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2017/07/24 16:12, Zepir:   
Lens you are engineer, you care to explain to me how doubling sex attacks from 2015 to 2016 in Germany from migrants does not equate to migrants increasing crime rates in 2016?

2017/07/24 16:28, Savu:   
If amount of migrants increases faster than amount of crimes they commit then migrant crime rate goes down. I think that is what Roadkill is saying.

On the other hand, their crime rate is probably high enough to raise the average crime rate in given country. At least for some crimes.

2017/07/24 16:37, Zepir:   
there is no logic in that, if the migrants didnt come the rates wouldnt be rising, therefore they are causing an increase in crime, clearly the police statistics show that you know like the number of doubled sex attacks.... plz Lens offer insight.

2017/07/24 16:43, Savu:   
No, it's actually solid if what Roadkill says is true (I don't have the numbers). But mathematically that's how it is.

2017/07/24 16:55, Lens:  edited 1x   
I can't because it most certainly increased, his argument is basically because it didn't increase linearly that there is no correlation. Also he is neglecting the time variable here entirely, the average time migrants have been in Europe has decreased is significantly due to a massive increase. In order to make a hypothesis you need something which can be falsified, all swans are white (bad) vs there are no black swans (good). I have read it is very common for social 'sciences' to fail to set up correct hypothesis in general.

The time variable is an important one in the US as thee is a large difference between first and second generation immigrant crime rates.

2017/07/24 17:05, Savu:   
Just looked at the previous page and the numbers are just imaginary I suppose. Doubling migrant population and having everyone on average create 50% less crime is utopical. That would mean that the amount of crimes would stay the same.

2017/07/24 17:28, Zepir:   
so the fact that sex attacks doubled in one year from migrants somehow equates to sex attacks not rising, Lens is an engineer, I think he has a pretty good perspective on numbers, should we just tell all the people that got brutally and violently raped dont worry it didnt actually happen?

2017/07/24 19:35, Lens:  edited 1x   
I am not all that, I don't do any analysis at work and school is kind of fuzzy at this point. Your question is kind of loaded there anyway as we are talking about the interpretation of what happened not if it actually happened. If we are going to get into the latter realm then I think you have to consider whether or not the data is being reported accurately in the first place and if the people gathering it can overcome the obvious biases they possess.

For example this guy's story. It raises some doubts in police impartiality but who can you trust really and how does this apply across the EU as whole I do not know.

[submitted link]
I do know somehow in England the cops are perfectly able to track Tony Robinson but somehow can't track the jihadists.

2017/07/24 19:38, Lens:   
Should be Tommy Robinson not Tony.

2017/07/24 23:14, Zepir:   
I think we closely follow the same media outlets, I doubt you follow Infowars but I do follow rebel media, breitbart, drudge, stefan molyneux , sargon , msnbc, cnn, abc, fox. Pretty much all of them , carefully , you should see my browser history :D managing a network leaves me a shit ton of time to just digest a hundred article a day.

2017/07/25 16:44, Zepir:   
HAHAH the shit hole leftist fact check site you guys reference as if it it were somehow legit now look at these fuckers at Snopes LOL

[submitted link]

2017/07/25 18:03, Prist: 
They should start selling nascent iodine.

2017/07/25 18:55, Zepir:   
lol like they have the connections to make that shit and compete with infowars, no one can.

2017/07/25 19:23, Eldaril:edited 1x   
>They should start selling nascent iodine.

But it has to be nanoderived from deep state ... I mean deep earth crystals.

Oh, and in other entertaining news from today, there is this:
[submitted link]

2017/07/25 19:35, Zepir:  edited 1x   
confirmed Eldaril is still a deranged Romani with Trump Derangement Snydrome, if you care so much move here and do something about it , otherwise stay in your gyspie 3rd world kingdom and help them. Your country is in such a poor and destitute state, you should really consider trying to help it instead of always shit talking about America, its pretty pathetic your country is falling apart and such a destitute hell hole but you think you are such a cool guy shit talking the number one country on the planet, look in the mirror you dip shit, help your poor romani people seriously, you digust me with how much you dont care about your shitty homeland when its in dire need.

2017/07/26 04:31, Savu:   
What's so funny about the Snopes article tho? From the article:
1. they said their ad company isn't paying them so they need money to continue.
2. they have already surpassed the goal as of now ($602,148 of $500k goal)

Only laughable thing is the headline that starts with 'IT'S OVER'. Another fake news apparently :D

2017/07/26 17:45, Zepir:  edited 3x   
Uhh maybe the legal battle that made them go broke? remeber? LoL

just wondering, did you read any of the sources and links provided in the document? I would suggest you carefully read things Savu, it details everything and it shows Snopes abysmal record and how its ran by literally a crazy cat lady and her now estranged prostitute loving husband.

when people 'fact check' using snopes or think its credible , its such a fucking joke lol.... look at them now begging for money while they are embroiled in a heavy heavy legal scandal, typical leftist trash.

this gif sums up Snopes [submitted link]
yea and you guys wondered why I laugh my ass off when you link snopes as a legit fact checking mechanism ROFL, HOW DO YA FEEL NOW BUTT MASTERS? lel

2017/07/26 18:16, Savu:   
Your schadenfreude (can't really believe that English has just straight taken a word from German, lol) is a good example of your neurotic attitude towards people who don't share your opinions. 'lefist blablalbla', and you're the one who was mad at labeling people.

On another front, happened to intrude on some anti-vaxxers in FB today. The mess of conspiracy theories that they intertwine with their opinions (facts for them ofc) led me to ponder on whether it's something actually wrong with their head or they just live with media that does little besides covering those topics. A friend gave me this article, that she happened to remember - [submitted link]

2017/07/26 18:44, Zepir:   
neurotic my shiny succulent b hole.

2017/07/26 20:38, Zepir:   

[submitted link]

2017/07/26 21:07, Fieldy: 
Zepir, all you shithead do is say that you have freedom of speech to insult people. You are a tool. I hope your parents are embarrassed of you. I know I would. I believe your kids will be too.

What a fucking internet troll you are. Worthless piece of shit.

Moron who has nothing else to do all day than scan in the Internet for the information it wants to believe. And then starts spewing it out like shit hitting the fan everywhere.

You are nothing. And always will be nothing.

You have no idea what is going outside your cubicle. And you never will. Born stupid, dying stupid.

2017/07/26 22:04, Zepir:  edited 2x   
LOL look at this little Pula, so triggered and offended by simple pictures, sorry you never get laid and are a total loser bro. Sorry you cant handle reality and are a little cucked beta male. I hope one day you get some ass and take a breather dude cause you are the literal definition of a beta. You are just mad that you wont ever understand the freedom and love of America that I do :) enjoy defeated socialist hell hole of Europe that is crumbling by the day, even tho you are worthless and evil , I hope when the EU collapses you wont be to traumatized. Good luck bro.

this is for you bro

[submitted link]

its Trumps first 6 months and damn, the victories just keep on going, look at everything he has done


Take a trip through President Trump’s first six months in office and relive the epic victories one after another.

– Starting Construction of The Wall
– Implementing Travel Ban
– Five Year Lobbying Ban
– 1-In-2-Out Regulations
– Withdraw From TPP
– Starting Repeal of Obamacare
– Get NATO to Pay Fair Share
– $4 Trillion Added to Market
– Constitutionalist Supreme Court Judge
– Plan to Conquer Mars
– Halt Training Syrian Rebels
– Prevented Further Chemical Attacks
– Defeated ISIS
– Negotiate Ceasefire in Syria
– Be Friends with Everybody
– Reduce National Debt by $100 Billion
– Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord
– Help Fix Flint’s Water Supply
– Stand Up to N. Korea
– 70% Drop in Illegal Border Crossings
– Bomb the S**t Out of ISIS
– Over 25 Stock Market Records
– Unemployment Lowest in 16 Years
– Establish Space Marines

2017/07/26 23:29, Slevin:   
What are you talking about with the border wall being started? Seems they are still in the bidding process. Only building going on is for prototypes. I'm pretty sure they have not got the funding yet either. But I can't wait to see the new fence that will be put up. I'm not even going to bother with the rest of your list. The only time I waste on you is the few min I spare while taking a dump. Why hasn't axel banned you by now. Last time I checked this page you were going on with insults and name calling.

2017/07/26 23:47, Zepir:  edited 2x   
what did I do now? I am totally fine with Axel banning me. Yes it has started, look into it. Do a simple google search and you will see it has begun, the funding was fully approved and Mexico might not be paying for it yet but they will, Trump holds true to his word over and over. You really going to join the idiots like Roadkill that claim there wont be a Wall? I dont know what else kind of signal you need to verify that its happening but it just seems like you guys want to live in delusion. So Fieldy can fully insult me but I have no right to counter him? Lets not be absolute hypocrits here bra.

like Slevin come on
[submitted link]
took me 2 seconds to find that. not trying to be rude bro, I got no problem with you.

breaking news BTW the corrupt DNC is going down, they arrested Debbie and her corrupt IT guy who was trying to flee the country back to pakistan, hard drives were recovered that were smashed, Hillary and Obama will be the ones going to prison not Trump :)

[submitted link]

2017/07/27 02:52, Zepir:  edited 2x   
remember when that Roma dim wit made fun of Trump talking about a transparent border wall (which really was the words of the chief of border security) who is laughing now idiot?
[submitted link]
this is why you have Trump derangement syndrome..... you are a prime example of why this Trump hysteria is making roma people like you totally brain dead.

lol you laughed and said 'this isnt satire' hahah the syndrome is real dude, seriously consider helping your Roma people, they need it alot more then being deranged ya?

in other news, more evidence Roadkill has no idea what hes talking about nor can he do basic math

[submitted link]
LOL rape and crime so bad in germany literally pictures are being put up in arabic to teach the migrants not to molest and rape women.

2017/07/27 04:51, Savu:   
Laughed many times while reading that list the Don's of accomplishments, Zepir. Nice satire :D

2017/07/27 05:21, Fieldy: 
Heheh, triggered :D Gotcha you trollie.

2017/07/27 05:41, Zepir:   
its all true and he just landed another foreign company moving to America for production, truly bringing jobs back to America. Ever heard of foxconn? Say hello to American made Iphones, it wont stop there. Trump is reviving the American dream.

2017/07/27 05:51, Fieldy: 
Just read the Don's accomplishments. Is this some kind of a joke? Resembles the same lists that they make for the North Korean supreme leader. Some of those are not even something to be proud of...

2017/07/27 07:36, Savu:   
That's why Dolan appreciates Kim :D

2017/07/27 08:33, Benedictus:   
Most of them are embellishments in Zepir's (rather limited) mind. I really liked Fieldy's take on Zepir's intelligence. I have heard truer words said but couldn't tell you when.

Wish this one was true especially: 'Plan to conquer Mars'. Instead he cut NASA budget.

'In the bill last month, Trump and Congress kept most of the agency’s funds intact, at about $19bn, but cut $200m for climate science, education programs and an asteroid mission that Nasa had hoped would be a stepping stone to Mars.'

Anyone notice how patriotic Zepir is? What has he ACTUALLY done for USA? Become a specialist with unique skills? Too hard. Serve the military? Too scared. He fits the description of the most patriotic people - unsuccessful losers without courage.

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