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Short sweet story! (Jaagern)back

2020/09/18 07:24, Raudo: 
WTF! Congrats!!!!

2020/09/18 07:51, Mhinga:   
So this is what happend

(and clap!)

2020/09/18 11:30, Bardock:  edited 2x  Rated: Superb 
gz just logged in and sumba said 2 pukes in foy came right away, we tried to charm the giant but he failed , i never gac you or any of your pals but gac me all you want, dont affect me :D i will continue to not gac you and your pals because PK is more important then hurt feelings. but I retired all my chars so dont worry, you dont have to deal with my shitty wimpy balls anymore.

2020/09/18 11:51, Jaagern: 
Last time I killed you in Ohurk I left corpse untouched didnít I? Like even coins I think.

I donít expect a thanks but pls donít cry like a Boy Scout when you get looted. This was primarily situational (Taube came in literally right after you died and before I touched either of the corpses, so there was no time to sort. Bhugbor had fairly shitty eq so he needed some of your eq). I guess I couldíve gacced Glop instead of you but youíre a dick and heís not so there you go.

2020/09/18 12:39, One:   
Lol Bardock. Thatís some passive aggressive talk Bardock. Nicely done Jaagern.

2020/09/18 12:46, Bardock:  Rated: Superb 
i didnt cry, i went to noc bought basics and died to you again , i can get a set in 20 seconds thats why i made that char, he does not need much gear. gg it was fun i got no hard feelings.

2020/09/22 05:31, Faine:edited 1x   
Didnt expect anything less from you. Well done!

2020/09/27 15:07, Bhugbor: 
To be fair though, the plan was all along that I would quake the southern room first, as I had nothing to lose. But i ate a really fast bash there. Anyways I suppose it's just okay that he came south and quaked me dead though. Things probably wouldn't have ended better, if the plan was followed to the point.


 Superb Bardock, Cebol, Dearth, Foroil, Grimble, Seade, Winzy 
 Good Emerka, Fieldy, Ignacio, Praska, Snarp 
 Poor Drogtash 
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