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2018/03/13 18:43, Bardock:   
for someone with so many degrees and education you are not to bright. Obviously when a woman becomes pregnant dude. Sheessssus.

2018/03/13 18:53, Roadkill: 
Okay, so we should do whatever we can to preserve the zygote from that point onwards?

Or just not abort it?

2018/03/15 08:57, Slevin:   
I thought you said it begins when the egg is fertilized. I wonder what your view on IVF is.

2018/03/15 11:25, Roadkill: 
Damnit, people keep stealing my thunder. I wanted him to answer first, before bringing that up. :-)

Obviously, the phrase 'when a woman gets pregnant' needs clarifying.

Then there's the two week wait from fertilization to semi-reliable pregnancy testing. If we want to avoid abortions, we must assume that a woman gets pregnant every time, until proven otherwise. Right?

As usual, the only thing one hears when asking Zepir some straightforward questions is:


2018/03/16 05:59, Bardock:   
I just don't think your attempts to disregard a human life as if it was just a clump of meaningless cells, just like the 'big bang' and all the other scientific religious things you believe in.

2018/03/16 06:03, Savu:   
People that you are arguing against don't disregard human life either, they just don't consider your definition of what constitutes human life to be right. If you don't have any arguments besides 'God created it at conception' then there's not much point in any further arguing.

2018/03/16 09:37, Bardock:   
it pretty much comes down to, I think its a human life after it has a beating heart etc. If you don't agree, that's fine you don't agree. I have a harder time with the thought of killing my own offspring then others. I couldn't imagine it with how much laughter and love kids bring.

2018/03/16 11:04, Savu:   
For heartbeat that would be somewhere after 5th week for you then?

Seems you are a compromising guy after all, we got you to be willing to murder your babies for a whole month after conception :)

2018/03/16 12:16, Naga: 
Okay, many women don't even know they're pregnant until much later than that. Usually the heartbeat can be heard around week 8/9.

So a woman wouldn't have a choice, according to you, once she finds out she is.

How would you feel if that woman is an addict and the child would be super deformed? Or if that would mean that woman (or girl) is tossed from her home, becomes homeless or would have to give up her job, education?

2018/03/16 15:46, Roadkill: 
All living organisms have a circulatory system, a 'beating heart'. Including amoeba.

2018/03/16 15:46, Roadkill: 
All living organisms have a circulatory system, a 'beating heart'. Including amoeba.

2018/03/16 21:49, Roadkill: 
I win the doublepost of the day award.

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