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2019/02/13 10:13, Andróg:   

2019/02/13 21:19, Eldaril: 
Bánh mì!

2019/02/13 22:42, Andróg:   
Båhm di!

2019/02/14 11:41, Thurge: 

2019/02/14 20:49, Roadkill: 
See Cuarón's Roma. It is worth it.

2019/02/14 22:27, Andróg:   
It is in the plans!

2019/02/28 04:34, Thurge: 
My balls!

2019/02/28 10:51, Andróg:   
Thurge's balls.

2019/03/01 06:34, Thurge: 
*cue Big Balls by AC/DC*

2019/03/01 14:07, Andróg:   
The Balls of Thurge(tm)!

2019/03/01 15:23, Eldaril:edited 1x   
The Talls of Burge.

2019/03/01 19:26, Andróg:   
Behind the Hurge.

2019/03/03 17:40, Thurge: 
But fish?

2019/03/03 23:01, Andróg:   
No fish, all mammals.

2019/03/05 22:33, Eldaril: 
Fish is good. I particularly like my own homemade gravlax.

2019/03/06 13:04, Andróg:   
Eldaril Teh Fishmaker!

2019/03/06 16:46, Eldaril: 
'Look at that bridge. I built it with me own hands. But do they call me the Bridge-builder? Nooo....'

2019/03/06 18:44, Andróg:   
But they should. Eldaril shalt be a Fishmaking Bridgemakeh!

2019/03/08 14:40, Thurge: 
But will fish use the bridge?

2019/03/08 17:00, Eldaril: 
For reference, here's a version of the joke about McGregor the Bridge Builder I was referring to...

[submitted link]

2019/03/08 17:03, Andróg:   
Of course they will. They'll swim under it! Imagine if he was the Causeway-builder instead...

2019/03/17 08:01, Thurge: 
The height of Ethiopianness:

Enter fancy coffee shop.

Order coffee.

A waitress says, 'Today coffee not possible. Machine is broken. You want tea?'


2019/03/17 08:03, Thurge: 
It's right up there with the Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant on Zanzibar that:

1) Had no tuna.

2) Had no whitefish.

3) Had no fish at all.

4) Mysteriously found tuna steaks.

5) Had no noodles for ramen.

O, Africa. You do kid so.

2019/03/17 23:18, Andróg:   
Next time order hot chocolate!

2019/03/18 07:19, Savu:   
4) Mysteriously found tuna steaks.

Or just maybe

4) Found mysterious 'tuna' steaks.

2019/03/18 18:32, Eldaril: 
Don't eat mysterious 'tuna'.

2019/03/19 20:27, Andróg:   
Indeed. Always eat tuna mysteriously.

2019/03/21 05:00, Thurge: 
Cowled, sitting in the corner, while smoking ridiculously long pipe?

2019/03/21 21:57, Andróg:   
And reading the Codex Seraphinianus at the same time.

2019/04/06 05:16, Thurge: 
I miss bacon. =/

2019/04/06 14:45, Eldaril: 
Mmmmmm, bacon.

2019/04/13 15:57, Andróg:   
Why would one miss Kevin Bacon?

2019/04/13 16:43, Bardock: 
You ever fart so loud the children begin to cry?

2019/04/14 21:49, Andróg:   
Spam can fart so loud that there are no children left after that. They've all grown up instantly.

2019/04/24 07:03, Thurge: 
The skywater time is upon us! Rejoice, my brethren, and bathe thyselves in its glorious wetness!

2019/04/24 18:31, Andróg:   
Water can be pretty darn spammy, yes indeed.

2019/04/25 14:36, Eldaril: 
Is that the Luke Skywater, or the Leah Skywater?

2019/04/25 23:32, Anddróg:   
Nah, it's Liam.

2019/04/26 05:05, Savu:   
Is that a sex thing?

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