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2017/03/28 17:12, Zepir:   
well Roadkill, I am certainly more convinced then before. I just really find it far fetched that they would launch an invasion. Thank you for providing me things to look out instead of blank statements that do not really help. I can see people are nervous but an invasion really? You guys honestly think they are going to invade? Look at how many conflicts they are involved, Russia is like the US at this point, you think they can handle an invasion of Estonia VS NATO? I doubt Russia would try a full blown conflict with Nato.

2017/03/28 17:25, Savu:   
That's why the countermeasures tho. To show that an attack would mean more than just fighting one country. The narrative that NATO would be threatening Russia with a few thousand soldiers in the Baltics is only used by Russian propaganda and imho it's mostly for their own citizens to show that 'the big bad west if after us' etc. What baffles me is that someone in the US would fall for that same bullshit.

2017/03/28 17:43, Zepir:   
its not really the troop build up that would concern them its the 'defensive' missile installations being set up all across their border. That is happening and pretty threatening if you ask me cause they can be armed with non defensive equipment as well.

2017/03/28 18:33, Savu:   
Well, you should go ask Putin what evidence he has that US is going to put attack weapons into those rocket shafts.

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