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2018/04/23  Slayah:
Never. Trust. An. Elf.
2018/04/23  Singleton:
@Mojo: Thats a suggestion I can get my head around, literally ...
2018/04/23  Mojo:
You could always make beer ice cubes and use those :D
2018/04/22  Bardock:
Special ed more like it.
2018/04/22  Fieldy:
Damn, you are special :D
2018/04/22  Bardock:
lol I don't know anyone else who does it but I like it.
2018/04/22  Ghanic:
Ice cubes in beer is about as american as the metric system
2018/04/21  Brewer:
Ice cubes in beer? What witchcraft is this?
2018/04/20  Kabysh:
Handmade beers are Da Bomb:) flava:)
2018/04/20  Bardock:
we got great beer in the US but its none of the big major brands. A good majority of people stick to those major brands but I agree they are watery crap shizer.
2018/04/20  Fieldy:
I just remembered one (probably fake for laughs) quote.
'When I can't drink my own piss, I'll have a Coors Lite' - Bear Grylls
2018/04/20  Bardock:
I like very cold beverages, whats wrong with that? True American beer is watery but thats why you go for the craft beers. I buy local beer, IPAs and Porters. I will never drink that shitty watery Bud Weiser, Miller, Coors lite etc, I rather milk a donkey bare handed.
2018/04/20  Fieldy:
2018/04/20  Ghanic:
Ice is for sippers
2018/04/20  Telessar:
What the fuck ? I have never seen a single person in my life put ice cubes in their beer here in the US. Bardock likely has never been in the bar or has never owned a fridge
2018/04/20  Täpp:
American beer is like having sex in a canoe. Fucking close to water
2018/04/20  Fieldy:
Shrug. Everyone has their tastes and (drinking) culture. Just funny from this side.
2018/04/19  Bardock:
I know I am a lunatic and also slightly retarded. Sorry, I meant special needs.
2018/04/19  Fieldy:
Ice cubes in a beer. I don't know what to say :D
2018/04/19  Bugli:
I can't imagine putting ice in beer. Haha.
2018/04/19  Bardock:
strange how its so different, I couldn't imagine drinks without ice. I like ice in beer as well :D
2018/04/19  Kyndill:
Some beers are made to be served at 8-12 degrees C.

Any man attempting to water my cognac or serve it to me cold, will be roundly ridiculed, and rightly so. Two drops of water in a good whisky are useful, but putting ice in it is pure philistine barbary.
2018/04/19  Fieldy:
Americans put ice cubes in their beer? Isn't it close to water already?
2018/04/19  Singleton:
People drinking warm beer?? We leave that to the English.

Our beer here in Germany always is ice cold, even without ice cubes in it.
2018/04/19  Bugli:
It's fun to freeze liquor with liquid nitrogen and add that to whatever mixer. As the liquor-ice melts, the drink gets stronger; it is the opposite effect of water ice.
2018/04/19  Bardock:
I cant drink at a bar unless theres lots of ice in my drink, its crazy to me sorry , just had to confirm. Ice cold mixed drinks are a must, just imagining getting a drink at a bar in Europe with no ice would slap my left tit. srry am drunk lel
2018/04/19  Bugli:
Do they keep the liquors chilled at the bar?
2018/04/19  Bardock:
omg its fucking true. I cant believe it. I heard that when you ask for ice they give you a single cube.
2018/04/19  Nero:
Ice is wasting space that could be more of the drink you paid for and hiding the flavor of it.
2018/04/19  Ton:
depends on the drink? atleast in my experience... theres also people that drink warm beer *gasp*
2018/04/18  Bardock:
2018/04/17  Singleton:

To revive 'Superdeathflame' should be punished by reading old logs for at least a months.
2018/04/16  Superdeathflame:
Thanks for not letting me mobdie when I was moria-afk *elf*
2018/04/16  Kyndill:
On those occasions when I've died to Norsu- and Throgpacks, it most certainly hasn't involved anything more than a fast linked, largish group of hardhitting, mostly smiting warriors, killing solo, non-abs-wearing runners like myself, by spamming me down. A group of 4 would often not require more than 2 hits per member, 3 at the most, on a caster target.

Of course, they were one of the reasons why wearing abs became an absolute must. Groups were overpowered then, and still are.
2018/04/16  Täpp:
Some used skype, some mappers where you can see your groupmembers, but all grouped with ~same groupmates all the time. They would not have been so good without their regular optimized groupmates, with random people it's way harder. Obviously someone like Uldor doesn't really belong to that list, just some random names.
2018/04/16  Singleton:
>>Norsu etc who all always relied on extremely coordinated group mechanics with skype/connected mappers.

> Yea... Wait, what?

2018/04/15  Morzhel:
Np Tapp :) btw, since when does Nimmeth use sleep now, as if I was going to even kill half of your group!
2018/04/15  Täpp:
Nazrashu spared me while i was linkless, computer crashed. Thanks))
2018/04/15  Enforcer:
Snakr, just log off next time you have 'the urge to cheat'.
2018/04/15  Toigan:
All my latest bans/demotes have been due to the fact that PK is just dying out.
When I come back and make a char, people fight. Once you warlord and become 'known' - noone (almost) bothers to fight you.

I've cheated for two reasons lately: A) To find people to kill (cross-race spying) to trigger some PK B) To level up/mix travelling with multiaccounting to speed up the progress to PK.

I really wouldn't bother to cheat, but each time i play, I play too much and the game doesn't really offer anything if you are online 12h a day seeking to PK. (Not blaming anything or anyone, its my own impatience that triggers these cheatings)

By no means Im the 'best pker' I just have my shenanigans when it comes to figuring out the best way of how to kill someone.
2018/04/14  Fieldy:
lol :D
2018/04/14  Rogon:
>Norsu etc who all always relied on extremely coordinated group mechanics with skype/connected mappers.

Yea... Wait, what?
2018/04/14  Telessar:
'complete newbies get fullsets fast and get confident and try pk and die, has happened thousands of time'.

They don't get confident? They get more scared...
2018/04/14  Moonglum:
I 100% agree with everything you said about both snakr and elestir, Tapp. It's too bad snakr always ended up cheating .. he surely did not need to.
2018/04/13  Täpp:
Most unpopular opinion of all time: p Snakr is the best pk-er, I've seen crazy stuff this guy has been able to pull off. Sure he sometimes cheats and gets banned after a while but I've seen logs of his door management and very fast smart decisions.. he's also great at playing with opponent's mind, making them think they are safe etc.. But compare him to someone like Azazello/Mammoth/Luke/Norsu/Lowyn/Moonglum/Uldor etc who all always relied on extremely coordinated group mechanics with skype/connected mappers. Those guys were not that good solo/with smaller group. p Vardamir is another great one of course in that regard.

Another unpopular opinion: Elestir has done more good than bad for MUME pk. Because he accepts anyone to his groups, is extremely kind to anyone, complete newbies get fullsets fast and get confident and try pk and die, has happened thousands of times. Also he has continued playing last 10 years which has kept a lot of people playing imo.
2018/04/13  Eyja:
Need to kill my wraith.
2018/04/13  Jessy:
Zepir defending Elestir? lol I never thought this would ever happen lol
2018/04/13  Derek:
This would be a very nice competition , to pour water on fire as we say ... Let's vote for the best mume player, but 'id rather say not only for skills, but also for role playing , and cooperativeness. What do you think ?
2018/04/13  Corny:
While I agree that people should play mume the way they like, I personally think it was boring when half of the whitie/darkie side was busy following Elestir instead of being available for pk:p
2018/04/13  Bardock:
yes its totally open for debate but when I say best , I just mean overall skill and knowledge and many other factors. Elestir or Woland I think would be #1.
2018/04/13  Auron:
I'd probably go with P(Zack) if I had to vote best all around player.
2018/04/12  Snarp:
I can think of a handful of other players I'd vote for as better players. Certainly he is very knowledgeable but that's what comes with 3 real life years worth of play time.
2018/04/12  Bardock:
I think we can all agree Elestir is the best mume player. I seriously doubt he has to cheat. Hes actually a nice guy like seriously, he is always helping others and if you are not playing against him hes a good person to have on your side. I think people are going way overboard and just need to realize hes playing a game and hes playing to win. Give him a break. Trust me I hate getting overkilled and trapped but its mume, unless the dumb incompetent Ainur do something to fix the game, its not his fault.
2018/04/12  Volcam:
wtf aztaroth and co. 3v4 and 3 of u are sanced and yet u break exit? :(
2018/04/12  Eiluvial:
I doubt Elestir uses actiontrack. He seems more like a guy that abuses bugs/features to the max before management finds them.
2018/04/12  Toigan:
maybe he pursues actions
2018/04/12  Enforcer:
Maybe he action-pursues!
2018/04/11  Gal:
The pursue command takes care of action tracking.
2018/04/11  Done:
Best thing i've read all day. You actiontrack, Nimmeth. And don't dare to deny it.

018/04/11 Nimmeth:
@Rashnak Splitting of chasing group is often necessary even today (one part of the group slow-tracks in case enemy is buying time somewhere, resting)
2018/04/11  Nimmeth:
@Gal Each time you offer 1 vs 1, you risk enemy will change it in some sort of overkill when it hurts you the most, and I simply decided I wont base my PK on the good will of my enemies. I've decided I will simply expect the worst from them and I am not trying to pretend that they shouldn't expect any less from me (of course I will still not sun trolls on purpose, but I will play the way game rewards me for and the way that is fun for me). Also the few times I PKed solo it usually proved to be big mistake as enemies I encounetered rarely wanted a 'fair' 1 vs 1 so if they ever fought, they turned it into some wizkill at the first opportunity.
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