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2018/10/15  Jahara:
@Dann, I'm the moderator for /r/MUME and it's currently done using IFTTT
2018/10/15  Baybee:
plz Torkild? log and instant no link? :)
2018/10/15  Dann:
Hey. I noticed the MUME reddit (/r/mume) posts automatically from ER when a log is posted. I was wondering if this is done by webhooks and who I might contact about possibly having that for the Discord also? Cheers.
2018/10/15  Jahara:
Anyone on Linux who has the MMapper 'cha height' bug want to help me fix it? Shoot me a mume mail.
2018/10/15  Bardock:
Nah I got nothing bad to say about Peter, just being honest. He does fight and that's getting rare for people to fight. Peter always thinks I am some how traping him, or some random dude walking by is in my group but ya. I don't see Peter going around just trapping people, that's not his style even tho he doesent give me all the fights I want (more to do with trust) I still am going to be honest about how he plays. Yea I don't know why I typed so much sorry about that. Let me boil it down. Everyone traps on mume, it happens, people ask for help sometimes. Shit goes down. Were all here for fun times like that on mume its exciting and you never know what is going to happen.

that being said. I generally don't see Peter trapping or overkilling people. he likes to fight but like I said he likes to play it safe.

(of course I get blamed for everything that happens like when other people call for help mid fight and it somehow then legally becomes my action and request )

that's what Im saying tho, its fucking mume, people are following narrates ALOT on puke, I cant tell you how many times me and my good pal Sorry will be looking for fights or I will be fighting solo etc and since I am a nar whore becoz its quicker then group tell etc, people tend to fol me on the battle field. Thus I worked in a new GT alias that's faster without delay so it happens less.

Yea it didn't seem like a huge overkill and trap, just as I suspected. I know Peter, he hates me of coz, I love him any way because again there is very few pkers active in this game and atleast when hes on some skirmishes etc can occur. Honestly tho ask yourself, you got a friend that's about to die, they beg you for help and you are able to help them. Do you deny helping a friend in a war to look good to the enemy team? Or do you let your friend die due to some sort of honor code?

I just like to type and spam btw, spam spam spam, ching chang chong Peter did no wrong.
2018/10/15  Blinky:
If Beorn had started hitting you trolls then he would finish you off. It’s sick that he killed me with you 3 in the room, and then he wandered back home. In hindsight I should have cured up before entering, and while luring I did take a wrong turn that made me eat quite a bit of damage. Great plan, poor execution.
2018/10/15  Sudo:
Someone should write the 'Rules of Engagement', to put an end or a new start on what is overkill, gac rights, etc...
2018/10/15  Baybee:
Blinky: You should be upset with the several other vomits sitting outside Nagash that wouldnt enter on us 3 with you, or yourself bro? You are ballsy, but wtf, you lured Beorn in there, what the fuck did you expect to happen bro? You mess with the bear, you get the claw? And sometimes Trolls.
2018/10/15  Glasya:
Wow! I am honored to have received a book, especially since I have not played Glasya in 3 months. Bardock, you wrote an entire novel LOL. Maybe some of us do not take Mume for more than a game. I had no idea what was inside, other than at minimum a helf that was popping a dead tower. We just wanted to keep our tower. War is war, it is not that deep.

@Bardock, my last 3-4 fights in hunter trying to give a fair fight ends with you wording out. I also continuously saw you tipping the battle in your favor with your own portal traps with Felam. Cough cough, DT? You are hilarious with your comments, errr novel.

Respond as you wish, but I do not play soap opera games on ER.
2018/10/15  Baybee:
I asked Glasya to block two pukes and charmies in VT. He was a fabulous BN that served his duty to Sauron. The Half elf escaped. GTFO? Its a war, and hey? Traps happen. We all have done it and our tracks were clear as day all the fuck over plz?
2018/10/14  Bardock:
Ya , thats the hope right? Its very difficult to get a fight with that group of people, they think everyone is trying to portal trap or overkill them. I have tried for hours to get fights anywhere outside of slag pit, seems to the be the only place Glasya and Co will fight. If they seem eager to enter a closable, that should be an immediate red flag and you should consider it most likely being a trap. Which unfortunately is the majority of PK action coming from that clique, also yelling non stop at people about lord knows what! That being sad I have no problem with Glasya or his crew, just know what to expect. Fighting in the open or near safe areas like guardian or portal traps. Peter is a nice guy he just likes to play it really super safe and you gotta have the patience for that if your gonna fight him. I have actually had great fights with him in the past. I dont think its so much that hes trying to trap but I think he is expecting a trap thus 'back trapping' after Marks group was playing everyone is kind of on edge expecting massive traps and lures. Not sure what the specifics were but Peter gives fights its just usually on his terms and in areas that are safe zones and easy to get to etc. Would love to get a good fight with him in hunter or so but it never happens :( Like I said, a fight with that group of people is gonna be slag pit, or a fight in hunter that usually ends with alot of darkies portalling in. Also, like I said, you just had Mark playing who was running around with max group and trapping and luring everything in sight. Post the log so we can see the situation? Atleast Peter is still giving fights, alot of the pk is morphing over to Zorc side cause Torcs and Bns are just not interested in fighting without traps. I mean shit tho its mume, its really hard to keep a respectable fighting environment and the moment some puke who was following nars runs by , suddenly your 'grouped with them' and planning a trap lol. Theres just no winning lately. I keep hearing stories about Peter just trapping a ton but have not seen it myself nor has he tried it on me yet. Its usually like I said fighting in the open and refusal to leave slag pit to fight in a better setting. At least hes contributing to PK and always fighting, thats doing alot more then most of the low pop of mume right now. Super sad times for us all :( Curious as to what really happened tho if someone could shed more light on it. I doubt he just decided to trap and overkill rather then take a fight. He seems to enjoy fights even if they are boring :D
2018/10/14  Blinky:
I always hope that p Glasya will give a decent fight. But then it just end in a huge overkill :( Lesson learned!
2018/10/14  Bardock:
dude holy crap cunning hobbit, that fight was so awesome. not even mad I died, happy I got such a great fight! keep it up, your a legend.
2018/10/14  Zaghnar:
Who could have known you had brains behind that belly Hobbit. Well played!
2018/10/14  Bardock:
yea I grow weary of both sides right now, If any of my normal group mates wanna join I will be on my Zorc war scout Zuira. hopefully see some yall on :)
2018/10/14  Baratheon:
Funny I think I might go zaug too. See you there
2018/10/14  Bardock:
well friends, I think I will try Zorc out for a few, if it goes ok may stay on a for a bit. Would play BN but pretty sure entire darkside wants to sameside me :D
2018/10/14  Elizalde:
I do, of course! 8)
2018/10/14  Bardock:
Anyone miss me yet lol
2018/10/14  Baratheon:
One of these days I'll remember stun pouches *has been saying this for years*. Nice charge GGs
2018/10/14  Rato:
Jahara, it seems that the height problem remains.
2018/10/13  Jahara:
See if MMapper 2.6.1 fixes the change height bug please
2018/10/11  Dann:
Just wanted to let anyone know about the MUME Discord. (Chatting, set up play times). Any admins here are welcome to admin there.
2018/10/10  Kalm:
Svarten, respect, you are very fast compared to my morning potato fingers, also unlucky flee directions did not also contribute to any of it.
2018/10/09  Nockurzh:
Just when I started reveal :D
2018/10/08  Gimilzagar:
Yes Edward. You are correct. However the bug is within mmapper. When I connect directly to mume the height isnt an issue, only when Im using mmapper. Its highly irritating to logon and you get that line you need to press enter to get rid of. In some situations it will be the difference between life and death (for instance raid on noc or zoc). And that you also have to reapply the height command every time you logon or reconnect to mume.
2018/10/08  Edvard:
In game you can type 'cha height x' to set how many lines u want to be able to see per page, if i remember correctly
2018/10/08  Ragazlimig:
So many things behaving oddly with newer mmapper versions. This I only had displayed when typing list in a shop, never happened before. Now it shows when I type list in my account...I mean sure, I got plenty of chars, but not THAT many :)

*** Return: continue, b: back, r: redisplay, q: quit (75%) ***

Any ideas?
2018/10/08  Arcanum:
(log has vanished)
2018/10/02  Dann:
Helfire looted Fors corpse. And no it wasn't necessary imo. -Dann
2018/10/02  Pirx: Rasputin mixed, just for listening :)
2018/10/02  Tekel:
Full GAC Necessary p forsgonsthen?
2018/09/29  Jahara:
MMapper 2.6.0 has been released!
2018/09/28  Blades:
Blah electricity cut out... expect to be gacced... joy
2018/09/27  Singleton:
Hehe, fun! Thanks for connecting :-)
2018/09/27  Relim:
I met Lochdale (Donal) tonight. He says hello. Reckons he'll bring Nazgum along for a game. Of what, he didn't say...
2018/09/27  Eldaril:
Rather, they're already magic but yeah -- same difference.
2018/09/27  Corny:
Darksword? Those are nochant I believe;)
2018/09/26  Ava:
Thanks for looting my unchanted dark sword noname elf.
2018/09/25  Sudo:
Ha! Zorcs and BN fighting side by side. I would like to see a log on that
2018/09/25  Eldaril:
Nah, liked it better before ;)
2018/09/25  Axel:
2018/09/25  Bardock:
it happens alot, Axel will have to fix it.
2018/09/24  Berror:
Hmmm, the last 15 years worth of posts seem to have disappeared on arglebargle. Interesting!
2018/09/23  Singleton:
*Singleton agrees with Nemi, Sudo and Granvil*
2018/09/22  Nemi:
*Nemi agrees with Sudo and Granvil*
2018/09/22  Sudo:
Well, I still enjoy playing. The game is not dead to me.
2018/09/21  Granvil:
Ah the problem is that it's only 3 or 4 people that constantly batter the arglebargle board of constant negativism under different names, and it seems much worse than it is.. it's just a game, and it's a good one.
2018/09/21  Baratheon:
I was listening to a gamer describe what constitutes a 'dead game', 'When you queue up and always face the same people. There are no new players or major mechanical changes'. They were referring to a video game, but the same applies here. Another was asked 'How do you know if a MMO is good?' Response 'How much of your life does it ruin? The more life ruined the better. It is easy to gauge' also made me laugh
2018/09/21  Samurai:
I am listening to Tolkien reading Tolkien, and am falling in love with the books all over again.

When I played this game, it felt like I was entering Middle Earth.

It makes me sad to see this board, and to a lesser extent MUME itself, dominated by name name-calling and other infantile behavior.

There is no easy cure for that problem. But when you see it, please call it what it is and walk away. Hopefully the people responsible will change or leave.
2018/09/21  Rael:
Rsw HP:Wounded Mana:Frozen *Icetee the Black Numenorean*:Awful
*Icetee the Black Numenorean* swiftly dodges your attempt to shoot her.
2018/09/20  Zintilden:
Doh. <3 Glaurog!
2018/09/19  Fisben:
That sucks. We looted yes, since it was obvious you were alone. The previous owner of the 'hat' you were wearing will be happy again. COmfs on the sunrip again. it sucks to die like that.
2018/09/19  Glaurog:
No panicking :) Thought I would manage to run DT before darkness decreases, second too late and insta sunrip. I wanted to go Warrens and rent, I guess the universe heard me :P Loot everything!
2018/09/19  Ali:
Glaurog - comforts. what happened? did you panic or just didn't watch the sun? fucking sucks either way. be more careful next time
2018/09/11  Bardock:
I set mine to un private about a month ago. still not changed lol.
2018/09/11  Sudo:
Why is everyone incog in ER nowadays? Ashamed of your behaviour?
2018/09/10  Alfred:
I've got a feeling pSmulk was just sad that he died again .. twice.
2018/09/10  Bardock:
the butt hurt is strong within these Padawans, tampons they need.
2018/09/10  Smúlk:
Interesting comment, considering it wasn't even me who killed you and I heard it was a zaug? So it was your staff that was left inside NOC. Good to know, as I don't have dispel magic. At the same time, knowing it was you, I feel much better.
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