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2018/02/18 22:15, Savu:   
That 60k is alarming tho.

Approximate numbers:
44k employees in UN
325M citizens in US

That's 0.136 rapes per UN employee per year and 0.00133 rapes per US citizen per year (if we go by 431k estimated yearly in US). On top of that around 60% of UN employees work in the field.

If the 60k estimate is right then it's quite serious.

2018/02/19 06:39, Pwner:   
If it's true, it is indeed. And even if it's only a tenth or a hundredth of that number, or even less, it's still serious.

I've a friend who works at UNESCO in NY. He told me last year that there's an internal investigation ongoing, but lots of staff are frustrated at both the lack of openness as well as the perceived lack of pace of the investigation.

2018/02/19 17:05, Bardock:   
lol that means Razoor has raped .1 people. LOL

2018/02/19 18:54, Savu:  edited 1x   
On average per year. Allegedly.

And you rape 100x less :D

2018/02/19 18:59, Andróg:   
Must be a tough working environment, if working in UN for 10 years pretty much forces you into raping someone! :P

I am curious as how they reached such a number though. Considering how the large majority of these rapes are clearly meant as cases that were never pursued by local police and never taken to the courts - otherwise this rape epidemic would be the number one worldwide story, because there would be thousands of UN employees either under investigation or in prison - then how exactly do you determine in retrospect whether something was rape or not and how many incidents actually took place?

2018/02/19 19:44, Bardock:   
Razoor, how many years have you worked for the UN? Trying to determine the amount of people you raped statistically rofl my chopter.

2018/02/20 10:37, Savu:   
[submitted link]

Zepir, what's an anti-vaxxers response to this? Has the sanitation in Europe gotten so much worse that the diseases eliminated by it are making a return?

2018/02/20 15:14, Bardock:   
well whats interesting is , if you look at the numbers. More people die from the vaccine then they actually do from measles, typically only the elderly and very young children even die from measles. The rates are very low. I am not against other people getting vaccines, I am only against the mandatory enforcement of vaccines, something that was clearly outlined in the nuremburg trials about consenting medical treating. Ya feel me.

2018/02/20 17:27, Andróg:   
Bardock, you can be certain that if no one was vaccinated, then 10x as many or even more people would die from measles compared to the total you see right now from vaccine + from measles.

2018/02/20 17:57, Bardock:  edited 2x   
I am not trying to speculate here, I am just looking purely at the numbers which say more people die from the vaccine then the actual disease. Thats got to count for something right?

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
and thats from the CDC

I am not sure what the numbers be if no one received vaccinations, I am only speaking on what is known.

2018/02/20 21:40, Andróg:   
Well, you can look back into history and see what measles was like before vaccines came about. There's tons of data about that.

Just to quote one summary of it from Wikipedia:
'Between roughly 1855 and 2005, measles has been estimated to have killed about 200 million people worldwide.[93] Measles killed 20 percent of Hawaii's population in the 1850s.[94] In 1875, measles killed over 40,000 Fijians, approximately one-third of the population.[95] In the 19th century, the disease killed 50% of the Andamanese population.[96] Seven to eight million children are thought to have died from measles each year before the vaccine was introduced.[16]'

You can look up all those references if you want to, but measles before vaccination was no walk in the park, it was something people were terrified of.

2018/02/20 21:57, Bardock:   
can you explain this tho?

[submitted link]

I feel like with the advances in sanitation and tech are the reason for the decline.

2018/02/21 00:00, Andróg:   
Advances in sanitation definitely help, but they are far from the whole story. By the time the vaccine was developed Western medicine had got pretty good at helping people with measles, so they wouldn't just die in masses.

So in addition you can also look at this: [submitted link]
Now, if your solution to the issue is that, fine, lets not vaccinate, but instead lets get really good at curing people with measles, then: (1) I'm not so sure you'd still talk like that if you found yourself in middle of a measles epidemic with tens of thousands of people getting sick at the same time in the same place. (2) Even if you can avoid epidemics, I'm certain that it's going to be a lot more expensive to just keep on curing everybody if the alternative is just a vaccine which might have a tiny risk of complications.

And about those complications: medicine is not exact science, everything in medicine comes with the risk of complications. And I mean literally everything. You can die from a simple common cold medicine if you're just so unlucky that you had just suddenly developed a previously unnoticed strong allergy towards it. It's more about probabilities in medicine, really.

And if 95+% people are vaccinated, then of course you'll have very few deaths from the disease and the deaths from complications jump out. But in one case your 'pool of potential cases' is almost 20x larger than in the other case!

2018/02/21 00:21, Bardock:   
What about the graph tho? I am totally fine to let people get vaccines and make their own choice, I just dont think it needs to be mandatory, how do you feel about forced medical treatments in leiu of the Nuremberg trials?

2018/02/21 02:57, Bardock:   
did you guys see the EU's responses to Trumps import barriers to steel and aluminum.

[submitted link]
weeeeew lad things are heating up.

2018/02/21 06:58, Savu:   
That's what people have been saying the whole time. If your country becomes protectionist others will do the same against you. The cost of living will go up for everyone etc. But the main problem is that it can also take international relations back a century. Once we see wars over rights for infrastructure projects I hope people turn away from this populist nationalist resurgence.

2018/02/21 11:57, Andróg:   
I think some vaccines should be mandatory. They have radically improved our life conditions. By not taking vaccines one is not just making a choice for oneself, one becomes a major risk factor for the society as a whole. The state cannot allow individuals to make these decisions. It's rather similar to how we do not tolerate having people with AIDS have sex with uninfected people while keeping their disease a secret, effectively deliberately infecting them. Diseases with epidemic potential should be treated the same way - you do not get a choice in this, for the greater good you should not become an epidemic risk for the society as a whole.

2018/02/21 15:35, Pwner:  edited 1x   
The graph Bardcock is so fond of has nothing to do with hygiene, but very much to do with the widespread use of forced quarantines and medical isolation. Often, with an emphasis on 'forced'.

Enforced quarantines and isolation were widely used to battle outbreaks of measles (and various other diseases), prior to vaccines. As knowledge of the diseases increased, so did the efficacy of quarantines and isolation. They work, but are _extremely_ onerous, both for the persons affected as well as for the economies of individuals, companies and societies involved.

In modern society, we cannot cope with a sizeable percentage of the workforce being forcibly absent from work or school (and from their homes/children/etc) for up to 90 days due to quarantine at any given time. Would you like for any doctor to have wide powers to imprison you, and your family or even community, for up to 3 months without recourse to the law? Or, like Typhoid Mary, more than 27 years?

[submitted link]
Some MUMErs may have grandparents alive who remember the tuberculosis sanitariums, where people with TB were kept, or have read about the leper communities, where people were forced to live (despite Hansen´s disease being relatively noncontagious). Anybody particularly interested in going back to that sort of stuff? That´s what will inevitably happen if the vaccine coverage fails badly enough.

The cost of testing to verify all the various strains of influenza, whooping cough, measles, rubella, etc - which would be needed as some people, especially the asymptomatic ones, placed in isolation will inevitably challenge the decision, would also not be inconsiderable, and potentially crippling in large outbreaks.

Quarantines are still widely used today to limit the spread of livestock diseases. For example, if you take an animal with you to Iceland, it will spend 6 weeks in medical isolation on an island, before being allowed entry into the country. Importing any sort of horse is also strictly forbidden, to protect the Icelandic horse breed. So any Icelandic-born horse which is taken abroad to compete in the World Championships for Icelandic horses, is exiled forever and may never return.

[submitted link]

We occasionally still use quarantines and isolation of people, too. Most notably and on the largest scale during SARS in the 00´s, as well as the Ebola outbreaks, but also in some Zika fever cases up until last year.

[submitted link]

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
[submitted link]
[submitted link]
[submitted link]

Knowledge. It consistently beats ignorance.

2018/02/21 16:31, Bardock:   
you may be willing to roll the dice on your children live for 'protection again measles' but I will not take the risk, especially when the vaccine injury group in America pays out billions and billions yearly for the deaths and serious injuries it causes in children and adults.

If your vaccines work, you should have no problem with not forcing me to get them, they should protect you regardless if they do actually work and are effective. You have places in the US where 98 percent of the population was vaccinated and people still got measles.

2018/02/21 16:59, Andróg:   
You're still just concentrating solely on the individual here. Me, me, me, me. Mandatory vaccination is one way how to help your friends, family, neighbours and so on. You're helping them by not being a risk factor.

Now, about your talk about 'regardless of this and that': again, medicine is not an exact science, never has been, likely never will be. There will always be exceptions to everything. If you have a problem with this in vaccination, you should also have a problem with this in everything else.

Also, by your logic - let everybody decide for themselves, etc - Typhoid Mary should have been allowed to do whatever she pleased.

Oh and about getting measles in places with 98% vaccination rate - that's the 2% in action.

2018/02/21 18:56, Savu:   
Also I'd point out that from the BBC article (talking about 2017): 'Cases increased four-fold, with more than 20,000 people affected and 35 deaths.'. So the often-pushed narrative that 'vaccine causes more deaths than virus' only works if you are extremely selective on the data you use (both region and source reliability).

2018/02/21 19:14, Bardock:   
Obviously vaccines do not work and are not effective if people that are vaccinated are still contracting said diseases. Me being the skeptic have a feeling its more for medical dominance and profits. Like I said billions upon billions are paid out in the US due to damages that kill, main and disfigure people for life. I think the people at the Nuremburg trials were exactly right that there shall never be medical treatment without consent and no matter what your opinion, forcing others to do so is totally wrong, I have my religious freedoms being an American and they shall not be imposed by anyone. I feel you guys but forcing people to do things via barrel of gun never works out and personal freedoms must be respected. I much rather suffer through measles then suffer neurological damage from thimeserol which has been proven in Harvard studies to be a neuro toxin. Vaccines really are not my topic to be honest, I just believe in freedom and my right to choose , which shall not be infringed and if the founding fathers were alive today to see this, they would surely start another revolution.

2018/02/22 02:46, Pwner:   
Vaccines work extremely well, as long as everyone gets them.

As for religious freedom, the rising tide of countries banning circumcision should be an indicator to you that religion, in the moderate Western world, has no power compared to science when it comes to having an impact on the lives and well-being of children.

2018/02/22 02:48, Pwner:   
Vaccines work extremely well, as long as everyone gets them.

As for religious freedom, the rising tide of countries banning circumcision should be an indicator to you that religion, in the moderate Western world, has no power compared to science when it comes to having an impact on the lives and well-being of children.

2018/02/22 12:41, Andróg:   
Bardock, basically I disagree with you on two accounts.

First, I disagree that we should be so selfish when it comes to extremely contagious diseases. Personally I think we should be willing to limit our personal freedoms in matters that will hugely improve the general well-being of everybody. Also, I would be surprised if the Founding Fathers really did support this kind of extreme selfishness. Perhaps, perhaps not. I can't say I've studied their views on social ethics in detail.

Secondly, I think you still don't understand how medicine works. Nothing works 100%. If that's a problem for you, then you should object to every treatment you ever receive. Vaccinated people can still get the disease, yes, but that's normal in medicine. But the 97% effectiveness that we have right now is still far better than having tens of thousands of people fall ill in a short time period, simply because of no vaccination.

2018/02/22 16:31, Bardock:   
I respectfully disagree, I am just glad atleast the US is a safe haven for those who which to pursue life and liberty and personal freedoms. What a scary place the world would be if the authoritarians managed to dismantle that. God bless the USA. Lol thats cheesy I know but I truly respect the founding fathers and peoples right to decide whats best for themselves and not the state.

2018/02/22 18:39, Slevin:   
Some vaccines have there uses, but natural immunity provides a better immune system, and for females it will pass a stronger immune system on to children. Most vaccines are for the convenience of parents. If you eat healthy and exercise regularly you are better off. I know many of my colleagues don't vaccinate on the suggested schedule, yet we are required to suggest the recommended vaccination schedule to patients. In Med School they don't cover Vaccines in depth, you are just told to push them on your patients for the 'greater good'. For me in undergrad my virology prof told the whole class to watch out for vaccines for reasons stated above. Plus they put a ton of crap in the newer vaccines and don't do proper clinical testing. Do some research and read some articles that are not posted on the CDC website or sponsored by a big phar company. Healthier to take care of your body naturally then to buy into the convenience of a vaccine. Just my 2 cents :)

2018/02/22 19:54, Bardock:   
and then theres Slevin with the surprise support from the shadows lol. See, even tho we have so much disagreement and difference in opinion, we can still come together on certain topics. See, this is the power of free and open ideas! This is the power of liberty and love!

2018/02/22 20:17, Roadkill: 
My daughter is going to Kenya and South Africa next summer. In order to be allowed to enter the countries, she needs to be vaccinated for:

Hepatitis A and B
Yellow Fever
and Malaria

Which is as it should be.

2018/02/22 21:31, Bardock:  edited 2x   
Question, if any of those vaccines seriously disabled her for life or killed her (which all of those have many cases of death and other disabling diseases) would you be ok with that because it supposedly helped the greater good? Its just one life right, saving countless others right?

[submitted link]

2018/02/22 22:10, Savu:   
Guess that should be compared with how one would feel if their daughter died from any of the diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination.

2018/02/22 22:29, Bardock:   
and which disease would that be? I have solid proof , data from the cdc and plenty of numbers that show far more people die from the vaccines then these easily treatable diseases. 108 deaths from measles vaccine in the US and 1 death of a very elderly person above the age of 80 from measles and people that old and frail will die from anything. Its far more of a risk to vaccinate, do you even know how horrible the diseases you can get from vaccines are?

[submitted link]
more data from the CDC, damn look at that list, literally people have had their neurological wiring reversed to the point they cant even function as a human without a handler and diapers changed etc....

thimeserol that is in vaccine is a proven neuro toxin, Harvard studies.

again I am fine with your opinions but I just feel so blessed to live in the US where I have a choice against this tyranny. I will never roll the dice and give vaccines for things as stupid as measles when the vaccine could destroy my child's life forever, il take my chances with the measles lol any day.

Why is Europe so authoritarian? Its a whole different ball game and world, people are so comfortable with being dominated. I dont mean that to be rude or cause a divide, I just find it alarming.

2018/02/23 07:18, Savu:   
Are you claiming that people in Africa don't die from those that Roadkill listed?

2018/02/23 08:24, Savu:   
And here's some possibly new swearwords for you, ya shitpissing cuntyfuck.

[submitted link]

2018/02/23 10:28, Roadkill: 
It never ceases to amaze me how someone can live in a western society and still be so daft.

Almost any chemical is a neurotoxin in vitro. Almost everything is potentially lethal - it's a question of _dosage_.

Ever eat rice or rice products? They contain, among other things, rather a lot of arsenic. You know, a deadly poison?

Ever eat corn, corn starch or corn products? They contain, among many other bad things, aflatoxin. You know, a deadly poison?

Ever eat processed food which contains raisins? They contain concentrated amounts of several types of pesticides, all of which are, you know, deadly poisons?

Ever eat a non-organic apple without peeling it? Might as well dip your organs in pesticides. And if it's organic but from the US, France or Italy, you could just drink a copper solution instead. Get that death over with asap.

Drink wine? There's a reason why they have to say 'contains sulfides' on the bottle. Have a drink of copper sulfide, why don't you.

Of course copper is not a known carcinogenic. It only causes kidney and liver failure, and death. Because it's a, you know, deadly poison.

To be certain, not all wineries use copper sulfides. Many use sulfides that are even worse. They are, you know, even deadlier poisons.

Honey? Jam? Canned food? Salted food? A.k.a. pesticides, pesticides, bisphenol A, nitrate; or cancer+developmental retardation, cancer+developmental retardation, hormonal disturbance+developmental retardation+cancer, and cancer.

Every now and then, it strikes me what a miracle it is that certain people can manage to in- and exhale in the right order.

2018/02/23 10:50, Roadkill: 
We can go on.

Ever get excited? That makes your body produce adrenaline. Which is both carcinogenic and causes heart failure in sufficient doses. Because it's, you know, a deadly poison.

Ever have a thought or feel pleased? That makes your body produce catecholamines, which are a proven mutagen in vitro. Also, in sufficient dosages, they are neurotoxins and, you know, deadly poisons.

Ever move a muscle? That makes your body produce, among other things, muscle-dissolving proteins, which, in sufficient dosages, are a deadly poison.

Ever eat or drink? That makes your body produce insulin, which, in sufficient dosages, causes near-instant brain damage and death. Because it's, you know, a deadly poison.

This is fun.

Ever draw a breath? That makes your body absorb oxygen which, in sufficient dosages, causes hypercapnia with convulsions, unconsciousness and death. Because it's, you know, a deadly poison.

2018/02/23 15:09, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Savu, that link had an advertisment to a game called cunt wars and it was a bunch of cartoons in an orgy, wtf bro looooool. Whays6with all the potty mouth. The problem is the amount of thimeserol in said vaccines is enough to cause severe neurological damage, did you not read the medical paper from the CDC I linked? You have a point about dosing but its not relevant to this case. The inserts are pretty clear the dangers you face as well as the multi billion dollar injury fund.

2018/02/23 22:36, Savu:  edited 1x   
I wouldn't know about ads. Haven't turned off adblocker for like past 10 years or so.

PS! But that does sound spectacular!

2018/02/24 17:54, Bardock:   
yes thanks alot Savu, my mind has been riddled by cunt wars and cartoon orgies and some of the cartoons were trannies and it was very disturbing. So thanks for that!

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