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2017/03/29  Sparhawk:
site = side :/
2017/03/29  Zergo:
hehe, was fun, eq win that moria fight and that i was low from the start. I had a 2-3 month break, played a week and now i think i take another break.
2017/03/29  Spe:
Zergo, that was bullshit. Pukes are a joke. Wish you didn't retire.
2017/03/29  Oclash:
2017/03/29  Zergo:
well that was a fuckup, grats torc, easyest eq for you i suspect :)
2017/03/29  Sparhawk:
NFC what happened or who you're talking to Nock, but honestly i couldn't care less if i kill a zaug 1 vs 1 or 5 vs 1. You zaugs use rp as an excuse to play like assholes so when you're on that site, get used to being treated like one :)
2017/03/28  Nockurzh:
You had all the chances to beat me without any help and pulled off this crap :P?
2017/03/22  Zepir:
I'm sorry Bronn, I tracked you from NOC, swam a river looking for you, found tracks again, was 1 tick on you and you were fighting vines, when they died I stab you, then I stabbed you again! Don't afk in the open while xping is the lesson learned I guess. I don't spare people AFK sorry. You know I am notorious for sitting inside noc and stabbing orcs right?
2017/03/22  Bronn:
Well done Zépir, mad skills. Was AFK!
2017/03/22  Ton:
them gacs :P Enjoy eq
2017/03/21  Zud:
@Gata - left all, hope you recovered. Zorcs were around though.
2017/03/21  Morhol:
ok guys, i guess you passed my limit of most lame shit ever, i wish to have faster link to get out but then enjoy empty mud
2017/03/21  Baratheon:
Sounds like a moment that we should etch in stone forever!
2017/03/21  Horast:
horast is sittin fat and happy with some pimp eq and some dead pukes in fnost =-0
2017/03/21  Marok:
Seems we have time frames off because you're way off base what actually happened and when.
2017/03/20  Ethar:
Actually, it turns out that your recovery mission was actually the time you died sitting in closable for 10 minutes luring when you knew 4 darkies were there. I didn't think you'd stretch it that much. It's an issue because you're misrepresenting what happened to anyone who will listen and quite frankly, its pretty carebear.
2017/03/20  Marok:
What are you even talking about? What you're saying took place 10 minutes before this even happened. Regardless, what would the issue be with said situation? Why would killing a single mount be a problem at all with that scenario?
2017/03/19  Ethar:
Lies are bad. You were standing outside DT hunting me trying to kill my warg. That's hardly just an 'eq recovery' mission. I respect you as a player but expecting people to casually loot one item at a time out of a nice set when that players partner is still spamming around, is a little silly.
2017/03/19  Marok:
Literally go to recover someone's eq, yet more immediate looking of everything from them, random shit and all. Playerbase complains about lack of pvp or fairness but this is the default attitude. It's amazing how quickly this kills proactive pvp
2017/03/18  Zepir:
fact can u send me that log from hut
2017/03/18  Purge:
I personally wouldn't have done the same if I knew it was you or p Aralhos as the thief, since my impression of you both are that you aren't...for lack of a better word, wankers. anddd I wasn't even close to killing the warrior anyhow, i basically emptied half my quiver and he was still low fine.

In the end, you knew I had been runking around solo for the last ~45 min and you grabbed the opportunity to have a nice free 100k xp in hillman. no need to justify anything :) lesson learnt, that's all.
2017/03/18  Marok:
Didn't say you had anything planned, just stating facts. Seems we both had the same thing going on but one earlier than the other :D
2017/03/18  Purge:
Actually those zaugs spammed from zoc when i narrated i needed bash. andddd if you must know, they asked me if i needed help before for pk and i said no i was fine
2017/03/18  Marok:
And to add to it, it was 2 of us, we left all sans a few flasks, and you had another outside the door. Plus, I think he only asked for help because he was engaged to 2 mobs with you inside a single locked room.
2017/03/18  Fact:
Interesting :p you block when i was trying to block the whole time hehe
2017/03/18  Marok:
Purge, wasn't exactly a trap. He asked for help in Hillmen. Without knowing any background with it, kinda near sighted to assume anything
2017/03/18  Zepir:
ya like how when I always try to get a 1v1 from you and it never ever ever happens and I always die to you and 2 trolls or a large group of darkies? still waiting for my 1v1 bro :D
2017/03/18  Purge:
Hell yea I was pissed! You'd be too, trust me :) A warrior will beat a thief any day in a closeable , no need to trap.
2017/03/18  Zepir:
ooooh Tellasariach so salty
2017/03/18  Purge:
Not that I was there, but when you pull lame shit like trapping with a pure thief fighting a warrior with 2 others, you deserve to get gacced.
2017/03/18  Marok:
Fourth time in a row where I'm either solo or with one other and gac'd immediately. I'll still try to set examples of the opposite in game :D
2017/03/18  Shurik:
Cool, nothing changed, gac a lowbie bn what a great job :)
2017/03/18  Vegas:
Artanaro (sp) your sapphire is in RD shelf.
2017/03/16  Akra:
Well, voiding is always a risk but coming back from void with armour down and 6 zorcs in room doing Brolg was particularly bad luck :-) Hope the frozen north thanked you for the ruby!
2017/03/16  Fidel:
A gentleman always goes for the kill. /Svarten
2017/03/16  Nukafuka:
Decay for player corpses is 30 minutes. For mobiles it can be anything between a couple of ticks to god knows how long.
2017/03/16  Baratheon:
I usually give myself 20-25 mins on corpse decay before I give up on it.
2017/03/16  Merarl:
The real question is how long RL before corpse decays?
2017/03/16  Zepir:
:D dont get me wrong Its not fun getting rekilled no one enjoys it and but expect it every time, its nice to retrieve full set of gear from your shadowed corpse but unless you know the players arent rekillers for a fact , stay cautious. I dont mine rekilling people as well under certain circumstance, lets say the enemy shadows and you cant kill it and they return to loot :D
2017/03/16  Bus:
Ponys are cold-blooded and spiteful - don't kid yourself
2017/03/15  Zepir:
in my humble opinion , rekill is fair game and I fully expect to be rekilled when I go back to my corpse, however that usually does not stop me :D Remember Stolb once said something like 'go play a pony game if you cant handle mume'
2017/03/15  Merarl:
So the gentlemen's agreement is to only rekill if you are the one who did the original kill?
2017/03/15  Breaux:
I wasn't there Bus but I'm gonna guess you went back to your corpse, possibly on low hps
2017/03/15  Bus:
nods, its ok - its war I guess and no accounting for noob players who can't earn their own meat :p ... thanks for not looting all btw
2017/03/15  Vivien:
I was not trying to rekill, i was trying to tell them off!
2017/03/15  Bus:
not sure what i did to earn that rekill by 6
2017/03/14  Nukafuka:
better dps vs mobiles (so better for xp)
2017/03/14  Merarl:
Why would you use a Warsword when War Mattock does +25% against metals? (Sold one last night in Rdell and it's gone)...
2017/03/14  Purge:
14 1850 ms 1951 ms 2076 ms
15 1728 ms 498 ms 153 ms []

2017/03/14  Fieldy:
Good, future MUMEr in the growing phase.
2017/03/14  Mota:
Indeed, 2 year old daughter woke up screaming - bad dream or something
2017/03/14  Reich:
Anyone have any thoughts on why I can use Mmapper2 in offline 'run' mode but when i try to connect on 'play mode' it says it cant find the server?
2017/03/14  Sparticus:
I hope it was an emergency and not just getting a beer or fiddling with yourself!
2017/03/14  Mota:
thanks for sparing me AFK, appreciate it
2017/03/14  Morhol:
thanks for afk kill Hildifons and loot my treasures i will do the same when i get chance
2017/03/14  Sert:
Per Rogon's whois:
Tips for getting mmapper2 to work:
1. Make sure mmapper2 is in play mode, load a map, connect your client to
localhost 4242.
2. cha xml on, cha prompt all, cha col exits none, cha autoexits on.
2017/03/13  Morzhel:
Mmapper help! What do you have for local port and remote port numbers? Mine was working for a bit but stopped maybe a week ago. I think I had to change these on my old computer.
2017/03/13  Nukafuka:
Not sure what you guys mean. I'w been getting my lowbie bn kill every 3rd day or so, on a constant basis! PK has never been more lively!
2017/03/13  Zippo:
i hear ya nock, pk is in a sorry state lately!
2017/03/12  Nockurzh:
XPMUD ftw :D
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