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The future of cryptocurrencies catchup  discussions

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2017/10/07 15:57, Breaux: 
Blockchain is the future teechnology. Bitcoin is just an application of the same, and there is NOTHING to say that it will not fail. It is very much looking like a bubble now, and we are in the mania phase. Will it go up more? probably. then down, fast.

2017/10/07 19:11, Zepir:   
Yes, I am working on that. I am in the process of trying to get something approved. The plan is to mine crpyto full time and its not even a hard thing to dom you just have to get the capital to get it going.

its around 2 usd a day per machine as far as power goes, each machine is around 1200w of power. each machine mines around 100 usd per day.

2017/10/07 20:23, Fieldy: 
Ahhaaa, I see. Very interesting project you have in your hands.

I must be honest, I am also sceptical about this all, but I hope you will reach the profit until the fun lasts.

Now I understand why some people build up a coin mining rig at their employers offices secretly :D

2017/10/07 23:34, Zepir:  edited 2x   
Yea, I already own one of the machines so if i can get the funds approved from the bank it will be nice. The one machine I have depending on the day will do 80-110 dollars worth of a coin a day. I am looking to get 20 of them or so. The good part is that they are able to be configured to mine different coins. so if for some reason the market fails me on the one coin i can switch scripts and algorithms to pull a new one.

im telling you do the research and investigate this stuff, it may not be a terrible idea to obtain 1 bit coin and hold it for several years. we have this generation now with 17 year old millionaires from this thing :D You always have the option to instantly cash out your crpyto to USD or Euro at any point in time, I switch over from Crpyto to USD all the time depending on how the market is doing, that way when crpyto is on the down trend you have the USD value you gained or Euro etc.

I also agree that the price will shoot up and then it will go down again but thats the whole point! Its been doing that for years and the reason why people are making so much money is the volatility of the market itself. If you have the patience you can see why you would make so much money, in the last 3 months the price has gone between 3k and 5k. This is going to be the pattern for a long time until it reaches insane new heights watch! The price right now is 4.4k USD lets take a look again in a few months and see how much money yall are missing out on :D

2017/10/08 18:02, Breaux: 
Now it appears Russia has another weapon in its anti-dollar arsenal.

Russia’s development bank, VEB, and several Russian state ministries are reportedly teaming up to develop blockchain technology. They want to create a fully encrypted, distributed, inexpensive payments system that does not rely on Western banks, SWIFT or the U.S. to move money around.

This has nothing to do with bitcoin, which is just another digital token. The blockchain technology (now often referred to as distributed ledger technology, or DLT) is a platform that can facilitate a wide variety of transfers — possibly including a new Russian-state cryptocurrency backed by gold.

/from a zerohedge article. My point being - don't get blockchain and bitcoin confused.

2017/10/08 18:04, Breaux: 
Also this is probably the best repository for those of you who want to immerse yourself in he works of bitcoin:

[submitted link]

Also anything by Tuur demeester is good stuff, clever guy.

2017/10/08 18:23, Zepir:   
Russia is smart because fiat is dead, the world better start adapting :D

2017/10/10 03:38, Razoor: 
Yo, if it's such a sure payback within 20 days, then wouldnt all major corps instantly start doing it and then short-circuit the entire system? Imagine Intel or w/e putting 100m usd towards it and make 10x that in a year....seems dubious.

2017/10/10 16:36, Ortansia:   
I'm ok with cryptocurrency backed by gold ;)

2017/10/10 21:09, Zepir:  edited 3x   
dont ask me, why would i know, all I know is i bought a machine for 1500 usd and it produces 100 usd a day for me. I am going to get like 10-15 of them and do it for a living. Also, I dropped all my coins into BTC earlier this week when it was 4400 a coin its now almost 5k im making a retarded amount of money, if people wanna get in lemme know if you need help :) is a good place to start. If you interested in gaining compound interest on returns let me know as well and use my referral. i am literally going to be sustaining myself of crpyto alone with in this next year. its so dumb.

once you learn this game and this market the world is open lol, the reason BTC went up so much this week is because a hard fork was coming, if you have your money in BTC then you gain these new coins that come out after the fork for free, so literally everyone is dumping all their money into btc, once i got word i did the same thing and im still riding it up to the top, il cash out at 5500 or 6k and then dump all my money into etherium. everyone else is gonna to do this too so you can imagine whats gonna happen to the price of etherium. BTC is gonna dump and ETH is gonna pump, then you just cash out to USD and you take no losses from the volatility of the crpyto market.

look at my post a few days ago btc was 4.4k go look at the price today. this market is madness friends $$$$$$$$$$$$$

@Breaux, it will go up and then down again but then it will go up again because the market is increasing at a rate never seen in modern money or markets :D the price will be up so long as people keep investing in it and at the current trends and rates there is no grim future ahead.

2017/10/11 22:47, Prist: 
Well, that is something I would most certainly not do due to risks involved. But I will be interested to see how it will go for Zepir.

2017/10/13 00:33, Zepir:  edited 1x   
Prist, did you also dump all your money into BTC, look everyone just as I said BTC was 4400 when i started with my plan and now its at 5400 and rising............ you guys i will gladly help anyone get into this and guide them through it. Crpyto will be the biggest revolution and movement in the net 30 years. its so much more then money guys. Dono if you been following prist but the BTC fork is causing the biggest pump i have seen out of nowhere lol.

Prist its not as risky as you might think, if you diversify your miners.

if anyone is a total noob and only has 100 dollars to get started i can show you a way that will get you some returns going right off the bat.

2017/10/13 06:11, Prist: 
Zepir, I've been following it for months. Been active speculator for months as well. In crypto sphere this feels like eternity already.

And based on my experience so far I'm going to do exacly one thing during this btc fork - absolutely nothing.

Reason for that is that I currently hold position that I like - position built mainly on ARK and OMG, both which I got into early and which has kept me floating in green during all those crashes recently, and additional smaller positions in LSK, NAV and LTC. I'm keeping in crypto exactly the money I can lose to last cent and not lose a single minute of sleep, which for me is roughly my one month salary. I'm also a bear by my approach to investment.

So, in crypto like everywhere else, buy low, sell high. This means that getting into btc now would be absolutely suicidal at all time highs. There is a sale on altcoins though, so if I wanted to put more money in, I would increase my positions in alts rather than btc. What I expect is happening and will happen:

People are seeing btc all time highs and are hearing that everyone who holds btc will soon get another coin for free, doubling their investment. Well, issue here is that btc gold is crap. To my information it has one active developer behind it. It has no real use other than speculation. It is the very definition of warm air, like btc cash. Its value is based on speculation. Its philosophy is that it's not minable by ASICs, representing trend that I'm seeing in crypto where coins are being built to resist ASICs and use staking instead of mining. Looking at that trend I would never currently invest in ASICs myself.

So, when btc forks all people holding btc will get same amount of btc gold. All those people will be looking to dump their btc gold at the same time, tanking the price to nothing. I also have no idea who would buy it because at the fork its price will be at all time high. Other people will be looking to dump their btc, tanking its price as well, potentially leading to panic sale. Those lucky enough to get rid of their btc and btc gold will either take it out as fiat or use the fact that altcoins are currently low and will be buying alts, pushing up the price.

Smart people will know that because similar happened when btc forked into btc cash. Smart people also know that there will be another fork nearby due to SEGWIT2x which adds further volatility to btc so holding it may not be the best idea. This means that there will most likely be btc correction roughly a week before the fork as people will be selling their btc at all time high before it dumps and invest it into alts before their price moons. Some of the most 'safe' alts currently are OMG and ARK, both in which I hold substantial positions with good entry point.

So by doing nothing I maintain my safe entry points, avoid taking excessive risks in potentially extremely volatile time and expect my position to increase in value when all this blows over.

As always I may be wrong and current post is not meant to give any investment advice and it must not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any coins named in the post.

2017/10/13 06:47, Breaux: 
Listened to some podcast recently on bitcoin which helped frame my view on the future of cryptocurrencies and why cryptocurrencies have a future but maybe not Bitcoin. Goes something like this.

First-generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were designed to prevent governments from meddling in people's finances and affairs. My bet is that governments are never going to let such currencies come into serious play with the state-backed currency systems, because they are effectively designed to to prevent mechanisms that allow redistribution of wealth (taxes and inflation).

CRYPTOCURRENCIES however (not Bitcoin), are likely to play a very important role in the future monetary system of the world. Remember that historically we have changed monetary system every 30-40 years or so. The current monetary system (USD as the world's reserve currency) has been in play for over 70 years now, ever since Bretton Woods in 1944. So both from a cyclical/historic perspective, we are definitely due for a change. Also looking at fundamentals, we are due for a change. The US was selected as the world's reserve currency because it had the strongest credit in the wake of WW2, which was fought

Being the world's reserve currency basically comes with an exorbitant privilege in that the issuer of that currency can get into debt for free; the usual result of borrowing excessively for other countries would be that treasury yields increase and cost of borrowing increase. But this is not the case for the US atm, since there is so much demand for USD as the reserve currency. So obviously other countries like Russia (read anything by Sergey Glasyev) and China wants to strip the US of this unfair advantage by pushing the trend of dedolarization to facilitate a shift in world reserve currency. Arguably, it is unfair because US may no longer be the world's strongest credit (national debt of 20 trillion dollars). Already in the late 1960s the strength of the US credit was questionable, and as a result Nixon had to slam the convertibility to gold, establishing a pure fiat system. The only reason it was kept was because Kissinger struck a deal with the saudies a few years later, perpetuating the USD as the reserve currency through the petrodollar system.

But why is change imminent NOW? Well let's see, the US is no longer the main importer of oil. The Chinese (the world's largest importer of oil) are putting significant pressue onto the Saudis to trade in other currencies. The Saudi king recently met with Putin (an event unimaginable until recently). China is about to issue a future oil contract in Yuan backed by gold, to allow oil traders to bypass the dollar. There is a clear trend of dedolarization, but at this stage there is no clear alternative reserve currency.

Cryptocurrency may be the answer in the end. China and Russia are both working on government-sponsored cryptocurrencies. The PBOC are actively advertising for hiring crypto engineers for creating a digital version of the renminbi. Russian state-sponsored crypto-currency is also on the roll, Putin met with Ethereum founder to discuss this recently. The long and the short of it is that crypto may eventually take over as the global transaction currency, and subsequently the denomination for central bank reserve assets, making it the world reserve currency. The question then becomes, what will a state-backed currency look like?

Government are likely to use the blockchain technology, but redeploy this in a completely different way, such that they will be able to tax you, they will have full transparency over your transactions, they will be able to increase the money supply by the push of a button. In the hands of governments, it would probably become the utter antithesis to what first-generation cryptocurrencies were designed to do. It will become impossible to conceal any wealth within this system.

Who issues and controls this new global cryptocurrency will be the space race of the 21st century, probably between the US, China and Russia.

2017/10/13 10:07, Täpp:   
Breaux that's fascinating, especially the reserve currency problem, can you link that podcast please?

2017/10/13 11:02, Ortansia:  edited 2x   
Bretton Woods system collapsed and was replace by the fraudulent Petro-dollar system, then the Petro-dollar systems will collapse, and will be replaced by an even more fraudulent system ( global cryptocurrency), so it is getting worse and worse.

I see many are enthusiastic with the idea of the global cryptocurrency, but I don't see any change with the old system, except a change in the form, but the content is the same, that is the powerful country who will control the global crypto-currency (USA, RUSSIA or CHINA....) is the one who will benefit the most from this system. The same as USA benefited from Petro-dollar system since 1973 till now!.

Moreover as the global cryptocurrency is not backed by gold, so there will be manipulations and speculations, the same thing happened with fiat money, The oligarchy bankers will use financial tricks to infiltrate and corrupt this system, so all in all nothing changed really.

2017/10/13 11:02, Savu:   
'Government are likely to use the blockchain technology, but redeploy this in a completely different way, such that they will be able to tax you, they will have full transparency over your transactions, they will be able to increase the money supply by the push of a button. '

That is the exact thing that would make governments use crypto (1. seeing every transaction, 2. being able to create more money if they want). The 2. point would also be the exact reason that would make the transition useless for everyone else because that would mean that your money would still lose value when ever 'the man' decides to print more money.

2017/10/13 11:53, Ortansia:   
@Savu with the actual system, it is not the government who create money ,but the bank who create money out of nothing.

for example in Eu, since the Lisbon treaty ( article N°123) governments are not allowed to print more money to finance their deficit, but are obliged to borrow money from private banks, and then reimburse with high interests, and this only benefit private bankers.

2017/10/13 12:52, Fieldy: 
Define 'high interests'.

2017/10/13 14:02, Breaux: 
@savu that's exactly my point.

@tapp I will see if I can dig it out. You can also read about Triffins dilemma which sets out why the issuer of the world reserve currency inadvertently is destined to loose its creditworthiness over time. This is yet another argument why we are on he brink of change.

2017/10/13 14:06, Breaux: 
Organsia we don't know that it will be replaced by a worse system. I'll stock up on gold actually.

2017/10/13 14:10, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
Interest = usury . when bank lend you money, you are expected to reimburse more money than what you received ( interest)

So in one hand Preventing governments to print/ create more money in order to avoid devaluation and inflation, in other hand, push them to borrow more money from private banks, who have the power to create money out of nothing when you make a loan (scriptural money)
The result is that : Eu is sinking in huge debt crises, because of paying massive interests to private banks.
So shifting the power to create money from government to private banks, and trading the risk of devaluation, against huge debt crises is for me, not a great deal.

PS I just find a good video translated from French to English, which illustrate very well what I said above [submitted link]

2017/10/13 14:11, Fieldy: 
Yeah, I understand the concept of interest, but let me rephrase that. Define 'high'.

2017/10/13 16:00, Ortansia:  edited 2x   
@Fieldy I'm not sure why you are focusing at high interests part, whereas the worst part is that : private banks have the power to create money out of nothing . If you have time, check this video [submitted link]
so you will understand better the co-relation between EU debt crises and paying massive interests to private banks.

I just found a nice quote from sir josiah charles stamp (economist and banker)

'Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.'

2017/10/13 16:52, Zepir:  edited 2x   
this is the kind of discussion I like! I think you are right about alot of that Prist. OMG and Ark are great positions to hold, I think you will see good on that. I am going to take my earnings from this BTC rush and dump into ETH and LTC. I had alot of fun in the alt coin realm but i am going to stay away from it for a bit and keep putting money into BTC and LTC and ETH. I strongly feel that BTC is going to explode upwards from here and not stop. I want to hold atleast half a bitcoin for a while and hopefully pump up to 1 coin from what I make from ETH and LTC!

Ortansia, I am telling you the technology behind the block chain will bring a revolution in currency to this planet never seen before. I would strongly suggest getting into this even a little bit. You seem like somehow who is well educated and well off and could afford to get into the crpyto scene a bit.

The best part about crypto are they are finite resources and can be broken down to any fraction. People keep calling this a bubble everyday, they were calling it a bubble since bitcoin hit 100$, I am truly not worried about it, its the technology behind it and the literal super geniuses developing this singularity in technology that will push this into outer space! BTC now up to 5800! This is the most gains I have made in crypto, truly a great week. I will hold my BTC as long as possible hoping it goes to 500k like top experts speculate.

btw , so glad we are done with the politics discussion. seems like this is something we can all discuss together peacefully :) the crypto bringing the people together <3

Savu you are right, they will try to do all of that while adopting crpyto but the technology behind decentralization will prevent them from getting to much control, with crpyto like XVG, monero and PIVX we will see private exchanges that the government cant touch. We should also see the rise of decentralized exchanges that cannot be shut down. I have alot of faith in this tech, this is something governments are not going to be able to cap in the end.

2017/10/13 18:45, Fieldy: 
Yeah, I am just asking because usually someone just watches a random video from Youtube or reads some random article where it is written 'high interest' without realizing what is a high interest.

2017/10/13 21:41, Savu:   
Partly right there, Ortansia. And the private banks as the middleman is imho the worst part of it, seems that the whole monetary system is made to keep them afloat. Euribor has been in the negative for years now, yet (at least in Estonia) the banks changed their loan contracts so that negative Euribor is counted as 0. These ticks on the veins would need to go somehow.

Yet I really don't see limited-amount currencies as the solution. The thing is, money as a means of transaction means that there must always be money around. When the amount of people grows, the amount of transactions and the need for money grows as well. The amount of gold will not grow. What will happen? None of the possible places where the stretch could happen seem to be good options.

2017/10/14 00:38, Zepir:   
Prist also, I bought my bitcoin when it was in the low 4000's.

question to prist

do you think it will hit 6000 in the next couple weeks? I think alot of people are really off about BTC. I dont think its gonna be in these low numbers for much longer. I strongly feel a 10k bitcoin coming on this year. Might be a good idea to have some but thats just my opinion. I sold of all my alt coins , even ETH and LTC to get into BTC. So far its proven to be a good move altho you probably are not going to do bad on OMG and ARK at all. I recall when ARK was the only not tanking during the china fud. Plus I love the whole idea of ARK , its actually great tech and the way they do the mining is genius. When is a good time to get a position of ARK? I will probably just hold strong in BTC and LTC for the next year but ARK does interest me alot.

2017/10/14 06:58, Razoor: 
This is an interesting discussion. Currency aside, I have some doubts about the utility of blockchain technology. It seems to me that even though it might be good for transparency, that's not always what we want for transactions. Second, it may be secure towards hacking insofar as you dont manage to control a majority of the blockchain, but if you do, you can alter everything on it. This opens it up for abuse by authorities or powerful corporate entities because in my understanding they will just wipe out the entire record in the same way as it was always done. You may be able to point it out, but will that change anything? It doesnt change real life power dynamics, so I'm not convinced the added transparency will make a difference. Third, although blockchain offers transparency and some security advantages, these do not seem particularly accessible to the everyday layperson. So where's the benefit? No one is gonna sit around and look for oddities in their chain of transactions, unless you invest a ton of time, so you will still need that middleman which blockchain professes to remove the need for. Finally, a major suggested advantage is the removal of the middleman, but it seems to me that this wont happen. Rather, you'll have a new middleman which is whoever controls the software (blockchain) you use for a particular a selling entity (e.g., bank) may indeed not be able to charge transaction fees anymore, but what is to say the software owner wont?

This is just what came to mind after an hour of reading on the topic, so would be great if someone with more insights can address these points (pretty sure I'm not the first to think of it). My sense is that the tech is a bit overhyped at the moment because the full extent of real world application hasnt been considered. But happy to be proven wrong!

2017/10/14 10:00, Ortansia:  edited 2x   
@Razoor I have the same concerns as you, I see that crypto- money is something new, so everyone is jumping on the wagon,
everyone is fed up with the actual corrupted financial system, so this crypto money may sounds like a light of hope for them, but we need to be careful,
powerful corporate entities can very well adapt and infiltrate this cryptosystem, giving us illusion of change, but in reality nothing will change, and always the 'same old' people who pull the string, in different disguise.

As they gave us the illusion of economic growth and prosperity, which is just a facade, but in reality governments, common households and businesses are sinking in huge debt crises, making them slaves of private banks and oligarchy.

@Zepir, you are saying that crpypto is backed up by technology so it cannot be abused, define what you mean by technology, do you mean mathemathics? all this is virtual and abstract concepts, that easily can be manipulated by malicious persons, isn't it better to backup cryptomoney with gold, to close door to all forms of manipualtion ;) ?

2017/10/14 12:29, Prist: 
I myself don't believe 10k bitcoin yet but it can happen - it all depends on how much new oney is flowing in. Price increases happen when more people become aware about it and now that coinbase made it more accessible for US customers I can see more money rolling in.

Currently it is going up again but what I also feel is that this new money coming is not smart but stupid. It follows greed and disinformation. Easiest way to see that is Bitconnect which is simple Ponzi scheme, but is valued above billion. I don't know why people put money in that, but it's inevitable that it will explode and I'm slightly scared. It is still going up and is now no10 on market - and it's a fakking scam.

I believe will be continuing bull run this week on btc, followed by correction. One thing I would do myself probably is sell not at round number like 6000 but before that, 5985 or something like it. A lot of people will be setting their sell orders just at or slightly below round numbers.

And yeah, I do believe in ARK, which is why it's my biggest investment. I'm considering dumping some of my coins (maybe LTC) after this bull run to free up cash to increase my holdings in ARK. It's still cheap and long way from its ATH. That is, if I don't get too scared and decide to exit for a bit to wait until a major correction again.

2017/10/14 16:08, Zepir:   
dont dump your ltc yet! did you see what happened to the price of ETH and LTC lol, im mad that bank transfers take so long otherwise i be in on those ltc and eth gains. There was a huge sell wall for BTC but since it keeps going up alot of people dropped their sell orders. It seriously looking like BTC could sky rocket. Lol I think bitconnect is gonna make it to the top before shutting down. It is an interesting scheme but its has sustainability so long as people keep putting money into it.

@Ortansia, what Etherium is doing to the block chain technology is absolutely astonishing. Combining all the programming languages of non-block chain and adapting them into it. I am saying this tech is so important because things like DNS and routing are now going to be able to be ran on the block chain. This is going to revolutionise the internet you have no idea. Talk about running protocols on this technology and creating gigantic super computers and decentralised networks. Think of it like this, the 'miners' simply create the decentralized networks and are nodes of the network and process transactions and traffic on the network. This is why they get paid in the currency. This is what determines the valuation, it does have value. What people dont understand yet is block chain is going to revolutionise the world in every way possible, just follow the etherium block chain and vitalik buterin, the super genuis with 250 iq who is creating this monster and trust me he is going to be the next bill gates and even better and smarter. Theres so much more to it and ireally suggest you research it because there is no stopping this tech. It can revolutionise government and currency and the very way we live our daily lives.

im telling you buy etherium and btc and litecoin when you can, the best part about it, is its like a savings account, you can put money into it and lets say you get into a bad spot, cash that out into your bank account within the next day, or just let it sit there and let it grow, look when we started this discussion eth was 290 dollars and litecoin was 49 dollars and bitcoin 4000 dollars now look

LTC: 64$
ETH: 360$
BTC: 4800$

if you put money in there you would be that much richer and can cash it out, i fucking love crpyto because i use it like my savings account, so far i havent spent any of it but if i wanted to and was in a bad situation i could cash it out instantly but i much rather let it keep going up, i have not lost money on anything (except a few alt coin days trades) but i dont do those anymore lol i stick to the top 3.

I might wanna buy ARK soon tho, let me know if a good buy signal comes up for it.

2017/10/14 19:42, Prist:edited 1x   
I think ARK's good buy at any point below all time highs, seems it's gone up 16% again.

I actually don't believe in LTC that much. It essentially is the same as bitcoin, meant to be currency, except that it is smaller and less known. It does fix some issues with BTC though, but I still see it as secondary which does not offer anything new, which to me does not bode well for the future.

I would rather invest in Monero, as it is completely anonymous, unlike other widely known cryptos. Only thing that's been keeping me from getting into Monero again is that I'm still angry at myself. Some time ago I bough something around 15 Monero when it was 36 EUR per coin and sold it when it hit 40. Was pretty happy with myself, except then it shot up to 100 EUR or so...

2017/10/14 20:05, Zepir:   
yea thats why day trading sucks some times. you sell at a profit but you could of sold for alot more. LTC had alot of good things going for it, im gonna hold on to it till it gets back to 100 then sell it. Before the china rumors it was daily 75-80 dollars. Seems like everything is recovering back to those old levels.

2017/10/15 10:47, Vaelrin:   
I'm currently looking to cheat myself some cc. Which wallet do you recommend btw?

2017/10/15 14:29, Vaelrin:   
Also, what about XRP? Ripple is Google-backed. I am certain it is going to grow inevitably.
And Golem? Golem seems a very amibitious one and buy-in is super cheap.

2017/10/15 16:29, Zepir:  edited 2x   
XRP is a good buy for the more mid to long term holds, its got so many banks backing it now and it will really help get people into crpyto by simplifying the purchasing process, now that Amazon announced they are accepting bitcoin, I think it would be a very wise choice to invest in crpyto lol. GNT (golem) has made me good money and its a wonderful idea, I honestly think Etherium could accomplish everything GNT will and at a faster period but I still got faith in GNT.

whats some CC? I would suggest getting some graphics cards and mining cheap alt coins, can mine a few thousand a day with the right rig and stock pile them for when they go up in price.

if your account has alot of money in it, i would always suggest a hardware wallet and this is why,

[submitted link]
best bitcoin and security speech i have heard in a long time

2017/10/19 10:22, Breaux: 
A worthwhile read in response to Jamie Dimon's statements about bitcoin

[submitted link]

2017/10/19 13:25, Breaux: 
'just follow the etherium block chain and vitalik buterin, the super genuis with 250 iq who is creating this monster and trust me he is going to be the next bill gates and even better and smarter.'

Zepir you should read When Geniuses Failed around the crash of LTC :-) Bright minds can get things horribly wrong.

2017/10/20 22:10, Zepir:   
braaah crashes are all part of what makes crpyto so amazing, the money that is being made is so retarded , yes LTC may of crashed one day but its up a thousand percent a year! I dont mind the crashes i just wait them out lol, if you have money in crpyto it will increase if you dont panic sell, simple as that



Breaux look up the story behind 'Hodl' funny ass post on that has become legendary.

2017/10/22 08:36, Breaux: 
I meant LTC as in long term capital management not litecoin, I should've explained that.

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