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2017/09/06 19:16, Zepir:   

dumb cunt hahahah

2017/09/06 19:19, Fieldy: 
Clearly got the answer. :D
To finish, I would like to copy/paste one of the favourite log comments I've read. Which well, describes the situation perfectly.

From the log 'The Formal Resignation of Mithfalen (Mithfalen)'

2012/06/04 23:58, Telessar:
OFFICIAL MUME NOTICE (June 4th, 2012 7:58 PM EST):

As of this log, we are currently hiring for the village idiot position. Please check for more details.


2017/09/06 19:20, Andróg:   
Alrighty, I think we're definitely getting closer to the 'Aaarrrghhhh! Grhppppffff! SSölzfzjölö231üpjdsf!!!?!???' moment now.

2017/09/06 19:39, Zepir:   
and yet that doesent save you from being the dumb cunt you are, ask yourself 'how come is why' about that one friend.

2017/09/07 12:48, Savu:   
Then there's that.
[submitted link]

2017/09/08 16:35, Ortansia:  edited 3x   
@Zepir How do you know that he has done nothing to substantiate impeachment? It is the job of investigators to find out, not you.

It is not because he got democratically elected by 62 million of people, that he should not get scrutinized , criticized, or being under investigation/ impeachment process, this is not how democracy works.
and with your mindset, you are creating an authoritarian/ autocratic president, and you are slowly moving toward an authoritarian/ fascist government, but you are too much out of touch with reality to even notice it.
To be honest I don’t care, just start your civil war, it will do more good to the world than anything else, at least US government will be too busy minding its own business, instead of fueling wars all over the world.

So now you are saying that he didn’t mean all immigrants, but only illegal immigrants who are criminals, rapists, and drug dealers, sorry but you are all wrong again,

Here are few Facts about illegal immigrants for you :

1) “The Vast Majority of Illegal Immigrants Are Not Criminals”

The Migration Policy Institute has estimated that 820,000 of the 11 million unauthorized have been convicted of a crime. About 300,000, or less than 3 percent of the 11 million undocumented, have committed felonies.”
Source: [submitted link]
2) “The Mythical Connection between Immigrants and Crime” 'during the period 1990-2013, the number of unauthorized immigrants grew from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Over that same period, FBI data shows that violent crime rates fell by 48% and property crimes declined by 41%.” Source : [submitted link]
Again your Hysterical and paranoid claims that there is correlation between illegal immigrants and the raise of crimes is WRONG, on the contrary all datas and reports show that Immigrants ( legal or illegal) are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens. Here is a factcheck Source : [submitted link]
3)"The U.S. civilian workforce includes 8 million unauthorized immigrants, accounting for 5% of those who were working or were unemployed and looking for work, according to separate Pew Research Center estimates.'
Source: [submitted link]
These undocumented workers are over exploited, and abused by their employers, they work for long hours, in unsafe condition, without overtime pay, and if they complain, their employers threaten them to get them deported.
You should ask Trump about it, he has a long history of hiring and exploiting undocumented workers for the constructions of his tower and so on …..
As you can see illegal immigrants don't bog down the economy, on the contrary they are hard workers, and do pay taxes.

4) Most Illegal Immigrants Do Not Enter the US Across the Mexican Border
'In each year from 2007 to 2014, more people joined the ranks of the illegal by remaining in the United States after their temporary visitor permits expired than by creeping across the Mexican border, according to a report by researchers at the Center for Migration Studies. Source : [submitted link]
Moreover the Statistics you copy pasted, it was debunked a long time ago by this article [submitted link]
, The statistics are misused/ misquoted and misleading , II trust you will click on the link to save me effort to copy/ past the content.

Concerning his claim that 10.000 syrian refugees are in many cases aligned to Isis, is wrong, Here are facts about Syrian refugees who entered USA; Source: [submitted link]

1) '67 % of Syrians who have applied for refuge in the U.S. are women and children.'

2) 'The refugees admitted to the US are much different than those arriving at Europe’s borders.
Unlike in Europe, where immigrants can cross through Turkey and then enter Greece, the immigrants who arrive will have cleared a lengthy screening process'. Source: [submitted link]
3) “The entire process can often take up to two years and refugees are required to repay their travel costs.'

4)'Before a Syrian is granted refugee status and admission to the U.S., he or she must first make it through the United Nations’ screening process. This involves supplying background information, completing iris scans and taking part in multiple interviews. The number of applicants who advance to the next step accounts for less than 1 percent of the global refugee population.
From there, applicants are subjected to the highest level of U.S. security checks and further screened by numerous agencies, including the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. They must provide fingerprints to be checked against several biometric databases and go through medical testing as well as cultural orientation classes.'

So as you can see entering in Usa as a refugee is not a walk in the park, they are subjected through an “extreme vetting” process, so chances to get infiltrated by Isis or whatever you claim is near zero, and up to now no refugees ( syrian or any other) have committed a terrorist attack in USA, So Trumps hysterical claims are just pure fantasy, and over exaggerations.
Here is another fact check for you :

'The chances of being killed by a refugee committing a terrorist act is 1 in 3.6 billion.'
[submitted link]
edit: Another article for you :
'No person accepted to the United States as a refugee, Syrian or otherwise, has been implicated in a major fatal terrorist attack since the Refugee Act of 1980' Source: [submitted link]

2017/09/08 17:00, Razoor: 
Im talking about the low value of the dollar, not the Euro. I'm not paid in Euros, I'm paid in dollars. So it's a pretty big problem for me that the value of your currency has dropped by 15% in half a year!

2017/09/14 07:06, Zepir:  edited 6x   
[submitted link]

[submitted link]
the only thing importing Islamic culture can guarantee is explosive percent increase in rape and violence and murder. They are now releasing books and documents in Sweden and Germany to combat the explosive amount of new sex crimes and violence against women. What causes think you ask? The ideology of Islam is very clear on how to treat women and sex slaves. look no further then the holy book. Islam is truly a blight on this planet.

of course you people seem to have no problem with the fact that the cops in sweden are so inundated with migrant rapes that they cannot even respond to rape reports anymore, little fact for you to look up.

[submitted link]
just say no , if you believe in the idea of free western society and not barbarianism , just no to Islam.

2017/09/15 16:05, Thurge: 
*comf Razoor*

Personally, I'm thrilled to have the currency markets work in my favour for a change. I'm really hoping for 2008 rates before I finish consolidating accounts. Double my money, yo! =D

2017/09/15 17:47, Prist: 
Ask for your salary to be paid in bitcoin. Much more fun.

2017/09/15 20:59, Razoor: 
Yeah I'm sure HR will be thrilled if I put in that request :D

Im just gonna switch to Euros for next year, this is untenable.

2017/09/15 22:14, Thurge: 
Hopefully you're luckier than I and don't get to watch the exchange rates go back to where they were once you've made the switch!

Nice of your employers to give you the option of currencies though. How often do they recalculate?

2017/09/16 08:24, Ortansia:   
Get rid of all your paper and virtual money, and convert them into Gold, the future will be the return to gold standard monetary system (money backed by gold or silver)
[submitted link]

2017/09/16 09:26, Razoor: 
They told me they can recalculate and make a contract amendment at any point, though I guess I would annoy them if I did it too often :) I bet on the USD when i started because it seemed like a stable choice, barring anything unexpected, and it was really beneficial over the Euro until December or so last year... the problem now is that our travel allowances and some of our budgets are also in USD, making it more expensive to travel and fund some of our programmes. But as long as UN has HQ in NY I suspect this wont change, so it's a pretty big problem also in this respect because the weak dollar 'wastes' a lot of foreign aid moneys.

2017/09/16 10:14, Zepir:   
bitcoin is the future, I am a crypto trader and the crypto market is by far the easiest way to make large returns with the least ammount of money. bitcoin is a good one but the others like etherium and litecoin are holding their own. Never had more fun or made more money then crypto trades.

2017/09/16 13:09, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
For me it is clear that Digital/crypto money is as fraudulent as fiat money.
Gold standard is the only way to go back to a healthy economic system.

@Zepir since you seem to be expert, please elaborate why crypto currency ( bitcoins) is the future?

2017/09/16 20:57, Zepir:   
cost 1000 dollars to have computers mine a single bit coin, how much does it cost to create fiat currency? which one is the fraud? All people naysay the next revolution and its expected but crypto is taking over and I am loving it! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4 Also got a few rigs set up to mine XVG and Etherium, if its fraudulent why am I improving my financial situation daily? Theres no fraud it in at all, its called proof of work, it cost money and alot of time and effort to set up machines and networks to mine currency.

2017/09/17 05:55, Savu:   
Some people make money from pyramid schemes as well, that doesn't make it any less fraudulent.

Don't get all riled up now, but the reason the worth of cryptocurrencies is growing is because there is high demand for it at the moment (the value is only backed by demand), the reason there is high demand is that people see the growth of value (I think the demand due to nefarious purposes as a means of anonymous payment can be neglected now). I suppose it depends on ones optimism if they consider it to be similar to tulip fever (valuing something way higher than it's worth) or similar to gold standard (considering coins to be a finite resource, like gold, so no-one can create money out of nothing, even tho the coin itself is useless). Come to think of it... gold standard and tulip mania are not that different after all :D

2017/09/17 10:09, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
@ Zepir, both ( fiat and crypto money) are fraudulent, because they have no intrinsic value, which means both are not linked to something concrete such as gold or silver or any other valuable materials.
Whereas with gold standard system, the money has an intrinsic value, which means it is linked to gold, for example you can go to any bank and exchange your gold into paper money, or your paper money into gold. As you can see the money is worth gold, whereas in fiat money system, the money are just worthless piece of papers, and its value depends on confidence people have in that currency ( speculation)

Some argues that digital/crypto money is backed up with mathematic algorithm,
which makes it more reliable and trustable than fiat money, but sorry, mathematic is something abstract, unlike gold and silver which are concrete and valuable materials.

2017/09/17 14:06, Savu:   
But the thing is that gold has almost no intrinsic value. It has very limited uses except for looking pretty or being stockpiled in a vault somewhere, so in a sense it's only worth comes from people believing that it has value.

2017/09/17 17:29, Zepir:   
IDK tho Ortansia, that is a good point but what makes gold valuable? Its just some people deciding it has value and agreeing upon it. Gold is a finite resource and so is Bitcoin, there is only a certain number of bitcoins. Gold may be valuable because its used in electronic components but again thats only useful to those who decide to use technology etc. I think the same argument could made for any kind of thing that has 'value' if we want to think of it like that, to me the only thing that has true value on this planet is food and water. Crpyto is here to stay tho, if anyone is interested in getting invoked or mining it with GPU's to make money let me know :)

2017/09/17 20:43, Zepir:   
Ortansia I have a question I hope you can answer, why do places that do not accept Islamic refugees/immigrants have 0 terrorist attacks yearly but places very close by with similar populations have vast amounts. Why do places like Germany and Sweden have massive sexual assault rates from specifically middle eastern and other islamic countries? Recent data put out shows immigrants were 5.5x more likely to commit sex crimes. If there is no correlation with immigrants and refugees as you said, why does the data clearly show otherwise?

My main question tho

why do places that absolutely refuse islamic refugees and migrants have 0 terrorist attacks?
[submitted link]
why is that? Also places like japan that wont take muslim immigrants 0 terrorist attacks. Why is there in fact a direct correlation to islamic immigration and terrorist attacks? That is literally proven by data. I dont have a problem with Islam if its not orthodox islam but essentially mainline sunni islam is orthodox and dangerous. Plz respond to this and if you cant search for the data yourself i will gladly pull it up just let me know.

2017/09/17 21:09, Ortansia:   
@Savu gold is not only used in jewellery, but also in medicine, electronic, aerospace.... [submitted link]
It has an intrinsic value not only because of its utility, but also because of its natural ability to be used as a medium of exchange . That's why gold have been used as a currency for over 5,000 years.
So the intrinsic value of gold comes mainly from its natural properties ( limited quantity; durability (doesn't rot or rust), divisibility ... etc.) which makes it very efficient to be used as medium of exchange.

@Zepir the thing with bitcoin is that it is not backed by gold, but it is backed by mathematics algorithm, so it is based on abstraction, which means speculation and bubble.
I agree that when you are in lost in a desert water would worth more than gold for you, so it is subjective depending on circumstances.

2017/09/18 01:07, Zepir:   
so your not gonna answer my question, i have all the data. Curious why places that absolutely refuse islamic immigration do not have a problem with terrorist attacks whatsoever in their major cities, the mayor of London is who is an islamist said its part and parcel to liviing in a big citiy and people are just gonna have to get use to islamic terrorism, he literally said that. Its not part and parcel if you live in one of the major cities that have hands down refused sharia and islam. Why is that? Any comment on what the mayor of london said, should we really just get used to islamic terrorism and not fight against it? honest question here

2017/09/18 05:50, Savu:   
@Ortansia: I totally disagree with your conclusions.
1. if there is a limited quantity of gold (or cryptocurrency for that matter) and the value of everything in the world increases then that means constant increase in the value of one unit of currency. Which would mean that people who have money would be disinterested in using it (because they will get more from it later).
2. how is your description of gold any different from any currency?
* they are all used as a medium of exchange
* they are all easily divisible
* they are all everlasting (as long as the central bank issuing it exists)
* they actually are all limited in quantity (except for some banana states). Even when the US prints more money into the market it's a minor fraction of what's out there already.
The thing is that it still all comes down to trust. Why people have this huge trust that others will forever accept their gold and give huge amounts of money for it is beyond me.

2017/09/18 16:01, Prist: 
Hey, there is actually something worth discussing again! adding my 2 cents:

1) No, crypto is not going anywhere.
2) Yes, crypto is worth exactly as much value people think it is. You can compare it to dotcom, gold or whatever. Those arguments rage all the time in internet. We're not going to add anything new here. It's new ground, we're off the charts and there are no rules or comparisons.
3) Yes, crypto is in a bubble.
4) Yes, crypto can be considered global Ponzi scheme.
5) Nope, bubble is not going to burst yet. It will though. No clue what it would take - market seems to have taken news that China is banning Chinese exchanges quite well after all. Probably it will be triggered by some exchange going out of business or running off with funds deposited there or a massive whale liquidating their assets, triggering bank run with not enough new money pouring in. Nope, no way to predict when it will happen. So far it seems that each dip is followed by massive amount of people buying the dip and bringing in fresh money.
6) It's wild west out there with no regulations. So many people coming in with their money and very little clue what they are getting themselves into. A lot of those people will get eaten by sharks lurking out there. It's you and your money and your emotions. You can walk away with plenty of cash if you manage your assets well or you can burn it all. No one is there to help you get rich or help you if you get fakked. No one cares about your tears when you've burned your grandmother's money.
7) No one can predict price of crypto. Those who claim so are either clueless or liars after your money.
8) Yes, I have bought and sold and am still keeping good amount of my money in crypto. I've stayed away from big coins (my worst deal so far has been with Litecoin) and managed to invest in small players like Ark and OmiseGO when they were cheaper. Would not call myself crypto trader though because to be honest, it was pure luck that I got into it before they mooned. My speculation (calling it like that because it is not an investment) is up by a lot (way more on good trades, on some trades I'm still deep in red), so I've made some money. Yes' it seems easy. it's even easier to lose it though.
9) I fully expect to lose everything I've gained (came close to it once so far) and lose my initial deposit to boot.
10) It's been fun though those few months I've spent in crypto sphere. Worth the money.

2017/09/18 18:00, Zepir:  edited 1x   
I dont think crpyto is going anywhere Prist, my portfolio started at around 100 USD and now its at over 1K. I have not purchased any more BTC thats all from trading and mining low cap coins. I think its going to be long term and if you see what the bankers just did they made alot of silly announcements to drop the price then bought into it, immediatly after they announced it was a scam (jp morgan) they then bought 124k bitcoins which was around 500 million dollars and now its pumping up again, i suggest you hold atleast 1 btc for when it goes to over 500k a coin like its projected.

look into safex coin, trust me at less then a penny right now you could make a 400 percent gain when chilli block chain releases. I think you got an interesting anylasis of it but i dont agree that it will fail and its a bubble. its not a bubble and that sort of talk was just used to drive the market down so the bankers can buy in, go look at recenet btc orders there has never been any that high until they crashed the market with speculation and now its driving straight through the roof again. good time to buy.

i have had good luck with LTC, you must of bought in at a peak.

2017/09/19 02:14, Zepir:   
Ortansia why wont you answer my question regarding migrants being 5.5 more likely to commit sexual acts of violence and major cities that do not accept islamic immigration have 0 terrorist incidents, should we listen to the islamic mayor of london and just get used to terrorist attacks or should we be more like the cities that do not allow violent islamist ideology come into the country?

2017/09/19 09:32, Savu:   
This tho :D
[submitted link]

2017/09/19 12:32, Fieldy: 
These are some interesting numbers :D
Thanks Savu!

2017/09/19 16:24, Zepir:  edited 2x   
ya I dont mine bitcoin, the cost is to ridiculous. I have my mining rigs get lower level cap coins so its actually profitable. you got to have some serious capital when mining bitcoin.

lol hilarious meme here, you guys are gonna laugh your ass off, except apply the concept to anywhere in Europe with unchecked immigration.

[submitted link]
remember all u sniveling retards that said Trump was not wire tapped, what do you got to say now cucks? Even CNN who called Trump a paranoid lunatic is now retracting everything they said and now admitting hahahah you guy are losing so badly daily sucks to be you.

2017/09/19 18:21, Savu:   
Haha, still so far off. I suppose if you only listen to claims by people as ill-equipped for understanding texts as you are.

2017/09/19 19:33, Zepir:  edited 1x   
literally just shows how over and over I am right , you call me a conspiracy theorist but everytime I am vindicated and every time Trump is as well. You guys blindly hate Trump so much you cant even give him the credit he deserves for turning the economy around 100 percent and landing more and more foreign deals that are coming to America and setting up manufacturing, you better believe that when he lowers corporate taxes everyone is rushing back to the US :) ahhh gonna be so good

[submitted link]
gg your narrative dead any how, mining bitcoin is pointless unless you have some serious capital , I like to mine Monero and Etheirum, also can mine about 50$ in XVG a day with a rig that would be around 2k USD.

2017/09/19 20:28, Razoor: 
What do you mean turning economy around? Currency dropped by like 20% since December. I'm waiting for this turnaround to come, but I'm really not seeing it in real numbers.

2017/09/19 21:48, Zepir:  edited 2x   
you can go back a few pages and find all the economic numbers I posted, I am not gonna sit here and repeat myself over facts you can verify yourself. Who cares about that, Trump has brought massive manufacturing back to the US and job numbers like never before seen, care to say anything about that? How about 3 trillion in wealth added to the stock markets. Just wait when corporate taxes are lowered soon, America will be far above you snivelling socialist. Obama was president Razoor you dumb shallow cunt you said so yourself when the worst part started, do you even understand economics as you say you do , how is any of that relevant, America is taking back manufacturing and corporations are more exuberant then ever with the tax cuts that are coming, do you have any idea what it will mean if corporate taxes are lowered in America to the numbers Trump is proposing? I posted 6 relevant articles complete with statistics and nubmers , stop being a lazy cunt and complaining about things that arent relevant to the American economy bursting back on top. You really area miserable cunt arent you, you dont want Trump to succeed , you are just a Trump derangement syndrome loser with no idea what you ever are jabbing about, but you are from Sweden where muslims are now allowed to rape because cops cant deal with the massive staggering number of rapes........ congrats bro, enjoying your society burn to the ground as long as you can criticise Trump an actual successful leader lol. your a donut. I wont even bothering posting the massive stack of articles coming from Swedish heads of police saying they are under emergency and literally cannot even investigate new rape cases. People are calling in and being turned away.

massive cuck from a massive cuck country no surprise

our currency may be down but we are USA, get the fuck over it , you may obsess over us all day but guess what we dont think about you socialist cucks at all.

[submitted link]

2017/09/20 05:20, Fieldy: 
:D :D :D

2017/09/20 22:42, Thurge: 
It's entirely possible that the lower value of the dollar will drive the economy forward, increasing exports (currently around 8% of GDP) and all that other good stuff.

2017/09/21 03:38, Zepir:   
did yall miss all the numbers i posted a few pages back? GDP UP, JOBS UP, Stock markets up, manufacturing coming back massively.... and this little whiney cunt from sweden always finds something to bitch about when its blatantly obvious trump is reviving the american dream.

2017/09/21 09:27, Fieldy: 
The currency thing is a two way street. Good for export, but if your export company needs to import it gets a little more difficult. Companies that use resources from their own country should be good in this context. Can't argue with that. Taking into account the companies in the states are very good in international business management they tend to import a lot to add value and then ship it. So in a long run devalue may affect their competition advantage in the international market. Time will tell how it goes. Hint: check the theory of comparative advantage. I myself do not see a big risk investing in the US international companies, but there are other investments in my mind for the moment.

Which developed country isn't growing at the moment? Its relative and to fully understand you should look into the numbers and compare.
Then there comes in the fiscal policy of the country where well, USA is not doing good at all... GDP, employment, stocks, manufacturing it is all quite thriving at the moment (on the international level - there is a big problem of finding good workforce in those countries), but the growth is the work of the companies, not the country (public sector). Yeah, there are some influences from the public sector which is nice, can't argue with that. Would I tick the box if Trump did it? Certainly not. Public sector can only motivate with public procurement, marketing projects etc. For example, North Korea is a great example of how public sector can screw up private sector :D

The bigger question is, who is the winner in this race at the moment. Putting all indexes and numbers together it does not seem to be USA, but they surely are not the last in the race. Being overly optimistic is not good and should be considered as naive.

I have no idea how did Razoor's comment on the devalue of USD is bitching, just stating the obvious that there is a possible problem arising.

2017/09/21 16:13, Zepir:   
meanwhile europe is falling to hordes of rabid muslims

[submitted link]
dutch pm now coming out and saying they are losing control, just like sweden just like germany just like everywhere else. just like the romans fell to barbarians they let in cause they felt sorry for them, let me tell you the muslims have every intention to conquer and preach about it openly in their sermons.

2017/09/21 19:44, Razoor: 
Interesting article on Soros: [submitted link]

I find it a bit sad that a philanthropist is receiving so much hate...

And yeah, what Fieldy said. I'd be a bit concerned because US tends to import a lot of stuff...which even Trump has indicated is a problem. And a devalued currency makes that a bigger problem.

2017/09/21 20:28, Fieldy: 
Zepir, can you tell me how many countries are in Europe? Or European Union. Because from the spot that I am sitting (in Europe and EU) I do not see any hordes of rabid muslims.

2017/09/22 15:48, Zepir:  edited 1x   
Razoor you suffer so bad from cog D its not even funny, the cog d runs deep so deep put razoors ass to sleep. you are literally the dumbest fucking cunt i know besides fieldy. I honestly think you probably work for Soros in someway or something because no cunt could be this dumb with the ammount of information on soros past and the violence and hatred he spreads.

another nail in the coffin
[submitted link]

uber banned in london after assaults by migrants drivers skyrocket, hmmm i just showed articles in sweden where they literally cannot cope with the ammount of migrant sexual assaults, festivals being banned because of migrant sex attacks and germany the literal same verbatim occurrences and you ask where? do you really try to be purposefully and blatantly shit head retarded? i have posted walls of numbers and information to prove my points not my fault your to dumb to examine it. there is really no arguing that islam is not a huge proplem in countires that opens the borders, notice places that absolutely refuse them have 0 terrorist attacks or problems with rabid rapings muslims, easy to prove this point takes a true retard to reject this reality.

2017/09/22 17:17, Fieldy:edited 1x   
How about how many countries there are in Europe or the EU? How can you say 'just like everywhere else' when it isn't so?

You do understand that everything you are mentioning comes down to cultural differences? I am not denying problems with Muslim refugees creating violence, rape attacks, terror threat. But what you need to understand is that there are also peaceful Muslims. Yes, seriously, there are. BUT (yes, another but) - European culture and Muslim culture can never co-exist. I had a really long discussion about it with my ex-neighbor from Egypt who is a Muslim as is his wife. Cool guy, really like chatting with him. The cultures can be next to each other, like one side of the street local culture the other side of the street Muslim culture, but they do not mix. And that's it.

Now where am I going with this? Simple. Zepir, you need to understand there are different kind of people in every culture. Assholes who create terror and are unethical, but also peaceful people who wish to co-exist in their own culture. You can't label people because of one minority group in their religion. It is like I would call every US citizen retarded like you, but I can't because I know it is not so - its just you.

Do I like refugees? I don't care. As long as they assimilate into our ways it is OK. I am happy if they find peace here, because we have gone through centuries of war and terror and part of our nation escaped to become war refugees. If the refugees don't like being in Europe then they can take a trip back home or to any other country where they practice their beliefs. Just don't even try to change our culture. Will get you a one-way ticket for sure or you will want to leave yourself.

By the way - there was an extreme case in Estonia. Syrian refugee set his wife (also Syrian refugee) in fire. Luckily the woman survived. The faggot of a husband got 10 years in prison. I'd be amazed if he would live through one in there taking into account the harsh mentality of prisoners to such criminals. In overall, we are taking in very few and as far as I have understood 80% have already left. As said 'Just don't even try...' is the harsh mentality if you are a foreigner and come to Estonia.

Other than that, everybody is welcome!!!! :D
Edit: Oh, and clearly, 95% of your links are biased to only talk about the terror creating minority of the Muslims. So there. Start having empathy and see the other side of it all.

2017/09/22 20:39, Zepir:  edited 2x   
wtf you talking about dude, I am only obviously talking about the Muslims that are causing problems, I have said many times, I know there is plenty of peaceful muslims, I am speaking about the orthodox islam that is coming from the 3rd world that still hold 12th century beliefs and barbarism! come on dude, its no fucking wonder or surprise when you import a culture from the 3rd world that still beliefs stonings and honor killing is a valid punishment and thinks women should be raped if they are not with a male handler. Do you know anything about orthodox islam? I have read every last book of Islam, the quran the hadiths the surya , I have read them all and its no fucking surprise why these people are doing what they are doing, their fucking holy book commands them 2. This is a plan why dont you get that? THey are trying to destabilize and destroy your home lands to consolidate them and come in as the savors, this is text book globalism and balkanization. you honestly think its a good idea to import an archaic idealogy into modern free western society? have you ever looked at the muslim opinion polls? Pretty shocking a majority of them think suicide bombings are justified and anyone who speaks against the prophet should be exected and anyone who is a homosexual , tortured and executed. orthodox and main line islam is not compatible with free western society , simple as that. THank god there is safe havens in europe like Poland and Hungary, where you are actually safe from rabid islamist because they will not risk their peoples security and well being for foreign invaders that will not adapt to the free western way of life.

dude it really goes without saying, I dont know why I even have to clarify this, I have worked with very great Muslims from Iraq and am still very close friends with........ I openly welcome anyone who wants to come into western society and adapt to the free way of life, I however do not tolerate those who wish to leave a sharia controlled land they are escaping from and establish the same sharia hell hole! Legal immigrants are essential and a great thing to have , however i have no tolerance for those who wish to come and tell me how to live my life who escaped the shitty sharia hell hole they came from where acid attacks and stoning to death are an average day in the park. Sorry to say its a large number who are not adapting , not even trying to learn the language and not getting jobs and sitting on welfare, luckily we have Trump who is not allowing this shit to manifest in the US so thank god we wont become the piss and shit hole of Europe (besides the brave nations rejecting the nazi EU orders of migration, Poland , Hungary, Czech and all the others that have none of the same problems the obvious ones do that i do not need to name and POSTED plenty of information straight from officials and police begging for help cough cough sweden germany and now dutch lands.


[submitted link]
lol Swedish worker journalist who worked to demystify no go zone shot in the no go zone lol, Europe is lost I am afraid (except the countries that wont allow rabid 12th century barbarians)

2017/09/22 21:49, Fieldy: 
Very good to see that you found a few more countries from Europe. Cheers! And I am glad we see eye-to-eye in something.
So when you talk about the economical outlook of USA you had nothing else to add?

You just scream about terrorist Muslims? That's it? Everybody hates them, nothing more to say there. Who the fuck cares?
Are Sweden and Germany in a pickle? Sort of, but you are just force fed with the terror info and that is all you swallow and saying 'you are paranoid' is an understatement. You are talking like whole Europe is in ruins when its not.
And no, I have not read all the books on Islam and I never will. Why? 1) I have really more important things to do than read fairy tales. 2) Read one short version the ex-neighbor gave me and there was really nothing new compared to some other religions. The fact that there might be an uprising and immigration flow into Europe by Muslims was already covered in many political economy books written over 20 years ago. Where's the friggin' surprise or what are you rooting for?

Trump this and Trump that. Your whole country reeks of Mexican and South-American nationalities overflowing the country with drugs. They don't need your welfare if they destroy you from the inside. My ass Trump gets anything done about that. I bet my next dump that Trump snorts that crap himself.

2017/09/23 05:51, Zepir:  edited 5x   
umm i clearly showed GDP is up by a significant percentage, jobs, manufacturing how could it get any better? more deals are announced by the day and exuberance in the market is at an all time high since trump promised to cut taxes across the board so yea.... do the research yourself sorry if your unable to verify simple facts the economy is improving and coming from a tiny piss hole like estonia, you cant even compare get real. lol this is so hilarious coming from someone who is from a country that is a gigantic pussy with wings that requires an entire union of countries to protect it and constantly gets invaded and conquered lool...... worry about your country that relies on the strength and courage of others while you cower like retards to fake Russian hype. America, unlike all the unsuccessful invaded countries you are from, does not need the world, the world needs America and dont forget that. I really find all this kind of stuff funny coming out of you little pissants who rely on us for your very sad whiney existence, we are number one and will continue, keep obsessing over us its hilarious because most americans couldnt give a shit less whats going on in islam rape hole europe that is now a defeated joke emasculated from man hood. good luck pussies.

2017/09/23 06:58, Fieldy: 
:D :D :D
So you did not read anything that was written earlier and you can't comprehend the fact that USA is not #1? :D
Good luck with being an ignorant village idiot Mithfalen. I hope you go shoot at a hurricane and the bullet comes back around. Sooner or later it will.

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