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2018/08/14 09:19, Bardock:   
its clear you don't want to know the truth. A simple google search would reveal many sources of the epidemic of grenade attacks in Sweden. IF you don't trust the word of the police and military who do you trust then?

2018/08/14 09:32, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
@Mithfalen you really need to travel and visits other countries, to see the world with your own eyes instead of seeing it through Media and google search.

2018/08/14 09:55, Bardock:   
Lol you guys, your logic is absolutely the worst. The fact that I am not in Sweden does not mean there is not a massive epidemic in grenade attacks and that they cannot even build a police station without the help of the military..... you guys are so delusional these are facts, it doesent matter If I have not been to Sweden, you can go verify all of this yourselves. You so desperately want to believe your own lies you cant check simple facts. so sad. I am getting this information from the government statistics and literal reporting of the police themselves, go look at the quotes.

2018/08/14 10:19, Ortansia:   
I'm not saying that it didn't happen, crimes happens everywhere even in USA, but the situation is not as apocalyptic as you are trying to describe.
I prefer believe someone who live there, instead of someone who has never been there, and pretend that he knows Sweden better than Swedish after a quick google search.

2018/08/14 10:21, Fieldy:   
Oh wow, Mithfalen high on lactose again?

2018/08/14 11:11, Bardock:   
man Fieldy, its really sad that all you ever do is make childish comments instead of talking about the actual topic.

@Ortansia, I am not saying its the apocalypse. Crime has risen by 80 to 90 percent. Is that not a bad thing? I am not blaming Islam if that's what you think. I am blaming old archaic ideology that has no place in the modern world. Islam is not my enemy, I don't know why you think that. I think the ideology behind depriving woman of their rights is extremely wrong. Imam Tawhidi fully agrees and I like the Islam he comes from because its nothing to do with Sharia.

2018/08/14 15:28, Fieldy:   
When it is impossible for you to comprehend reading a full paragraph of course I will communicate you like with a child. This discussion is far from anything serious, so as always, I'm just having my fun with you.

2018/08/15 06:09, Bardock:   
Hey Praska, how about the 80+ cars burned today in Sweden ? That must be cause these dangerous no go zones dont exist right.

2018/08/15 07:09, Praska:  edited 1x   
American history x is your favorite movie? And romper stomper allso?
I dont like immigrants esp those who dosent work, still i dont belive single shit that media provides today, even your favourite president Trump used that sentence - fake news! :D Ok, shoot some more bullshit im out !

2018/08/15 07:34, Bardock:   
thats where your wrong. I like immigrants. I just like ones that come here legally and obey the law. American History X? Never seen it, dont care. Rompster Stomper? Never heard of your dumb movies sorry.

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