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   (12 ratings and 3736 hits. Posted 2011/12/11)
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### Who said that pBarzak doesn't fight fair?
### A tale of bravery and skills.

Barzak (ji) gives some money to Eoghha.
Eoghha smiles happily.

!O CW>

Eoghha carefully counts the gold.

!O CW>
nod lew
You nod in agreement with him.

Eoghha nods in agreement with Barzak (ji).

!O CW>

Eoghha says 'Okay.  All is set.'

!O CW>

*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* slowly fades into existence.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* seems very confused.

!O CW>

Eoghha says 'I'll wait for you at my camp in the Misties'

!O CW>

Barzak (ji) cleaves *Sachurin the Black Númenórean*'s right hand hard.

!O CW>
### Slaktoffer är nu: >> *man* <<. ###
bash *man*

Psilocybin (lew) starts some magical shit...

!O CW>
Miltar (xx) starts some magical shit...

Bardaf strongly cleaves *Sachurin the Black Númenórean*'s body.

Eoghha says 'It's just east of the spring over the falls.'

Miltar (xx) utters the words 'eugszr zzur'
Miltar (xx) cries 'Elbereth Gilthoniel' and makes *Sachurin the Black Númenórean* shiver in pain.

Miltar (xx) starts some magical shit...

Psilocybin (lew) starts some magical shit...

### ATTENTION:  - Barzak (ji) -  BASHES  - *Sachurin the Black Númenórean* -.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* slowly regains his bearings.
Miltar (xx) utters the words 'eugszr zzur'
Miltar (xx) cries 'Elbereth Gilthoniel' and makes *Sachurin the Black Númenórean* shiver in pain.

Miltar (xx) starts some magical shit...
Bash someone already bashed? Aren't we funny?

!O CW>

Psilocybin (lew) utters the word 'yufzbarr'
Psilocybin (lew) throws a fireball at *Sachurin the Black Númenórean*, completely enveloping him in flames.

!O CW>
examine *man*
con *man*

Psilocybin (lew) starts some magical shit...

!O CW>
You see nothing special about him.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* is in very bad shape.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* seems to have:
       A clean deep wound at the right hand.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* is using: 
<held>               a lantern; it is lit
<worn on body>       an ashen grey shirt (worn)
<worn on legs>       a pair of ashen grey pants (neglected)

!O CW>
Eoghha says 'If you dont arrive within 2 moons I'll assume you're either lost or dead'

!O CW>hit *man*

!O CW>
Alas! You failed to reach him through the melee.
Miltar (xx) starts some magical shit...

!O CW>

Psilocybin (lew) utters the word 'yufzbarr'
The fireball sent by Psilocybin (lew) hits *Sachurin the Black Númenórean* with full force, causing an immediate death.
info to level %X
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
You gain a level!
You hear *Sachurin the Black Númenórean*'s death cry as he collapses.
*Sachurin the Black Númenórean* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.

!O CW HP:Fine>
Eoghha says 'And I'll return home, confident that I have fulfilled my obligation'

Killed *Sachurin the Black Númenórean*, got -2400000 xp,

!O CW HP:Fine>

Miltar (xx) says, 'lol'

!O CW HP:Fine>snic

You snicker softly.

!O CW HP:Fine>

!O CW HP:Fine>
say Level!

Eoghha says 'Good luck Barzak, be swift and silent.'

!O CW HP:Fine>
emote LeSpeaks in CeFrench: Level!

!O CW>

Psilocybin (lew) throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

!O CW>
say Skills

Eoghha grabs his walking stick, wraps his cloak tight, and disappears out of sight.

!O CW>
emote LeSpeaks in CeFrench: Skills

Psilocybin (lew) hallucinates: "Same"
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2011/12/11 21:59, Toadvine:  Rated: Good 
haha, the bn life

2011/12/11 22:03, Sixar:  Rated: Superb 
rofl, imagine how he sat looking on his screen there 'oh, look. some pukes while i can't do anything!'

2011/12/11 22:18, Elizalde:  Rated: Awful 

2011/12/11 22:20, Telessar:   
Sachurin got a lot of shit thrown at him

2011/12/11 23:35, Leonan:  Rated: Superb 
you guys were luckly he got teleport-delay, or else you all would be sitting in halls of mandos wondering what hit you!

2011/12/11 23:45, Gilindor:  Rated: Awful 
Poor guy :/

2011/12/12 00:18, Stolb: 
Didn't know that cave is portable :P

2011/12/12 00:43, Nockrip:  Rated: Awful 
Congrats Lehawk, I always knew you could make it!

2011/12/12 12:29, Devastator:Rated: Average 
Heheh, victim is now:

Nice alias :-)

And sucks to be porting right before a dragon group at Eoghha :-S *comf Sachurin*

2011/12/12 13:34, Andróg:  Rated: Good 
This is a funny log. Bn life in a nutshell. :)

2011/12/12 18:04, Azazello: 
Funny, that you actually did 'nothing' to him. :-)

2011/12/12 18:47, Shaml:   
i found this from log where my bn mis-teleport ->

2011/08/04 23:51, Azhor:
This is not Bad Luck, this is a Coming of Age ceremony for any self respecting Black Numenorean

[submitted link]

2011/12/13 19:12, Lehawk: 
Thank you Nockrip!

Azazello: I think my work there was quite outstandingly well-performed!

2011/12/23 04:27, Marion:   

### Slaktoffer är nu: >> *man* <<. ###

2012/02/12 03:07, Millie:   
5 stars for 3 ppl voting it superb?

2012/02/12 12:09, Lehawk: 
You've mixed up this log and the one below.

Not that I agree with the rating on this one, it deserve 5 stars.


 Superb Leonan, Seade, Sixar 
 Good Andróg, Toadvine 
 Average Devastator, Roadkill 
 Awful Dreag, Elizalde, Nockrip, Raji, Rik 
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