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Troll? Or Puke in disguise? (Khalifa)back

2019/09/27 11:13, Mhoghedin: 
Thats...frustrating. What kind of eq can a troll have that would be so great?

Also - pukes these days are never gathering in large numbers. Only 1 or 2 fighters only on that side at a time.

2019/09/27 14:49, Shaukr:   
Not sure I agree Mhog, there is almost always some puke megagroup roaming these days (xp-focused, but that means little when you are the xp). You often see smaller puke gatherings because most of the pk types are charmers and thus they can't group up easily!

2019/09/27 17:18, Stong:   
usually it is the opposite

sorry trolls, word/teleport/call beast/plain run into sunshine

... or never enter at all

2019/09/27 21:06, Resin: 
Yea id have to disagree with ya mhoghedin. Only 2 pk fights ive had as troll in the past 3 weeks were both overkills. I got slaughtered without having a chance.

As for the log I agreed with the troll up until he said his eq was 1 of the reasons for not entering. A troll in a 3 roomer vs 2 eagles and 2 casters would be a win for the pukes. Plus with your only backup being a puny combo orc that wouldnt be able to help until he used his puny combo bash to actually join the fight, I wouldnt expect much help. Pukes would just flee out and call overkill group so really you'd get death as the end result for this no matter how it turned out. But in the puny orc combos defense the troll could have at least tried bashing the exit until 30 seconds before sun up at least

2019/09/27 21:43, Enforcer: 
There's at least 8 rooms there, some rooms nocast - 2 eagles 2 casters vs Troll and Orc - those are not good odds. Split em up, eagles aggro to Ena too. I would give 99% win to Troll + Orc in that situation.

2019/09/27 21:53, Resin:edited 2x   
Read the log on my phone. I made a mistake and read that the pukes entered from giant area. Forget my comment before. New updated comment: troll has no balls and should have bashed both exits and entered. Or went via the 1 way after you told him they were in if theres no blockable doors at 1 way entrance. In that case bash door and enter via 1 way to keep the other 2 doors blocked. But still expect overkill

Edit: But still expect overkill for troll
Edit: Yea that would easily be a 99% win for troll+orc

2019/09/27 22:48, Ogias:   
Afaik, it wasn't just 2 eagles, as both of the pukes had 2 charmies (so I naturally assumed they will enter with all 4 plus possibly even get further reinforcements for which they would have 15+ minutes). And I tried to bash, but pukes didn't give me chance for many tries. And yeah, I am way too loaded to just suicide like this atm.

2019/09/28 03:59, Mirasantika: 
I blocked exit inside since Khalifa entered that oneway, then ogias coming to bash it down and i come to hit ogias.
He get out then going to brolg coz sun up in 1-2 ticks, i go block outside too, then Ena coming..... etc


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