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2021/04/12  Zíntilden:
For the round of 'new account' applicants this weekend: Do not apply for an account if you already have one. Do not mistake the fact that Axel and I communicate, trying to bypass what I have told you already. In the past, no one was paying attention and some of you mistakenly got 2nd accounts. Someone is paying attention again. If I find you have two accounts here, I will be banning both, the ones I found in the past you were already notified about it being closed. Unreal - what a waste of my time, and Axel's FYI.
2021/04/11  Facelift:
Internet explorer user detected.
2021/04/11  Ulvian:
Bing, really?
2021/04/10  Ghanic:

@Deor: is this why you such a bitch?
2021/04/08  Ulvian:
That's a fun site. Someone from your clan should update it with Wordpress or something! :)
2021/04/08  Ryalnos:
Btw never sure where Snakr got the idea I'm ashamed of mooching 8)
2021/04/08  Marillion:
Rev scimitar canyon. All good. Ready to smash
2021/04/08  Ryalnos:
My precious ebs 'gravey was taken :( how could I fite again without a weapon?
2021/04/08  Facelift:
Call your buddy Telessar
2021/04/08  Marillion:
Did someone take your eq Ryalnos? Such a sad story. You wanted special treatment after having a good fight?
2021/04/07  Ryalnos:
Eesh, if the corpse is there you have the right to loot whatever the hell you want but let's say it sends a strange message after that fight esp. when it's off a lev. 28 bn.
2021/04/07  Granvil:
Holy smokes.. well done!
2021/04/07  Elízalde:
If you had a BSC-Member account for private logs and need your login/password, let me know. If you remember your old password, you should have access with that to the member-only logs and discussion database.
2021/04/06  Facelift:
2021/04/06  Jahara:
Battle Coach will go on until 4/12 UTC
2021/04/03  Stoik:
Vote people! We are 7th!
2021/04/02  Griand:
who was so nice to loot dwarf corpse in SK?
2021/04/02  Mávië:
Hej dipshit? Try that one more fucking time?
2021/04/02  Ryalnos:
Battle coach's still going!
2021/04/01  Alfred:
Hey Iminye, if you didn't come back and block us in - I wouldn't have taken. Thought I had time to sort through wht would be useful.
2021/04/01  Ryalnos:
Logalog posted
2021/04/01  Curve:
what is the battle coach?
2021/04/01  Bardock:
someone post a battle coach log im not gonna be able to play and i want to see it comeon!
2021/04/01  Emi:
sumba that was awesome and embarassing all at the same time.
2021/04/01  Estan:
The battle coach is a perfect microcosm of what it's like to spend 20 years of your life playing this game!
2021/04/01  Bardock:
can we get a battle coach log?
2021/04/01  Stoik:
Battle coach is a riot!
2021/04/01  Cyndane:
The battle coach is fricken AWESOME.
2021/04/01  Emerka:
I'd like to thank everybody participating on the darkies raid yesterday, I enjoyed every moment of it!

With love,
a friendly neighbourhood unnamed dwarf.
2021/04/01  Iminyë:
troll looter is quick to call bn to log and get eq
2021/04/01  Facelift:
Happy 1st of Avril Lavigne
2021/04/01  One:
Rent should be free. Or at least a set room rate, none of this cost dependent on gear crap. I would rather have a higher player base then worry about people banking eq.
2021/04/01  Jahara:
4/1 is here upon us! Do you dare enter the BATTLE COACH!?
2021/03/31  Elizalde:
Cyndane - #GFYS. Now I'm smiling too, thx.
2021/03/31  Cyndane:
'Hand slap' makes me smile. As opposed to a more, shall we say, graphic slap?

2021/03/31  Elizalde:
Camp renting is a BN luxury. In fact, it is probably the only one, although it comes with a high price if you dont have gold. Fix the price of fucking rent being outrageous for all, so players can actually log on and enjoy themselves if they dont have much time, instead of forcing them to farm gold to maintain competitive equipment - for xp or pk. Dont take our luxury, instead fix rent so its easier for people with less time to be able to log, since everyone wants a higher number population, why doesn't it start with rent? Management shocks even the 'newbies' with rent, the minute they get handed a few finer pieces of EQ. It is fucking absurd for a text based game to hand slap players like this when the game itself promotes eq so much, and forces it to make the difference for most players. Fucking assholes.
2021/03/31  Rael:
sorry ignacio i was just telling actaeon to let you loot .. but was too slow
2021/03/31  Temüjin:
I feel you, lost a set aswell yesterday.
2021/03/31  Granvil:
Sorry, this is me just screaming in to the ether 'CHANGE THE FEKKING RENT EQ CONFISCATION FOR BNS'
2021/03/30  Emi:
bn is more fun
2021/03/30  Marillion:
No wonder you can't do simple combat tactics if you waste your storeds on teleport :)
2021/03/30  Jahara:
Game is back up!
2021/03/30  Aglunk:
The April Fool's will be two days from now when they claim the game is finally back up.
2021/03/30  Cuantar:
too early to be April Fool's...
2021/03/30  Rashnak:
The game is closed.

'Out of disk space'
2021/03/30  Veld:
Per Jahara, disc space 4%. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!
2021/03/30  Rato:
Any news on whats happening? I logged, and ir crashed. Than when i tried to log, there was a warning that my site was banned. I tried again successfully and rented. Now Im afraid to log and loose my precious eq :P
2021/03/30  Veld:
Stop logging back on until we get a post here mebbi? =-/
2021/03/29  Bardock:
the pouches are pickled for maximum comfort
2021/03/28  Iminyë:
I bet Jahara's experimenting again
2021/03/28  Grennif:
2021/03/28  Enforcer:
I ordered 'The Don'.
2021/03/27  Aglunk:
Serious question: are the pouches pickled, or the penises?
2021/03/26  Ignacio:
cool I'm not visiting a website with that url
2021/03/26  Bardock:
check out my new website friends :) me and my corp members in EVE echoes made it :)_
2021/03/25  Bungo:
For me it is. Maybe global, then.
2021/03/25  Grennif:
is mume down?
2021/03/25  Bungo:
Who is this BN, trying bravely to morgul everyone and then barely and bravely trying to run away?
2021/03/24  Stoik:
@Sumba Dying to you at cavern wings sucked, mostly because I failed travelling quest with you there when I kill cavern wings.
2021/03/21  Facelift:
Resident Alien has to be one of the most cringe-inducing black comedies that I've ever seen. 9/10 - go check it out!
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