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Checking if there is any action. (Bhugbór)back

2020/10/28 20:41, Redruth:Rated: Good 
Fuck yeah bro, that was rad af. And jesus christ, how about that overkill squad failing to kill you wnoc. How did you actually make it out of there? You cut that part out. They had a bn to block slab, did puke break for you?

2020/10/28 20:44, Bhugbór: 
Yeah, sorry I thought I made it clear Kili came from liche, and bashed slab for me. I cut out alot of spam in there during blocks.

2020/10/28 20:55, Malak:   
Congratz on warlord, the kills in orc camp, and making the darkies look foolish beforehand. I don't think your char is as weak as you make him out to be though. ;) Totally built for that kind of fight.

Well played by you, and terribly played by me (mood was wimpy from escaping spirit - typo'd my 'cha mood agg' alias and wimpy 0 alias due to panic and being rusty. I was auto-wimpy from trying to be sneaky and escaping the wraith in there, which is why I toppled.

Horrible WIL on this char with little spellsave so eating FIVE quakes is not a winning strategy. :p Cheers.

2020/10/28 21:01, Bhugbór: 
You are right! Under the right circumstances this character is not weak at all. Normally people aren't afraid of my hitting power though.

2020/10/28 21:01, Fleck:   
Well done, always enjoy our fights :)

2020/10/28 21:09, Redruth:Rated: Good 
Also, I elected for this to go to notables. Maybe others do the same? Would be cool to see a rating on it.

2020/10/29 01:54, Baratheon: 
I sat on page down after they goon squaded you then re-read when you didn't die. Embarrassing.

2020/10/29 08:22, Yzur:  Rated: Superb 
Nice escape from overkill squad! Those needs to be raped and gacced clean each time when they die!

2020/10/29 14:11, Breaux:Rated: Good 
Two things in this log made me go hehehehehehe
1 Niramor carrying a stored sleep just like that ;)
2 Flecks comment ;)

Nice log!

2020/10/30 21:13, Snarp:  Rated: Average 
This game has become so twisted from 15-20 years ago.

Nice escape from wnoc.

2020/10/31 09:46, Slampen:Rated: Good 
What level is Bhugbor?

2020/10/31 10:12, Torkild: 
48 now


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