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2017/10/18 20:04, Waba:  edited 1x   
Lag: how bad it is (0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, ...?). Does it go away when you revisit a room? Is your CPU usage high when it lags? Which browser, OS, CPU, RAM and graphic card are you using?

Link: yes, the webclient acts as a proxy, so the MUME server only sees the link between the proxy and (which is indeed 16-20ms). The real latency between your keyboard and the MUME server is still the same (more precisely: your ping to + these 16-20ms + possibly a few ms of processing, that's hard to measure).

Missing up/downs: it was a purposeful decision of not trying to be feature-complete before release :) IOW, I do intend to add these (and arrows between disjoint rooms, and and ...). See: [submitted link]

Introduction/first steps: Yes! This is by far the #1 purpose of the webclient: letting people try MUME with zero effort. Once they are hooked, they sure can take 10 mins setting up a real client and MM2. Purpose #2 is people playing from school/work and who can't install anything on their comps and/or are behind restrictive firewalls.

If you are playing on your own computer and have a good setup already, the webclient just isn't meant for you.

Pointers to real clients and MM2: that's a good suggestion, I added it as issue 22 in the list above.

Auto-fill: I tentatively added issue 23 for that. Currently it would be lost from a session to another, though. Eventually I'll need a mean to store the customization server-side for persistence, associated to a user profile. I'm currently not touching that now tho, as it doesn't seem essential for newbies.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to test and review the new client! I'll most likely make it the default 'Play!' option on this weekend.

2017/11/13 20:00, Waba:   
@Naga, from the news 2544 thread: I updated three weeks ago the official webclient to the one with a map, indeed. I prepared a minor news about it, but somehow it didn't make it to newsboard yet.

I'm not happy with how the map shows in a different window though (once you figure out you have to click File > Map), but I'm working on it.

ETA for merging the windows: I've spent one week(end) on it, probably 2-4 more to go before it's smooth on all browsers. Last weekend I updated the forum, wiki, and authentication plugins though, as they didn't survive the major PHP upgrade that came with the new VM.

At least my XML mode implementation has seen 3 weeks of real-world testing now, and nobody complained.

2017/11/13 20:09, Pilois:   
@Waba Thanks for all your work on this! I have seen quite a few newish players recently and I'm guessing the web client had a lot to do with it.

2017/11/17 16:48, Slayah: 
this looks great!

2017/11/26 15:20, Waba:   
Version 2.5.0 is up! [submitted link]

- The map lives in the main window by default.
- You can detach it into a separate window with Options > Detach Map.
- Up/down exits are drawn.

Please test it, I'll make it the default client next weekend if nobody finds a horrible bug in it.

Compatibility notes:
- Seems to work fine on recent Linux/Windows FF/Chrome/Edge, and IE11.
- It crashes IE11 on one of my work laptops (older Dell, Win7), but I suspect the GPU drivers. Let me know if you are affected too.
- I've got no access to MacOSX/Safari, can anyone test that?

2017/11/27 09:19, Ares: 
Fantastic work, just that for some reason the auto scrolling doesnt mostly work for me. Screen gets stuck and I have to scroll down or press 'more' to see what I typed :P Latest Chrome, Win 10

2017/11/27 17:38, Elceser: 
Wow - thanks Waba! I logged in for a min to check it out and it seems to work really well with the map having minimal lag. Just wanted to drop in and say good work :)

2017/11/27 21:10, Waba:   
I'm glad you like it :)

Ares, did you do anything special to get that bug? I can't reproduce it on Chrome 59/Win10 (that's not the latest Chrome version, but it's not my laptop either). Do you get that in any other browser?

2017/11/28 01:57, Ares: 
Doesnt seem to happen in IE, only chrome, for me it has always been like this, just suddenly stops working, doesnt even matter which computer I have been on. Although all of them have had the newest Chrome.

2017/11/28 19:26, Waba:   
Oh, OK, so you have to play for a while to break the autoscroll in Chrome? How long, usually? Are you doing anything unusual when it gets stuck?

2017/11/29 10:36, Ares: 
Okay, so basically log in, type score, eq, inf and it will stop scrolling and I have to manually scroll or press 'more'. Same outcome with sc, eq, eq, so it seems that it has a character limit or smth before gets stuck.

2017/11/30 19:37, Waba:   
That's annoying, I spammed eq/inf and I still can't manage to reproduce it. Can you try out the old pre-mapper webclient and see if it already happened in that version, please?

[submitted link]
What's your exact Chrome version (visit chrome://version/)? I'm downloading a test Win10 VM so that I can be closer to your setup.

2017/12/02 11:46, Ares: 
With old version same thing, except it broke with first command already that pushed it to scroll.

Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Might be some addon or extension problem also, but doubt it.

2017/12/06 21:50, Naga: 
Is there a link to load without map?

2017/12/08 21:07, Waba:   
@Ares: I didn't get around to fix VirtualBox, boot that VM and try to reproduce the bug yet. It may have to wait until after my holidays, ie. around the end of the month. I recorded the info here so it doesn't get lost: [submitted link]

@Naga: No, but you can hide the map panel by sliding it shut to the right. Does this solve your ninja-MUME-at-work issue? ;)

2017/12/10 15:00, Strori: 
In Firefox when map is on, a message box about Javascrip:Font at the cursor is really annoying

2018/01/23 08:59, Pestilence:   
I get no scrolling down from the moment I log on with the latest Opera browser. Have to scroll down manually.

2018/01/24 11:36, Strori: 
map error in Ingrove Loryen-rentspot [submitted link]

2018/02/12 15:55, Fankil: 
Same problem as Pestilence on Chrome Version 64.. (64-bit), win10.

In-game aliases will require manual scrolling, and sometimes it won't. Non-alias commands will also create same effect. For example, 'who' doesn't work, while 'where' works fine.

2018/03/27 09:36, Nukafuka: 
The map attached to the client is pretty pointless when all the exits are missing...would be nice to be able to use your own map...

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