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Blood runs in the Redeye (Slayah)back

2021/01/03 20:50, Slayah: 
So in terms of tactics, I think the zorcs played that pretty well. Tactical flaws on our side was not having a good plan for keeping Mnimira alive. Im not sure if he had quakes but in hind sight, he probably should have quaked in the center room, with us fighting south.

Other than that, however, Im not sure how else we could have kept him alive, perhaps others have suggestions? Perhaps finishing direwolves was a mistake, but figured it'd probably be better than risking flees into prison cells and getting ppl locked away.

Laeren sticking with me whole fight was crucial and Mance picking into cell with aggro mobs on the outside was definitely the finishing blow. Would be interested in hearing others thoughts on how best to play this to save Mnimira.

2021/01/03 20:54, Daki: 
Great fight. I have one question.



2021/01/03 21:06, Trevis: 
Oh man that was a great fight. I ate alot of damage outside of prison cell trying to get in. Too much in fact. We were optimistic about the situation once it was 3v2 inside the prison cell. All hopes were dashed when the dwarf picked his way in with mobs outside guarding. Was a ton of fun tho. Thanks for leaving all eq

2021/01/03 21:36, Forsaken:   
(Mnimira here) That was brutal, you guys played me like a fiddle. The start of the fight forced me to panic a bit, armour went down fast and those arrows ruined me. I reacted poorly and right as I reached for a few quakes I was in nospell and trapped. Thanks for the fight experience.

2021/01/03 21:48, Belamir:Rated: Superb 
Really neat place to fight!

2021/01/03 22:39, Malak:Rated: Good 
I'd vote this log for notables!

Darkies had the upper hand at one point in an uneven fight and a came I with a good strategy, which would have worked if not for the super pick/save by Mance.

2021/01/04 00:26, Vaya:   
Wooo Hobbits!

2021/01/04 01:00, Mance:  Rated: Superb 
+ 7 picks and 55 pick ez pz

2021/01/04 17:06, Drogtash:edited 1x  Rated: Poor 
Surprising they took the fight. No need to block the next door either unless you're worried about many rocks, probably better to bash it and I doubt you would've lost anyone.

That's a lot of close exits after the nod - heavy overspam vs awful(incap opponent)? :P

2021/01/04 17:47, Slayah: 
Hm, the rational behind blocking 2nd door was to given them less room to maneuver, that may have been the wrong idea but what was running through my mind. Yeah i overspam a bit, definitely a mistake.

2021/01/04 18:45, Neamir:Rated: Superb 
@Drogtash (p Laeren here) it doesn't come through in the log, but Laeren is a bash mage combo, so his block isn't super strong. And Slayah is 90% warrior, so neither is his. Given that, I feel doubling up on combo blocks is reasonable.

Upon a couple day's reflection, I definitely agree that we could have managed the mob situation better. If this ever happens again, I think the play is to have one caster spam all n, quake those orc mobs dead, then rest of group comes all n and rescues that caster insta (and then resets/regroups there). That would have dramatically diminished their ability to use the prison rooms, and increased our tactical advantage (leaving the cave trolls and dire wolves for ping ponging). But hindsight is 20/20, this fight developed super fast and kudos to Slayah for his balls out style. We didn't use any skype or group manager, and of course it's nonarrate, so I think our team coordinated well.

Separately, I don't quite share everyone's confidence that we were going to lose the 3v2 inside prison. I think Slayah and I had a chance there - the orcs were already low and we were (worst case) trading bashes evenly (it's not shown in the log but Laeren was able to bash Trevis at least once). If I had played better I would have disengaged and tried to bash or interrupt Daki some, then it would just be a bash or rescue contest. Maybe a single orc would be left standing, low, and then Mance would have cleaned up outside.

2021/01/04 19:03, Nazgum: 
What kind of sick hobbit names their mount after me... ya just... ride me around with those hairy feet and stumpy legs?! what a monster!

2021/01/04 21:40, Ignacio:Rated: Good 
Terrific log, thanks for posting. Didn't know about that !cast room.

Double block seems smart to me. Lowers the chance they can break it open to escape closer to zero, and makes it easier to hunt down sneakers.

Also, I should reread more carefully, maybe I missed something, but spamming close seems not only like a smart move, but one that obviously worked very well here. I mean, it doesn't look graceful in a log or whatever, but slightly pre-spamming, in my experience, is only way to ensure you close it soon enough after opponent opens to prevent them escaping. Am I wrong here?

Daki played very well, as always.

I don't think group could have done much for Mnimira. Maybe Mnimira could have fled earlier once he saw he was being targeted and let orcs switch to someone else or at least avoid eating arrows. Very tough spot though since orcs had keys and mobs all over, and obviously all these comments are coming from Captain Hindsight and the peanut gallery.

2021/01/16 19:35, Iminyë:Rated: Awful 
Slayah has demonstrated that Slayas sucks:

![ CW HP:Hurt Mana:Cold *Daki the Zaugurz Orc*:Dying>c
cast 'cure critic'
You feel a strange power surrounding you.
The ground seems to absorb your spell!


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