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Anyone know if spell timer is possible for JMC? catchup  discussions

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2014/05/10 18:21, Fieldy:   
Any xp counter there for JMC? : P

2014/05/15 17:33, Dorolff: 
#nop ######### XP NEEDED #########
#ali {xp} {info XPNEEDED: %X %T}
#act {^XPNEEDED: %1 %2} {emote needs %1 xp and %2 tps to LEVEL $level !}
#act {^This ranks you as %1 (level %2).} {#math level {%2 + 1}}
#sub {You gain a level!} {:) :) :) !! L E V E L !! (: (: (:}
#act {^:) :) :) !! L E V E L !! (: (: (:} {emote has just gained >>> L E V E L $level <<<;#math level {$level + 1}}
#nop ######### XP COUNTER #########
#ali {exp} {xpprint}
#ali {xp1} {info XPCOUNTER: %x %t %X %T}
#ali {xpcalc} {#math {gainxp} {%1-$oldxp};#math {gaintp} {%2-$oldtp};#if {$oldxp==0} {#var gainxp 0;#var sessxp 0};#if {$oldtp==0} {#var gaintp 0;#var sesstp 0};#math {sessxp} {$sessxp+$gainxp};#math {sesstp} {$sesstp+$gaintp};#math {oldxp} {%1+0};#math {oldtp} {%2+0}}
#ali {xpprint} {#showme;#showme --> Gained xp: $gainxp tp: $gaintp;#showme --> Trip xp: $sessxp tp: $sesstp;#showme --> Needed xp: %3 tp: %4}
#ali {xpreset} {#math sessxp 0;#math oldxp 0}
#ali {tpreset} {#math sesstp 0;#math oldtp 0}
#act {^Never forget! Try to role-play...} {xpreset;tpreset;xp1}
#act {^XPCOUNTER: %1 %2 %3 %4} {xpcalc %1 %2;xpprint %1 %2 %3 %4}}
#act {^You receive your share of experience.} {xp1}
#act {^You feel more experienced.} {xp1}
#act {^Reconnecting.} {xpreset;tpreset;xp1}

With this:

1. xp let you emote how much exp and tp you need to next level.

2. Let you automatically emote you gained a level (works only properly after typing info).

3. Automatically shows gained exp and tp

4. And exp reprints this information.

2014/06/23 18:30, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Thanks! But there seems something off, can't find it.
You kick a pack horse to death.
info XPCOUNTER: %x %t %X %T
You receive your share of experience.
It's really not interesting anymore!
You hear a pack horse's death cry as he collapses.
A pack horse is dead! R.I.P.

#--Unknown command.--

--> Gained xp: 282 tp: 0
--> Trip xp: 576 tp: 0
--> Needed xp: 837919 tp: 0
XPCOUNTER: 22312081 161651 837919 0

Can't figure out what is the unknown command there.

Also - it does not save the Trip tp:. Only shows when you kill something and it calculates the tps gained between two last kills, but not the gained tps of the trip.

2014/06/23 18:48, Berdo:edited 1x   
Show your script, please? Or is it the above?

2014/06/23 21:26, Fieldy:   
The one above that Dorolff gave me.

2014/06/24 04:47, Berdo:edited 1x   
It seems to be an 'unknown client command', please check you did not scramble something after a '#' (due to linebreaks at copying or somesuch).

That reminds me of wanting to put in spelltimers on the other side of the game...

2014/06/24 05:42, Ryalnos:   
Gasp. Does that mean what I think it means, Berdo? :)

Is there an argument for not including spell timers? Even if it were rounded to the minute like e.g. jail time, it would be nice not to have to rely on clients which lose your info if you have to reconnect or crash.

2014/06/24 14:03, Timodeus: 
Going into Arata-Mode for this:
It means I want a representation of the remaining time of spells delivered by the game. You know how we do it '(Strong)', '(Weak)', '(Fainting)', '(Fresh)', '(blabla)', representing RL minutes left or relative strength or somesuch in a way.

But it also means it'll not come asap, there's a bit more in the pipeline before I'll check that out. It might include some c-code for spells as well, and we have to check all our mudlle effects (you know, ranging from spells to boni from harle quest or... well... you know, that stuff you temporarily can get) if they should include a timer or not.
Whatever it will be it will require me and (probably) Waba having time. The first is a pretty yucky thing at the moment, as I have a busy RL job, and on MUME basically a mudller position, the Az-position, and the I-as-long-as-we-have-no-active-I-position.
The second is tied up in his Mudlle-for-Maiar-project (which is, as you can assume, taking a lot of effort: Waba is basically turning 'Something that is impossible to give non-V as it is tied too deep into the game' into 'We can give mudlle access to Mw' plus he's doing other stuff do we throw at his feet (and he also has a RL; stuff was much easier when we all were slacking in college)).

Yes, it means what you think it means, but it will take a while (let's say... a Manwe Unit, ranging from three weeks to 30 years) to come (if it does). I won't forget about it. Stuff like that also greatly depends on how easy it is to create for a single person (aka me) or how much help from 'a real coder' (meaning 'clue' as well as 'C') I need.

2014/06/24 20:54, Fieldy:   
Alright, I redid it and the error is fixed. Thank you all!

2014/09/03 04:41, Slordor: 
I don't know if it would be useful to any one, but here is a set of spell timers I wrote for TinTin++. I don't use JMC myself, but the script can probably be modified to work with it.
[submitted link]

2014/12/05 10:10, Vidgri: 
There is one in scripts session and a built-in one in Pandora mapper

2015/03/24 18:43, Ghanic: 
I've used this timer before and its worked on another computer but the other computer was a windows XP (dunno if it makes a difference) and the current computer I'm trying to put this timer onto is a windows 7. I can add all the aliases/actions no problem. I've rooted the problem to be when I add the commonlib.scr file. When I start up jmc it immediately says theres something wrong with jmc and it shuts down. Won't load jmc or anything just automatically shuts down jmc and I can't open. If I delete the commonlib.scr file then jmc opens again with no problems. Any idea why the commonlib.scr is causing JMC to crash?

2015/03/24 20:24, Kakuke: 
I'm currently on a Mac so I can't verify directly, but it should be a common problem with fresh JMC clients. JMC's default settings use something other than VBScript as the scripting language and when you try to load VBScript code through commonlib.scr, it crashes. Try to find the scripting language dropdown somewhere in the options view and choose 'VBScript'. I'm 90% sure that's the issue.

2015/03/25 14:56, Ghanic: 
I think I tried it that way yesterday. I tried it on VBSscript and it didn't work but I read someone's post above that said VBSscript.Encode so I switched it and it still didn't work. I'll try it on each of the different scripting languages tho. Gotta go steal WiFi to copy/paste the file and add the aliases. I'll let you know what happens

2015/03/28 14:58, Ghanic: 
Nope, tried it today and it still doesn't work. Tried with both VBscript and VBscript.Encode and neither works. Still crashes. Btw I am using the 3.50 version of JMC

2015/03/28 16:00, Rashnak: 
Can you post first 3 and last 3 lines of the script that you pasted to commonlib.scr?

2015/03/28 16:40, Ghanic: 

end if
End Sub

2015/03/29 14:57, Rashnak: 
That looks correct.

I recall that sometime people have got such problems fixed by reinstalling/updating VBScript runtime library. I don't have link for that at hand.

2015/04/04 11:16, Vidgri: 
Also mapper pandora (works together with jmc) has built-in timer

2018/02/23 22:31, Ghanic: 
Seems im having problem agains. Anyone able to get the timer script to successfully work with JMC 3.7?

2018/02/25 14:39, Strori:edited 1x   
known problems so far
1. VB scripts in linux/wine and JScript in windows starting from 7
2. encoding, so paste to notepad 1st to avoid unicode shit
3. no Lua support in jmc. so Ghanic, write to jmc-author to add lua support

Ghanic, translate VB script into Perl (supported in 3.7)
Time connected JScript can be run in jmc 3.7 , os is linux
[submitted link]
Proof: [submitted link]

Just make connection between mume-date-time and rl time (epoch)

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