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2018/06/19 06:53, Bardock:  edited 3x   
Trump didnt invent the policies, it was Obama. Maybe you should look into it first and the republicans just put a bill in the house to fix this problem Obama started. Go figure.

Article 13 will kill Memes, how do you figure it wont Roadkill?

How about Wired as a source? I can get more if you want.

[submitted link]

2018/06/19 07:45, Roadkill:  edited 1x   
The key is the difference between the words 'could' and 'will'.

Article 13 could theoretically, if taken to draconic extremes, render memes illegal. But just like a single gun could theoretically kill the entire population of the world, it doesn´t make it likely that it´s going to happen in, you know, actual reality.

The wired article explains the issue a bit better than AJ, of course.

I'm not for Article 13, btw. But the 'ban memes' thing is assuming that all platforms everywhere will, instead of policing for copyrighted content, just resort to blanket banning memes. And there is absolutely nothing to indicate that this is ever going to be even remotely true.

Of course, if Article 13 is passed, some platforms may do this. But they're going to suffer a loss of traffic as a result. And platforms that find another way of doing things, will prosper.

Again, I'm not a fan of Article 13. But this doomsday nonsense is insulting to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

2018/06/19 08:27, Bardock:   
well some rooms are hotter then others ya? :)

2018/06/19 08:33, Roadkill:   
Not even in a sauna can you reach average IQ of 100 for more than a very short time.

We´re talking Centigrade here, not some sort of other, extremist nonsense. ;-)

2018/06/20 05:54, Savu:   
Continuation of Donald not being able to take criticism.

[submitted link]

2018/06/20 13:19, Prist: 
Also, fun fact of article 13 is that in commission it passed with Conservative, Eurosceptic and ENF (far right) votes. So Zepir is calling EU authoritarian fascist state while this very initiative was voted into effect by the people he adores.

So, if EU is turning into authoritarian fascist state with the help of sceptics, conservatives and far right representatives and, from the tone of the post Zepir finds it funny so he's most likely against it, does it mean that Zepir is supporting liberals and social democrats who voted against article 13?

2018/06/20 16:56, Bardock:   
checks and balances, the first amendment should not be something yo can vote on. Thats the point of the bill of rights. People will vote themselves into tyranny, I dont doubt that. Thats why I think the US way is the best, we would never approve something like that here. Its the takeover of the internet. I cant support that.

2018/06/20 18:40, Savu:   
It's not like you have it all well there with the bills. Every year there's a panic over one bill or another that's another step towards less rights for people and more for different rich interests.

2018/06/21 07:05, Roadkill:   
' we would never approve something like that here'

...says the man living in the country whose congress is the only one in the 'free' world trying to abolish net neutrality.

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