/05/29 16:29, Enforcer: 
Imho 12 tick tracks is plenty, if they dont decay every time i change zone and there is a light wind :)

2018/05/29 16:44, Bardock: 
everyone just keeps saying 12 ticks is fine but wont give any reason why. Cool! Glad no one has one legitimate reason why 12 ticks tracks make any sense on a dying game that is constantly expanding and losing players rapidly.

gg mume.

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