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2019/02/19  One:
He probably just walked across the southern border. OMG Trump was right!
2019/02/19  Lolek:
how the heck does someone like snakr get into the US? for sure he has a criminal record! ;D
2019/02/17  Drazan:
2019/02/17  Fieldy:
Hangover Bljet, SnakrLab edition
2019/02/17  Toigan:
Yo anyone in Vegas? me and pZorts got apartment here, would be cool to go fuck shit up. Gonna stay here for a while - ya boi Snakr
2019/02/15  One:
That’s just stupid! Short 200g, but your charged 300% the original bill.
I have an orc that can cover your cost. I logged on but you weren’t there.
2019/02/15  Wreak:
*cry* Any filthy, disgusting rich darkies want to log on?

Your rent was 300 gold, ten silver, and 27 copper, but you only had 100 gold.
The innkeeper will keep your possessions for some time and will return them to you for 1003 gold.
2019/02/14  Jahara:
Valaphel: submit a PR with your changes to
2019/02/13  Kylar:
I love you Plisken :) never change! (except maybe take a smidge more risks lol)
2019/02/11  Valaphel:
I ported an old version of Azazello's pandoramapper to Qt5. (Thanks Jahara for the helpful suggestions on your blog about how to handle the migration from QGLWidget to QOpenGLWidget!) Played yesterday for nearly four hours on darkside. It's still fun, after all these years.
2019/02/11  Kylar:
That was an amazingly intense session, followed by a ridiculous escape and fun pk! No other game gets the adrenaline going to the point where I can feel my heartbeat in my ears. Thanks for the fight Astrex, I'm still rusty!

Woo warlord!
2019/02/11  Spiffy:
@Granzu: Yeah, i was on your guys tracks for like 20 minutes or so, waiting for stab sure move a lot! Pukes were not communicating or anything, was pretty chaotic on our side. Reveal wont save you, if you type it 2-3 seconds after entering a only reveals at the end of the cycle. Were you not to rip, Cruely might have survived as well...
2019/02/11  Atalante:
SDF! How goes?
2019/02/11  Bardock:
Granzu and Cruely, thanks for the fighting today, it was nice to get some action. FYI we didn't call any of the other pukes and sad to see ya guys get mostly looted. Hope we can fight again.
2019/02/11  Shaukr:
Luck of the elves! :( I had no idea you were that low.
2019/02/11  Kylar:
Oh my GOD Shaukr. If you were literally 10 seconds earlier, I was slept from arachnia, awful, frozen, and weak. What an insane rush, let me tell you!
2019/02/10  Granzu:
Spiffy - great timing :D

|reveal q
You begin to search...


Covonon (COV) has arrived from the west riding a pack horse.
*Spiffy the Noldorin Elf* leaves his hiding place.
Suddenly *Spiffy the Noldorin Elf* stabs you in the back.
You are mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.
2019/02/10  Superdeathflame:
2019/02/10  Kylar:
Right back at you my friend, things like this are why I came back to MUME. Good fights, and I HAD you! :)
2019/02/10  Fathra:
Kylar. It's amazing to see such people like you! Fighting like there's no tomorrow. The last kill felt bad.

Much respect!
2019/02/09  Rato:
Quoting Abba:
The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Why should I complain

But I thank you, for those who spared my eq at undeads last night... (I was as Gaston)
So we were able to keep fighting!
2019/02/09  Baratheon:
MUME Gac unwritten rules make me chuckle. We gac'd you because a guy from your group gac'd a guy in our group. So if you kill me, you can't gac me. But if your 3rd player dies and is gac'd by a guy grouped with me then you can now gac me and i can't gac you next time.
2019/02/09  Bardock:
that's your choice to make, it don't bother me il just play runescape XD
2019/02/09  Fieldy:
In all honesty, I like that Mithfalen still plays. He gives fights and does not pussy away :D I don't like the whining though, but its the part of it all :D
2019/02/09  Khorga:
you take mountain troll against scout and you lose. BTW Mithfalen, you allways be gacced if you die to me/my chars.
2019/02/09  Bardock:
and that's why I don't mume
2019/02/09  Kylar:
I told you, Zinister, bugger off so we can both xp! :)
2019/02/09  Fozuk:
Haha, we fight outnumbered and you gac? Fozuk is lowbie too btw. Well, goodbye staff!
2019/02/08  Khorga:
Not coming to loot, ok we sell shit then :D
2019/02/08  Koala:
Nice skills Cantina
2019/02/07  Toigan:
You mean YMCA was wrong?
2019/02/06  Odd:
That's pretty much how it goes out west.
2019/02/05  Khefin:
Edge of Marsh
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
A hardened ranger is walking around, looking for tracks.
Ouch! You lose a level!
2019/02/05  Granzu:
Bardock, you were Elohim?
2019/02/04  Toigan:
Don't die = no gacs? ez
2019/02/04  Bardock:
yap, you can have your 4 player population game and the boring gacs :D
2019/02/04  Samurai:
Mithfalen has returned after dramatically quitting, and is now calling the whole game 'retarded.'

This is me, surprised...
2019/02/04  Iszok:
Fair. But I had dark broadsword, chanted staff (no embeds) and a metal set (not full fine metal). Just trying to xp and level the BN and I took a fight.
2019/02/04  Toigan:
pManatark is getting sunned in LA right now, doubt he checks ER before back home :P
2019/02/04  Bardock:
I retired cause dumb fuck zinrock and nazghul gacced me after I gave them a 2v1 mume is fucking retarded
2019/02/03  Fieldy:
I dunno if he visits Elvenrunes or MUME, but as far as I know he rockin' and stuff as usual : P
2019/02/03  Livien:
Hey, is pManatark still around?

Came across some new metal today ( that reminds me strongly of his band's music. Some people here have made a strong impact on me irl, in various ways. Hope you're all well.
2019/02/03  Tenor:
Talk to the troll, it may have made it's way to warrens...
2019/02/03  Nero:
Ugh, eq whines. When you die, expect any legend eq to be taken every time. If enemies are around *of course* you're going to be gacced because the other side will be trying to loot you. Just track after the battle if you care about your basics because they'll probably drop what they don't need somewhere once they've secured the equipment.
2019/02/03  Iszok:
My empty corpse and companion saying “the dwarf insta gac” followed by me tracking you from corpse to RD to check for dropped items says different
2019/02/03  Tenor:
Nothing was looted, Iszok.
2019/02/03  Iszok:
level 20 bn charges Baar, Heimdal and Ahoy with a level 22 troll. Eats 2 spells to rip and Heimdal gacs. stay classy puke side
2019/02/02  Fozuk:
Where did you drop it? Pretty sure nothing was around as far as i could see.
2019/02/02  Narugil:
Was nice rush to fight against 4 alone. But then Arkadij also joined and ruined our party. I dropped most crap but kept shinings and shield as i needed them! fair to me!
2019/02/02  Fozuk:
Kinda boring to get gacced after fighting like that Narugil. I bet you didn't need my eq anyways and lugging around with it is just dumb. Well well, enjoy it anyhow!
2019/01/31  Raudo:
for the two *orcs* i charged in dunadain daptain s ingrove .. damn .. i still can't believe how i sucked there. probably i forgot i was playing caster and not hitter.
2019/01/30  Ton:
While wearing heavy armour you may even save bashes from lighter oponents, say a thieves holding a lightshield
2019/01/30  Thorr:
The age of combos would be over
2019/01/30  Rashnak:
I'd prefer an approach, where short-range mobility, eg. moving and fleeing speed, and dexterious moves like bashing speed would be affected by heavy metals, and that malus wouldn't be limited to just non-warriors.

In exchange, other benefits of wearing metals could be even increased.

As it stands now, heavy metals are usually preferred armor over shining mails for example, and I'd rather see this change for a sub-type of warriors even, not to mention other classes.

Basically tactics like hit-fleeing or cast-fleeing, with or without charmies present, would be made much harder if wearing heavy armor. Possible new benefits of continuing to use such armor (despite those maluses) could include not only the obvious higher armor stats, but maybe even reducing _some_ spell damage.

2019/01/30  Raudo:
To me Casters should not be able to cast or at least have heavy peanlties in casting when wearing metals and Thieves should not be able to move silently .. this should be more realistic, and would promote grouping . Infact this has disappeared . I think that nowadays only warriors has to group to get a decent exp at high level.
2019/01/30  Fieldy:
I understand the situation. It is a lot more difficult to kill a mage or a cleric or a thief in metals, but I find there are some good tactics that work and they usually have. Dunno, for some reason I do not see much of a problem. If the mage/cleric has charmies with him and is in metals, then it is almost impossible though : P
2019/01/30  Baratheon:
I don't want mages and clerics and thieves (like mine) to wear it anymore. or at least be penalized. How many of you have some 18 str pure mage? We should try to balance abs
2019/01/30  Fieldy:
You don't think metal gear is already heavy enough?
2019/01/30  Baratheon:
What about the metals idea though?
2019/01/30  Fieldy:
Yeah, get over it : P
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