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2021/01/21  Morhol:
sorry for this execution Melker but hope we fine still
2021/01/21  Cuantar:
haha okay, thanks Axel.
2021/01/21  Axel:
I am not motivated atm ;) Ok I try to think of smth and you are invited to bug me again in 24h. Maybe on discord. Tho I am very slow to respond there :) But yea this issue has to be fixed. I admit - I forgot it :(
2021/01/21  Axel:
comf ;)
2021/01/21  Cuantar:
Hey Axel: If only briefly, will you open account creation for new players, please? (Or perhaps craft some referral link system...)

After years of exposure to MUME, my wife finally wants to join ER, but cannot.
2021/01/21  Dearth:
Fixed for me as well
2021/01/21  Axel:
Ok, I was able to reproduce it. Happened when not logged in. Fixed now?
2021/01/21  Axel:
Someone still getting that error? I don't.
2021/01/21  Rik:
Bottom of log page errors:
ERROR] ^tmp has size 0
[protected file]+238^show
k ^tmp($j)
2021/01/20  Facelift:
That's why it was called a Noble elf and not just an elf
2021/01/20  Glóthag:
*noble elf* who killed earlier today in rattlesnake: thanks for leaving my gear.
2021/01/20  Aglunk:
lol Draz
2021/01/20  Ignacio:
lol @Draz. every pk wannabe like me has Dong evy. its a serious issue that affects many :(
2021/01/20  Draz:
@Aglunk lots of dong-envy!
2021/01/20  Aglunk:
Not sure anyone understands, honestly.
2021/01/20  Akallabeth:
Iminyeelf, are you referring to me? If so, I'm afraid I don't understand. =-/
2021/01/19  Cruan:
The first one in oakendoor was like 'wow', just automatic. Second one was just boredom :D
2021/01/19  Livien:
Ride me, flesh being, ride me, Iminyë-the-Winkle!!
2021/01/19  Iminyë:
thanks for sharing info about your chars
2021/01/19  Akallabęth:
Pardon, Elfscum? I'll have you know that it is Dong and I on said horse. Plz pukeelsewhereomg
2021/01/18  Iminyë:
if you see Man and Woman having sex on the horse - high chance those are Dong and Elizalde
2021/01/18  Facelift:
lets fite in noc rock and post logs boyz, where dat Grisnat at yo
2021/01/18  Xraxus: - Let's get to it chums!
2021/01/18  Iminyë:
what's-your-problem-slayah, There're more ppl who don't follow Slayah's PK Code?
2021/01/18  Slayah:
For all you darkies attempting rekill the pukes who fought you slag. FUCK YOU! we will die a thousand deaths, before we suffer the shame of accepting your charity! BLOOD FOR THE SHIRE
2021/01/17  Dearth:
Orc camp rock is pickable once again. It will once gain become the most popular pk spot like 10 years ago)
2021/01/17  Glóthag:
elf, half-elf, man who killed me at portcullis near epriest: thanks for leaving my eq, including the recently-acquired bej.
2021/01/17  Iminyë:
hello Fairfight. deanon of the day ooops
2021/01/16  Nephertel:
Fun fun fun. Not sure who the *elf* was then but I just counted back and had 14 failed flees in a row. I only have 11 dex, but still.......
2021/01/16  Iminyë:
Elentirmo narrates 'are you jewish?' This is official request to remove Elentrimo forever from this mud.
2021/01/16  Ignacio:
I just gacced to check what was there. Dropped all like 15 seconds later, including mana ring. Hope you recovered. Elizalde was around, hope she didn't take all to tally tears or whatever.
2021/01/16  Iminyë:
Completly support Rogon, narugil the puke is mad moron
2021/01/16  Kylar:
You guys are so cool. I look up to you so much, you're just the absolute coolest. Especially you, Bren. You're like my idol. I wish I was a fraction of the man you think you are.
2021/01/16  Cuuldur:
So...I haven't played in a while do to real life, but I have been around for a long time (20+ years). I have been through the we gac everything phase to the now we need more people to play. You old schoolers need to grow up. This community literally paid a thousand dollars to get new players to play and yet the old school says lets gac everything cause that is how we learned to play. Keep to your standards and watch the efforts of the canadians go to waste. The toxic nature of game needs to change or we go back to wanting new players to join just to abuse them.
2021/01/15  Cuantar:
I see looting a bit like wildcrafting: if you take everything, you'll get a big harvest this one time; but future harvests might be smaller if you don't leave something for the forest.
2021/01/15  Icetee:
But you didn't even cast ... or try to fight :(

i was the gnome! Sorry for interrupting your test but I could not watch it
2021/01/15  Narugil:
reading all this shit over eq and gaccing i decided to do a little test and pk without eq. who the fuck needs eq! real chars fight without it.
and it worked well:
Rogon >>> 'what are you doing?'
Rogon >>> 'stop spamdying, you're upsetting the gnomes'
Rogon >>> 'yes, you died 3 times very quickly'
Rogon >>> 'you're ruining the finely balanced war points system by doing that'
Rogon >>> 'i will put you in morgul vale until you cool down'
So seems we cant pk naked, they will put us into morgul vale. sad
2021/01/15  Alweon:
People should be able to play how they want to play within the systems and rules that allow for it. There are certainly 'codes of conduct' but that doesn't mean everyone has to fit the same mould. You can certainly sunkill trolls, sleep/wizkill, kill linkless, and GAC/burn if you choose, but your reputation will and should suffer the consequences.

Does it hurt gameplay and the community when certain players perform certain actions? Yep. Call them out for it, paint a target on their back, and seek sweet, cold revenge.
2021/01/15  Praska:
I do miss times when p Elestir roamed around with 6+ and when you died you were gacced clean. Even your plains were taken, so stfu you snoflakes play the game as it is - i know i used to whine a lot back then but still you die expect you got nothing and if smth left its a bonus!
2021/01/15  Marillion:
In conclusion, if the game allows it, go for it. Sunning trolls and looting eq you don't need. I mean I won't do either, but the game encourages it so, np. I actually thought people left eq a lot while i was back though. Think i had the same ornate through 6 or 7 deaths on zaug. Which is insane really.
2021/01/15  Nockral:
EQ will have eventually have a curse on you – Ignacio case in point. The sooner you realize this the better, it seems you need some GAC + burn corpse experiences.
Looting all valuables is actually good for the game. I really like the cyclical economy system of MUME, PK’ers loot stuff, spare the things to other players on their side (maybe less experienced), they die and the equipment gets transferred to the other side and the cycle continues. This creates an incentive for people to SMOB and actually enter closed environments. There needs to be a way that people are forced into fights rather than just wimp around in open in full gear.
For me at least, MUME is all about the adrenaline rush that you cannot get from other games. (As Jeraziah said, Rust gives you similar experiences). EQ plays an important role, but there always ways around it and ways that actually make the game more fun. Team up with other people, overkill, trap, try to outsmart them, do whatever it takes, its war ffs.
I think EQ wipe would be too harsh, considering other factors such as LHs, quests etc. But equipment wear and tear acceleration sounds fun! IMO the worst problem in MUME is still the movement system. Find a puke on foot near Tharbad, runs straight to Rivendell pretty much without resting...
2021/01/15  Aglunk:
Shaukr: he also had a cleric standing by to transfer him out if he got in trouble :P
2021/01/15  Elízalde:
Well, I guess you told me...damn?
2021/01/15  Merarl:
do you have to let it linger?
2021/01/15  Ignacio:
Right, and having spent much time here over the last year or two, I'm saying these are the reasons I don't enjoy the game anymore, and 'goodbye!'

And you all can say 'good riddance!'
2021/01/15  Shaukr:
Ignacio: why waste my precious xpxp time chasing an elf that'll rock/break out as soon as he goes low? Much better to blind him and go kill brown bears!

But a genuine comment now. I don't personally have anything to prove playing MUME. I've already gotten to the top of the warlord list, and taken more 1v1s in my time playing than you have, so I don't really need it for validation. If that means I log in after some months away mostly to check out the new zone and roam/xp with friends in a video game, that's what I'll do!

I don't think everything you say is wrong. But this isn't an arena game built around duels, its an MMO. Spending time in the world is the point, at least how the game is set up now.
2021/01/15  Zongan:
Again, you are not obligated to make a staff. It's just a possibility that makes you much stronger (puke caster is already stronger than BN counterpart). It's perfectly ok to play a caster without a foci staff. I would say that mana-ring is the biggest quality of life improvement, but I have no idea what you mean by 'unbearable regen time'. Eq will come and go, don't get attached.
2021/01/15  Ignacio:
I find it hilarious that while Elizalde advocates for EQ wipes, they run around with 7 max herbal kits (i.e. generally hoarding much better eq than me), always in a group, on incredibly boring/wimpy characters that take few risks. Or Shaukr, who was just featured in a log as part of a group of 3 bashing their way out of ep versus one blind elf. I dunno all your characters, but you are both way more skilled players than me, and I rarely see you on the warlord list, and you guys seem to just farm eq / xp all day, and never take 1v1s.

I think you missed the point of my last post - my main dissatisfaction with MUME is how the game design encourages super careful and conservative play, and the slow regen time makes the game unbearably unengaging without a decent set. And just in general the grindy repetitive nature of it outside of the small amount of time one actually spends doing something interesting like fighting other players. It just feels like a giant timesink where nothing actually happens unless you can afford to dump hours into it.

As a result, gaccing/overlooting another player just sets them back hours in time logged on being bored with slow regen, and grinding eq, and seems inconsiderate for these reasons. But most old players seem to enjoy, or at least take pride, in this time spent grinding. I don't, and getting gacced helped me realize how little time I spend logged on to MUME actually having fun.

In conclusion, Saurum and Zongan can go eat a boiling pot of CRANBERRIES.
2021/01/15  Jeraziah:
Go play Rust
2021/01/15  Phoebe:
I have a better suggestion. Let’s make eq shrink the moment you put it on. So if you get greedy and don’t remove it it will just choke you to death and you loose 5 levels (because greed is bad mkey!). Eventually people will be running around naked and fighting barehanded (todo: think how to balance bears and trolls into this). Or... just grow the fuck up and let go of you eq? If you want to suicide. Do it. But it does not give you the right to botch about it imo. And reading all this I really wanted to ask “girls, is it really this time of the month already?”
2021/01/15  Witchkin:
This could be a compromise for everyone:
Make all eq decay faster based upon usage time (not game time). So staffs would decay after certain amount of spells, skins after some amount of fill ups and so on..
Also concussion and smiting weapons should act like can openers on armour (unless armour spell is up). After a few hits with those weapons (just 1-3) your amour should get broken and you must repair it. (Ppl would start carrying repair tools and be forced to repair in the wild or get new eq right within the battle field).
In addition weapons should wear down more quickly in fight (which is realiatic tbh, your sword or any weapon gets dull after a few hard hits or parries). So someone with 2-3 plain longswords will be able to fight the same as someone with 1 steel claymore or legendary sword (Todo: discuss balance here..). However oen with many plain weapons/armours to switch gets the drawback of weight and so on.
All this would force you to ditch equipment more faster (or repair in the wild) or look for quick cheap requip.
Just some toughts that could make the game more dynamic and less about eq hoarding. Eq will be more of a tool that you must switch quickly because it wears down. So it depends less on hoarding but more on how well and fast you can get it replaced.
2021/01/15  Fieldy:
Regarding eqwipe - there is also a playerbase that does not play daily or weekly, sometimes monthly. Eqwipe for them would mean they would most likely have regular eq contantly. I dunno, is there really an eq problem or are you guys developing a problem?
2021/01/15  Amund:
If everybody were as eq-starved as the Zaugurz, MUME would be a completely different game. Some people would love it (obviously!), while some most likely would absolutely hate it and quit playing. Regular eq wipes would also make life harder for those races that don't have that many opportunities to just go and reequip, having to rely on PK instead. Having said that, I would love a more subtle way to wipe eq: make most poweritems and 'best in slot' equipment timed, basically like notracks or the +wil quest already are. You can do the extra effort and have that great bonus for a short time, so better go out and use it! Or just use whatever is readily available.
2021/01/15  Cyndane:
2021/01/15  Draz:
For all those reading this, in my experience many say one thing and do another. IMO play how you want to play and stand behind your decisions or just don't talk about them if you prefer.

I enjoy MUME best when I have a generous spirit and low expectations. I always I remember those who match that generosity :)
2021/01/15  Facelift:
After miruvor nerf there's almost no point dragging the extra weight about :p

However I love to loot wimp xpers who will then have a possibility of dying again during re-eq as they will have actual incentive leaving RD. I don't loot people who pk unless I need their shit. Unless they deserve it for being a bitch asshole
2021/01/15  Ghanic:
Woo! Finally ppl talkin some sense. Monthly eq wipe!
2021/01/14  Elízalde:
Sorry, but this is totally different. EQ bitching has always been done yes, but the difference is with all the prearranged agreements, what is expected from one another, the low player base excuse, the double standards, the 'ill give you a good fight but lets leave eq cause we are brave AF' manly attitudes. Sorry, this is bullshit and an utter disgrace. Just expect your shit to get looted each time - problem solved. What really upsets me more, is this is teaching all our 'new players' to cry and whine about this as well, because it has become the normal and if this will be the 'MUME Standard', how......lovely indeed. Not, I'll see my way out first. SAD DAYS! Funny - I asked Fror 2 years ago to reopen slag how it used to be. I asked them recently to remove the ZOC bars on the gates (and yes way before I died on this character FYI), and to even remove some of the mobs - an officer patrol or Uruk gone. If the population is decreased, then lets remove the features causing these areas to be so safe for the *Experienced players and ** Very Experienced Players! Time to man up and stop crying. Management has coddled you all IMO, in many MANY ways. Eventually the game becomes what the current players crying may want, but I doubt you will get competitive players who want the pk rush, and this is what attracted many of MUME's playerbase back in days of higher population. Soon management can change diapers too maybe! ffs plz?
2021/01/14  Shaukr:
giggle Elizalde, I was here 15+ years ago and people were bitching about eq, stabs in noc, staff looting, etc then too!

EQ wipes could be fun. Of course, you've eq wiped me a couple times :)
2021/01/14  Elízalde:
Please leave all 7 of my max upgraded kits next time I RIP then assholes, because its equivalent to the time in those items you value so that I could endlessly poison or get healing up on me and anyone around me. Joking aside, I expect to get gacced always, as should everyone else, regardless of what item it is. If they don't get gacced, sweet. Not only does Zongan have a point about re-equiping at smobs after, but this is how I usually get better fights myself, by reeqing. I don't care if its a damn skin or fine piece of chain, etc - it doesn't necessary need to be in a smob place. Someone else pointed out pking in Zaug basics, and I believe if more people had to fight in 'trail eq' as I call it, you would care a lot less about the fancy eq (and I bet you would have a blast in those fights). You all need monthly EQWIPES to learn a few things IMO. I bet you would find new pals/groups (because you need one another again), be less shady to one another(because of current looting issues), and MUME pk would not be all about EQ, but more of skill (since everyone would be in the same boat with each month). I will be doing full gac's, simply to do it now and tally up the most tears shed over it. I expect to be fully gacced myself too btw! I never have been so ashamed at the amount of darkies/zaug whining about EQ as I have the last year or so. It's pathetic. People from 15-20 years ago would eat you all alive and spit you out, as the expression goes.

#GroupHug #MUMElove #EQWIPE #SauronDisgrace 8)
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