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2018/02/22  Kabysh:
post some logs people:)
2018/02/20  Nemi:
The question is just how, and how badly it will turn out!
2018/02/20  Singleton:
That's so incredibly relaxing when playing BN: There is no uncertaintity that you WILL die today. EVERYTHING else is a win for you.
2018/02/18  Jeraziah:
Free exp like u is always welcome
2018/02/17  Bardock:
lol but what would mume be without gac and burn?
2018/02/17  Saensil:
Haven't played in a ~3 years. Is there any reason to start again? Are there even many players on?
2018/02/17  Impala:
Nice fight you 3. i took advantage of day to get a good start on you. i made it at end on awful, icy, faint after using an ork draught, pbs and miruvor.
2018/02/16  Singleton:
You ask that somebody who is named GACit ? *chuckle* *comf*

2018/02/16 Glasya:
Thanks for the 2 on 1 fight in HC Gacit and Rambler. Awful on Awful ending. But GAC/Burn corpse is why? At least leave staff? Peace out!
2018/02/16  Glasya:
Thanks for the 2 on 1 fight in HC Gacit and Rambler. Awful on Awful ending. But GAC/Burn corpse is why? At least leave staff? Peace out!
2018/02/13  Granvil:
!= CW HP:Bad Mana:Warm Move:Tired *Piglet the Zaugurz Orc*:Awful>

!= CW HP:Bad Mana:Cold Move:Slow>w
Dead-end Tunnel
Valejo, wielding a Beorning sword, is standing here. <<-- OH WHERE DID YOUC COME FROM?
*Piglet the Zaugurz Orc*, wielding a barbed fang, is standing here picking a lock.
Exits: east.

*Piglet the Zaugurz Orc* strongly pierces your body and shatters it.
Valejo utters the word 'zabrahpdjatz'
Valejo makes the earth tremble and shiver.
You hear *Piglet the Zaugurz Orc*'s death cry as he collapses.
*Piglet the Zaugurz Orc* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.
You are mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.
You lost great renown in this battle!
2018/02/13  Auron:
Not sure if that was ballsy or stupidity or an accident Piglet. I dragged corpse up and left most.. Hope you came back!
2018/02/12  Dent:
I'm for Sriracha on hot dogs. :)
2018/02/12  Baratheon:
So you're having a hot dog. Can you put ketchup on it or nah? I need to know where you stand on this.
2018/02/10  Bombi:
Thanks for fighting and re-killing guys, was fun!
2018/02/09  Kabysh:
I was drunk and wrote this on phone:D you get the point :F
2018/02/09  Drazan:
Kabysh wrote 'like you and me Pk'ers'

Wait what!? :D

2018/02/08  Kabysh:
No i didnt mean that Khazdul i meant this, like you and me Pk'ers dosent loot shit what they dont need, but atm darkies dying fly's and they need constantly eq, and nothing useful sold in noc, i wasnt trying to be douche, i was more like to explain pukes can get fullset much more easily, since shops are full of gear, and there is not much Pk these days, hardly you find anything to kill and getin Eq is huge problem for us (Pkers who play this game for PK only) and as u know there is nothing to kill most of the time. And i know for fact, everytime i die im fully gaced and i dont care either, yeah its pain to make staff, pointless time of waste but you probably get my point. no hard feelings whatsoever, i dont care about dying its part of the game. See you on the battleground.Respect
2018/02/08  Morzhel:
Any ideas why mmapper will randomly stop working? Just getting message - Server not responding!!!
2018/02/08  Khazdul:
Are you whining about being charged inside DT by pukes as a troll? That's like the dream scenario..:D

Anyhow.. If you want to run around and be a douchebag be my guest. Just don't come whining when the only players left in this game are you and certain Smobbers...
2018/02/08  Kabysh:
Ohh Right, Killing A troll with 14+4 spiders in DT should Summ it up, not saying you Gaced but you should be familiar with this. Go lorien 12 gleamins sold there pluss any other eq, you get what u give as they speak.
2018/02/08  Khazdul:
Real classy guys! A little tip for the future though: If you don't need the EQ please leave it in the corpse. Especially if someone has been decent enough to give you a fight inside your own home turf. This should be common sense.
2018/02/07  Vlkodlak:
That was fun Brewer, any time again :)
2018/02/07  Arthurius:
Thanks for leaving the eq.
2018/01/31  Canis:
Phew that was close escape, 7hp, armor down and misteleport to far far not there where planed :)
2018/01/30  Singleton:
That was fun, BNs in Urughash :-D What a shame I had no more antidote ready ...
2018/01/30  Fieldy:
Oh come on, tell us what did he do :D Or better yet, post a log!
2018/01/30  Frostwolf:
Holy shit that was ingenious Oedipus!!! ;) Kudos!
2018/01/29  Drazan:
I wasn't angry neither I didn't take your staff, it was just how to put it systematic looting of everything usable/valuable for daries. And that happens to all elestir redshirts. You can taste the same shit what he does on your own skin and it apparently made you cry enough to write in ER.
2018/01/29  Done:
I don't see the points of looting foci. I don't do that. Just because I group with nimmith, a bunch of 30-40+ middle age men are angry, well good on you. That's weird in my eyes. Ill still keep on not gaccing.
2018/01/29  Sardaukar:
On the 24th of Forelithe in 3037 of the Third Age, you were killed on the Hollin Road by a Dwarf (while feeling less in control
of yourself than usual). Because of that, you fell to level sixty-seven - I knew it :/
2018/01/29  Baratheon:
2018/01/28  Walo:
Im on the verge of a break mfrom this game, and I haven't even died recently... I lost interest again. Someone make it interesting for me :(
2018/01/23  Gorgonzola:
comfort Shaykh , u are crazy :)
2018/01/20  Cocktail:
You start to concentrate...
*Fastolph the Harfoot Hobbit* leaves his hiding place.
Suddenly *Fastolph the Harfoot Hobbit* stabs you in the back, you die..
hehe, just a sec before thought ok stand cure and move :)
2018/01/17  Narugil:
well that was fun Chtulhu! and it cant get much more close that that -
*: C HP:Bad Mana:Frozen Move:Weak>sc
35/200 hits, 1/131 mana, and 13/108 moves.
2018/01/17  Strori:
*Svarten the Mountain Troll* is standing here laughing. In the end 1,0 #Luther for me. What was so funny?
2018/01/14  Slayah:
Weep not Kabysh, to meet a fate so glorious is a gift few can claim. This hobbit could not have hoped for a better end than to go fist to fist against sauron's freaks of nature in the very center of troll town! FOR THE SHIRE!!
2018/01/14  Kabysh:
!O 14:29 Awful> an Elf starts <<<<CASTING>>>>>... Nimmeth the Noldorin Elf LEAVES << W E S T <<. an Elf LEAVES << W E S T <<. Slayah the Fallohid Hobbit (xxx) LEAVES << W E S T <<. Robal the Dwarf LEAVES << W E S T <<. Lomek the Fallohid Hobbit LEAVES << W E S T << sneaking. Voiinskreiz the Harfoot Hobbit LEAVES << W E S T <<. oO 14:29 Awful>n Filthy Pen Exits: (south). Some very close noise can be heard from the S O U T H. o[ 14:30 Awful> You hear some close noise from the S O U T H. o[ 14:30 Awful>bla [get blackscroll sable] [recite blackscroll ] You get a black scroll from a sable pouch. o[ 14:31 Awful> You start reciting a black scroll. Khazdul the Dwarf has ARRIVED from S O U T H. A huge tarantula has ARRIVED from S O U T H. A huge tarantula has ARRIVED from S O U T H. A huge tarantula has ARRIVED from S O U T H. A huge tarantula has ARRIVED from S O U T H.
2018/01/14  Blades:
2018/01/13  Ryalnos:
Grats Gelmir

108 Bregolas
2018/01/13  Toigan:
I just shit down your throat instead
2018/01/12  Taint:
I’m not a nab! I play Mume while sitting on the toilet!
2018/01/08  Mojo:
Anyone not wearing a diaper while muming is a nab! :D
2018/01/08  Telessar:
Hope you were wearing a diaper there Zud
2018/01/07  Bogger:
Hahahaha, how does it feel!
2018/01/05  Burznűk:
Pretty boring with AFK kill.. You could atleast have left the eq since we faught for a while and I didn't call anyone. RL called.
2018/01/04  Breaux:
Sorry Granzu, i could not fight in SD because i had no key as you probably figured. Too bad we couldn't fight in the 2-roomer, would've been a good fight if you had entered (actually would've been a slaughter probably since you have HOB and horn and im a shit char but anyway).
2018/01/02  Zud:
Meza - please relog I have your eq!
2017/12/31  Gilhdur:
Its ok. i would have looted in same situation also. Just stupid you can die like that. On other hand- one person less to fight with. Have fun!
2017/12/31  Zambin:
Sry, was on phone when u came and just ended when u came back.
As my connection is currently hotspot from my mobile, didnt want to come out while the connection was on 3g 1800-4000 ms spikes.
For the exessive looting, logged on with 0 credit yday after many months of being away :)
2017/12/30  Uryu:
wanted to fight u guys but seems u just wanna kill charmies out of spite, hf im renting again :>
2017/12/27  Graeme:
Next time, and there will be a next time, things won't be that easy...
2017/12/27  Drazan:
Sorry for looting Slayah and co but 3 more people just got equiped cause of that on darkie side otherwise I wouldn't loot.
2017/12/24  Fieldy:
Merry Christmas to all of you!
2017/12/23  Ptui:
Trollin ? He reconnected like 1ms before stab landed.
2017/12/23  Breaux:
Backstag and magic missile, they’re both fast.
2017/12/22  Ptui:
Sorry Elceser, noticed but dint react enough fast to cancel backstab... hope you got your eq back
2017/12/21  Fastegg:
That was fun Ful, anytime again :)
2017/12/19  Pilois:
You seem nice.
2017/12/19  Kabysh:
Fucking Puke wimps start doing PK, Gather some balls, fuckin tit sucking wannabe gangsters.
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