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2021/07/20 14:43, Nude:Rated: Superb 
Everyone rocked in the log except Akhas. Rummors say he has small peepee also. <3
The 2 dwarves seem to have no idea what they are doing, but props for entering!

2021/07/20 18:02, Shaukr: 
Man with 5 pracs in missile literally too silly to stop

2021/07/20 18:24, Neamir:Rated: Superb 
Damn, large pk battles when Dark Oath is up must be a crazy adrenaline roller coaster!

2021/07/20 18:29, Neamir:Rated: Superb 
Actually, in order to get the Dark Oath hp boost on RIP, is it required that you land the kill hit?

If Glasya or a mob had gotten the kill hit(s), you would not have gotten the Wounded -> Fine boost 2x and maybe this goes another way?

Fantastic log from two of the most ballsy/fun players out there.

2021/07/20 19:18, Nazgum:Rated: Superb 
Glasya tells the group 'do or out?'
tell group do fuck it

I like how 3 pukes + 2 eagles is a 'do fuck it' =)

You and glasya both played great, epic charge!

2021/07/20 21:20, Breaux:Rated: Superb 
Very entertaining, and cool to see dark oath in action. Thanks for posting, best log in a long time.

2021/07/20 21:31, Mūmakamon:  Rated: Superb 
Amazing luck streak there getting last hits!

2021/07/20 21:37, Fieldy:  Rated: Superb 
Ahhh, awesome!

2021/07/20 23:13, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Slaugthering newbies. But evenso it's pretty good to win that situation.

2021/07/21 05:09, Facelift:  Rated: Good 
Where were the quakes tho

2021/07/21 08:23, Faine:Rated: Superb 
Awesome, tnx for log!

2021/07/21 14:06, Prist:Rated: Superb 
This was great.

2021/07/22 22:09, Asmodean:   
Since they had no idea what were awaiting them, which was clear by Glasyas initial thought to gtfo. Im glad he didnt as the outcome was awesome. Good job guys overcoming the numbers. I give zero shits if pukes played bad and what not as ppl are so obsessed with nowadays, it doesnt diminish the darkies play. They did a charge, which shouldnt have worked out, but somehow it did.

2021/07/25 08:41, Baratheon: 
Just darkie things

2021/07/30 19:09, Gagni: 
!= csW HP:Hurt>ks

*a Dwarf* (k) leaves south.
*Khalar the Dwarf* leaves south.
A mountain mule leaves south.

o= csW HP:Hurt>k salamander
They aren't here.

Lucky salamander!

2021/08/22 06:18, Baratheon:edited 1x   
Would be more fun if the pukes fought back. You exclaim your underpoweredness by saying you went wounded with no nukes. Why didn't they nuke.....

2021/08/22 07:59, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Completely normal in pk 2021. Just the times


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