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2018/04/12 16:20, Ruen: 
I have been having connection problems and it seems like i am the only one affected. I am connecting from indonesia, but when i do manage to succesfully connect, I am only able to enter several commands and then it appears as if a lag hits, but it never recovers, or i wait for 2 minutes and I find that the commands went through. I usually lose patience and try to reconnect right away but the same pattern continues. I then tried to load website, but I am finding that it is not loading completely either. For instance all images are missing from the homepage, or it never loads and i get message (504 gateway timeout) or (732 internal server error). I thought it was my internet, but other games and websites appear to be fine. will take minutes to load, or will show the error, or will partially load.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there anything I can do?

2018/04/15 19:33, Fieldy:   
As noone has answered, I will.
No idea!

2018/04/16 08:43, Grotek: 
Are you playing via a Router? I had a similar, though not as severe, problem With my old one...

2018/04/16 15:47, Ruen: 
The problem has since gotten better. I do connect through a router. I was really confused for a while because if it was my computer or internet, all websites should be affected, and if its mumes website then all players should be affected, but neither was true. I guess someone fixed whatever server located somewhere I dont know, but that I use that noone else does, and now my connection is back to my stable and quite good 240ms link

2018/04/19 14:22, Bugli:   
if you can avoid wifi, do it!

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