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2019/04/26  Ghanic:
Matthew will have the best POV. I went from laptop, to phone, back to laptop midfight. Bluetorch doesnt log fights and I had to restart my laptop immediately aftet the fight to try to get my Wi-Fi working and I didnt copy/paste beforehand
2019/04/26  Ton:
heard that 2v2 was quite close, can we get a log?
2019/04/26  Lozen:
What do you mean it will catch up eventually? I die all the time. Only difference is you dont see me bitching on ER cuz i lost. Instead I thank ppl for the fight whether I lost or won. Civility came from dying alot
2019/04/26  Raziell:
it was all my fault, I was playing without all my aliases set and fucked everything up also figured eagles were lozen's due to the fact ive never seen him without them ever anyways sorry matt ill make it up to you and lozen as usual playing like a bastard it will catch up to you one day
2019/04/26  Ghanic:
I was playing from my phone the whole fight. Had i not already had a kill *man* and burning hands alias set I wouldnt have done a thing the whole fight so that puts me as more useless then a bad naked bn. And as for you thinking im shit, well, i simply dont give a fuck about your personal opinion. Again, we arent friends. See you on the battlefield :D
2019/04/26  Matthew:
ah you were trying to escape from a bad manaless bn who just prayed from hidden island? i knew you were shit but thats another lvl
2019/04/26  Padan:
Lulz Mithfalen ;)

I might post a log, me and Shaukr friendship
2019/04/26  Ghanic:
dont know where you get off thinking i owe you something considering we arent friends. and as for the rekill, if i wanted you rekilled it would've happen. my link was still acting up so i was trying to escape, not rekill
2019/04/26  Curve:
that was my mistake, i looted wrong corpse as we both got back at the same time. realized i still have staff and some other plain eq 10 min later i went back but looked saw campfires figured everyone rented
2019/04/26  Matthew:
thanks for leaving jack shit after most of ur shit was left from last time Ghanic/Lozen. and the attempted rekill. pathetic
2019/04/25  Aganir:
BN Clerics SUCK.
2019/04/25  Fastegg:
Dong, after all fun fights we had i deserve full gac? well good to know to ignore u in future
2019/04/25  Raziell:
Hey dear friends im off for a week or so but please post some logs while im on 'sabbatical' for a week...
2019/04/24  Atalante:
Thanks Jahara! You da man!
2019/04/23  Umnik:
Murango, i have your wand
2019/04/23  Jahara:
2019/04/22  Ghanic:
Great fight Matthew! My mistake was entering with no mana thinking I could finish you with sword. Damn azure :D
2019/04/22  Bardock:
plz u guys set your hatred for me aside and watch this and have a good old hard laugh pls your welcome
2019/04/20  Dunmir:
no im talking about blocking me in with eagles after i ld voided... and you know you did it so dont play coy
2019/04/19  Ghanic:
Charging brolg solo and quaking brolg's room to kill a bn? Hardly stupid or lame considering this is a pk mud...
2019/04/19  Dunmir:
lozen that was stupid and lame and you know it...
2019/04/19  Zant:
You had no flag (no max wimpy set). So it wasn't so easy to tell you were LD until you were like bad, and at that point it was eiter us, rangers or the pukes who followed Smulk's tracks to finish you off. Consider using 'change linkdrop' feature. And we decided not to loot and even yelled to pukes later that you were probably LD so they wouldn't loot.
2019/04/19  Xoone:
thx for the LD kill Kim
2019/04/19  Matthew:
Uh I think it was you who was yelling 'lol luring for trap!!'. Grow up.
2019/04/18  Caureondil:
Sorry, Matthew, for making you mad online. Next time I will fight the way you want me to in order to ensure you have maximum enjoyment. I apologize for not going low enough, it won't happen again.
2019/04/18  Sert:
Wreak, to make you feel better, I miss them with 163 ob.
2019/04/18  Matthew:
maybe instead of yelling shit Caureondil, you should fight a bn that is 50 levels less than you.
2019/04/17  Wreak:
OK! That was _EMBARASSING_ and I want to know how a 155ob orc warrior can't bash a goddamn man mage. I'm just embarrassed.
2019/04/17  Elestir:
@Boddah Good idea, and perhaps make charred staves load somewhere too (and make them last longer). Rather than nerfing the features, it is always better fix to boost the counters.
2019/04/17  Boddah:
Here is an easy fix for charmies: make Magic Blast actually work, and give a chance to forcedrop charmies!
2019/04/17  Grindel:
Ok, I didn't expect to ever say this but can we nerf charmies already? Every fight is overkill now because pukes bring 2 meagles each.
2019/04/17  Ginger:
Guyz I would never cheat. Oh w8.

'Thirdly, only 'cheating' that happened recently was indeed account sharing'.

2019/04/17  Samurai:
<snakr-vision>Yeah, I'm a huge fan of yours Snakr! In fact, lots of people love you because you're so handsome, and tough, and smart! Someday everyone is going to recognize how awesome you are and worship you, it's just a matter of time buddy.</snakr-vision>

Welp, back to reality:

2019/04/16  Toigan:
k fanboi
2019/04/16  Samurai:
Just randomly came across a log of Snakr cheating in 2003. Public service announcement: Snakr was a notorious cheater from at least 2003 all the way to 2017.

Snakr cheating in 2003:,69665_start_0_omode_utziwnkkz_typ__rand_1_show.m

Fast forward to 2017, FOURTEEN YEARS LATER, and guess what was happening? Snakr was getting his account nuked, again, for cheating.,83077&disc=1&sort=1&omode=&all=0&typ=

Snakr, YOU and YOUR CHEATING ruined MUME. You were so terrible at MUME that you couldn't win. So you cross-raced, multiplayed, etc., and ruined it for everyone else. Nobody on MUME trusts anyone that they don't know because it could just be you, mentally masturbating and pretending you are good at MUME when in fact you are only good at some easy alternative game called cheating.

I really wonder what this community would have been like without Snakr.
2019/04/15  Wreak:
Pisses me off that you lived on incap and some stupid elf shows up and takes the only part of my gear I wanted. Stupid elfs.
2019/04/15  Marok:
Star can't suck that much, 3 hits to hurt from -50 down. Damn lol
2019/04/15  Wreak:
I never give up! Lucky with the sortie. And I was down 50 myself.
2019/04/15  Marok:
Darkies looted you and yeah counted as a win for you, but started -40 hps!
2019/04/15  Wreak:
I mean, that counts as a win for me, Marok. Sucks I got looted, but still. I won.
2019/04/15  Marok:
Wreak, legit thought you'd bail from that lol. Wasn't expecting you to stay caught me off guard at the end. Comf on death.
2019/04/13  Bardock:
Really good right now, I have been mining XVG for a long time not really trading. Everything is up, its looking like we might get another good few runs in.
2019/04/13  Toigan:
hows the crypto going, Seth?
2019/04/13  Bardock:
@Toigan, il be trying that when its out for the nostalgia but I am telling yall Runescape is the best online PK Mud similar experience.
2019/04/13  Toigan:
lets play wow classic
2019/04/12  Sert:
Narugil, what a ballsy charge and it paid off big time. Enjoy spoils!
2019/04/12  Rael:
Thanks Ragface that has been thrilling! Since you were noname i tried to target you .But in the end Good old shady did the job !he is a bn asskicker ! When Dong died i was in door with 4 hps :-).
2019/04/12  Ragface:
Wellp, we entered on low mana...I didnt notice Dong gave me antidote...Never a good idea to enter shady on low mana (or at all) :). Gz on win Rael.
2019/04/11  Vegas:
Loot it. i'm not coming back
2019/04/11  Bardock:
I agree Smulk, I wont bother. Sorry :)
2019/04/11  Shaml:
phew that was close, 6hp got out :)
2019/04/11  Smulk:
@Bardock, to be honest commenting here is pointless and spending energy to tell you this might also be pointless. I am getting fights every single time I log on dark side during American hours. What you type here is simply false. Remember as well if you have nothing nice to say why bother commenting at all?
2019/04/10  Fiend:
Not saying charm is bad, but more than 1 charmie on a puke caster is bad :)
2019/04/10  Arvedui:
sure, give me fairer odds than permanent 3v1s and 4v1s then ill drop the eagles.
2019/04/10  Fiend:
So are casters with more than 1 meagle :)
2019/04/10  Ghara:
Coming from someone playing powerpuke caster.
2019/04/10  Arvedui:
awful to awful after quake and slash. trolls are stpuidly op.
2019/04/09  Bardock:
oh snap that must mean 5 whole people hate me, oh dear how will I ever cope :)
2019/04/09  Sarkazein:
'Druggo Mike' you're cute. I have made some great friends from MUME, I have people that I talk to outside of the game, and people I'm inviting to my wedding, all from this game.

No one likes you. No one is friends with you. You bring literally nothing to the table.

I guess if that were me, I'd be a bitter, hateful, miserable troll too.

Also, you suck at the game. That probably doesn't help either.

2019/04/09  Bardock:
Random Runes is not for logs! If you want to post a log, even a short one, please upload it to one of the log sections!