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Don't Think Too Hard (Draz)back

2020/08/30 19:39, Shaukr:Rated: Superb 
Charging into roots and getting the puke stuck while never getting caught yourself? Recovering right before the third quake and going only bad-awf? Dodging Lenu's last smite on bad?

Boldness pays off!

It really seems like you were outhitting Lenu hit for hit in the last fight, despite smiting. Lenu on wimpy? :)

2020/08/30 20:16, Dhar:  edited 1x   
There's was some yelling about arm wounds (mine was gone for this fight) that got cut from earlier fights, could have been factor.

Seems I hit his non-metal'd feet more than he hit my twisted on head.

I also have had a lot of warriors pracs compared to his setup I think.

(Sorry this is Draz, keeps default to my account name).

2020/08/30 23:54, Facelift:  Rated: Good 
get sword pack
wield sword
put ornate pack

makes me cringe every time!

2020/09/04 07:22, Lenu:   
Really fun fights I really thought I had you on that bash quake round. As far as that last one my armor dropped at wounded I had warm mama I should have cure and arm up but I figured I could get lucky down hitting you!! You did good imo invited you where bad arm down also I was riding and you where walking so figured I could run you out of moves. And like you said I think you had more war pracks than me.


 Superb Deth, Shaukr 
 Good Facelift, Kyndill, Rik 
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