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Hugefight in DT, 9 vs 11 (Arvedui)comments   back
   (8 ratings and 2050 hits. Posted 2019/04/02)
Fucking April kids

2019/04/02 07:02, Gabillak:Rated: Good 
The fight was a little weak in the middle part, otherwise it would be 5 stars from me.

2019/04/02 10:42, Sarkazein:  Rated: Superb 
Fucking kids is frowned upon, Arvedui. I don't know how you 'Men' from the West do things, but the rest of civilization finds that sort of thing to be... distasteful.

2019/04/02 20:34, Fieldy:   

2019/04/02 20:59, Arcanum:   

2019/04/02 22:49, Nás:   

2019/04/02 23:00, Dognar:   
People do know p-Vaelrin posted this as Arvedui, right? lol

2019/04/02 23:33, Vaelrin:   
Dognar got the real joke

2019/04/03 00:11, Nás:   
Why did you have to ruin it Dognar? You could of waited until after the rating period ended at least. 8(

2019/04/03 08:31, Enforcer:Rated: Poor 
Shoulda put some more effort in it, so it wouldnt show as a 'heart' log.

2019/04/09 01:54, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
This isn't even an april fools joke this is literally mume today lol.

2019/04/10 02:49, Vaelrin:   
Great news, parole begins tomorrow!! So excited.

2019/04/12 07:33, Enforcer:Rated: Poor 
Dare I ask...parole?


 Superb Jahara, Kalm, Sarkazein 
 Good Gabillak 
 Poor Enforcer 
 Awful Bardock, Dagor, Earlran 
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