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2017/07/26  Aranaeth:
EQ comes and goes and further levels have less of a impact.
or well it goes at least :P
2017/07/25  Toigan:
Level 70+, shining metals along with rest of the full set could be improved!
2017/07/25  Aranaeth:
i suppose, right now id eat anything...guess its time to do something about it.
2017/07/25  Marok:
If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
2017/07/24  Aranaeth:
i broke the game, maybe not for the first time, but...

62 db in metals(151 def), 135 ob with fur, 71% bash, 80% charm(2 eagles), 81% armour/shield, 4 quakes, block door, 363 hps wo lore, 152 moves with traveling.

Im finally not even sure what could possibly be improved.
2017/07/23  Done:
Havet logged in 4 years, HEHEHE
2017/07/23  Blcrk:
You're welcome for the gift. Thanks for the gac. Hopefully you do more than sanc quakes and I can get revenge!
2017/07/23  Done:
2017/07/22  Fieldy:
I only play MUME if I do. And its rather chaotic at the moment. Not much free time, too much hassle, other things need my attention : )
I guess at some point there will be another 3-4 month period when I will play more constantly.
2017/07/22  Tpp:
Fieldy what games do you play nowadays? log into MUME once in a while?
2017/07/22  Zepir:
I wouldnt be surprised if Fieldy sits in a dark room jerking it to my comments.
2017/07/22  Rato:
I suggest you guys put sometime on making an ascii nude picture of yourself and share with eachother via mume mail :D
2017/07/21  Fieldy:
Oh, why should I do that if I can have all the entertainment reading your mind-numbing illogical train of thought and your failed attempts to oppose... well... whoever. You fail every time :D
Have you tried starting kindergarten yet? Or you still in daycare?
2017/07/21  Zepir:
get a hobby bro, your obsession with my is alarming.
2017/07/21  Fieldy:
Oh, Zepir, you are the clown. So cute.
2017/07/21  Zepir:
yes you are the 1000 person to show me this and i will say for the 1000 time i dont give 0 shits on conforming to how you want me to type on a forum thanks
2017/07/21  Lolek:
Here you go Zepir:
2017/07/21  Toigan:
Lel, you brainwashed peasants amuse us
2017/07/20  Zepir:
well torment yourself then bro cause your not bothering me at all, only making yourself look like an obsessed creep.
2017/07/20  Fieldy:
I like to find amusement by tormenting know-it-all nimrods.
2017/07/20  Zepir:
dude your obsession with me is a little concerning.
2017/07/20  Fieldy:
And Zepir you are so worthless.
2017/07/20  Ruen:
ya i hope i dont mobdie
2017/07/20  Peep:
I lost link as well.
2017/07/20  Rashnak:
Did the link just go down globally? Or game dead?
2017/07/19  Zepir:
nice word choice dude! You are so eloquent.
2017/07/19  Fieldy:
Zepir is a faggot.
2017/07/19  Zepir:
do you think I need an invitation to reply to something? Think twice pal, the things about forums like this is I have the ability to respond if you want me to or not. Thanks.
2017/07/19  Sjivi:
Was not talking to you Zepir.
2017/07/19  Zepir:
its short for cuckold , someone who likes to see someone else fuck their wife basically.
2017/07/19  Sjivi:
And why is that exactly? :)
2017/07/19  Gilhdur:
*Kaisa the Black Numenorean* says 'ix never enhers closeds'
2017/07/18  Zepir:
its spelled cuck
2017/07/18  Toigan:
Sjivi is a kuk
2017/07/17  Blcrk:
*thumbs up* no problem
2017/07/17  Auron:
Thanks for sparing me in moria AFK Blacrok and no namer. Child woke up :(
2017/07/16  Nockurzh:
Haha nod :D
2017/07/15  Baratheon:
Seeing the beginning of your comment Nockurzh I expected it to read, 'For me it is such a relief that I don't remember any of the things I commented'
2017/07/15  Nockurzh:
For me it is just such a relief I don't take this game as seriously anymore. Ofcourse some 10+y old random logs makes a day quite nostalgic. Makes you wanna whois everyone and see who is still playing and who is gone for now.
Comment flamewars are such a comedy to read now tho :D:D
2017/07/15  Dragoth:
Faint: Totally agree=/
2017/07/15  Kaisa:
Thank you for a decent leftover eq, Fejd. Even though with all my fuckups, I didn't deserve it.
2017/07/14  Sjivi:
Faint: Im happy I was not the only one :)
2017/07/14  Faint:
God i love (and hate) reading old logs and then go through the comments section. To sit here like 15 years later and just sigh loudly over some things you said and the attitude you gave people. A humbling experience to say the least xD
2017/07/14  Dagor:
will vote 4 logs
2017/07/14  Cocktail:
Thnx for fight wobbit, was close i belive :) played shitty there.
2017/07/14  Puncher:
Strori uses a staff? Also, I don't think we did? At least I didn't see it.
2017/07/14  Vidgri:
Telperien, Puncher and Heretic, you suck, cause you looted my staff
2017/07/12  Ghanic:
2017/07/12  Toigan:
A vulgar display of power
2017/07/11  Rogon:
Yes I did! But sometimes I forget if noone reminds me...
2017/07/11  Tpp:
I voted. Did you?
2017/07/11  Fieldy:
Remember people! A vote a day keeps MUME in the top!
Vote-vote-vote! takes only 10 secs or 20 secs if you have a very slow link!
2017/07/10  Gomi:
#6?! Oh how the mighty have fallen...
2017/07/09  Bles:
Noticed we were doing kinda shitty on the voting front...
2017/07/09  Schmidt:
Congrats Shiv. :)
Playing other chars just doesn't feel the same. :P
2017/07/08  Walo:
that's some dedication shiv. also props to the others who hit 100, dedication to a game that now you have to replace since you've mastered it. Good luck finding the next thing to occupy your off time :)
2017/07/06  Fieldy:
Gratz Shiv!
2017/07/06  Faine:
Well done Shiv, gz!
2017/07/06  Niesya:
Mathers not, it was gacced when i got there. But yea you needed friend against cleric. Good to know how wimp some can be.
2017/07/06  Dakota:
Shiv tells you 'This ranks you as Shiv, Bladedancer of the Arcane Order (level 100).' Congrats buddy!!
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