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2021/11/15  Enforcer:
I wouldn't call it lameness, but prolific planning and execution :)
2021/11/14  Voltis:
Making suggestion to the stabby bn. To complete the annoyance factor, need to envenom. Make sure you use arachnia too, none of this venom crap. If one of you uses morguls with pylonia and 1 uses arachnia and then kills my mount, the lameness would be complete.
2021/11/02  Ezmodius:
Wow, it's amazing how in sync we are! I've also been playing around with WotMud. Already got a char of all the main things there are. I even have an MC which is my highest level character. :) Let's talk in the thread I made about this.
2021/11/02  Enforcer:
It's not called 'Eat at Svartens', Dong probably hasn't eaten any Elf, maybe barbecued for Orcs/Trolls.
2021/11/01  Jinjer:
Can't be, no elf stew on the menu :-)
2021/11/01  Apalonia:
@breaux dang is that really dong's restaurant? that food looks good af and now I want Chinese :/
2021/11/01  Enforcer:
Dang, never knew Dong was part of the Chinese Communist party!
2021/10/31  Breaux:
From what I gather he left mume to focus full time on his Chinese restaurant in Stockholm - Hemma hos Dong.. something like “at Dong’s place”.

2021/10/31  Kaisa:
Svarten the Molten Snowman is a level one hundred Mountain Troll Adventurer [Retired].
2021/10/28  Alweon:
I think Marillion was asking about PK in WoTMUD and Magog's answer was related to Albion Online.

Can't speak on WoTMUD, but if you want PK action, Albion has tons of it. You can avoid PK in blue zones. Yellow zones are PK-lite and good for practice because you can't be looted when you die - you suffer gear durability loss though. The remaining zones (about half of the open world) is full gear loot. You still keep your money or whatever gear you have stored in the bank though.
2021/10/28  Marillion:
Premium Magog?
2021/10/27  Cuantar:
I hear Elizalde quit.

I'm sorry to see you go. You're one of the people I remember from around the time I started playing (2002?). Just another reminder of the relentless passage of time, I suppose.
2021/10/26  Himnir:
Sorry Toby. I got it back. Fun fight:)!
2021/10/25  Magog:
@Marillion: PK is the main aspect of the game. In theory, its open world, in reality, you will do a lot of instanced play. You do need to find a way to pay for your gear and your premium, but if you lack the motivation, can always turn rl cash into ingame currency.
2021/10/23  Cyndane:
There's actually quite a bit of PK pretty constantly! The system is totally different though, worth getting used to.

Level 51 is max level, and right now is a 5x xp day, so you can level really quick :P
2021/10/22  Marillion:
Is there players interested in pking there(unlike mume last century) ?
2021/10/22  Cyndane:
I've been poking around WoTMUD lately again, and I'm actually enjoying it, and there's always tons of players!
2021/10/21  Alweon:
Awesome, I'll hit you gents up on Discord soon. Thanks! Just had my first failed gank on the Roads of Avalon last night. Forgot the combat delay after dismounting and also forgot to toss my poison, hah. Dude lived at 10% hps. At least I only lost a $250k set to learn my lesson!
2021/10/21  Facelift:
Yes I can recommend Elestir for all-in-one stop for Albion, he is super experienced. I played a while, but now im busy in New World, maybe I return at some point with new updates!

Albion is pretty fun yea
2021/10/20  Elestir:
@Alweon Yes, I still do. You can contact me on Discord for more info. (Elestir#8040)
2021/10/20  Alweon:
Kinda random, but does anyone around here play Albion Online? Thought I read it somewhere but the search feature can't find any references. Been trying it out... PK MMO styled as an action RPG with full loot and a crazy player-driven economy.
2021/10/20  Rik:
What's up with the warlords list? It says it.did.not.get saved
2021/10/19  Grennif:
Svarten is immortal by the players that have known him and not just the level. Svarten will always be level 100 to me
2021/10/18  Facelift:
She got a bf recently so i guess its the honeymoon phase. Once all the fucking gets boring she will be back.
2021/10/18  Gagni:
Wait, what? Almarian quit too?
2021/10/18  Carl:
Guess she wants to stop playing the game and this is her way to never come back
2021/10/17  Eolo:
Does anyone know what happened or where is Almarian?
2021/10/16  Dearth:
Sad but good choice. 'I regret quitting MUME' said noone ever
2021/10/16  Dawnborn:
Aww. No more svarten
2021/10/16  Gagni:
Sad to see you go, sir. You are a legend, and will be missed. I'm not even playing and this news makes me sad.
2021/10/16  Svarten:
Yes sir, not coming back to play, it's a promise. Been a lengthy journey but now it ended.
2021/10/16  Carl:
Was it on purpose?
2021/10/16  Svarten:
Buy friends and foes! I finally bashed my head in and took it to myself to relax some in the sun, yes, me was very dirty indeed. Got a niiiice sun tan, those 760 hps sure lasted long, almost long enough! Pursuing a new career as a submerged statue. Please mind your step around Warrens, so you don't trip over the cock sticking out of the ground.
2021/10/16  Alfred:
Has anyone heard from Oedipus lately?
2021/10/15  Jahara:
Try port 4242. Mume is up.
2021/10/15  Kogan:
Mume down?
2021/10/15  Ryalnos:
Fine soft probably.
2021/10/14  Osilin:
To what boots are the Hobbits' feet now comparable?
2021/10/05  Stealthy:
I was impressed myself :P
2021/10/05  Ohtacaron:
Stealthy you are a master quake dodger!
2021/10/03  Bev:
haha sorry mr Bear, my kid just hit my kill key with target set as orc, also the reason I had to bail Mirk :P
2021/10/03  Zud:

)( C>drop all
You drop a wooden pipe.
You drop a fine chain mail hauberk.
You drop a fine pair of chain mail leggings.
You drop a black pair of padded boots.
You drop a fine pair of chain mail gloves.
You drop a fine pair of chain mail sleeves.
You drop a bejewelled oak staff.
You drop a forest green cloak.
You drop a ceremonial dagger.
You drop a plain leather belt.
You drop a water skin.
You drop a herbal kit.
2021/10/03  Facelift:
covid is no joke hope nobody here gets it.
2021/10/02  Dissonus:
Sorry Nomarod, some loser, waste of life puke burned your corpse. It's in the process of being taken care of, and he retired the char.

I'll re equip you on darkie, just let me know.
2021/09/29  Andróg: used to work until like yesterday anwyay and it always brought one this website. So it is not just about profiles, but suddenly has stopped working.
2021/09/29  Nockurzh:
Clicking on ER player's profiles redirects to which is expired.
has expired and is parked free, courtesy of'

Does anyone know, whose daddy is this message about and can he maybie redirect profiles to :P?
2021/09/27  Jahara:
MMapper v21.09.1 has been released:
2021/09/25  Derek:
well that was an overkill....definetly
2021/09/23  Arcanum:
good one
2021/09/22  Eolo:
@Boddah: That's indeed Bogger, right? The blond guy looks like him lol
2021/09/22  Boddah:
Bogger and Co looking for PK around NOC circa 2005:

Sound on!
2021/09/19  Baratheon:
That's actually hilarious
2021/09/18  Rik:
Most occuring list... Khuzur and brolg in top five.
2021/09/11  Baratheon:
Good interview Amund!
2021/09/09  Emi:
2021/09/09  Facelift:
Good interview nonetheless. I also played Clandestine! Tyrgoth ftw!
2021/09/09  Amund:
@Facelift tbh I had the same reaction when E proposed the interview
2021/09/09  Elizalde:
Mmkay, sure thing - Meneldur can do it then. 8)
2021/09/09  Facelift:
who the fuck is Amund
2021/09/09  Canina:
Elizalde, choose someone who make interview with you :)
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