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2543 Quest Journal catchup  discussions

2017/08/03 08:48, Strori: 
Message 2543 : Quest Journal

We have introduced a quest journal to MUME.
You can read more about this new feature in 'HELP QUESTS'

2017/08/03 10:17, Rogon:  edited 1x   
The full newspost looks like this:

Message 2543 : Quest Journal (Waba)
Written on Wed Aug 2 20:04:42 2017

We have introduced a quest journal to MUME.

You can read more about this new feature in 'HELP QUESTS'.

The chief purpose of the command is to help new players who are doing
quests for the first time. It will also to aid you in remembering lists
of items needed for quest completion, directions from the questgiver, and
similar things.

There are surprisingly many quests in MUME and we are in the process of
going through them all and updating them with the required texts and data.

Mudlle: Waba, Dáin, Rogon.
Writing: Erekosë, Rogon.

2017/08/03 16:39, Poppis:   
Awesome feature!

2017/08/03 18:22, Tulien:   
This is neat! I forgot I had some quests...

2017/08/03 19:01, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Yeah, but... I thought it will list all the quests on Arda, but it lists only the quests you have been in touch with. Or am I doing something wrong?

2017/08/03 19:22, Zepir:   
Im impressed Fieldy finds time to mume between blowing so many dudes.

2017/08/04 00:18, Rogon:   
Yes it only lists quests you have gotten. Each quest has two parts, a text for having gotten the quest, and a second part when you've also completed it.

2017/08/04 04:57, Fieldy:   
Ahh, ok, got it!

Zepir: yes, unbelievable, isn't it?

2017/08/04 16:46, Neamir: 
Awesome change! Kudos to all those working hard on this. Really excited to see all the recent changes that make MUME a more welcoming, community-oriented, fun game (as opposed to the obsessive uber-legend PK shit).

Thank you!

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