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2018/03/12 19:21, Bardock:   
sit on your hand for 3 hours and then give yourself a nice rub and tug, thank me later.

2018/03/12 19:21, Edaril: 
But do you have quotas? And do you redistribute? I'm afraid that I'll come to the land of spam, then end up in the Hattrick thread in the company of some unsavory soccer manager wannabes ;)

2018/03/13 11:37, Andróg:   
We redistribute unnecessarily detailed questions about quotas and distribution!

But other than that we just spam.

2018/03/28 05:40, Savu:  edited 1x   
It feels that after Skripal poisoning case Western-Russian relations are really getting cold. Usually after tragedies like Kemerevo fire there's lots of news about leaders offering condolences etc. This time there was almost nothing about it in the news. If you search for it then it seems that mostly the condolences came from embassies, sometimes from foreign ministers and rarely from anyone higher.

2018/03/28 12:37, Andróg:   
This in a way is good for Putin though. He clearly benefits from this opposition in his domestic popularity and policy. I doubt it'll develop into much more. Minor conflicts with the West seem to be a good way for Putin how to maintain his power.

2018/03/28 13:10, Savu:   
No doubt. Seems wrong to tie the response to a tragedy to current relations, but I suppose it might just be that western politicians don't want to be in any non-critical news regarding Russia. Also, there's no terrorists to condemn/threaten this time.

2018/03/28 19:51, Andróg:   
Yeah, I also suspect that Western politicians just do not want to be in any non-criticising news about Russia at the moment.

2018/03/29 04:13, Bardock:   
the outlook of this year is very grim and bleak.

2018/03/29 19:07, Andróg:   
What specifically makes you think that?

2018/03/29 22:59, Bardock:   
You don't get that good old fashion world war 3 feeling this year?

2018/03/30 09:23, Savu:   
I suppose it's a response that had to come eventually. For the last 10+ years Russia has constantly meddled in other countries affairs and hid behind deniability, because nothing can be proved (at least while it's still relevant). This time counter-actions were taken despite that. The problem is that these actions can be provoked by interested parties as well. I have to agree that is indeed a 'grim and bleak' outlook.

2018/03/30 10:15, Andróg:   
Nope. No World War 3 feeling at all. Besides, it wouldn't be much of a war, if you imagine it as Russia vs NATO. That war would be over in about a month or so. Russia in no state to actually challenge NATO.

It's more likely that Trump goes nuts and initiates an attack on Iran than anything involving Russia.

2018/03/30 17:41, Bardock:   
nobody wins nuclear war tho right?

2018/04/01 12:46, Andróg:   
Very unlikely, I'd say. You'd really have to outsmart your opponent then or pull off some fancy missile-prevention actions.

Russia has nothing to win from an actual confrontation though. Proxy wars in Ukraine and elsewhere are very different from an actual direct conflict.

2018/04/01 13:58, Andróg:   
Oh and Ethiopia now must have internet. There's a bunch of new photos about Thurge's recent activities on FB. :)

2018/04/01 16:45, Savu:   
Hooray for Ethiopia!

2018/04/04 17:03, Bardock:  edited 1x   
can anyone explain this to me
[submitted link]

I found it strange the laser test over 3000 km produced no curvature. I do not think the earth is flat at all lol but that's odd.

2018/04/04 22:03, Andróg:   
That is 90 minutes long. I don't have that time. Give me a 3 page summary of their argument and I might actually read it.

2018/04/04 23:53, Bardock:  edited 1x   
ok here is the video on the exact little 1 or 2 minute clip.

[submitted link]

per 1 mile the curve of the earth is 8 inches according to google. This is some 3000km.

2018/04/05 05:32, Savu:   
I still don't understand what they claim to have done. How do you measure a distance between two points (and another two points) straight through earth?

A comment said that this is a lot of effort for an april's fools video and that's the smartest thing I saw on that link ;)

2018/04/06 05:39, Bardock:  edited 3x   
Ya its odd. I find it strange they got financing for all that tech equipment and 7 years of peer reviewed experiments lol. That is interesting tho that they showed with telescopes ships don't actually disappear below the curvature they just leabe your point of perspective. Crazy flatties.

lol btw, they are not flat earthers sorry, they are 'convex' earthers

how many more fringe groups will start lol?

cube earthers

rectangle earthers

lol I love 2018

2018/04/06 08:12, Tonker:   
[submitted link]

2018/04/23 10:49, Singleton: 

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