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Bloody shacking stonedoor (Grriknak)back

2020/10/01 11:38, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Breaux do you now understand why they bail from 99 of 100 fights they should win?

2020/10/01 11:45, Grriknak:   
How about you teach us some finally?
Why not answer some of the questions and share your mighty wisdom and kownledge, so all can play like you do and it will be a better mume world...
Lets start with the first one that i mention in that log: Does attack skill help much with fleeing speed?

2020/10/01 11:47, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
type 'Help attack'

2020/10/01 12:09, Facelift:   
Fo reals, how comes that some 'pkers' only fight noobs and never fight anything with half a clue?

I mean how the fuck can you be wimpy as 2 zorc wars vs thief-mage and FITZCARRALDO! Like holy fuck. Jaagern even had full shining metals to motivate you cucks actually put up a fight, but instead you brought it up as an excuse. This is so fucking pathetic.

Trash trash trash, grow some balls.

2020/10/01 12:09, Redruth:Rated: Average 
![ CW HP:Fine Mana:Hot>e
Entrance to the Castle Keep
*Knack the Zaugurz Orc* is standing here giggling.
*Grriknak the Zaugurz Orc* is standing here searching for tracks.
*Yzur the Zaugurz Orc* is standing here giggling.
*Boogerz the Zaugurz Orc* is standing here.
Exits: north, east, (south), west.
A horse of the Rohirrim (mine) has ARRIVED from the west.

![ CW HP:Fine Mana:Hot>w

*Knack the Zaugurz Orc* ! : we rule

2020/10/01 12:13, Facelift:   
Can't edit my previous comment, but no offense to pFitzcarraldo was meant, he is just suicidal. So players like Knack and co only fight either suicidal players or newbie xpers. That was the point.

I'd fight Fitzcarraldo any day, I've almost died to him several times I fought him on my BN and it was always fun! So is JAAGERN REALLY SO FUCKING DREADFUL? Two zorc warriors...I can't fucking get my head around it. Thiefmage has no defense, shit offense. All you need to do is dodge quakes.

Just mindblowing, IRRATIONAL wimpiness.

2020/10/01 12:34, Grriknak:   
Oh boy here we go again...
Why are you all so toxic? Just because we dont match your pattern of fighting?
I have not played this game for years over and over each day for hours. So yes i do lack alot of knowledge about items, areas and so on. I got the introduction to the liche lift yesterday... Too many times i have died because there is something new, some sort of power item that appears out of the backpack. And jaagern is full of it i bet. So take the fight were you know you have a chance or where you can get out. Im not playing to entertain you :/ Also i can not spend so much time on the game (i already do way too much), so somtimes rl calls because you have to get up early. Anyway i can say what i want here, you probably will keep on bashing and be toxic? How about some feedback? FFS just tell us what could be done better or where one can get more detailed information about this game (with some real numbers... not some vague help text).

Also lift your face Facelift, always look on the bright side of life. :)

2020/10/01 12:37, Grriknak:   
Btw jaagern and fritz had Urlach (or sth similar) around while they were trying to chase us. Also some more tracks were aoudn - could have been bn tho.
Later Lamine showed up to the fight. Of course we play it safe. Especially when you are already heading for rent.
I dont get still, whats wrong...?

2020/10/01 12:51, Grriknak:   
Oh Redruth that 'we rule' from Knack was regarding a bash we did on *Carl the Troll* which is high level and we were able to hit it to Hurt, he ran off afterwards.
First time in my mume history that i saw a high level troll running away, even though we were more yes. But it is still the first time. Why not let us celebrate this?
You really te to take the fun out of the game?

2020/10/01 13:06, Redruth:Rated: Average 
Sorry, was just teasing, Grriknak.

Yeah, I'm fuzzy on lift myself. I've only used it like 3 times or something, and always months IRL in between.

Was just disappointing chasing you guys around for 30min-1hr IRL though. Maybe next time say 'Not PKing or something.'

Good job on kill. Hope some more fights in the future!

2020/10/01 13:06, Facelift:   
Urlach is complete newbie and Lamine is some shitnoob suicider that I killed 4x on my naked bn - moral of the story: dont be afraid or you wont ever learn

2020/10/01 13:08, Slampen: 
A log without charmies.

I'm a fan!

2020/10/01 19:09, Bardock:  Rated: Good 

2020/10/20 19:38, Nero: 
You guys are kind of rough, do we still do this at our ages? :) My only advice would be next time put this kind of log under 'other logs'. Notable is for more unexpected, special stuff. Otherwise, keep on fighting for the tribe. :)

2020/10/21 01:10, Zintilden:  edited 2x   
Nero - It wasnt posted as noteables, it was requested to be moved to notables. So....I moved it and I probably moved it too late (after many had already viewed it). I'll be honest, I don't wait always for Axel to be available to show me how to do something. Instead I msg him pleading forgiveness and to fix what I may have broke. 8)

2020/10/21 08:33, Nero: 
Oh, nevermind about that part then. :)


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