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Just a couple of skirmishes. Something to read. (Jeran)back

2020/10/30 23:42, Facelift:   
more notable logs gg

2020/10/31 01:38, Kzog: 
Was really hoping to come out of chamber to see *elf* corpse next to mine, but alas, a just in time rescue ...

2020/10/31 06:44, Praska:  Rated: Superb 
Thumbs up!

2020/11/02 11:36, Mhoghedin:edited 1x  Rated: Good 
Oooph could feel Zocker's frustration there, so close! Good fights.

2020/11/03 06:38, Faine:edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
Prac kick, good fights.

2020/11/03 07:25, Jeran: 
I have kick. Rescuing waiting for mood change had prioroty over that. Didn't feel like it in the first situation either 😉

2020/11/03 15:04, Zocker: 
Yeah was fun and close, well done!


 Superb Ares, Corny, Dearth, Drogtash, Faine, Praska 
 Good Mhoghedin, Rik, Zutror 
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