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1 (1)Gilhdur the Half-elven Patriarch   1 (1)Dong the Black Númenórean Wizard
2 (2)Lozen the Noldorin Warlock   2 (2)Sumba the Black Númenórean Envoy
3 (3)Phìlos the Half-elven Hero   3 (3)Shaukr the Tarkhnarb Adventurer
4 (4)Oldi the Dwarven Warrior   4 (4)Kokchu the Black Númenórean Envoy
5 (5)Hófur the Dwarven Adventurer   5 (5)Lenë the Zaugurz Murderess
6 (6)Djengis the Noldorin Hero   6 (7)Zûd the Tarkhnarb Mountaineer
7 (-)Eolo the Silvan Ranger   7 (6)Carnaby the Tarkhnarb Champion
8 (7)Rael the Fallohid Quickblade   8 (8)Yzuh the Zaugurz Assassin
9 (8)Anathir the Noldorin Hero   9 (9)Ugz the Zaugurz Murderer
10 (9)Fastolph the Harfoot Quickblade   10 (10)Nockrip the Zaugurz Champion