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Things to do in Vale Village when your Dead (Aquator)back

2020/12/30 22:52, Ignacio:Rated: Average 
Weird log, thanks for posting, and thanks for recent fights.

2020/12/30 22:58, Draz:   
Chaos, rollercoaster of emotion, thanks for posting. Dark side is getting (slightly) better charging village with every log :)

2020/12/31 07:34, Drogtash:Rated: Awful 
Wtf? That was not very well played.

2020/12/31 16:49, Belamir: 
Was half expecting you to follow Beorn in and kill them all. Or something.

Weird seeing Rasta rerolled to a shaman (?) !!

2021/01/02 10:43, Finwe:Rated: Good 
Exciting log to read: never knew what was going to happen next!

2021/01/02 18:39, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
Razgriz was actually wasting mana on trying to block that very same exit you tried on as well but from the other side, more or less in the exact same moment :)

Quaking main room (outdoors) is pretty pointless I've learnt by now, so we were kind of undecided what to do next, as I had not seen that you helped us finish off some of those guards :)

2021/01/03 19:30, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
And I'm in this log so I can obviously only rate it:

2021/01/04 13:10, Drogtash:Rated: Awful 
@Belamir: Beorn doesn't go into village.

2021/01/04 14:02, Belamir: 
Oh, good to know. Thanks!

2021/01/04 16:35, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
I thought so too, but he did just before this and it was a disaster.

2021/01/16 19:31, Iminyë: 
both sides demonstrated terrible performance


 Superb Zimrathon 
 Good Finwë 
 Average Alweon, Fieldy, Ignacio 
 Poor Marillion 
 Awful Drogtash 
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