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2017/07/13 23:12, Thurge: 
Hiding in the cupboard?

2017/07/13 23:15, Thurge: 
Tried pinging you on phoneSkype and looking up your Gmail address on same, but with no luck. I'll have to try again with my laptop once I've found wifi, 'cause this airport is apparently lacking in basic amenities of the modern age.

2017/07/14 00:37, Eldaril: 
You must be still in Iceland, because Logan has a pretty decent free wifi :P

2017/07/14 00:42, Thurge: 
I saw nothing trustworthy. Nossink!

2017/07/14 01:54, Eldaril: 
You missed the one conspicuously named 'loganwifi'?! :)

2017/07/14 06:23, Thurge: 
Yep, did not see one by that name. =P

2017/07/14 21:26, Andróg:   
No place has better free wifi coverage than Estonia. *nod self*

2017/07/27 17:20, Eldaril: 
[submitted link]

Any thoughts from the insiders?

2017/07/27 17:37, Zepir:   
Eldaril looks like a mix between Mario and 10 generations of Romani inbreeding.

2017/08/08 10:55, Andróg:   

2017/08/28 21:52, Andróg:   
Your collective lack of spam is most disturbing.

2017/08/28 22:15, Strori: 
many thanks to everyone for advertising skyr many pages ago

2017/08/28 23:06, Zepir:   
I finally understand after reading the Atlantic why you people are so retarded! LOOL

2017/08/29 10:40, Andróg:   
LOOL? Is that like Laughing out of Loud? Or Laughing outside of Loud?

2017/08/29 15:17, Zepir:   
extra O is for ownage pwnt.

2017/08/29 19:48, Andróg:   
Nope, you cannot do that.

2017/08/29 20:35, Zepir:   
oh I did breh , I critically destroyed your hysterical paradigm as it should be. You cant even come up with a response its hilarious, you people are so easy to destroy with your religious bias and dogma of the faith.

checkmate noob

2017/08/29 21:02, Andróg:   
What's with the empty line in the end of that post? That's not how one spams!

2017/08/29 21:45, Zepir:   
so you talk shit about my sources when my sources actually have credible information and statistics and data but you are totally accepting of your publications telling everyone that eclipses are racist and not inclusive to black people and write a multi page essay on how and why...... riiiiiiiight and all this time im wasting my time debating literal retards.

2017/08/30 11:00, Andróg:   

2017/08/30 15:59, Thurge: 
What happened to Roadkill? He has the precious infos on Ísland!

2017/08/30 16:47, Andróg:   
Got stuck on the AMERICUH!!! thread, I suspect?

2017/08/31 09:08, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Oh carp, I'd forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder. What are your travel dates? Are you going to take the round trip and drive around the island, or just go where your fancy (or the weather) takes you?

Anyway, here are a few superb camping locations, and I can easily provide more plus suggestions for things to see. Mostly nature-related, as that's my personal preference, but I can point you towards museum info and culinary tidbits, too, as well as provide general info.

For the weather, you can use the Norwegian site (which is atm one of the world's absolute best imho) or go to this clickable map here: [submitted link]

And this is a site you should bookmark; the official tourist site for Iceland, with links you may need to ensure safe travel.

[submitted link]

You may want to leave a travel plan with the Ice-Sar (Icelandic Search and Rescue). It's a volunteer-based rescue service, which can get you out of almost any trouble you can conceivably get yourself into while travelling in Iceland. Free of charge, so as not to make people reluctant to call for help due to money worries.

[submitted link]

Camping sites to follow.

Oh, and feel free to drop me a mail at in case you need anything. It's faster than this site.

Edit: the 112 app with location services can also be a very good idea to have on your phone, just in case.

[submitted link]

2017/08/31 10:45, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Here is a site for camping sites in Iceland:

[submitted link]

First of all, I would recommend going into Ţórsmörk (Thor's Mark), which is just to the north of Eyjafjallajökull. It has camping sites at Básar and Langidalur, and outstanding possibilities for hiking. You can, among other things, go up to the first craters of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, and sit on the new, still-warm mountain. If you go, take some pre-prepared food wrapped in aluminium foil (roast chicken works a treat) and a scraping utensil with you, scrape the top 20-30cm off anywhere on the mountain (well, mound is more accurate), and heat your dinner au naturel. Just be careful not to burn your fingers, or your food.

Here is a link to a page describing the hike:
[submitted link]
You can hike from Skógafoss on the southern coast, and walk into Ţórsmörk, or vice versa. Or you can do what I did, camp in Ţórsmörk, go up to the crater from there, and return back the same way, instead of crossing over to Skógafoss. Took me and my wife 11 hours with around 3-4 hours' worth of stops to enjoy the scenery and/or catching our breaths. The elevation is just over 1100m, if I remember correctly.

Here's wikipedia for Ţórsmörk in English
[submitted link]

And a site describing how to drive there, with links to the Reykjavík bus terminal, which has buses driving in there 3x per day.
[submitted link]

The camping site at basar is on the southern side of Krossá, which is the glacial river running through Ţórsmörk. Crossing the river by car requires a 4x4 bus, or good jeep, and can be treacherous even then. There is one pedestrian bridge, which is moved daily during the summer, as the river regularly changes its course.

Here is a link with info about Básar.
[submitted link]

The other side of Krossá, the northern bank, has a couple of places where you can spend the night in a hut. There's Langidalur (Long valley) [submitted link]
and Húsadalur (Valley of Houses) [submitted link]
as well as Slyppugil (some misspell it as Slippugil) camping. [submitted link]
Here's a little article with pics about hiking in Ţórsmörk. The Laugavegur hiking trip she's talking about is a hike from Ţórsmörk to Landmannalaugar (or vice versa). Tell me if you're interested in hearing more about that. Depending on your speed, it's 2-5 days.

[submitted link]
And hiking in general in Ţórsmörk:
[submitted link]

2017/08/31 20:33, Thurge: 
Thusen takk for that!

I'm in Reykjavík now, should be in country for eleven days. I got an early extraction from Greenland because the Peace Corps wants my fingerprints in duplicate (damn their duplicity!) as soon as humanly possible, ideally two weeks ago, and the police department in Tasiilaq can't do it... because the machine's not plugged in. Took me an hour to find that out.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm off to see the police here to see if I can get some fingerprints done, though my source tells me they only do such things on Tuesday, from 1300 to 1500. It may get interesting.

Thanks for the early tips! Thórsmörk definitely sounds like something I should check out. I'm thinking Vik as well, for a short drive-by, then maybe on to the east coast. Maybe. I'll be picking up my rental car from Sadcars tomorrow, so I will be limited to whatever it can do. As for the plans, I'm just going where the wind takes me, preferably not too close to the ravening crowds of everyone else. I've just finished my guiding/building season so I'm looking for a little time away from everyone to just shut off and watch the rocks roll by.

Nature is my primary interest as well, but I will never turn down good culinary tips or pointers on good museums, especially in the historical vein!

I'll drop you an email as well, as that may be more convenient for us both.


2017/08/31 21:08, Andróg:   
Don't email. Spam instead. In this thread. *nod self*

2017/08/31 21:38, Thurge: 

2017/08/31 22:03, Andróg:   

2017/09/04 14:35, Thurge: 
The good thing about sideways rain is that if you park properly you can open a window and have the feel of being outside without being wet. *nod self*

2017/09/05 11:49, Andróg:   
I'm not sure if rain agrees.

2017/09/15 16:06, Thurge: 
Good to see the crazy train still on the tracks in that other thread. =P

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