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2018/06/23  Xoone:
seems about right Glasya, but at least you got a chance to fight back! i just stood there while some little pussy zorc stabber chipped away at my 500 hps, then spam gacced, ran zoc, and retired! what a waste of time and eq - i'll try again in 6 months. thanks ZUGRU the PUSSY
2018/06/23  Glasya:
Meko, thanks for the fight in OW, even with your win, thanks for the full gac. This must be the newer mums since I left. I feel ya Xoone.
2018/06/23  Xoone:
Zugru: thanks for linkless kill and gac
2018/06/22  Livien:
I voted!
2018/06/20  Grotek:
Seems like it... Can't get in
2018/06/20  Kakao:
2018/06/19  Fieldy:
Or a backstabber entered Bree or Ingrove to stab sleepy pukes and failed.
2018/06/19  Glaurog:
Probably classical situation, when someone runs past opposite side player and a bit later enemy dt-s or drowns. Or maybe even followed into dt. This has happened several times during MUME lifetime. There are few funny logs about it.
2018/06/19  Estan:
The most logical explanation is that all the Zaug players were so busy pre-spamming 'get all all.corpse' that they all jammed their clients simultaneously, rendering their characters inoperable and vulnerable. The MUME server couldn't handle the GAC spam. Unfortunate, of course, but that's the zaug life for you. It must be tough to be a zaug player IRL, to wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, screaming 'GAC GAC GAC'
2018/06/18  Bardock:
how did that overkiller noob frostwolf die to a lvl 16?>
2018/06/18  Ghanic:
Lol. If the level 16 got a solo kill i'd greatly appreciate the log :D
2018/06/18  Fieldy:
Looking into the warlords list compared to the day before, I guess it has something to do with Frostwolf dying.
2018/06/18  Ghanic:
tell morgoth warlords
Having nothing else to do in the void, Morgoth tells you the

*** Warlords Hall of Fame ***

Fame over all Armies

1 Loralon the Half-elf Patriarch

whois Loralon
Loralon is a level sixteen Half-Elven Patriarch.

anyone wanna catch me up on how a level 16 helf is #1 warlord?
2018/06/16  Bardock:
lol die linkdead from wimpy zorc thief Haxttie and get gacced. Well played noob :D
2018/06/15  Wutokh:
Nop not LD but packetloss like a motherfucker, was all a mess of opening exits, fleeing, escaping lol. At least you got some exp back on the loss :)
2018/06/15  Svarten:
Don't worry be happy? He wasnt LD at he time atleast because I distinclty remember door spam from us both till he went down.
2018/06/15  Wutokh:
Aye Comf on rips Svarten. You're one of the few cool players out there. I almost shat my pants when I saw you inside Hillmen with me. Alas, as I had no chance on my own to win that battle I had to call for backup. Comf on the SOD as we left most. I'd recommend you to join the Zaugurz forces though, we need more players!! ;)
2018/06/15  Frostwolf:
Sorry man but we didnt gac. We were just sorting as you arrived. We didnt hit you but you started hitting them when you arrive for whatever reason? The one zorc had link issues and died linkless.
We dropped the stuff tho. Comf :/
2018/06/15  Svarten:
2 deaths+gac+sod. No fucks given. Next time you need more if you wish to overkill me zaug scum... else i show you how its done proper.
2018/06/14  Bardock:
btw that hobbit that tried to AFK kill me , I hope you got all your stuff, I only gacced to sort as I was awful with in ranger territory near bree and moveless. Thankfully you had those draughts, why did you not use them?
2018/06/14  Fieldy:
Vote-vote-vote-voooooote! We are going down in Top Mud Sites - don't you forget to vote there too!
2018/06/13  Bardock:
im not gay i just love penis
2018/06/11  Fieldy:
Now that's a nice picture for a gang of trolls :D
2018/06/11  Glaurog:
LOL Fieldy :D Voted! 20 hobbit smiting hobbit clerics wearing leathers at ginseng room *drool*
2018/06/11  Fieldy:
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there are 20 people after ginseng roots at the same time? Have you thought about killing Balrog, but there are not enough people to do it with? Act now and vote for MUME! Takes only a quarter of your regen time after getting beat up by Willow!
2018/06/08  Bardock:
well thats awesome, thanks for sharing your feelings. Tell us another cool story bro.
2018/06/08  Gimilzagar:
I know that comprehension or basic logic is as far away as you can get from your day to day basis Zephir. Im no brit, far from it. But im a person that see right through you, as this pathetic piece of garbage that I might step on a daily basis on the way to daily transportation on my day to work. I value your input as much as I would that of a piece of turd that I'd accidently step upon. That might give you some reference. And maybe, just maybe you would evaluate what you write here. However im pretty sure that that wont be the case. You will keep on ramling, and try to convince us all why you are right, dont bother. Because we dont care as you are the pure definition of 'Waste of breath'.
2018/06/08  Bardock:
lol said the fascist Brit, it must be hard living in a country where most police cant carry guns and people get raided for owning butter knives ROFL. Not to mention no freedom of speech , Tommy Robbinson is a great example of that. More tears plz.
2018/06/08  Gimilzagar:
Every time you write any thing Zephir, I vommit a bit in my mouth. Your a extremist and an extremely hollow human being, I regret reading every letter you write, please stop playing this game, and posting all the garbage you post here, noone is interested tbh. Just pure sadness of a human being, like a dark hole sucking out all the fun of mudding.
2018/06/08  Huiabella:
scrolls? from bad to hurt so fast!!
2018/06/08  Grennif: died from me Merica! I'm no none puke.
2018/06/08  Bardock:
Its me Bro, Mithfalen
2018/06/07  Toigan:
Who is Bardock?
2018/06/06  Bardock:
nah thats just your jaded opinion and does not reflect anything besides maybe personal truth.
2018/06/06  Täpp:
That's true except the parts about being well loved and renowned and having it all
2018/06/05  Bardock:
Lol I am well loved and renown and also hated. Oh well. I have it all you might say.
2018/06/05  Fieldy:
Are you regenning in the wilderness? Are you waiting for Ferny to pop? Would you like someone to keep you company while you do that? Act now and vote for MUME! Will only take a few minutes of your time and you will earn +1 Friendship points (MithfalenTM) while doing so!
2018/06/05  Ghanic:
Careful not to dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back
2018/06/05  Mojo:
Jeffrey Dahmer and Osama Bin Laden were also legendary
2018/06/05  Bardock:
Im a fucking mume legend bro, come at me.
2018/06/04  Ghanic:
I know the current mume poll is old as hell but is it too late to add pBardock as a choice? :D
2018/06/04  Bardock:
that was super lame Estan, I cant believe people are being that much of douches when pbase is this low :( hit me up on Darkside I got tons of eq for u, many nab pukes died to my powerful balls.
2018/06/04  Estan:
Well, *Elf*, I hope that the stab-kill, total-gac, corpse-camp, and then attempted rekill was worth it ... :-/
2018/06/03  Bardock:
white side atm is full of cowards that block you in places just to be annoying and then continue to xp...... gg
2018/06/02  Fieldy:
I think that subject was discussed in the MMapper discussion.
2018/06/02  Knuckles:
Any sollution for MMapper 2.5.0 that changes dark rooms into sunny rooms even though you are in play mode?! Really frustrating to say the least when your playing troll.
2018/06/02  Kabysh:
Clearly exping new chars are waste of time Bardock
2018/06/02  Bardock:
#ALERT , The Dark Side is suffer people, hardly anyone is playing. Log in your dark side lowbies for a weekend of XP! I will XP anyone on my BN with charmies!!! #ALERT We need more darkies #Red Alert
2018/06/01  Narsel:
Well, i sent the page a message. It actually just posted something new, so clearly someone is active but not actual contact yet.
2018/06/01  Fieldy:
Narsel, you have any new info?
2018/06/01  Livien:
Hey. I found some evidence that p(Velgular) owns the MUME fb page (not the group). fwiw. haven't seen him around here for a while.
2018/06/01  Bardock:
I was on, I actually died to quakes in the open from some no name elf. Was great and I harassed ugurz puke thief who was the scummiest wimp I ever met, no surprise to find out it was P ugurz. I was also lvl 21 tho, catch me when Im legend :D
2018/06/01  Baratheon:
Logged on at Bardock's specified time and looked for him for about 2 hours yesterday. Couldn't find him. Sad.
2018/06/01  Fieldy:
Feel that there is something in MUME you have not achieved? Something that would contribute to the game? Yes, help to get MUME new players - vote now on TopMudSites and TopMudConnector! Do not forget, that one of them reset their votes again so we are back to square one!
2018/06/01  Bardock:
Play so I have one person to fight atleast, u have not had a fight in ages.
2018/06/01  Toigan:
shits fucked
2018/05/31  Livien:
The daily plot seems to agree with Bardock. US west coast timezone seems inconvenient. East coast seems to be a little better; maybe we have more MUMErs over here.
2018/05/31  Bardock:
I have brought 6 people to mume and sadly they have all quit, they said track is shit and needs to be changed and they are sick of only xpers being appeased by the ainur.
2018/05/31  Fieldy:
Bardock, mebbe push MUME some in your time zone? : P
2018/05/31  Bardock:
well for me any time after 3PM US west coast time is a dead zone until late late late 4 am. I am usually the only darkie online and I do patrols and come across a few dead corpses but 0 tracks.
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