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2004/01/05 00:28, Stavin: 
I find it odd that Ethar states in his post pretty much exactly what I said 2 months earlier (except with fewer facts and less overall vision), then in another post after that rebukes me as ignorant. *laugh*

2004/01/06 00:07, Fieldy:   
Ceolmor good luck in Iraq! Hope you will get xp even while your in Iraq.

2004/01/06 00:21, Guido: 
It's only a few people making problems but they are pretty good at it. Trust none of those jackasses though.

welcome to alabama, where the men are men and the sheep are scared? rednecks ho, anyone?

2004/01/07 15:25, ÷seler: 
One of my friends (and a mud player) is currently in Iraque as the member of Estpla8. AND HE STILL FINDS TIME TO MUD THERE! (not MUME, but Stonia though...).

2018/02/14 14:03, Ceolmor: 
Wow. Iíve been away a long time and just looked this thread up. Anybody from the original thread still here?

2018/02/16 01:18, Strori: 
I was playing that time, not in the thread tho. do you still play?

2018/02/17 00:25, Hmspnkr:  edited 2x   
Nm, wrong thread.

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