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(6224 hits. Posted 2003/09/25)
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### On request for those that missed some of today's excitement. 
    This was much earlier today and this is narrates from BOTH
    sides, while MUME was "mudlleless."

According to the Dnadan calendar, it is:
8pm on Trewsday, the 11th of Astron, Year 2854 of the Third Age.
You cannot guess the time indoors.
The present Tan Istar, Lord of the Istari Council is Jeridoc.
Real time is Wed Sep 24 16:20:40 2003 GMT.
Last reboot due to manual reboot at Wed Sep 24 16:00:37 2003 GMT.

koll narrates 'kill em all'
Aznog narrates 'rangers dont work!'
Rannan narrates 'marras was near hatch'
Caress narrates 'guess raiding opponent towns since they are broken is rather
Skiminok narrates 'You are recognized as a leader of the forces of the Dark Lord.'
Hildobrandt narrates 'What are the new changes?'
Anarithel narrates 'uur i just ran through a closed door'
Aznog narrates 'raid!'
Eomir narrates '*laugh*  at grinder? :P'
Pecka narrates 'well grinder wont be aggr'
Ferdy narrates 'lol'
Furia narrates 'ah wp are visible now'
koll narrates 'only marras?'
Skiminok narrates 'what its?'
Elle narrates 'give us wps back too and old flee and old bob and old ford'
Aznog narrates 'same here'
Beat narrates 'Mobs also.'
Delgur narrates 'for the last time im on middle floor !!'
Gorlach prays 'Could I please be rented?'
Kazlak narrates 'realy?1'
Shaykh narrates 'gods would never demoted for a wee-abuse'
Shaykh narrates 'wink smrtihalv'
Beat narrates 'Expect a raid'
Kazlak narrates 'wp visible?'
Lehto prays to Gorlach 'not possible atm'
Hildobrandt narrates 'Hrmmm...'
Hildobrandt narrates 'The Bazaar in Bree is broken...'
Vij narrates 'grinder they are'
Elle narrates 'sorry to disappoint you kazlak :('
Alkoholix narrates 'smtihlav backgate'
Hildobrandt narrates 'list/buy flask (Sorry, but you cannot do that here!)'
Melinda narrates 'dwarves'
Aznog prays 'will i get demote for messing around if we are gonna restore anyway?'
Smrtihlav narrates 'where'
Crzah narrates 'where why what?'
Beat narrates 'Meet cellar'
Poukramm narrates 'Guys, muddle broken, so no sortie, pukes can't enter riv, nor
caravanserai, let's sit moors!!!!'
Melinda narrates 'come cave'
Melinda narrates 'come cave'
Gorilla narrates 'cave'
Melinda narrates 'come'
Hildobrandt narrates 'Hrmm'
Lehto prays to Aznog 'yes'
Rannan narrates '3 dwarves, 1 man'
Elle narrates 'ew no one wants visible align '
Khazduk narrates 'get out'
Hildobrandt narrates 'l in lantern (That is not a container)'
Wasrek narrates 'damn!''
Sapper narrates 'trol says pukes warrens'
Infinity narrates 'man hurt'
Smrtihlav narrates 'on way'
Hildobrandt narrates 'Everything is broken :)'
Sapper narrates 'aaw'
Beat narrates 'One rip'
Shaykh narrates 'CRACK'
Delandra narrates 'cant fill lantern either'
Wasrek narrates 'gates fnost broken?'
Malthros narrates 'I try to run bree i think'
Pecka narrates 'i killed one too'
Hildobrandt narrates 'wtf'
Poukramm narrates 'For the mighty narrate loggers, I kidding only of course'
Crol narrates 'group up'
Anarithel narrates 'yep'
Aznog prays 'the demote will go away after we restore rite :P?'
Folin narrates 'Yes.... everything is broken.'
Infinity narrates 'i fireballed man a lot'
Melinda narrates 'lick me for gpr'
Wasrek narrates 'fakker!'
Infinity narrates 'what did man load ?'
Wasrek narrates 'orcs*'
Melinda narrates 'i got trigger'
Fji narrates 'suddenly im level 69!'
Lehto prays to Aznog 'and there might not be player file rest'
Fji narrates 'kiddin'
Dann narrates 'i bad'
Everln narrates 'orcs where?'
Infinity narrates 'who did man ?'
Dann narrates 'so is other orcses'
Hildobrandt narrates 'Umm...'
Dann narrates 'do spear orc'
Wasrek narrates 'hehe.. :P orcs where fnost or?'
Melinda narrates 'man died'
Infinity narrates 'who killed him ?'
Wasrek prays 'mume fucked?'
Belgo prays 'my god now you have messed up things badly'
Dann narrates 'come crack'
Melinda narrates 'pecka'
Dann narrates 'plenty orcs :)'
Pecka narrates 'i killed mehul'
Zin prays 'rivendell'
Hildobrandt prays 'What's going on?'
Anarithel narrates 'you can walk through west gate of fnost'
Bronk narrates 'if it feels any better my neighbours cd just shattered in cdrom'
Wasrek prays 'since gates are fucked!'
Beat narrates 'Warrens is going to be overloaded by pukes. Or NOC :P'
Nirmeroc prays 'fornost'
Melinda narrates 'why?'
Malthros narrates 'rofl'
koll narrates 'we kill em all :P'
Tusker narrates 'bear awf'
Furia narrates 'hmm guilds dont work too'
Lehto prays 'WHEN will you give us option to turn off prayers?'
Littleloo narrates 'well let's overload bree then'
Zin prays 'rivendell'
Smrtihlav narrates 'rofl quaffing flasks doesnt'shout WE KNOW EVERYTHING IS BROKEN, CHILL OUT
Ok.Beat narrates 'Mobs not agg, so they come'
Smrtihlav narrates 'doesnt work :P'
Smrtihlav narrates 'be carefyl'
Crzah narrates 'just noticed:P'
Elle narrates 'work faster! *snicker*'
Dann narrates 'fuck i just realized'
Dann narrates 'its not safe anywhere'
Dann narrates 'from pk'
Delgur narrates 'muddles are broken how many time this must be repeated'
Malthros narrates 'ROFL'
Eomir narrates 'damn, broghha guards are overpowered.'
Skiminok narrates 'avenir bad'
Malthros narrates 'RUN GH :D'
Gromos narrates 'trust no1 and nothing :"P'
Dann narrates 'fuck'
Pecka narrates 'any1 needs engr hammer?'
Delgur narrates 'umm check out what muddle means ?!'
Dann narrates 'lol'
Gromos narrates 'where >?'
Littleloo narrates 'ME'
Eothein narrates 'this is ARMAGEDON-end of Arda'
Malthros narrates 'we will atleast have the area bonus :D'
Xayen narrates 'u can't even rent...laugh'
Littleloo narrates 'nah i okay'
Beat narrates 'Some newbie test sun?'
Dann narrates 'well if orcs track me im fucked, muhaha'
Rannan narrates 'I did not sun'
koll narrates 'lowbie even'
Marras narrates 'crol infinity melinda beat ookoll gorilla pecka troll troll orc
was in cave :)'
Raksh narrates 'no safe spots'
Nilcrist narrates '86 players on atm'
Shaykh narrates 'any good loot on man?'
Dann narrates 'COME NOC !'
Fji narrates 'fixfix! :)'
Mehul prays 'rivendell'
Shaykh narrates '(which we cant loot)'
Grombur narrates 'whats going on?'
Matrix narrates 'heheh...prolly if u could u would lose it'
Fji narrates 'we want info please'
Eomir narrates 'ack!  out of wafers!'
Aznog narrates 'wtf guthblug didnt have key?'
Melinda narrates 'lick me for gr'
Aznog narrates 'i cant open ironbars :('
Gromos narrates 'zorc near noc'
Beat narrates 'Lets hit Bree?'
Aznog narrates 'i meant the fact that why he didnt load key'
Dann narrates 'we need someone with block!'
Anarithel narrates 'you can go from fnost to bree, but not bree-fnost'
Dann narrates 'come e for fun'
Anarithel narrates 'you can walk through w gate'
Shaykh narrates 'cos muddle is broken?'
Aznog narrates 'and dont piss me off i dont like this situation :P'
Elle narrates 'help!!!!'
Eowar narrates 'for how long =('c 
Shyn narrates 'where can i rent??'cm  
Phier shouts 'MUME IS 100% FUBAR RIGHT NOW'cm  
koll shouts 'fun :P'
Aznog narrates 'yes but keys should be non muddle didnt think they go under
muddle'y z   
Eomir narrates 'wow, 14k for broghha guard! :P'y z   t a   
Elle narrates 'can i get some fubar please!'t axn  zn     
Fji narrates 'fubar?'
Matrix narrates 'METROSOUND!'
Shaykh narrates 'im sorry people, we have to restor a 1 year-old backup'
Elle narrates 'giggle'
Infinity narrates 'laugh'
Eowar narrates 'fucked up beyond recognition'
Gromos narrates 'hih'
Aznog prays 'vaire'
Wasrek prays 'fubar`?'
Khazduk prays 'Please answer: From how old backup you gonna restore?'
Furia narrates 'well anyone can say how long it takes to fix problem - more less'
Shaykh narrates '(no reimbs of course ).      
Eowar narrates 'sorry fucked up beyond all recognition'         
Folin narrates 'fucked up beyond all repair'       
Infinity narrates 'what the fuck happened with mume ?'       
Khazduk prays 'Because this char is 3 days old and i dont wanna loose it:(' 
Shaykh narrates 'im p(manwe) if you didnt gues
Phier shouts 'FUBAR = FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION'shout if        
Aznog prays 'why doesnt the key load if it isnt muddle as you say :P?'shout if        
Malthros narrates 'I'm almost positive lb fort is missing.. :P' 
Liliah narrates 'Learn your abbrev's!'
Fji narrates 'IM NOT DEF! :p'                                                                                   
Shaykh narrates 'do spells work?'                                                                                           
Leknaat narrates 'we can't all be autorented or something?                                                                                                   
Dann narrates 'anyone know if backstab works?'                                                                                                
Gain prays 'what is wrong with the code' 
Malthros narrates 'yes it does'
Shaykh narrates 'cos i could use curecrit :P'
Isidor narrates 'sniff just reeqed, all to do again it seems *cry*'
Fji narrates 'why are you using caps lock?'
Elle narrates 'prob simple if u crash the mud and not let anyone on! :)'
Aznog narrates 'spells wore'
Aznog narrates 'work'
Folin narrates 'LOL... guess we all kknow what FUBAR means now... LOL.'
Hiharin narrates 'If there is nothing you can do about the situation, then what
could possibly be a valid question?'t elle you can't cra                    
Malthros narrates 'uh, we can't get into GH now, can we? :'
Fji narrates 'well...none done anythin wrong have they? or am i wrong?'
Gain prays 'anyone know'
Elle prays 'can u go invis 62 or something?'
Eomir narrates 'is xping on mobs that normally assist but currently don't, but its the only thing you can do cause the gate is broken punishable?'
Grombur narrates 'i dont think we can get in or out of any town'
Infinity narrates 'is all gold gone or ?'
Malthros narrates 'someone break bree s gate plz?'
Anarithel narrates 'i cant tell sauron list! *SNIFF*'
Anarithel narrates 'its open'
Nilcrist narrates '89 players on atm'
Furia narrates 'btw tharbad guards are evil?'
Grombur narrates 'what is there was a raid right now?'
Dann narrates 'if you come noc i gaurantee you some fun! and kills! even though
they wont count when they load up save!'
Poukramm narrates 'Those guys are good poker players, they bluff well... I
wouldn't be 100 sure the logs will be logged... *giggle*'
Nirmeroc prays 'fornost'
Gelid narrates 'Fuck this fucking game'
Isidor narrates 'i don't think the xp you make atm will remain anyway'
Eomir narrates '*laugh*  no noc defense! :P'
Nirmeroc prays 'fornost'
Delgur narrates 'any1 tired to dt allready ?'
Melinda narrates 'someone dis so i can fb'
Nilcrist narrates '90 players on atm'
Infinity narrates 'dis't phier i         
Grombur narrates 'they just keep comming't phier i bet i can ban everyone! :P                                    
Isidor narrates 'this will increase :)'ban     
Sandcryer narrates 'Forlond's North Gate - The gate seems to be closed. - It seems to be locked. - You can't seem to spot any lock to pick.'ban *.* 1 99        
Grombur narrates 'someone bust me and thore out of bm!
Kerplunk narrates 'all ships broken?
Baghtru narrates 'damned this is boringcv  
Fji narrates 'what happened so totaly wrong?'
Hylin narrates 'is vt near bree?
Khazduk narrates 'rubble
Khazduk narrates 'rubble
Hiharin narrates 'Well, cant butcher. Guess I'll starve.
Malthros narrates 'vt is very not near bree
Shaykh narrates 'RUBBLE
Nilcrist narrates '95 players on atm
Anarithel narrates 'are there actually orc players on?
Eomir narrates 'ack!  can't butcher?
Tusker narrates 'MAN
Grombur narrates 'repent sinners!
Hylin narrates 'north south east or west of bree?
Grombur narrates 'the end is extremly fucking nigh!
Shaykh narrates 'RSC
Daz narrates 'does track work?
Malthros narrates 'I give barbed fang in bree to whomever gets me bree jail key
Tusker narrates 'DO DWARF
Khazduk narrates 'avenir rescue i must nuke
Khazduk narrates 'avenir rescue i must nuke
koll narrates 'type where.. many darkies around :)
Smrtihlav narrates 'gig where is fun?
Aznog narrates 'am
koll narrates 'who in warrens even
Vij narrates 'lets go w!!
Baghtru narrates 'it's FUBAR!
Infinity narrates 'trolls can sun!
Beat narrates 'Kedlo tells you 'The sun burns you! You slowly turn into stone'
Furia narrates 'sure but normalay u cant do chief on mild ;-)'
Smrtihlav narrates 'gig
Smrtihlav narrates 'u sure?
Shyn narrates 'the gems of my staff gone!!!!
Nacs narrates 'some1 try typing - help
Phier tells you 'ok lunch time, later :)
Smrtihlav narrates 'well he didnt even sunned!
Rannan narrates 'at least you lose lotsa hps, dunno about turning to stone
Eowar narrates 'what's up with these linkless player?
Kedlo narrates 'well it's been like that before 
koll narrates 'thats enough.. doesnt matter if u stay alive with 1 hp :P
Kedlo narrates 'don't turn right away...
---Much deleted---
Din shouts 'everyone who exploited these bugs will be very much demoted, yes'

Fji narrates 'you might not even have a account'
Isldir has entered the game.
Aznog narrates 'not in'
koll narrates 'what bugs?'
Fji narrates 'after that'
Danlinar narrates 'anyone know when reboot is gonna come?'
Marras prays 'i guess if i did lord now and got his ruby ring its illegal so i can hide it or you can take it from me :)'
Riffraff narrates 'everything seems normal to me'
Aznog prays 'is it abuse when i tryed soling guthblug to  get key and open
ironbars :(?'
Melinda narrates 'lol'

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 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/09/25 02:00, Vaire: 
Sorry for some bad editing, but I was trying to see what all could be done and had to edit out a lot of spam. Anyway, purely for amusement value, i had about another 200k of it in another log.

2003/09/25 03:16, Gamli: 
So can we have a poll guessing which ainu caused the problem? Pretty please? Hehe.

2003/09/25 03:16, Eolo: 

Please, put this in HELP ABBREVIATION w/ RTFN (read the fucking news)

2003/09/25 03:50, Adaric:   
It would be very interesting to see actual player logs of stuff like this, just for those of us who were stuck in classes during this time >_<

Otherwise, some fun comments. It would have been fun to have been playing then, I think (or maybe not? seems you couldn't pray anywhere after death... I'd be screwed...) But... could you even quit? (command quit now)

2003/09/25 04:08, Vaire: 
Mortal logs would be a lot funnier. I can't believe no one posted those. I had some funny stuff I had to take out because there was info in there I couldn't post :(

2003/09/25 04:40, Sogard:   
Forgot to log my travels, so can't post my chatting with brolg, or barbaras, or trying to get lowbies to kill bree mobs for gold. :P

2003/09/25 05:43, Marduk: 
Was some fun in moria :) I have all logged, but as Dain said:-> Din shouts 'everyone who exploited these bugs will be very much demoted, yes'
Give me definition for that and maybe I post some fun :) It just I dont trust Immos, they bend the rules as they wanna see :P

2003/09/25 07:12, Hana: 
LOL i loved this - Phier tells you 'ok lunch time, later :)

2003/09/25 07:38, Andrg:   
Important point here!

Check the Khaznuk narrates. He did NOT die because he couldnt seek in rdell. (Hint: he wanted reimb because of that).

2003/09/25 11:44, Nilin: 
I would have very much liked to do balrog during that time :p
No muddle at all, just go in and whack balrog :p

2003/09/25 12:14, Staub: 
sadly balrog didn't pop, we killed moria kraken though :)

2003/09/25 12:30, Bagger:   
Please dont log anything else.

2003/09/25 13:01, Vaire: 
The thing about mudlle being broken is that mobs/objects that load by mudlle weren't there.

Really it makes you appreciate how much 'mudlle' which is native to MUME has added over what the Implementors took from DiKU etc.

Bogger/Bagger/whoever, be lucky I don't post my xp'ing logs or other spam. Piss me off and I might :P

2003/09/25 13:06, Bagger:   
Xp logs are way better than this shit, this one aint even worth being called a log.

2003/09/25 13:59, Rik: 
I don't like muddle without mume. :(

2003/09/25 14:20, Gray: 
- Were wps REALLY VISIBLE? 8) ***DROOL***
- Was MUME restored from backup so all eq/exp gained during that time gone?

2003/09/25 14:30, Naga: 

2003/09/25 14:44, Gray: 
Moan :( I feel cheated now... to bad I missed this time.

2003/09/25 14:47, Guido: 
XP was visible tho.

2003/09/25 15:41, Durandir:   
Belive it or not.. tps also.

2003/09/25 16:47, Devastator: 
I heard Nacs bought beer in Bree? :)

2003/09/25 18:01, Vaire: 
You really had to think hard about all the things that don't function w/o muddle:

Mudlle doors don't open, mobs' mudlled attacks don't function, much of the defense of areas is based on mudlle. Reciepts don't work, some containers don't work, you can't fill water skins, you might have been able to port, but I think portkeys are mudlle...if you had old portkeys did they survive the reboot that started this.

The actually time was about 1:15 (guessing). For immortals, we didn't have /go or /shout or /snoop and couldn't /trans or morgul :P

Sometimes I see how much of MUME is from the base of Diku/Circle etc, but then 1 hour w/o mudlle...makes it really apparent how much coding work has been put into MUME.

2003/09/26 01:19, Zaber: 
I remember like 3 years ago when we had a thing like this, but the fun part was that you could see how much damage you did! That was quite fun! I know my average hit on a forest troll was 52 hps!

2003/09/26 08:10, Bjrn: 
Shit I remember that too, guess I've played long enough now :/

2003/09/26 13:17, Naga: 
Ditto, Bjorn :)

2007/06/12 01:26, Sogard: 
Classic :D


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