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2021/01/24 22:10, Draz:   
That was fun :)

Fucking wild bull brigade stealing your exp tho!

2021/01/24 23:03, IminyŽ:Rated: Awful 
Ain't using coin-loot actions in pk illegal?

You hear a starving warg's death cry as it collapses.
get coins corpse
A starving warg is dead! R.I.P.

2021/01/24 23:45, Torkild: 
!= HP:Fine *Emi the Noldorin Elf*:Wounded a shadow:Hurt>
It's already open!
*Emi the Noldorin Elf* begins some strange incantations...
You flee head over heels.
You flee east.

Were you afraid you'd drop to mid fine? what's the point of getting healing up, if you'd even potentially waste kills because you're afraid of quakes from a 1hitfromdead elfcaster on high fine hps?

2021/01/25 01:35, Belamir:edited 1x  Rated: Average 
Iminye, they changed the 'R.I.P.' message for players so that people can have a coin loot trigger on mobs only (and thus - legal). They did this at least a DECADE ago.

Stop trying to police other players. Thanks.

You hear a starving warg's death cry as it collapses.
get coins corpse
A starving warg is dead! R.I.P.

You hear *Oldi the Dwarf*'s death cry as he collapses.
*Oldi the Dwarf* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.

2021/01/25 12:15, Zongan:Rated: Average 
It's always fun to jump smobbers. Thanks for the log!

2021/01/25 12:38, Enforcer:edited 1x   
You are right Torkild, however, you never know when backup shows up. Also I knew it was a Hail Mary, why waste my hps on that - who moved this log to notables anyway..?

2021/01/25 13:26, Madox:Rated: Superb 
Although i rip i like this log alot. Dong after just getting Gac coming back strong. We actually chased troll tracks into OOC as why we entered. However other group mates would only enter on the premise of breaking rack. So we enter kill mobs get keys AND then they dont break rack. Then the Boss's Boss shows up ...

2021/01/25 14:03, IminyŽ:edited 1x  Rated: Awful 
reminds me many many air crush (with crm issues) investigations.

aha, so there was an outstanding leader, who didn't care about them and those, shy enough, chosing to die keeping silence instead of be annoying but survive.

(here is place for my not-so-favorite-anymore expression but i'm too bored)

3 free frags for darkies - really worth posting that?

Belamir failed to answer my question and what if we replace warg-mobs with merc-mobs? anyway mobs were involved in pk

2021/01/25 15:04, Zongan:edited 1x  Rated: Average 
It was actually 4 kills. But I have to say all your comments show a terrible attitude, makes you really unlikable and obnoxious. Perhaps your IRL insecurities and failures play a role here because you constantly seek conflict and attention.

2021/01/25 15:10, Belamir:Rated: Average 
Iminye, I did answer your question, but I don't think you were able to understand what I wrote.

Reading RULES ACTIONS should clear up any confusion you have.

If it doesn't clear things up for you, then stop trying to police other players about the rules you don't understand. Thanks.

2021/01/25 16:35, IminyŽ:edited 3x  Rated: Awful 
idk why ppl like Dr.psy.Zongan write something about rl.
what happens in this log is like known for 20 years

Black Numenorean Sage
Level: Legend buffer (good basher), some 2-3 casters/shooters. Double this amount for whitie group - because a) all mobs in OOC aggressive to whities (of course!), and b) darkies can trap whitie group, even if whities outnumber them!

there're 3 kills in ooc, thank Elf for 4th, who killed herself, maybe she should read latest other log

2021/01/25 16:51, Torkild: 
your a) sounds fucking stupid atleast. The patrols are soloable by a lvl 13 bn. I'm sure you don't need to double your way too big group(from your strategy.txt) because of that. Every blue moon you can even find darkies in there so I guess your b) sounds if not stupid, atleast less stupid.

2021/01/25 17:43, Elizalde:   
Rad log, starring 2 badasses who are relentless. Pukes can often turn the tide quickly here, darkie mobs or not.

2021/01/25 17:47, Arcanum:   
Lets have a look on a group needed for sage last 20 years:
Sage used to be soloable.
It was changed, it still was soloable.
It was changed again and I think it is still soloable - for both sides (dont think a renegade can).

2021/01/25 22:15, IminyŽ:Rated: Awful 
Arcanum, did you ever solo sage?

2021/01/25 23:33, Dearth:  Rated: Superb 
Great commentary Mr Iminye, maybe you could show one of your logs to p Sardaukar(one of the best warrior players ever imo) how to play warrior better and post better logs. You're like Mithfalen 2.0 honestly, Mithfalen didn't post retarded comments on logs at least

2021/01/26 13:58, Drogtash: 
Hah, Dearth. He did not? I remember it very differently

2021/01/26 14:30, Jeraziah:  edited 11x   

2021/01/26 22:19, Arcanum:   
It is like asking someone leading rogge every Wednesday if he has ever killed it. On the condition you spare me ingame lectures, trying to teach me what you have learned from me:
sage was slightly mad and casted his magic somewhat randomly. orcs on the other hand were not too agreeable nor were the shadows. before rentmobs were made weaklings one (of many) viable stragedies was to kill rentmob with bash-fleeing (usually shadowed) and lead sage to fight that room until he picked a fight with the shadow. after sage was engaged to the shadow he was dead meat whatever he casted. why kill the rentmob and wait for shadow? - cause the powersnaga does not like trolls.

I think the char Iminye could actually solo sage once you get pass step one: 1. get some balls. 2.get some basher mob like lithe, usual sanced giant(s), 3.lure, 4.blind it while he is bashed and shoot him to pieces, use mana to heal buffing giant. 5. let dungeonbrawler post the log 'saving the sage, again'.

2021/01/26 22:50, Torkild: 
Spot on.

2021/01/27 00:41, IminyŽ:edited 2x  Rated: Awful 
dear all, my question is usually a question. i didn't know that you wanted police.

2021/01/27 07:03, Arcanum:   
Sorry for misinterpreting. In the realm of a question being a question without anyone wanting police: are you jewish?

2021/01/27 10:24, Zongan:Rated: Average 

2021/01/27 15:24, Belamir:Rated: Average 
This is official request to remove Arcanum forever from this mud

2021/01/27 19:04, Draz:   
I don't know what's happening in the comments but I know I'm entertained!


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