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2018/06/12 12:44, Andróg:   
Were you lazy even before you were born?

2018/06/12 13:37, Doderic: 
That’s not what I meant, but yes. Two weeks late. :)

2018/06/12 15:10, Roadkill:   
Amateurs. I was _conceived_ late.

2018/06/12 22:19, Andróg:   
We'd be more intrigued if you were conceived 20 years in advance.

2018/06/13 07:23, Roadkill:   
WC is upon us!

[submitted link]

2018/06/13 09:23, Doderic: 
flee on

2018/06/13 10:10, Andróg:   
I used to follow football enthusiastically, but it has all sort of faded away by now. I might watch a bit of the playoffs and the Final, but no more.

2018/07/25 15:43, Bardock:   
I miss Androg.

2018/07/26 15:00, Andróg:   
I miss him too!

2018/07/26 20:28, Savu:   
Speaking of World Cup, I actually happened to watch a game (England vs Croatia) this year. Felt sleepy from the middle of first half and was yawning horribly until the end, worst part is we were at a pub.

I seriously don't have it in me to watch other people doing sports :D

2018/07/27 14:52, Andróg:   
I ended up watching one of the quarter finals (the Belgium-Brazil one) and then both of the semi-finals and the Final. The level of play was very good, that's for sure. But I don't see myself watching football again any time soon nonetheless.

2018/07/27 16:11, Roadkill:   
I watched almost all of it. Loved the tournament, apart from the final.

2018/07/27 19:41, Andróg:   
Because you were cheering for Croatia or is there some other reason why?

I think I watched almost the wholy tourney in '98, '02, '06 and '10. Watched most of it in '94 and in '14, but since '14 I've watched like a total of maybe 5-6 football matches and most of those were from the European Championships (the rest were Estonian NT matches), so I've really lost my interest in football.

I watch a lot of basketball though. NBA rocks. :)

2018/07/27 23:47, Roadkill:   
Nah, I was neutral. But the game never became exciting, and was too one-sided. Croatia attacking, France defending and scoring.

I usually dislike defensive teams winning. I hate to encourage defensive bus-parking.

2018/07/28 13:44, Andróg:   
For me it depends on the style of defensive play. For example some of the old school Italian defensive play I found reaaally boring.

On the other hand I was enthusiastically supporting Greece in EC 2004, because I found their tactics really smart and extremely systematically executed. Basically that Greece team knew exactly what it can do and what it cannot do, how it can compete and how it cannot and they executed their strengths perfectly. Tactical system prevailed over teams with brilliant stars, so to say.

2018/08/05 05:49, Thurge: 
I have a maggot (Cordylobia anthropophaga) living in my foot! I am strangely at ease with this development. I shall call him... Carlos.

2018/08/05 05:51, Thurge: 
Celint! Welcome back! I feel I owe y'all a bottle still.

2018/08/05 08:53, Andróg:   
You should start labbing with Carlos. Something tells me he's great at trapping!

2018/08/05 09:21, Bardock:   
Thurge u HAVE? Why not pull it out? :D

2018/08/06 07:56, Nemi:   
Whois my sizzlenizzle?!

2018/08/06 14:52, Andróg:   
I'm going to guess that it's Wizzle.

2018/08/07 07:10, Nemi:   
Ask Trample - he knows!

2018/08/07 12:27, Andróg:   
Trolls and knowledge? B'ah!

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