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2017/05/27 04:42, Zepir:   
Merarl, I checked out your music you should peep mine
[submitted link]

2017/05/27 05:00, Prist: 
Took a train from Palo Alto to San Francisco today (on a business trip in US for few days) and in the back of the train there were 3 people heatedly arguing (1 against, 2 for) that evolution is not real, that earth is flat, that aliens have visited Earth but US government is covering it up, that vaccines cause autism and that gravity is a myth.

So yep, now I can confirm that those people exist in real life (at least in the US) and they are not created just for online forums to skillfully troll people.

2017/05/27 07:24, Roadkill: 
[submitted link]
The US may find itself ostracized politically before it has time to turn isolationist.

2017/05/27 07:33, Savu:   
@Prist: Or maybe those were real life trolls, created by some dark entity, probably Soros.

2017/05/27 09:05, Zepir:  edited 2x   
lol that article is trash Roadkill, absolute ridiculous. Lens you should read his article its funny how doom and gloom and scary they make it, really sad and explains why europe is so defeated.

@Savu lol, I did giggle at your comment you can be funny some times.

also Prist, are you sure you want to give me credit for being a skillful troll? I like to think of myself as an absolute retard so I guess thats a compliment.

2017/05/27 12:37, Merarl:edited 1x   
That's some good music...

I uploaded some new songs:
[submitted link]

[submitted link]

2017/05/27 15:33, Roadkill: 
'Hundreds of millions of years ago, people were doing business, and they were trading in rocks and stones and other things...'

[submitted link]

That's only a very slight revision of the history of mankind as we know it. But hey, it's the DonT, so no biggie.

Was shown this by a gaggle of 11-year olds who were laughing in disbelief at the ignorance. One of them remarked 'If I had said that in my natural science class, I would have dumped 5th grade!'

2017/05/27 18:02, Zepir:  edited 1x   
Merarl, if you have an interface you should sign up for that site, its free and new. We could then collaborate online it be fun.

2017/05/27 18:19, Roadkill: 
Good stuff.

2017/05/27 18:22, Zepir:  edited 1x   
to aged for my taste friends.

Roadkill, congrats dude you should of got US citizen ship and voted for Hillary if you were so worried and astonished by his stupidity.

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