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2019/10/11 19:32, Gimilzagar:   
Cant you post real logs? Oh no, wait. You only run away or word out when such things occur. Stop posting rubbish please as I rather read nothing then this waste of space.

2019/10/13 03:41, Bardock:   
damn you got some anger, who cares :D I liked it thanks smiles. The hobbit carnage was amazing.

2019/10/13 04:43, Dawnborn:   
He's upset because of the probably 4-5 times we've met and fought, he's managed to kill me exactly zero times, while I see him twice on my trophy.

It is true I word out or bail when appropriate. The last meeting I was already icy mana when he showed up. Was in a group, and he blocked us in several rooms in Tbad. Midbie dwarf with us died soon enough, I didn't have mana for shit, but full armour and shield, so stood there soaking his mana until I was nearly dead. Our party leader was kicking ass, so when Gimi stopped to read a scroll or something, I worded out as there was exactly zero sense in me dying in there. I was a mana soak for him and did my part.

I've worded on him two other times. One was my hideously sleep deprived log I posted. The other time was a fight near fornost, and was cornered for various reasons and accidentally engaged a friendly mob, so I popped out and met him outside and bolted him a couple times. He left, apparently standing my ground wasn't good enough either.

Am I the greatest PK'r on Mume? Hell no. Do I care? Not really. Sorry I avoid dying when I think it's a high possibility. *shrug* I'd hardly blame you for doing the same thing.

I'm glad the troll logs are enjoyed, I sunned poor Smiles the other day (Too much time hanging out with Resin) so have to resume the wobbitology studies all over again...

2019/10/13 05:21, Gimilzagar:  edited 1x   
Wow write youre excuses all you want. You are an awful player that never fights thus never learns from your mistakes. Cause you wont let there be any. You will never improve at this game ever at this rate.
You having me on your trophy cause you pass me or flee, doesnt really mean jack shit. I have killed you plenty on other characters, and you die like a retard every single time, full on panic mode and not a single shit done to me. So there is that.

2019/10/13 06:05, Dawnborn:   
Both times I was in on your death was neither passing or fleeing.

Tbad I ate your attacks until I was nearly dead. Vale Tower I neither fled nor passed.

Not one of my whole whopping 8 uniques come from fleeing or passing. All were engaged and all pushed to at least hurt by myself if they weren't solo kills.

Stop caring about my PK and when I choose to fight.

2019/10/13 18:55, Gwokk:   
i like

2019/10/13 21:04, Resin: 
Another great troll log. Them hobbits bones make good toothpicks. Comfs on sunning


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