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Bill Bert and Tom are avenged! (Smúlk)back

2019/10/13 22:01, Aganir:   
Awesome log and great comments!

Solenya quaking his eagles more than made this even.. sick fight.

2019/10/13 22:03, Shaukr:   
ER sure doesn't like those names, heh.

Given pukes started sanced, maybe they should have just focused Smulk down rather than tossing spells at the BNs? I'm sure mana was low-ish but dispels are dispels.

2019/10/13 23:14, Fionwe:   
Is it all possible to climb out of BBT? Very nice work Smúlk and co.

2019/10/14 02:10, Aganir:   
Maybe if there was a mechanic in-game to climb on one another's shoulders, but no, we are all too short to climb. Only trolls can.

But I heard if you spend all of your mana teleporting from inside, the last teleport works!

2019/10/14 06:46, Iminyë: 
Smúlk forgot to mention about #Solenya


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