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2017/11/14 13:52, Fieldy:   
I just noticed it too. Could you please clarify what map is there separately and not leading into NE of GH?

2017/11/14 14:01, Faine: 
Unopened zone.

2017/11/14 14:03, Fieldy:   

2017/12/27 06:50, Jahara: 
I'm proud to announce MMapper 2.4.0 Beta 1 has just been released!

Please try it and file an issue on Github if you find any bugs. This release has been a huge effort and brings in features by Teoli, Waba, Ethorondil, and Kalev. Special shout out to Elestir for providing ideas!

To test it:

1) Back up your map
2) Read the changes at [submitted link]

3) Download and play!

2017/12/30 11:03, Vidgri: 
I can run it from command line, but it is not clickable.

mmapper: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

2017/12/30 18:45, Cohen:  edited 2x   
Atm the 2.4.0 mmapper is using project dynamic lib, it is part of build on Linux (same should be for apple, but different path.
These dirs are under build dir -> lib/ bin/ and share/. Copy all of them somewhere and as long you run mmappper from bin/ it will load this shared lib. It will search it as ../lib/its_name

and regarding clickable you need to adjust desktop launcher to follow above logic. Edit file share/applications/mmapper.desktop

-> Path=/a/b/c/bin/
'so it sets correctly working dir, so you can find the lib.'
-> Exec=/a/b/c/bin/mmapper
-> Icon=/a/b/c/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/mmapper.png

2017/12/31 07:21, Jahara: 
I've fixed the bug and released a new version of MMapper. 2.4.1 is our first stable release in over two years!

Go grab the latest version of MMapper at:

[submitted link]

2017/12/31 07:46, Strori: 
Colors of indoors and forests are very dark, looks like shit. You are doing terribly wrong by changing colors.

2017/12/31 08:14, Cohen:  edited 1x   
This is payment for having another level of room info.
Old grey is safe from sundeath -> room with indirect light. Dark grey is room which is really dark.

2017/12/31 18:17, Strori: 
Now whole Moria and the whole mirkwood look like shit.

2018/01/01 22:56, Strori:edited 1x   
there are problems with line separation in mmapper 241 (board the ferry in gh etc.) and no secret exits pop up upon entering the room, only after pressing look. i love that in 236

Please make proper clock to be shown all the times, like time to sunrise / sunset countdown.

2018/01/02 03:32, Jahara: 
I fixed the secret exits bug and improved the clock to show the time even if MMapper was not certain.

2.4.2 has been released:

[submitted link]

2018/01/02 08:28, Cohen:   
I tried yesterday 2.4.1 and it created a lot of ?(not-sync room) mark when running around the arda(like roms around brush). When i was testing 2.4.0 i didn't observe it. I will retest, but can't the addition in 2.4.1 (wizard prompt) broke something?

2018/01/02 14:02, Cohen:   
I recheck and 2.4.1 is marking a lot rooms 'not updated online' (?), on the same map 2.3.x and 2.4.0 is ok. Example of such room:
A Ploughed field a bit ES from GH or Bakery in Harlond.

2018/01/02 18:36, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Well, my antivirus blocked MMapper 2.4.2. and I could not find any place where to free it from... Usually it is rather easy, but dunno, have to look deeper into it. After trying to start the .exe file it just won't start. : (
Am on Windows7.

Alright, got it to work. Stupid antivirus.

Anyhow, I can't understand the colour change. Strori, could you refer to me to an example please where I can see the colour differences between light grey and dark grey? I just see sunrooms and dark grey rooms.

2018/01/07 07:07, Strori:edited 2x   
So it seems that modifying /src/display/mapcanvas.cpp from line 1400 (QColor(0, 200, 0); // Dark green) can change the colors

moria and mwood both look worse in 2.4
[submitted link]

2018/01/16 18:08, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.4.3 has been released!
[submitted link]

- Maps saved with 2.4.3 are *not compatible* with previous versions
- If you are having sync issues check your 'cha charset' setting under Preferences > Parser

- Fixed bug where NO_RIDE rooms did not have a dark red cross
- Fixed 7 year old bug that prevented renaming characters
- Fixed Ainur segfault that occurs in rooms with no exits
- Group Manager is now a multithreaded component
- QtIOCompressor is now optional for 2.4.3 saves
- Fixed warning 'waitForDisconnected() is not allowed in UnconnectedState'
- Fixed typos where nr should have been rn
- The default 'cha charset' setting is now Latin-1

2018/01/27 06:02, Jahara: 
If you want to update your map then please hold off on upgrading to 2.4.3 until 2.4.4 is released.

There is a bug that removes infomarks if you save your map.

2018/01/29 02:02, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.4.4 has been released!

[submitted link]

- Fixed a critical storage bug that was corrupting InfoMarks. Please load a pre-2.4.3 map to recover your data. Sorry :(
- Fixed regression that broke Powwow #prompt detection
- Squished minor regression where light rooms could incorrectly use 'dark' prompt information
- Hidden exit flags are now optionally displayed after exits
- Notes are now optionally displayed after exits
- The Find Rooms dialog along with the '_search' and '_dirs' commands are now able to search through dynamic descriptions
- Fixed layer navigation shortcuts on Mac OS X
- Patched Group Manager crash on Mac
- 'damage', 'fall', and 'guarded' exit flags have been introduced for mappers
- 'clock' and 'mail' load flags have been introduced for mappers
- Pixmaps were improved for guilds, boats, food, treasure, and armour
- Prompt text now influences group manager numerical scores
- Contextual menus and cursors have been introduced to the map canvas
- The parser will use the same newline terminator that the mud client is using

2018/01/30 11:04, Dent:   
If you have an MMapper database that was saved with version 2.4.3 and wish to replace the corrupted info marks with those from a previous version (V2.4.2 or lower), you might want to use this Python script I knocked together.
If you are on Linux, you can download the script like so.

wget [submitted link]
-O After that, run the script with the following syntax. python -c corrupted_map.mm2 -p previous_working_map.mm2 -o output_file.mm2

You can then open output.mm2 with MMapper, and should hopefully see your info marks again.

2018/01/30 11:05, Dent:   
I keep forgetting that Elven Runes mangles things like this. Hopefully you get the idea.

2018/02/12 06:42, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.4.5 has been released!

This release was focused on making MUME more accessible for new players who aren't familiar with MUDs and just want a single installer that 'just works'. As such, a simple mud client is now integrated directly into MMapper! Please give feedback from the viewpoint of a new player.

- MMapper has a simple integrated mud client now
- Remote editing is now supported through MMapper
- Config Dialog has been overhauled
- Updated MUME clock because the Third Age has been reset for the 10th time
- Group Manager members are now displayed in sorted order

[submitted link]

2018/05/13 21:30, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.5.0 has been released!

The best feature with this release is that you can prevent the NSA from spying on you with TLS encryption!

[submitted link]


- MMapper now encrypts your connection to MUME using TLS
- Holding control and using the mouse wheel navigates layers
- Improved the right click context menu
- MMapper's clock can now parse the new MUME time format
- Group manager hosts can opt to not share themselves with clients
- Exposed option to force Software OpenGL on Windows and Linux
- Integrated mud client can now save logs
- Integrated mud client will not resize the terminal on window resize
- Remote edit is now be passed through when disabled
- Improved syncing when boarding/leaving the Grey Havens ferry

2018/05/14 23:51, Thanik:   
NSA comin for my mume password, nothing is sacred.

Is there a way to update in place, or do I just remove old version and install new?

2018/05/15 00:12, Bombi:   
NSA can't do 'watch room' if you are in a town I've heard.

2018/05/15 19:46, Jahara: 
Hey Thanik, if you've been mapping your own map make sure you have a backup copy stored somewhere in case it gets overwritten. I would recommend you uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

2018/07/08 03:22, Elizalde:   
I was wondering if someone could help with with an issue I can't seem to fix. I'm running JMC 3.26 with mmapper 2.5.0 and I can't get the mume colors to display other than the room name (which is set in mmapper to green by default, so that may be the only reason I see it).

I have messed with everything in preferences/parser in mmapper, have messed in mume with cha xml/cha charset to see if something needs to be modified there from ASCII/Latin/UTF, with no luck.

I'm starting to think it is an issue with the version of JMC I am using, but I know someone that that has an earlier version than I of JMC and color isnt an issue, and I know someone that has 3.5 JMC and color isnt an issue either.

Any other suggestions? Or if anyone is running both JMC 3.26 and Mmapper 2.5.0 specifically, could you please message me in game so I could compare some settings?

(BTW - The reason I don't use the current version of JMC is because it was delayed or very laggy. The text appeared to bounce or something when I tried to upgrade just to use mmapper. Unless someone knows that JMC 3.5 has been fixed in this regard? I assume it was JMC and not mmapper that caused the issue there.)

Mmmkay, thanks!

2018/07/10 21:26, Fieldy:   
No idea what is wrong. I think I used to have same settings until someone said new JMC is out there. But did not have any problems then that you are describing.
Tell me, did you extract your JMC client from some .zip file? I always tend to have problems when I have packed my JMC client for some cut/paste and later on extracting it.

2018/07/11 11:25, Elizalde:   
Someone determined since I posted this its a bug within mmapper Fiedly and it wass forwarded to Jahara. But thanks for responding. I decided I may give it a try once its fixed, as I think Im the only one not using it still, but maybe by that time I will have shaken rust off completely and not need it at all. Its all coming back! 8)

In regard to your question concerning zip though, never has JMC or script functioned without right clicking on entire JMC folder/subs and in properties unchecking it from read only after a fresh install. It gets me everytime, so that may be the same issue you were having? 8)

2018/07/11 17:13, Fieldy:   
No idea - I just downloaded JMC again and copied all the scripts-aliases-subs from the old one :D

2018/08/08 02:58, Jahara:edited 1x   
MMapper 2.5.1 has been released. This release is primarily bug fixes but the entire codebase has been refactored to be modernized and easier to maintain. Special thanks to an anonymous developer who helped make this happen!

- Added new Stable flag for rooms
- Integrated client supports automatic character set negotiation (RFC 2066)
- Fixed bug that caused unnecessary NO_MATCH exits to be applied to maps
- Squished bug that prevented auto-mapping sundeath for rooms to the west of the player
- Exits now preserve their color from MUME
- Code was modernized to C++14

[submitted link]

2018/08/09 16:58, Dethklok: 
Anyone else having problems with the newer versions of mmapper? It seems all the versions with the built in timers don't work for me. Mmapper crashes upon opening. This newest version actually opens but now the map is all black. Loaded faines map, an old map, and the map that came with the new version and all show up black. It still follows me around. I can tell the map moves when I do I just cant see any rooms. I use windows7. Haven't been able to upgrade to windows10. Maybe I just need to update something. Ill keep trying tho. Just wondering if anyone else was having similar problems and figured it out already

2018/08/09 20:47, Bardock: 
the month and timer thing hardly syncs right for me, is there a command to update it?

2018/08/12 18:59, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.5.2 (August 12, 2018)

- Host disconnecting will no longer cause Group Manager to crash
- Prespammed path now correctly displays on the map
- Emulated exits are better sync'd due to threading changes in the Proxy
- Exits do not mangle special characters for the UTF-8 character set
- Edit room dialog shows and selects terrain correctly
- Dialogs should now consistently be visible on the viewport
- Fixed shortcuts in Find Rooms and Edit Informarks dialogs
- Refactored Edit Informarks dialog to make more sense

[submitted link]

2018/08/14 01:18, Jahara: 
@Dethklok: Try enabling 'Software rendering' under the graphics preferences

@Bardock: Are you on the latest MMapper? MUME changed the time format a few months ago.

2018/08/14 07:11, Jahara: 
@Bardock: You found a bug! I'm fixing it :-)

2018/08/18 05:17, Roadkill: 
@Jahara: Has the map included in this version been updated, or is it the same as the last one?

And thanks for the brilliant work. Mmapper really is a handy tool..

2018/08/19 04:01, Jahara: 
@Roadkill I'm updating the map with each version but I don't play as much as other folks. I'm sure there are other 'competing' maps out there that are better than the included map.

2018/08/19 04:03, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.5.3 has been released!

This fixes more bugs that were introduced as part of the 2.5.1 code modernization as well as greatly improving how MMapper internally handles exits and their flags during pathing.

[submitted link]

- Group Manager stability improved
- Proxy threading re-enabled by default and exposed as an option
- Improved error reporting when connecting to MUME
- Corrected XML entities when unchecking the 'Suppress XML' option
- Emulated exits better support Latin-1 and UTF-8 character sets
- Up/down one way exits are rendered again
- Greatly improved path machine performance back to 2.5.0 levels
- Path machine handles doors/roads/climbs better

2018/08/20 07:42, Nemi: 
Are we allowed to come up with some feature wishes?

Would be superb if you could improve the current _search feature. Super handy e.g if your scrying etc and wanna search for that current location in the map. Currently I kinda copy room name / room desc and use the find function in the GUI to find that exact room.

I was just beeing aware that the built-in client could be disabled from the source code, but it could for sure be handy if this could be turned off from the preferences menu. :)

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