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2011/09/24 17:42, Kiron: 
[submitted link]

Thanks to whoever wrote that. I think some of the comments are a little off, but I'm sure it is one of the reasons I have seen quite a few new players in the past few months. A few of them have actually leveled to hero and beyond. We need more PR like this on popular mudding sites...and dont forget to vote for MUME everyday!

2011/09/25 03:49, Mourn: 
It really is a good review and points out a lot of what drew us to MUME in the first place. I'd like the implementors to notice how this reviewer was excited by the pk experience he encountered, not turned off the game.

Continuing to buff hardon rangers and the general no man's land that the west can be at times if solo is really degrading to the game in my opinion. Topic derail, oops.

2011/09/25 12:11, Andróg:   
Well, he also complained about the lack of roleplaying. Perhaps Implementors should instead ocncentrate on that? ;)

It's a really nice review though, such things are definitely helpful.

2011/09/25 13:35, Azhor:  edited 2x   
Hahaha indeed gentlemen, we can all cherry-pick the parts of the review to suggest that outsiders see the same deficiencies and limitations we do. Androg's comment is just one step away from suggesting that western defenses be made strong enough to allow roleplayers (arguably less skilled at pvp than pkers) to stand a fighting chance against the latter. Quite the opposite of Mourn's and yet derived from the same review. In my opinion the review is all in all positive and, as we can see, provides evidence that people can become attracted (and maybe hooked) to this game despite all the complains many of us have.

edits: typo

2011/09/25 19:41, Wrain: 
Excellent review! Would be cool to see more stories on why you love MUME.

2011/09/28 11:08, Berdo: 
As for comments being off... on the net you are free to post comments that you think are more on than those that you think are on. ;)

2018/05/03 06:31, Nero:edited 1x   
I tried to vote on TMC today.... the registration is way too complicated. 'Write out what a MUSH is'... the same for a MUD. On their site, they only mention 'What is a MUD' in the FAQ and it points to Wikipedia. How am I meant to figure out what free text they want me to write there?

Also, the math problem should have been 100 if I've understood it correctly but that was wrong as well. Does anyone know the answers? I'd like to vote but they seem to want to keep most people out of voting.

2018/05/03 07:35, Fieldy:   
Ummm. I don't remember having to go through such a pain when signing up...

2018/05/03 08:12, Orlanth: 
Me neither!

2018/05/04 09:27, Dan: 
Minimum Players: 50 - 74

Should really update that to 1-5.

2018/05/04 15:35, Grċ:   

I think I figured the math problem out and got the right answer. It's 256.

It seems they forgot to add parentheses:
'What is (four times 3) plus (8 / 2) all of it squared'

2018/05/04 15:39, Grċ:   
'As of March 27, 2018 all TMC members with accounts created after March 1st, 2018 must have a minimum of 5 forum posts to be elligible for voting. If you are seeing this message it means that your vote was not counted and that you have not yet met the minimum number of forum posts.'

2018/05/04 16:05, Roadkill: 
I vote without problems. My account is OLD, though.

2018/05/04 16:09, Bardock: 
who would vote for a shitty game like mume that the gods just keep ruining.

2018/05/05 00:53, Bugli:   
Presumably, anyone that plays MUME who is interested in attracting new people to play with.

2018/05/05 15:15, Nero: 
I figured they were probably using president, not realising that only applies to math expressions, not math described textually.

Anyone got the answers to the rest of it? It's free text, how can I guess the exact magic incantation they want?

2018/05/05 15:55, Grċ:  edited 1x   
Is it the MUSH-question? The right answer to that is 'Multi-User Shared Hallucination'.

Edit: Just saw they asked for MUD sometimes as well. The right answer should be Multi-User Dungeon. They want to know what the acronyms stands for.

2018/05/05 16:01, Grċ:  edited 1x   
Made a summary of the right answers to the questions at the end of the registration form for everyone that doesn't want to go through the pain:

1. Type the letters you see (these change if you have to redo the form)

2. 256

3. Copenhagen

4a. MUSH = Multi-User Shared Hallucination

4b. MUD = Multi-User Dungeon

2018/05/10 13:34, Enforcer: 
MUME has given me so much FREE entertainment over the years, I dont think it deserves any bad comments :)

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