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2017/12/09 13:46, Merarl: 
thanks sensei.

so I'm getting promoted from VI to V, and I was first in my division. according to my calculations I should be getting $800k (500k for 1st place and $300k for promotion).

I'm assuming the best use of my money would be to get one young player who has a strong score in my training regimen, (or overall good TSI)?

2017/12/09 15:19, Andróg:   
Depends on the overall setup of your team. Do you have an open training spot? Is your stadium big enough? Do you have a proper coach? (Yesyes, I could log in and check all that, but too busy for that atm. :))

2017/12/09 17:43, Merarl: 
oh yeah, proper coach.

the guy I want to make my coach has been on my team since 10-5-2017.

he has to be on my team for 16 weeks before I can promote him. is that 16 real weeks?

2017/12/11 11:24, Andróg:   
Pull out a calendar and find out? ;)

If you mean the 5th of October (and not the 10th of May), then that's obviously not 16 weeks. What experience and leadership does he have?

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