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2018/10/07 15:18, Cohen:   
The other reason for room desync can be forced encoding. You can have old map with all rooms mapped via ascii and now mume stream is latin-1, so some chars in desc will not match and one of word where you can expect such issue is lhun.

2018/10/07 15:47, Smitsy: 
Worked! Thanks a bunch *tip*

2018/10/08 23:02, Ghara:   
Having same issues as Ruen.

I changed encoding to ascii and now mmapper wont start anymore :D
Even after deleting and reinstalling it.
(Using Windows)

2018/10/11 07:14, Jahara:   
Hey guys, thanks for reporting the bugs.

I've fixed the bug on Git master that is crashing MMapper after you select US-ASCII from the encoding dropdown. I recommend anyone who selected this option to temporarily downgrade back to MMapper 2.5.3 until I am able to launch 2.6.1 sometime this weekend.

2018/10/13 06:48, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.6.1 (October 12, 2018)

- Fixed crash when user selected US-ASCII character encoding
- Improved stability when player was in room that got deleted
- Certain InfoMark classes now have a colored background rather than text
- Forcing the path machine to update rooms works again
- Improved Telnet parsing to better support negotiated window size
- Re-ordered window tab navigation to make sense
- MacOS Mojave and Wayland support improved

[submitted link]

2018/10/19 05:30, Jahara:   
Anyone here run Linux and have the 'cha height' bug where the terminal size isn't being correctly negotiated? You can help me debug it by running these commands and then sending me the traffic between your client and MMapper:

0. Open a terminal and type: mkdir jahara && cd jahara && mkfifo pipe
1. In the terminal type: mkfifo pipe
2. Open up your client and prepare to connect to localhost port 4343
3. In the terminal type: nc -l -p 4343 < pipe | tee out.log | (sleep 10; nc localhost 4242) | tee pipe in.log
4. Connect your client to the proxy you created above within 10 seconds
5. Do NOT type your password and simply disconnect again after you see the MUME login screen
6. Hit ctrl+C in the terminal
7. Mume mail me and I'll send you my e-mail so you can send me the logs in.log and out.log

2018/10/19 23:19, Ain:   
What you guys use as a client on mac?

2018/10/20 00:03, Dagoth:   
@Ain I use Mudlet. It works very well with mmapper and there are even a few MUME scripts someone made for Mudlet on the MUME subreddit.

2018/10/22 15:14, Kalm: 
Since 2.6 or so I am having trouble to launch the mmapper on my laptop (T460P) with no monitors attached, if I dock it then it does work. However this being said this monitor has 2 GPU's (integrated & Nvidia chip), tried all the settings that nvidia panel gives me in order to force mmapper to run on either with various combinations, but no luck, thus far.
Last version I found that is working with just launching in 'laptop' mode is 2.2.1.
What I get(probably not very useful for troubleshooting, but I did not find any log-file within the application to grasp)
I have tried setting rendering from software to hardware while docked and launching the app after undocking, but no luck, it does however keep running when I launch it while docked and undock the machine.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: mmapper.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 0049005f
Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1061
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

I might be a minority with this issue and there is a workaround (use older client when in laptop mode).

2018/10/25 01:56, Jahara:   
I managed to identify the reason why NAWS negotiation was getting into the 'cha height x' bug. This should be fixed as part of 2.6.2 that I'll release sometime this weekend.

@Kalm, I might have a solution for you too. Does MMapper work if you force if you force the nVidia GPU to be used within a game profile for MMapper?

2018/10/25 08:18, Kalm: 
Tried that, but no candy.

2018/10/26 18:21, Jahara:   
@Kalm, MUME mail me (@Jahara) with your e-mail address. I'll send you a build that might fix it.

2018/10/27 16:18, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.6.2 (October 27, 2018)

- Fixed bug when the negotiated window size was larger than 127 characters
- Prompts are more consistently stored and displayed with internal commands
- _note command now clears notes when provided with an empty payload
- Added shortcut to reset the zoom level back to the default level
- Darkened default background color

[submitted link]

2018/11/13 02:08, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.6.3 Changes
- Mac build now backward compatible up to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
- *Orc* day/night strings now sync the Mume clock
- Introduced button to perform a configuration factory reset
- Default integrated client font is a bundled DejaVu Sans Mono font
- Fixed Parser configuration ANSI dropdown to correctly select 'none'
- Fixed a race condition in the group manager and refactored the code
- Map will now not draw group characters if they are in an unknown location

[submitted link]

2018/11/24 15:57, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.7.0 has been released! Happy Thanksgiving :-D

New features
- Group manager keeps your communications secure with encryption
- Group manager allows you to authorize who can connect to your group
- Elite and super mob flags have been introduced
- Quest and passive mob flags have been modernized
- Word of recall and equipment load flags have been added
- 'Find Rooms' dialog can now select and edit rooms
- Hosts can kick group members with the _gkick command or by clicking on them
- Offline mode now supports scouting and random exits
- Integrated editor shows the line/column of the cursor within the status bar
- Rooms can be forced updated or outdated
- 'Edit Rooms' dialog icon and flag ordering improvements

Bug fixes
- Improved stability when editing rooms after force moving
- Multiple room and load flags are displayed at the same time again
- Fixed bug where group member's mana was always shown as zero
- Squished bug with prompt handling when the connection was not encrypted
- Removed deprecated 'random' terrain type that displayed warnings in the logs

[submitted link]

2018/11/27 00:38, Dagoth:   
Thanks as always Jahara.

What do you mean by this exactly?

- Elite and super mob flags have been introduced

2018/11/27 02:57, Jahara:   
You can now add more granular mob flags to rooms. People were historically using the 'SMOB' flag as an 'aggressive mob' flag. I turned it into the 'aggressive mob' flag and then added another two 'tiers' of flags to demonstrate more difficulty.

2018/11/27 04:31, Dagoth:   
I see. Sounds like it will be helpful.

Is there anyway you could add a shortcut for 'edit info marks'? I'm constantly updating herbs, mobs, gear, etc that I find while playing. Having to click on mmapper, then select edit info marks, make the mark, then right click on the map, and go back to mouse mode seems like a little too much. Unless I'm missing an easier way to do it.

2018/11/27 05:06, Jahara:   
Fastest way is: Right click the room and then select 'Edit Selected Rooms'

Second fastest way: Select the room and hit Ctrl+E

2018/11/27 05:36, Dagoth:   
Well, I actually like to put a text marker on the specific area where I click my mouse. Sometimes there are lots of marks already, like exits, or a mob I marked before. So perhaps I'll put the info marker saying 'skin, shield, food' maybe half an inch to the right of the room so I can see it where there is already a lot of clutter.

2018/11/27 17:07, Jahara:   
Ooh, sorry, I didn't read that right. Yeah, Infomarks are a little odd right now. I'll add it to the backlog.

2018/11/28 03:43, Jahara:   
@Dagoth, well, that backlog item turned into a full blown day of coding. It should be available in the next release of MMapper.

2018/12/01 02:48, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.7.1 (November 30, 2018)

New features:
- Info Markers are now selectible and movable using a mouse
- Disconnects from MUME are now optionally mirrored on the client
- Pinch gestures now zoom the map
- Store and validate additional Group Manager secrets metadata

Bug fixes:
- Group Manager now remembers its last window position and state on boot
- Only hidden door names are displayed on the map now
- View panel moved to Sidebars toolbar
- Door commands now work without a direction if there is only one secret exit
- Prompts now update HP, mana, and moves using a lower bound

[submitted link]

2018/12/03 04:16, Dagoth:   
@Jahara excellent!!! Thanks so much.

You're talking about a quicker way to switch between 'edit info marks' mode and 'mouse' mode right?

2018/12/03 05:41, Jahara:   
Yep! The clicking accuracy is a little wonky still so I'll have to spend some more time optimizing it.

2018/12/08 22:42, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.7.2 (December 8, 2018)

[submitted link]
New features --------- - Disabled NAGLE for tcp connections which should hopefully increase performance during lossy conditions
- ANSI color selection has been moved into a dialog that supports high colors
- Internal command prefix character can be changed with `_set prefix <char>`
- Group manager clients will attempt to reconnect 3 times to a host before failing
- Group hosts can lock the group to the current clients
- Group tells are now colored

Bug fixes
- Fixed crash due to threading issues on Windows
- Tightened TCP keepalive to hopefully prevent idle connections from dropping
- Fixed 'black screen bug' with Intel video cards on Windows
- Group manager reconnects are more secure and verify the entire OpenSSL certificate matches
- Group manager prevents clients from spoofing another client
- Parser detects and remembers twiddlers, logins, and account prompts
- Preference sections are visually disabled when unselected
- Improved High DPI display support
- Discrete nVidia and AMD GPUs are preferred on Windows for laptops with hybrid graphics
- Room and group selection has been refactored

2018/12/27 04:02, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.7.3 (December 26, 2018)

New features:
- Allow TLS connections to be compressed
- Crash reporting added for Windows
- Added _glock command to toggle the group lock

Bug fixes:
- Improved group manager stability after the host disconnected
- Group manager host disconnecting will now not cause a message box to appear 3x
- Major refactor of offline character movement and rendering pipeline

[submitted link]

2019/01/03 03:21, Jahara:   
[submitted link]

MMapper 2.7.4 (January 2, 2019)

New features:
- Group manager hosts will now have their ports automatically forwarded using UPnP
- A red highlight is displayed below remote edit text that needs to be justified
- Remote edit widget can now justify text to 80 characters (like MUME's %j)
- Added toggle to prevent the group manager from autostarting

Bug fixes:
- Improved Mac OS X 10.9 and dark mode support
- Refactored configuration to support multiple profiles for power users
- Log view now correctly scrolls down on updates
- The account 'time' command will not unsync the clock
- Last remembered prompt is now cleared on disconnect

2019/01/03 10:11, Rashnak:edited 1x   
I have some weird problem with the room 'The Wolf's Gate' in NOC.

In mapping mode, MMapper always misses syncing to that room when I move in it, and creates new room. Then when I move further, it creates new adjacent rooms also.

Even if I remove the old room and replace it with the newly created, eventually it also fails to sync to that one, and creates yet another new room instead.

My map is based on some older version of the common Arda map, which I have built on with my own mapping.

Does anyone else have problem with this room, and how have you solved it?

EDIT: Seemed to be solved by flagging the up exit hidden, as suggested by Elestir in earlier messages.

On another matter, MUME changing capitalization (as far as I can tell) of room names has created quite a few places where old map has to be adjusted manually. An option to have case-insensitive parsing of room names would have saved some time.

2019/02/15 18:25, Dent:   
I don't use MMapper, but After hearing some of the problems a friend of mine has with her map loosing sync in certain areas, I would like to suggest internally transcoding to lower case ASCII before doing string comparisons.

2019/02/21 09:54, Vidgri:edited 3x   
Latest mmapper by default looks like terrible shit with lots of black black black.
[submitted link]
Instead of fucking with retina, make bloody version 2.2 color theme or so.

Qt5-based versions don't run in Vista

And look. I don't want built-in mudclient, clock, weather, retina and tons of other shit in it.
Your precious mmapper doesn't echo:

Time: 3:24 pm. Dawn: 8 am (16m36s). Dusk: 6 pm (2m36s). Winter 3
........ DK unlocks in 4h22m46s at 15:16 15:41 16:06 CEST.

Make mmapper-light like in version 2.2

2019/03/08 07:04, Jahara:   
MMapper 2.8.0 (March 7, 2019)

New features:
- Remote edit justify now understands ANSI and various lengths
- _search and _mark commands now select and show distant rooms
- Map immediately reflects changes from internal commands (i.e. _noride)
- MMapper now checks for upgrades on Github

Bug fixes:
- Fix syncing when player is blinded
- _dirs command is now aware of damage/fall exits and tries to avoid them
- Prespammed directions are more resilient to non-movement commands
- Internal commands now trigger on the tail position of prespam (i.e. _open)
- Blacklist certain OpenGL drivers and fallback to software rendering on Windows
- Fix 'Always on top' action
- Package missing msvcr120.dll on Windows

[submitted link]

2019/04/18 05:14, Rashnak: 
What are the chances to get a copy/paste feature to copy rooms from map A to another running instance of MMapper, and map B therein?

2019/04/23 00:54, Jahara:   
@Rashnak possible but not easy atm. I'm open to accepting pull requests since MMapper is open source :-)

2019/04/23 00:56, Jahara:   
MMapper 19.04.0 (April 22, 2019)

New features:
- Updated map to include the Tower Hills
- Improvements to the builtin editor (justification, whitespace, ansi, tabbing, and more!)
- Group manager now shows player prespam
- Add _knock action to parser
- Colors for dark/sunsafe rooms are now configurable under the Graphics preferences
- Introduce coach and ferry load flags
- Group manager rows and columns are smaller and autohide if necessary
- Group manager remembers previous hosts as Authorized Contacts
- Improved room texture resolution by 2x through artificial intelligence

Bug fixes:
- Really fix syncing when player is blinded
- Remove group manager UPnP mapping from the router on shutdown
- Mapper now syncs movement when a one-way is scouted
- Connected room flags are now reset for followers with mapping mode
- Add more common failed movement message to prespam
- Update group position when movement is forced (i.e. river flow)
- Remote edit widget now grabs focus
- Only show rooms as distant if they are not being moved
- Fix rendering artifacts when swapping rooms in room editor
- Reset group manager character info on MUME disconnect
- Changing the client font is now correctly saved

[submitted link]

2019/04/23 01:25, Resin: 
Had a problem when trying to run mmapper.exe:

mmapper.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point dbgcore.MiniDumpReadDumpStream could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll.

2019/04/23 01:38, Jahara:   
@Resin: What version of Windows are you on?

2019/04/23 02:51, Resin: 
Windows 7

2019/04/23 03:52, Jahara:   
@Resin: You can rename dbghelp.dll in the MMapper/bin directory to dbghelp.dll.bak to temporarily get past the bug. I'll upload a new MMapper version shortly to fix the packaging issue.

2019/04/23 04:11, Jahara:   
@Resin: Updated binaries available now: [submitted link]

2019/04/23 05:33, Resin: 
Downloaded the new one and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much Jahara. Appreciate it

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