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Another fight I run away from... oh wait (Dawnborn)back

2019/10/13 15:53, Elizalde:   
Acting like Robal, H-elf, and Narugil, plus Narugil's own charmies werent around? 'O-K.'

They all chased Troll into Warrens to try to finish him after one of those fights btw, but noticed you didn't follow. Yet you were standing with them all when they were at Ford! 8)

2019/10/13 17:00, Shaukr:   


2019/10/13 17:13, Dawnborn:   
Elizalde, this was the night before Robal, etc... were on. That was a second night. And that second night I couldn't get info on where the troll went. Wasn't grouped with them at Ford or after. Asked where was, got no answers. Was mostly soloing around for xp, then found troll, figured could have good troll fight. Second night he went for my horse first. Smart troll, had to go back and get a new mount.


Shaukr tbh I was kinda surprised too. Usually I only have three, but the charming gods were nice to me.

2019/10/13 18:01, Elizalde:   
Dawnborn: 'O-K'

Shaukr: giggle :D

2019/10/13 21:32, Fieldy:   
Only with 4 charmies?

2019/10/13 21:57, Aganir:   
Helfire was running around with 2 eagles, bashpig, and pack leader. Fricken insane, and as if you guys aren't already playing something so incredibly overpowered... nonsense. If they ever do nerf charm, it'll just hurt bns and not pukes. Sigh.

2019/10/28 15:44, Drogtash: 
Lol.. very brave there!


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