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(409 hits. Posted 2019/10/10)
Smiles tell story of logs because troll eat logs instead of save. Now listen.

Smiles sitting in Warrens thinking of wobbit and then start hearing of smelly pukes! Yes, elf, dwarf, lots of pukes attacking troll in Dark Tower. Resin good tr
oll, strong brave troll. Fight one, two... lots of pukes who jealous of smart troll with good l
ooks and strong fists.

Smiles with Seule also smart troll, and it decided when evil Yellow Eye go down we go Dark Tower and smash elf, smash dwarf. Then we hear Resin die. Poor Resin.
 Trolls plan revenge!

We go, find pukes near tower. One has eagle. Eagle strange bird. Fight like troll it does. Claw and bite and attack. But Smiles and Seule smash bird, stomp bird
. Eagle die. Smiles eat eagle eyes for snack. 

Soon be Yellow Eye time again, so Smiles, Seule go back to warrens. Plan to come back and kill smash pukes. 

Then find Svarten! Now we know elfie die, dwarf scream. Find Black Num... Numen.... find friendly caster of magic with funny name that starts with Kop. Nice fri
end to trolls. He find key, but Smiles not see key. Must be magic invisible key. 

Then suddenly strange thing form in air. Smiles tries to eat thing in air, but suddenly it eats trolls, magic guy! Smiles confused and angry. Then suddenly in t
ower room! Resin there fighting elf! Strong brave orc friends of tower dead on floor killed by 
untrustworthy pukes. Now just orc snacks. 

Trolls fight! Elf dies! Smiles happy, first time kill puke Elf. But other pukes come with angry birds, but soon all run because many trolls, few elfs, few dwarf
s. All go home. Smiles, Seule, Svarten, Resin. Only one dead elf, not enough for all to eat, bu
t is ok, because dead elf is best elf, and Smiles find pieces of elf ear in fingers later. 

Smiles sleeps. Wakes up. Finds Resin again. Resin out hunting pukes even though Yellow Eye awake long and darkness short. 

Smiles and Resin talk. Decide wobbit still best, and eating rude smelly infant troll boring. 

Then Resin talk about dwarfs. Says stupid things that sound like too much close to sun that maybe Resin like to be like dwarf. Smiles say soon Resin eat salads,
 do elfie things and be gluten free. Resin say he only has half a brain, not smart troll.  Smil
es smarter troll, say trolls have many brains because we eat many things. Pukes get one brain, trolls get whole brains every day! Resin agrees, goes back to pla
nning to kill dwarf for snack. 

Smiles tell Resin when Yellow Eye go down, come to Elf Moors and join because sneaky dwarf come out and fight, but only near end of darkenss. Tricky dwarf. 

Come elfie country. No dwarf. Smiles go back to warrens to be safe. Resin stay out to last seconds, not as safe.

Next night trolls come out again to try and kill dwarf. Dwarf only fight near sun, then run into elf city to have strange magic spoken that heal. 

Still no dwarf! Smiles goes back to warrens. Finds wobbit in food storage. Kills wobbit and makes into pie with taters and elf fingers. Resin find dwarf that on
ly comes out close to sun. Fight dwarf, run for darkness.

Resin miss darkness. Resin look at evil Yellow Eye. Poor Resin. Not smart troll. Just statue now. Later Smiles goes get cloak of green and boots from skeleton f
or Resin in case thieving dwarf take poor Resin's clothes. But dwarf not steal from poor trolli

Now Smiles has second cloak, second boots. Looks in pack, also has dark sword. Has gold. Decides now is rich troll, cannot go fight pukes anymore. Be like Ogias
 and not risk losing cloak, shirt, and boots. 

Smiles goes back to sleep after Resin gets things. Long few nights for trollies and full of confusion. Must sleep and think. 

 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2019/10/10 03:39, Resin: 
Love the log! Even if I did get my ass handed to me 2 times in 1 log :D Some great story tellin. Thank you Smiles

2019/10/10 16:38, Svarten:   
Poor dumb Resin!

2019/10/11 09:53, Dawnborn:   
He makes a lovely statue though. I put flowers by it.

2019/10/11 11:36, Zintilden:   
Too cute. Thx!


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