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2017/11/21  Nazril:
Fun fight eldest/taramikir! The TRUE bn way of getting kills:
The earth trembles beneath your feet!
*Taramikir the Half-Elf* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.
A trained horse is incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.
A huge stone giant cleaves your right foot very hard and shatters it.
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.
You feel a sharp pain there!
o[ CW HP:Dying Mana:Warm Move:Tired a huge stone giant:Wounded>
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
You gain a level!
o[ CW HP:Dying Mana:Warm Move:Tired a huge stone giant:Wounded>
Ouch! You lose a level!
You are dead! Sorry...
2017/11/20  Frostwolf:
Hehe thanks. Nice going guys! Thanks for leaving stuff =)
2017/11/20  Slayah:
That was a damn nice try Frostwolf. Rawr!
2017/11/20  Ghanic:
Tempos log back on. have your eq
2017/11/20  Ton:
corpses unlooted for what its worth...
2017/11/19  Estan:
FYI We left all Tortugas
2017/11/16  Algroth:
Afk = a free kill! Congrats half and man in VT
2017/11/16  Rael:
congrats Faine ! :-)
2017/11/16  Toigan:
Vivir mi vida, lalalalaaa!
2017/11/16  Drazan:
hahaahhaa imagineing the look on that dwarf when he realized he warlorded cause two trolls died to bree mobs :D
2017/11/15  Fieldy:
Faine, do a LVL100 log in man and bear form? :D Would be interesting, really!
2017/11/15  Narsel:
First level 100 bear!
2017/11/14  Avenir:
Cheers, Faine!
2017/11/14  Slayah:
Congrats faine!
2017/11/14  Ton:
Stylish location as well! suitable with your character :)
summoned mobs to it or smth to get it?
2017/11/14  Dakota:
That's awesome Faine! Congrats!
2017/11/14  Fieldy:
Wohoo! Gratz Faine!
2017/11/14  Bombi:
Congrats Faine.
2017/11/14  Blades:
crashed again ???
2017/11/14  Faine:
On the 30th of Halimath in 3024, you reached level one hundred atop the Carrock.

Special thanks to pNorbert, pBarclay, pDan and pUna!
2017/11/14  Shaml:
Well,bunch of unknown swede's won italy in 2 game summary and now italy miss football world cup 2018 ,first time after 1950's. Intresting, Zlatan rejoin sweden team now .
2017/11/14  Toigan:
Fuck it all and no regrets!
2017/11/13  Pilois:
Holy shit new LotR series coming to Amazon prime!!!
2017/11/13  Naga:
Estan: Most people that have bought a home recently have not paid any gold for lock upgrades. That's why they are so easy to get into.
2017/11/13  Ton:
hehe That autoride is soooooooo ilegal when youre in the middle of the misties and there is some1 tracking you with tarantulas 4 rooms away...
2017/11/13  Fieldy:
Dunno, I have started not to mind the nosneak feature.
2017/11/13  Fret:
Oh I hope itís a previous version with out nosneak!
2017/11/12  Waba:
We're back online, I reverted to a previous version.
2017/11/12  Blades:
2017/11/12  Fieldy:
The saviour has come!
2017/11/12  Waba:
I'm looking into this. Be right back I hope...
2017/11/12  Fieldy:
It is rather ironic what the random log of the day is :D
2017/11/12  Blades:
yeah same here...
2017/11/12  Fieldy:
Damn, wanted to chill and play today :D
2017/11/12  Blades:
wtf is taking so long :P
2017/11/12  Ghara:
On a freakin' sunday :D
2017/11/12  Pilois:
Someone contact Dain?
2017/11/12  Tekel:
I was wondering the same thing...
2017/11/12  Pilois:
Server didn't come back up after reboot?
2017/11/12  Alfred:
Ugurz: Now, I know you're a cunt of a human being. Well done on the 'free kill' btw. But now I know you're a cheating cunt.
2017/11/11  Estan:
Comfs Tortugas and Hiper on those mob rips. I deliberately lured you to the Tangle hoping you wouldn't have balls to enter (but you did, and I died) - I never anticipated you two would mob in there afterwards. Imho those should have been PK rips - apply for a reimb imho.
2017/11/11  Elestir:
@Estan No idea how many % in pick upgrades add, but BW doors can be picked with like 52-53% picking skill with +8 picks.
So if your guess about 116% is true, then each upgrade gives 8%, which seems bit much IMHO (116-52 = 64, 64 / 8 = 8).
2017/11/11  Estan:
Pilois you are totally right! Thank you - I guess I was confused by the nobash/nobreak thing. So LH homes max out at 100% pick, interesting. The only door in game I'm confident is significantly beyond this is the BW front, which I think is somewhere around 116 to 119%
2017/11/10  Pilois:
According to the help files you can still buy 100% pick doors, just not nobash/nobreak/nopick
2017/11/10  Estan:
Apparently, you used to be able (years and years ago) to pay extra cash for super duper locks on your LH, but no longer the case. All new LHs just have shitty locks anyone can pick.
2017/11/10  Zepir:
can you pay alot of money to have a very good legend home lock?
2017/11/10  Estan:
What doors are hardest to pick? BW front, Elestir's legend home - what else? Trying to figure out if 119 pick is enough to get in any door in game
2017/11/10  Toigan:
It's up like my morning wood, bitches!
2017/11/08  Fieldy:
Its up! Check discussions.
2017/11/08  Slayah:
When's this machine gonna be up and running? I've got to re eq!
2017/11/08  Fieldy:
Please don't : (
2017/11/08  Zepir:
your just a big mean bully Fieldy, Im telling.
2017/11/08  Fieldy:
Zepir, you are so smart. Do you read a lot?
2017/11/08  Zepir:
thats a log i want to read.
2017/11/08  Auron:
Soon he will have to start overkilling/GACing his own crew.
2017/11/08  Zepir:
Ortansia why are you trying to ruin Elestirs role play experiences, hes just RPing. Hes slaying evil from the land, regardless what level. The game is just an xp mud at this point might as well let people have their fun rofl.
2017/11/07  Ortansia:
Nimmeth is P(Elestir) nothing new, he does that all the time, and then he wonders why no many players left ;)
2017/11/07  Auron:
Thanks for rekill on lowbie Bn nimmeth. I was almost back to my corpse..On the bright side I needed a reason to quit for the day.
2017/11/07  Zepir:
mind your business sandwich king. oh sorry sandwich artist I forgot the nomenclature forgive me.
2017/11/07  Waru:
Zepir aren't you west coast?
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