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2018/08/14  Cuuldur:
I guess I will just have to second Walo. And Fandr yes i realize afk = a free kill. I will just no longer be that free kill.
2018/08/12  Dumbo:
Cursewords are not allowed as names :)
2018/08/12  Bardock:
Character name (or enter for more, or ?): Mithfalen
That name is not allowed, please try another

2018/08/11  Fandr:
A free kill
2018/08/11  Ghanic:
Afk less then 4 minutes after seeing me at thorns/hedge and inside a closeable xping? You kidding me? 'Dethklok won't charge us' uh yes the fuck I will. And ended up dropping most. You took off too quick to recover any of it.
2018/08/11  Cuuldur:
Great job Dethlock. Killing an afk char and gaccing. One less player in the game
2018/08/10  Toigan:
lol fuck off Gray and take Elestir with you
2018/08/10  Corwin:
Some insight to pvp from someone who has not played for around 7 years.
1. this game is ridiculously dependent on eq:
* everyone is using consumables left and right: from my 4 deaths 2 were from MA small pouches, 1 was backstab when I wasn't careful enough and 1 was mobdeath
* everyone who really is willing to fight is either a 20-year MUME veteran with ridiculous set of eq or a redshirt following one
* can a whitie even get a willow-group nowadays without off-game contacts?
2. the hometowns and such are built around the fact that there is a large amount of players. So as the playerbase has declined there is just no siegeing anymore. Just chasing/trapping in the middle of nowhere.
3. mobdeaths are still with ridiculous penalties. Why punish someone when they are willing to do some soloplay?
Anyway, this is far from 'worth my time'. I have just retired again.
2018/08/10  Korgath:
@Loff Wasn't really camping there. We were in Broghha before, where Corwin died, and I actually left back north when he started to yell whines, and as I passed your corpse, met you again. :-)
2018/08/10  Löff:
ok kill me twice, but camp near corpse, thanx fo rememberin me how big dick you are Elestir !
2018/08/10  Zud:
you won ... why such a sore player? I logged on and heard of all your whining all night, I wasn't even the orc from earlier. Loosen up and have fun in the game. The whining and yelling/bitching gives you a sour identity. Have FUN! :)
2018/08/10  Wutokh:
Zud and Carnivean, you are both pathetic. You need charmies rocks and portal 2vs1 yet Zud manages to die. Maybe stick to just trapping you fucking losers lol.
2018/08/09  Bardock:
lol Krack whines to me about trapping and then traps. :D do what you gotta do I guess. cheers m8
2018/08/08  Khuzd:
Comf :/ You lived so long.
Hope you got most of your stuff back.
2018/08/07  Aranaeth:
Atleast checking Elvenrunes goes quick these days.
2018/08/07  Bardock:
Yo Player Saai, log Zorc sometime to chit chat. Was hoping you wanna make Combo war scouts bash and shoot nukers . send me an email
2018/08/07  Morzhel:
Got it back, Jeraziah - thanks for fighting:) why did you just retire? :(
2018/08/06  Jeraziah:
I hope you got your gear back Lekexul
2018/08/05  Bardock:
I almost just ripped to an AFK kill as well :D would of been justified was dumb ass place to AFK in morthan :D
2018/08/05  Walo:
sentinel <-- good kill on my char sitting typically afk at the front gate with 2 eagles that I didn't even put on ya. and enjoy the eq, my life is too busy ive finally realized now to pay attention to this game at all because it requires too much attention. I was afk looking through a circular for food because I was asked to. Now there are ill feelings cause I was killed afk, I voiced that out loud, and it upset the people around me. Look, this game is bringing ill feelings across the board, and im seeing it more not just in me playing but others, along with new players alike. IMO Life is already hardcore, I don't need hardcore gaming anymore. If anyone wants to talk you know where to hit me. Im going to play phone games to occupy my small idle time. Good luck guys and have fun. Perhaps Ill come back later, Im going to tell you now I hope not :)
2018/08/04  Zûd:
Was fun overall. I just don't post logs, never have. I'm happy to see mums with so much battles lately as well. It is hopeful to say the least.
2018/08/04  Bardock:
I demand logs from today, people need to see what I saw today. Mume came back to life and really was magical moment. I hope the logs are all posted so the world can see PK lives on.
2018/08/02  Raudo:
damn afk sleep in shady is not safe if valgumihkel is around ... goot to see you again, even if i died
2018/07/31  Fandr:
Mmapper crashing immediately upon opening?
2018/07/31  Bardock:
Those who fight with honor will get their heavenly reward.
2018/07/31  Ghanic:
Didn't admit to anything. Just asked what was wrong with yelling. But if I did yell something then what was it? Say it. And as for honor, well, I don't take mume that seriously. I kill who I can, loot what I need, and use any weaknesses I've learned over the years about the player that I can to get a victory and expect nothing less from my opponents.
2018/07/30  Strônk:
Weirdest session ever. Starts with getting stabbed in cave just as I log on, dies thrakghash due my own mistake of not grouping lithe (which I charm 10sec before you guys arrive). Then I get a free full(bn)set. Sorry for the re-kill Khane. Dropped shining and staff, but you never showed up, even after we left. I was kinda in basics so needed most anyways. But staff was unlooted for the longest time. Hope to see you on the battlefield again.
2018/07/30  Bardock:
ah so your admitting it ok. make fun of me for my deaths all you want, atleast I have honor.
2018/07/30  Ghanic:
Whats the big deal about yelling at someone? Was it offensive? Was it taunting? Was it friendly banter? Please specify. And why as orcs should we go out in sun to chase you when you're 30 rooms from rdell when we could just wait for you to come to us? Obviously the latter is a more strategic option seeing as how you're so suicidal and baiting you only means waiting for your patience to run out. 0 risk to me and a guaranteed 100k and it only requires patience on my part. Hint: maybe if you weren't so predictable I might be forced to change up my strategies
2018/07/30  Bardock:
thats really odd, you seem to only want to fight in the open and with large numbers. shrug. Then you yell at me cause I been dying on my char Bardock that i specifically made for suicide pking lol........ yea bro its cause i fight, just like when me and allan charged 3 of u in HC with all mobs cause u wouldnt come track us..... Plz darkies I beg you, fight with calling huge overkill groups...
2018/07/30  Ghanic:
Always lookin for a fight :D and forever will be. See ya on the battlefield
2018/07/30  Bardock:
Dethklok, what happened bud? You used to like fight n shit, now your being a big bum bum doo doo butt. LOL <3
2018/07/28  Grumkin:
What is your point, Marco? That you can sit on your ass and stalk the darks like a creep instead of mobilizing against them? Rad! :D
2018/07/28  Marco:

[korgath] *Astrex the Black Númenórean* says 'scarred of portal'

*f CRW>

[korgath] *Astrex the Black Númenórean* says '>:?'

*f CRW>

[korgath] *an Orc* says 'hiw many rocks you havo ?'
2018/07/28  Kakao:
crispies i found your staff, log on please! :)
2018/07/25  Zintilden:
Why eat so many bashes M, instead of cast/flee?
2018/07/25  Löff:
maintaince 5-10 minutes
2018/07/25  Razzâr:
Is mume down?
2018/07/25  Löff:
someday :D i start over again ! thnx for fights
2018/07/24  Bardock:
plz get that BBT log up ASAP. The people demand it! :)
2018/07/22  Agarwaen:
Looking for a few warriors to help me get a jeweled helmet later today or tomorrow. Hit me up in game.
2018/07/22  Odoinn:
The sandbox? Rogon's working on it, I believe.
2018/07/21  Bardock:
Ugurz wants a pat on the back for overkilling and trapping guys lol, plz go read and it and compliment his bravery. He didnt even enter the portal when I was already dead and Hughes was wounded and manaless. Everyone give him a big clap he obviously needs it, he recently had a mental breakdown. Please give him some encouragement. He has never beaten anyone 1v1 in this game so plz give him some love.
2018/07/21  Kabysh:
You guys should play in the sandbox&#128512; (kindergarden)
2018/07/21  Yavanthir:
Log of the sleeper-crew back-trap is up.
2018/07/21  Algroth:
So... i love how when Bardock kills Ugurz in a lame way, he pretends he is humble, modest and above reproach.. doesn't post logs about it etc.. then when pUgurz kills him back, the true colours and his true nature comes out. Funny how that works.
2018/07/21  Zaram:
If you think gacing someone will definetly have worse impact on game than lame sleepkills, you are wrong imho :)
2018/07/20  Bardock:
Lol Ugurz so determined to make sure 0 Pkers play the game. Whats new tho, thats his Motif since the start.
2018/07/20  Dashiva:
Anyone ever heard the quote, 'All is fair in love and war'? This is a game...if you're losing sleep over this you have a problem.
2018/07/20  Yavanthir:
Sorry that you got caught up in this Vegas, my apologies. But players must be 'motivated' not to participate in this guy's cheap-ass tactics. Sleeping people in closeables, blocking all exits and then slaughtering them like pigs hanging from hooks, one at at time, isn't cool. Seth's sleep-character(s) will be crushed on sight, gacced, skull-fucked and burned. Unfortunately, any associates will suffer the same fate.
2018/07/20  Dashiva:
Thanks for the fight bn. Was surprised my armour dropped on the first fb haha. I knew it was over then.
2018/07/20  Moonglum:
Note regarding zaugurz orcs 'always gaccing' comments. I recently heard a newbie talking about this very thing when I was on the puke-side. He was very surprised to hear about the ZOC cart - he had no clue how zaugurz orcs acquired their 'special flasks'. Well, in my opinion, the cart was initially designed to help prevent the game from becoming overrun with magic items, similar to death traps. BY DESIGN, zaugurz orcs are forced to loot valuable items from their kills. As most players know, but probably often forget, this is how they build credit in order to request draughts back from the cart. Without draughts, zaugurz orcs are dead, simple. No mounts, no spells. Over the past year or so I've often bugged a god or two about simply erasing that side of the war. The player-base is too small for it. Simply convert all zaugurz orc characters into your standard orc, give them all rerolls or something and be done with it. I think it would be good for the game.
2018/07/20  Fieldy:
Shrug, it is RANDOMrunes after all!
2018/07/20  Bardock:
kk Im done :) sorry guys.
2018/07/20  Fieldy:
I love this place.
2018/07/20  Bardock:
Ugurz is so dense he does not see that per usual hes ruining the PK scene. Something he is very familiar with. Only way Ugurz can get kills is A: playing scout and scavenging other peoples fights or just backstab bid. B: running around with 5 or spam looting gaccing. I must of died to him and Frostwolf group 10 times (no exaggeration in the past month) did I spam him down and whine and cry? No, I moved on and got some basics and tried again. He seriously has some sort of messiah complex, notice how he demanded to be woken up and I dare to kill the great Ugurz and now anyone with me will be gacced and burnt as well. Chances are if you are with me, you are one of the last few of a dying breed (PKers) Ugurz finds himself to be some sort of Elite respected member of the community. Watching a full grown man act like you has been pathetic and very enjoyable lol, completely worth every last salty tear I got from you as you flooded my inbox on every last char you had. You have the aura of the guy that comes home and kicks his dog everyday so someone knows how powerful they are. The fact that you are gaccing random people just to spite me who are part of the dying art of PK just shows how crappy a sport you are. Take it out on me bro, act like someone with a spine and not a coward.

2018/07/20  Elízalde:
break it up, break it up ladies! you're both beautiful! Just take it to the pkscene and prove who is more pkclassy to us now.
2018/07/20  Bardock:
I just love how worked up Ugurz got from his death. It was worth the deaths + gacs. I might post the log of his mental breakdown one of these days for a good laugh or two. Dude goes flipping psychotic. Its kinda sad at the same time, its just a game Ugurz.
2018/07/20  Vegas:
Dude Jimbo... do what you want but the gac of a bunch of completely worthless puke eq. Not even sellable by a bn. Whatever tho. Logged hughes as he was my last unretired character. Guess we fixed that! Have fun guys. Got a good rush vs xoone the night before at least. Won’t say “I’m never coming back” but it’ll be a good long time. See ya on ER!
2018/07/19  Razzâr:
Please don't fight, mom and dad :(
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