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Lil Hunter 2v3 for bored ones (Evoque)back

2020/11/11 22:10, Evoque:  edited 1x   
Only now I realize that my purple-sanc on this wil 11 'defense warrior' sucks balls :D Not much else you can do with a cleric with warm mana (not even enough for 2 qdispels!) at the start there, so blinds saved the day!

2020/11/11 22:41, Knack: 
Was fun fight !
This new blind item really kicked ass. I even had Chain and kinda high wil.
This is how you really dance with the zaugs ! ;)

2020/11/11 23:16, Belamir: 
8 scrolls, wow.

Still lots of fun to read, thanks for posting!

2020/11/12 07:38, Faine:Rated: Superb 
Glamdring ftw.

2020/11/12 10:07, Drogtash: 
Yeah lucky with the blinds... looked harder than I feel it should've been though.

2020/11/12 10:41, Torkild: 
Warm mana after block? 1 lowlevel warrior (and a manaless cleric) vs 3 hitters. I don't think the blinds were lucky. The purple-sanc cap didn't help much obviously. So yes I'm not sure why we won this, but it's definately not because we had the upper hand after the block.

2020/11/12 11:11, Evoque:   
Not sure what I could have done better.

Maybe perhaps shooting the blind ones when letting Torkild chase the noname? But noname went wimpy so I wanted to parrysplit for Torkild so he could finish it in a reasonable time which still took too long.

I was saving the little mana I had to get maybe 1 more heal through or land few blinds or clutch dispel if needed. Also had 0 pipe-weed on me, both pbses we already used before.

Had 1 vellum 1 azure left at the end.

2020/11/12 16:07, Eiluvial:Rated: Superb 
Well done. On paper, 3 hitters should demolish you in that area. In the start, Torkild got hit 6 times before hitting back once.
Scrolls or not that was well played!

2020/11/12 16:51, Telessar:  Rated: Average 
wrong target from zaugs...

2020/11/12 17:34, Evoque:  edited 1x   
In most other cases yes, I'd agree with Telessar. But if I self-sanc with purple, my sanc cap is way higher and I'm also higher level = i eat less dmg. I can re-armor and buff in wimpy with shining metals and run around for a good long time before I become in any danger while Torkild mows them down in aggro when they are engaged with me (always parrysplit).

Vs more easily killable cleric yes, I'd focus the cleric.

2020/11/12 17:50, Elestir:   
Blindness (as OP as it is) is too big threat in situation like this for zorcs to just let the cleric cast it without any hassle. Torkild probably wouldn't manage to kill more than 1 of them before the others would force you to rock and flee. That being said, accepting such a fight (where they let you block) is kinda unwise from the zorc group anyway, because you always have ticket out whenever you want, while they do not. Not even mentioning possible risk of portal trap...

2020/11/12 18:19, Torkild:edited 1x   
Telessar is obviously right. Edit= I don't care to elaborate why, but this should be pretty undeniable.

2020/11/12 18:20, Belamir: 
Your own group member disagrees with you. Perhaps you could elaborate?

2020/11/12 18:26, Evoque:   
I'd still be able to pretty much freecast blinds due to Torkild protect. The only thing that I can think of why Torkild agrees with Telessar is because if zorcs would target me that would mean Torkild would eat more hits because of interecept won't give you melee.

But then he could just turn protect off and be hitting zorcs on aggro while I run around with fast link insta-reciting scrolls with max sanc cap?

I mean, we need a re-match to test this theory out!

2020/11/12 18:33, Torkild: 
No there are a lot of factors, and i don't really like that my enemies know my thoughts behind it lol

2020/11/12 18:35, Belamir: 
Well as much as I dislike that answer, I really can't argue with it :) Keep your secrets then!

2020/11/13 19:49, Baratheon: 
Awesome log

2020/11/13 21:35, Dearth:  Rated: Superb 
@Torkild Did you switch to aggressive? What's your PB+DB on wimpy?
@Telessar Why targeting Evoque is better?

2020/11/13 21:58, Praska:   
coz hittin caster will ruin hes spell attemps and 3 hitters should demolish caster in no time. Im not takin that in particular case helf was wearig shining metals.

2020/11/13 22:17, Torkild: 
i was aggressive when there was 1 unblind orc.

2020/11/14 22:23, IminyŽ: 
hi faine. is down

2020/11/17 03:39, Redruth:Rated: Good 
Just testing if I can comment under the name 'Fitzcarraldo.' If so, Elizalde is terrific. Otherwise I hate her.

2020/11/17 03:41, Redruth:Rated: Good 
Another annoying test comment.

2020/11/17 03:43, Fitzcarraldo:Rated: Good 
3rd time is the charm?

2021/01/16 19:37, IminyŽ: 
Terrible performance by all sides


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