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This section is for logs, which are not suitable for the main log page.
Please still keep in mind, logs should be interesting for the community.
For you and anyone - now and later.
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Today's random log: Death race (Drimdul) 2008/04/24
Yesterday's random log: BASH! (Gena) 2004/03/29
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Bash him. Beat him. (Rosdelia)2017/07/22,  3:02 GMT
  84,956 bytes
Viewed 327 times, last comment 1 day ago by Squeegee.20 comments
The Getaway Plan (Variant) 2017/07/02, 15:37 GMT
  39,134 bytes
Viewed 404 times, last comment 20 days ago by Bafo.2 comments
Svarten bites it at Mormaeg (Faine)2017/06/29,  9:03 GMT
  138,220 bytes
Viewed 428 times, last comment 26 days ago by Faine.17 comments
Its not over til the fat lady ... (Lozen)2017/06/25, 14:11 GMT
  12,307 bytes
Viewed 411 times, last comment 27 days ago by Bjrn.3 comments
Svarten bites it at Rahku (Barclay)2017/06/21, 10:27 GMT
  76,888 bytes
Viewed 462 times, last comment 28 days ago by Zepir.7 comments
Treetop Trouble at Tharbad (Jrv) 2017/06/20,  0:01 GMT
  42,687 bytes
Viewed 443 times, last comment one month ago by Kyoko.2 comments
One shit nab kills another (Zeihral) 2017/06/16,  4:37 GMT
  26,615 bytes
Viewed 443 times, last comment one month ago by Alkhazad.10 comments
Keeping the Zaugurz at bay (Faehran) 2017/06/14,  0:59 GMT
  59,856 bytes
Viewed 465 times, last comment one month ago by Gabillak.3 comments
Nightmares (Variant) 2017/06/13, 23:57 GMT
  18,114 bytes
Viewed 443 times, last comment one month ago by Zepir.3 comments
Fixing Thardbad (pt. 2) (Adams)2017/06/11,  2:12 GMT
  77,046 bytes
Viewed 458 times, last comment one month ago by Gimilzagar.4 comments
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