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2018/04/24 22:53, Haunga: 
@Bardock, I suppose since the inception because a fertilized egg has a pretty good chance to become a human being. However if that being would be in immense suffering would the killing not be mercy? It's hard to see how humanity could have strict rules on this anyway. The mother should always have the choice however fucked up results that may have.
Maybe eventually we will have the technology to abort without killing.

2018/04/25 00:40, Bardock: 
I'm not telling people what to do, I am simply stating my opinion that aborting a human life is murder. I am a libertarian, if states want to decide they can do what they want, I am not saying ban abortions at all. If someone aborts a baby they a morally evil person but Its not my place to tell them what to do, God gave us free will to do good or evil, its not infringing on my life to kill your own child so do as you please.

2018/04/25 05:04, Savu:   
On the downside - [submitted link]

2018/06/01 21:27, Rybin:   
Dare i speak for animals point of view for the right to live? #govegan

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