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4 Hobbits and a Man (Yennifer)back

2020/10/08 02:10, Yennifer: 
Hey Yall,

I tried to downsize it and cut out all the non-fight related narrates and spam in order to condense it. Hope you enjoy

2020/10/08 03:46, Facelift:   
if Pab would know how to turn off climb things coulda been different. He killed himself there.

Also I got there late, with low mana and trolls didnt wait for me to get mana for quakes, instead they just went in 1 by 1...

I guess i need to level a new troll!

2020/10/08 05:33, Yennifer: 
Lol yeah I kept seeing him fail flee ups and I was like THATS why we turn climb off LOL. Was fun, let me know if you wanna level trolls!

2020/10/08 13:20, Faine: 
Sötis gets a big stone key from the corpse of Bill the stone-troll.

You guys had ticket to safety from the beginning.

2020/10/08 15:16, Alweon: 
Good job not panicking - I'll bet the repop was a bit freaky. That said, pretty insane blinding and mana pool on puke side!

2020/10/08 16:33, Yennifer: 
@Faine well damn even editing the log I didn't see that lol, he was trying to get us to rip

@alweon bro idk what you talking about I panicked the entire god damn time for real this log is just luck :P

2020/10/08 17:52, Baratheon: 

2020/10/08 19:52, Sötis:   
Completely missed I looted that key, was looking as hard as anybody for it all the time!

Had just mobripped before so I have a total of 124 mana. It was close for sure. I gave up each time a new enemy dropped in or mobs popped.

2020/10/08 19:53, Iltz:  Rated: Superb 
pMulgrim tells are priceless, like that guy would enter any closable:D

2020/10/09 03:25, Draz:   
This was fun, keep the logs coming!

2020/10/09 17:39, Yennifer: 
@Sotis lols you and me both, can we just leave now like what shadow has the key!? :P I def died a little inside every time a player would pop in too and for a hot minute im sure I gave up on the repop as i just watched it like and kept asking myself what tf what tf.

@iltz man you crazy giving me damn heart attacks im too young for that

@Draz thanks! I'm not a big pker but I like to think I'm funny w/ my witty commentary

2020/10/09 19:49, Singleton: 

Very nice :-)

2020/10/10 10:20, Stong:   
Fantasy in F minor

2020/10/10 10:31, Breaux: 
Fun! Voting notables and Sotis MVP

2020/10/11 15:24, Tramd:   
Good times. Two thumbs up.

2020/10/12 06:59, Drogtash:Rated: Poor 
@Faine Until BBT repopped and the key he was carrying decayed? :)

2020/10/12 19:45, Iltz:  Rated: Superb 
Since im in the log I can rate this only:

2020/10/20 23:22, Yennifer:   
@drogtash do you still play?

2020/10/21 08:47, Ezmodius:Rated: Average 
Didn't panic? Spamming for everyone to enter vs 2 blind mobs and 1 awful troll isn't panic?

Did the BN survive in the end? Anyway, glad you all had fun. Oh and trolls will of course keep coming back to BBT if they die there. The troll race is about mad, carefree pk for the most part (with some exceptions) so if trolls actually know where some pukes are they will likely attack. Much more likely if they happen to be in BBT.

2020/10/23 05:11, Iminyë:Rated: Awful 
I didn't know that Yennifer is Megan's char


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